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Bella’s POV 


I ran away from the only home I’ve known for the past two-hundred years. They were horrible creatures and I just couldn’t stand to be around such monsters anymore. They kill for fun and I couldn’t look the other way, not anymore. So I ran, knowing full well that it put my life in danger by doing so. Suddenly I stopped running. There was something very odd about this beautiful place... and the creature standing in the center.


Chapter 1: Italy
Bella’s POV

It was a warm sunny day in Volterra Italy, nothing unusual. It was 1803 and I was eighteen years old. I wore the usual ensemble for an Italian woman my age. A white lace corset with an evening gown on top of it. Then a pale yellow dress that was so long I had to hoist it up walk, being careful to not let even my shoes show. I also wore a petit coat on top of that; It was made of very thin dainty martial that was almost see through it was so white. I also had on a pair of white gloves that were satin.
I walked to the fountain in the middle of the plaza and sat down daintily. I pulled out my napkin and wiped my brow. It was so hot and I wished nothing more than to stand there in my evening gown no matter how un-lady like it was. I sighed again as a very beautiful woman walked up to me. She wore a deep purple gown with a white petit coat. I smiled warmly at her. She flipped her long dark hair over her shoulder and held out her gloved hand to me to help me off my makeshift seat. I accepted and we stood there for a moment in awkward silence.
“I’m Alessia.” She said. I smiled a bit more warmly then, Alessia meant ‘Defender’ in Italian.
“Isabella.” I introduced.
“Well Isabella, my mother is a dress maker; she is always looking for people to use to practice on. She saw you out of her window and pretty much begged me to come ask you to assist her. Feel free to decline. She is a bit on the odd side.” Alessia laughed slightly and I joined in.
“No I would be honored.” I told her. “Did your mother make your dress?” I asked
“O yes, she was working on it all of yesterday but I do quiet appreciate the quality. I’m a bit of a klutz you know but there isn’t a single tear yet.” She blushed and I smiled, I knew the feeling. She walked with me back to a large building that resembled a castle.
“We live in the Volterra castle.” She admitted. I couldn’t believe it and stared in shook. Alessia simply laughed and pulled me through the door. Inside it was very cool and homey. I felt welcomed. Alessia motioned for me to stop while she peeked her head into a door. She stepped back out sighing. “She is asleep.” She said. “I guess you’ll just have to join my uncle Aro for a tour of the castle while she naps. He is showing his company around the castle.” I nodded and she led me to a very large wooden door with a large ruby ‘V’ in the middle. She opened it and I stepped inside.
There were many people in the large room. Along with three god like figures in dark black cloaks sitting on chairs that greatly resembled thrones. Alessia ran up to one with black hair and whispered in his ear. He nodded eagerly and then grinned at me.
“Welcome all!” He called, catching everyone’s attention. “Welcome to my family’s beautiful castle. Now that everyone is here we will began.” He went to another large door and opened it, motioning for us to walk through it. Once inside we saw many more godlike figures. They grinned as Aro walked in. He closed the door and it seemed to be a signal. Suddenly, a burly man with short brown hair jumped on a man next to me. He bit into his throat as the man screamed and seemed to be drinking from his neck. A second later he had thrown the man on the ground; he was nothing more than a corpse. Everyone was screaming now, except me. I watched as more and more people were killed, but instead of screaming and running I just calmly stood there, mesmerized by the beauty with which they were killed.
The godlike figures were quiet graceful, and it seemed almost a dance as they killed everyone in the room. Suddenly Aro was in front of me. He grabbed my hand roughly, and then gazed into my eyes. I didn’t even try to struggle, I knew I would die, and I wanted to die staring at these beautiful creatures.
“You don’t scream or run.” He said. “Your mind is closed to me… what are you?” He asked
“I am Isabella Swan.” I told him stupidly. He smiled.
“Hold still Isabella, this may hurt.” And with that he grabbed my neck in a tight grip and bit down.
The only thought I had was that I was on fire. My neck was on fire, but it began to spread through my veins and soon my entire body was engulfed by flames. I screamed at the top of my lungs as the fire burned me, turning me into a pile of ash. My body whipped around, trying to put out the flames and I tried to claw open my chest to get the flames out of my body. Aro grabbed my hands and I felt them break. I screamed again.
* * *
I’m not sure how long I burned, but suddenly my fingers and toes were released from the flames. I gasped in joy and suddenly felt hand on my arms.
“My dear Isabella, you are almost there.” Aro whispered just as my heart took off. It sound like it was sprinting at break neck speed to escape the fire. Then it stopped and I opened my eyes.


Chapter 2: Changes

It’s been twenty years since I was changed, but I can still remember the day with perfect clarity; 
The burning has finally receded and I could feel my whole body give a sigh of relief. Except for the burning still in my throat, but it was manageable. Aro was standing over me with an intense look in his eyes. His face was a pearly white but I could see every perfect crease on his face. 
“Bella, do you know what you are?” Aro asked curiously
“I think I’m a human.” Aro’s musical laugh filled the room. 
“No, you are a Newborn Vampire. Your mind is still blocked to me even though you’re one of us now.” My mind was reeling, a Vampire? How is this possible? Just a few days ago I was an innocent human and now I’m a Vampire?
“Aro, how long was I out for?”
“Just two days my dear. Would you be willing to join the Voltori?” Aro asked. 
“What is the Voltori?”
“The Voltori is the people who watch over all the other Vampires. We see if they’re following our rules. The rule to not expose us to other humans, and if they don’t, well they won’t be around for much longer.” I gasped as he said this. How could they feel fine with killing people? I could barely kill a bug and not feel guilty as I did. But you can’t tell my family, it’s not very lady like to kill bugs. 
“Isabella? Will you join us? And become part of our family?” I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be part of their family. I already had my own family and what would they think if I just disappeared. Wouldn’t they be worried? Well I think they’d be fine without me for a couple of years. I wouldn’t have to marry that horrid man now. They were going to make me marry Jacob Black, the most eligible bachelor, but they didn’t know about his reputation. Mean while I did.
He wasn’t a very nice man, and I did not want to marry him. But it wasn’t my chance. But joining Aro’s family will change that. This way I don’t have to be wed to Jacob. I can be happy. 
“Yes Aro, thank you for allowing me into your family.”
“It is our pleasure Miss Swan. Let me show you to your room.” He showed me the entire Castle. It was magnificent, and huge. How I would remember the way around was beyond me. He took me down halls and up multiple stairwells to the 2nd to last floor. My room was the only room on this level. It was as big as my original house was and then some. 
“Aro, it’s beautiful but I can’t accept this. This room is bigger than my old home and I just couldn’t accept this. I’m new to this family and I’m sure one of the others would love to have this exceptional room.”
“Silly Isabella, all our rooms are like this. Do not worry about the others; I’m sure they will survive the disappointment of not having this room.” He left me to get settled. But I had nothing to get settled with; all my belongings were at my house.
I decided to go looking for Alessia, she was the only one I knew here besides Aro and I needed something’s. The castle was so big I didn’t know where to start looking. Suddenly I heard a knock on my door. Before I could open the door myself Alessia walked through the door. I was so relieved to see her. 
“I heard you need something’s since you’ll be staying in our family for some time.”
“O, thank you, you seemed to have read my mind. I have no idea where to get some clothes. “
“Well Isabella, I wasn’t kidding when I said that my mother was a seamstress. We could go see her and she could get your measurements.”
“That would be wonderful, Let us go now.” We ran down the stairs to the first floor of the castle. Her mother’s room was the first door when you walked into the building. We walked into a whirlwind of fabrics and string. The most beautiful of fabrics were thrown around the room in piles of dresses and suits.
Her mother took my measurements and shooed us out of the room. We were free to do anything we wanted. That was when I finally remembered the burning in my throat. Alessia looked at me strangely and asked why Aro didn’t take care of this with me. I told her that I didn’t really notice it till now.
She took me out into the city. It was around midnight and pitch black outside. She told me that any wondering human was mine. 
“Alessia, I don’t feel comfortable with that.” That got her attention. 
“Isabella, that’s the only way to feed your hunger, the only other thing with blood is animals and I don’t think that you’ll like that very much.” I took that into consideration. “Alessia, can you leave me for a little while? I want to roam the city on my own without any one here.” She left with no further questions and I escaped out of the walls of Volterra.
I found a juicy lion in the forest and drained it until all that was left was a corpse. I found a few deer and was satisfied after that. I ran back into the city and into the safe walls of the Volterra castle.

That was my first day as a Vampire. And twenty years later I’m still on the ‘Vegetarian’ diet as the rest of my family calls it. They don’t approve of it but I don’t mind. It’s better than killing helpless humans. A few years we had a new member named Carlisle Cullen. He didn’t stay for more than three years but he took a sudden interest in me.
He was a doctor with the same color eyes as me. We talked about why our eyes did this but we came up with no conclusions. I was sad when he left; he was the only one who truly understood me here, well besides Alessia. We were like sisters now. Her mother made me a new dress every day and was sitting on my bed when it was time for me to see Aro in the mornings.
I was one of his most trusted members of the guard. He liked to talk to me before he made any big decisions. I think Alessia is a little jealous because she used to be Aro’s favorite but then I came along. We still haven’t figured out what my ability is but Aro is looking for anyone who can tell what my ability is.
The next morning I went to see Aro for our daily meeting when I notice a new scent that wasn’t there the day before. I walked into the main room and there stood two kids. They couldn’t be more then 14. I could tell that they were newborns by the way they were staring at everything. 
“Ah Isabella! There you are! I’ve been waiting for you! Here are the newest members of our guard!”


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Chapter 3: Powers
Bella’s POV

“Hello, I am Isabella.” I greeted, holding out my hand. The boy was the first to take it.
“I am Alec S...err Voltori.” He corrected. I smiled, remembering how I had trouble with the new last name as well.
“Jane.” Said the girl, avoiding my hand. Both of them had dark brown hair, about the same shade as mine, with wide ruby eyes. Something about the boy though seemed familiar, I just couldn’t decided what.
“Isabella, would you please show them the two spare rooms?” Aro asked, though I knew it was a demand.
“Of course master.” I smiled warmly at him and then gestured for Alec and Jane to follow me. We walked at a slightly faster than human pace as I showed them the entire castle. I pointed out each and every door, and then explaining a bit about each vampire that lived in it. Finally I stopped in front of two large black doors, they were identical in almost every way, but the one’s door knob instead of being a ruby ‘V’ was a black ‘V’. Jane smiled at this and took that room, as Alec took the one next to it. I had wondered at first why Aro had us build these rooms, but I now understood that he must have been watching Alec and Jane for quite a long time. I ran back to my room and lay on the bed watching the sun rise. I did this every day, so now that I was a vampire I could see and every detail in the beauty. Including the strange eighth color that I had first noticed after my change.
I heard the sounds of light footsteps and then a timid knock on the door.
“Come in.” I said, the door was pushed open and Alec walked into the room. I took one look at his face and rushed to his side. His eyes looked like they would be filled in tears if such a thing were possible, his lips trembled and he was breathing heavily and unnecessarily. I held him tightly and decided that I would act almost as if I was an older sister to him and Jane.
“What’s wrong?” I asked him kindly.
“It’s a really long story.” He said, I laughed quietly.
“We have all the time in the world.” I assured him. He nodded and began.
“When I was eight I was out visiting some relatives with Jane. It was about ten at night when we left the house and began to head home. It was pitch black there was less than a quarter of the moon in the sky, there was a large breeze when suddenly someone ran out of the shadows and grabbed me. Jane was horrified, the man was very cold and strong, but when she screamed at him, he suddenly fell to the ground in agony. She grabbed my hand and we ran home. That was the first night Aro visited us. We shared a room in a small cottage that our family owned, and ours had window in the center of the wall. Aro came in as soon as everyone was asleep and explained the world of vampires to us. He told us that we were too young then to be changed, but that he would not wait for us to reach adulthood before we were changed. He visited us every night and consoled us about such little things and listened to our stories from the day. He even helped me study at times, and taught Jane math since she couldn’t attend school.
On our fourteenth birthday Aro didn’t visit us. Nor did he come the next night. But the third night he ran through our door his eyes gleaming with joy. ‘Come with me.’ He told us, we went downstairs to find our parents dead, their blood completely drained. Jane began to cry, we had now lost everyone dear to us but each other. We of course had relatives whom we saw once a year, and a sister we had never met who ran away when she was eighteen, but they weren’t as close to us as our parents were.” He took another deep breath and then continued.
“Then Aro changed us, it was excoriating and when we awoke, Aro took us through the village and let us have three humans each, which he told us was quiet a treat. Then we ran. We ran for maybe fifteen minutes, probably less, and then suddenly we were in front of the castle and... well you know the rest.” He sniffed and I hugged his close and smoothed his hair.
I’m so sorry Alec, really that sounds just... terrible really, your house sounded almost exactly like mine did and all I could picture was my family.” I told him, I wanted to cry, I hadn’t thought about my parents much, other than that even though they had wanted me to marry Jacob for my best interest, it was better that I was gone.
“I’m sorry.” He told me, I snorted
“They were so nice, and then they tried to make me marry Jacob Black.” I shuddered
“Jacob...Black?” Alec sounded shocked and gave me a funny look.
“Isabella, what is your last name?” He asked me
“Voltori.” I answered
“No... your human last name.” He seemed hesitant
“Um... I can’t remember.” I told him truthfully.
“Was it Swan?” He asked a dim memory of my birth papers flashed through my mind. I gasped and nodded. He hugged me tightly and started to sob more.
“Sissy!” He said. We sat there for a few more minutes trying to collect ourselves. I couldn’t believe that I had a little brother and sister. When we had finally composed ourselves we went to tell Jane but she wasn’t in her room. I went to check with Alessia to see if she had any idea where she was. That’s when we were able to hear the voices. There was a vent that led to a closet next to the throne room, and though human ears wouldn’t pick it up, we could quiet clearly hear Aro and Jane speaking.
“I don’t have any powers!” Jane exclaimed, frustrated.
“Of course you do.” Aro assured her; I could hear the joy in his voice and wondered at it.
“If I had any powers you would be halfway across the room by now.” She told him snarling.
“Jane, just concentrate. My power is that I can appear human, I can eat their food without it tasting too gross, I can sneeze I can have a scratch I can even warm up my temperature! But I have to concentrate.” Alessia butted in. Aro chuckled quietly.
“There we go Jane, a nice little smile you see, this isn’t so b-” his words were cut off as Alessia let out a piercing scream. Alec and I looked at each other for less than a second before we ran to the throne room, by then Alessia’s screams had worsened, but the second Alec walked through the door they disappeared. Jane turned to us.
“Alec?” She asked his eyes were wide with amazement. He turned to Aro and suddenly Aro’s eyes were blank. He looked at me and frowned, his forehead creasing. Then Aro’s eyes fixed towards us as Alessia got to her feet.
“Amazing.” Aro proclaimed sweeping Jane and Alec into a hug. “I had of course hopped...but never did I ever dream...” He was still amazed.
"Aro; I would like to speak with you Jane and Alec.” I told him. He nodded and took Alessia to the door and opened it for her, smiling, and then he turned back to us.
“Well,” Aleck began hesitantly “You remember how we found out when were twelve that we had an older sister that had run away?” He asked, Aro nodded as Jane’s eyes narrowed.
“Well it turns out she didn’t run away... she just found a new family.” He said, smiling at me. I hugged him and laughed.
“Yep, apparently I’m related to this little weirdo.” I joked. Aro chuckled but Jane glared even more. I went over to her and held out my arms.
“Come on sis, give me a hug please.” I asked. Jane looked at me with daggers in her eyes.
“I’m not you sister. I’ve always been there for Alec, and he has always been there for me, but you were never there! You made mom and dad cry night after night, you ruined Jacob’s reputation and lost him his job...and everyone expected me to follow in your footsteps! I hated being compared to you, and after fourteen years of that you want me to act like everything’s perfectly fine?”
“Jane I...I’m so sorry I didn’t even know you were alive until today, and even if I had I wouldn’t have been able to see you...I would have probably killed you on the spot.” I admitted. She sighed and nodded her head.
“Okay...I’m sorry too.” And with that she ran into my arms. I was a little surprised but after half a second I wrapped my arms around her and stroked her hair as she sobbed into my chest. After a minute or so she let go smiling shyly.
“I do love a family reunion.” Aro said, beaming we smiled and he turned to me again with an apologetic look on his face.
“But Jane, did you not know it was she would killed your parents?” Jane gasped and I could feel her trying to attack me, but Alec jumped in front of me and suddenly he was on the ground withering in pain, I felt the to protect him and suddenly found that there was an elastic rubber substance around me, I stretched it to fit Alec and suddenly he was fine.
“Very good Isabella! I knew you were a shield, I just didn’t know how to motivate or test you, though I am sorry for using you Jane, but I can assure you Isabella has never killed anyone.” Aro said. Jane just looked at me in shook.

Chapter 4: Training

Jane stared at me in shock. “You have never killed anyone? But you’re a vampire; it’s our nature to kill. How do you feed?”
“No, I don’t believe in killing humans, they are innocent and do not deserve to be killed. We all used to be humans and I think that if someone killed me because of hunger I would be very sad. So I feed by the blood of animals, they are very filling. I have survived like that for twenty years, and I trust that if I stick by that way of living that I will never have to kill an innocent human.” I explained to my baby sister.
Jane didn’t understand this; she just couldn’t get over the fact that I haven’t killed a single human in my life time. “Is that why your eyes are gold?” It was my turn to stare at her in shock. That’s all she got out of my little explanation? Seriously?!
“Yes that is why my eyes are gold; it is from the blood of animals.” Jane sucked in an unnecessary breath. “So you’re telling me that humans don’t need to die for us to survive? That we can live without killing the innocent?” This is when I knew for sure that she was my sister; she had the same morals that I did.
“Yes Jane that is exactly what I am saying.” I said proudly to Jane. “Would you teach me this way of living? So that I don’t have to kill another innocent man?”
“Yes Jane, I will teach you that way of living, accept the fact that it might not be as easy for you as it was for me since you already have tasted human blood.”
“I will take that into mind when we go hunting next.” And with that I left the room to go find some peace before I was questioned by Aro for my new found ability.
The sun was rising in the distance with that strange eighth color when a knock at my door rang threw the room. It was Jane; she was dressed in all black and the shocking red cloak that was required for us to wear. I detested wearing that coat and Aro let me get away with it. I turned my attention back to Jane.
“Aro would like to see you in the main room.” Wow, she hasn’t even been here for twenty-four hours and she’s already Aro’s new pet. I quickly made my way to the throne room to find Aro, Caius and Marcus all in their chairs in the center of the room.
“Ah there you are my dear Isabella, we were wondering where you disappeared to.” Aro said.
“Sorry Master, I went to my room to watch the sun set and for it to rise.”
“You were always interested in that sun. Well anyway we were wondering if you could demonstrate your new power for us. Just so we can test the full length of it.”
“But of course, Aro. I just need a moment to get ready.” The fact was that I didn’t need a moment to get ready; I always knew about my ability and just kept it a secret from everyone else. Carlisle helped me figure it out when he first came to the Voltori Castle. I pulled my shield out towards one of the guards in the room. It covered him completely. He walked towards Aro and held out his hand.
“His mind is blank to me! This is quite an interesting capability. Isabella do you know the full extent of this capability?”
“No sir, I didn’t know I had this ability till I figured it out earlier.” I lied smoothly.
“Hmm then we need to test this ability till we know exactly what it is.” I sighed inwardly. I did not want this training right now, I just wanted to relax next to Aro like I used to. Before they found out about my ability.
For the next seven hours they worked my shield to dangerous levels. They wouldn’t let me take any breaks to rest my brain. If I could sweat I would be drenched in it. Alessia came to my rescue finally at about the eighth hour.
“Master, I think Isabella is tired and needs to rest before you work her anymore.”
“Hmm you might be right Alessia, Thank you for bringing it to my attention.” He dismissed me after that and I was released to do whatever I pleased. I ran towards the door, but before I could make it out I was stopped by a figure in a dark cloak. Who could this creature possibly be?
I ran toward the figure at top speed. “OOF!” I’d know that voice anywhere; it was my old friend Carlisle. “It’s nice to see you too Isabella.”
“Carlisle I’m so sorry I didn’t know it was you!” I apologized quickly. He didn’t need to be tackled by me. “What are you doing here? You aren’t supposed to be in this part of the world. Last time I heard you were somewhere in the States.”
“Well I was missing my favorite vampire and I was getting lonely. So I thought I would come back here and visit you since I haven’t seen you in about ten years.” He looked at me and smiled.
“Carlisle how can I be your favorite when I’m one of the only vampires that you know.” He just laughed. “So I was about to go hunt, would you like to join me?”
“I would be honored.” I took a blood red cloak of one of the hinges and walked out the door toward the city walls. Volterra had high walls to protect the city from ‘attacks’. They said that it made the civilians feel safe, if they only knew.
We jumped over the walls to the forest behind it and started looking for animals that were out in this forest. Carlisle and I each got a couple of deer and rushed back to the Castle.
We were greeted by Alec. “Well well well Isabella, who is this?”
“Alec, this is Carlisle and Carlisle this is my little brother Alec.”
“Isabella, did you just say little brother? I had no idea that you had siblings.”
“Well to be honest I didn’t know that I had siblings till about yesterday. They were born 6 years after I was changed. So they were changed when they were 15 when my parents were murdered.”
“O, Isabella we have to talk about funeral plans for Mother and Father.” I stared at Alec in shock, did they really want me to help plan a funeral for my parents when I left twenty years ago.
“Alec, what will people think if I showed up to the funeral? I’m supposed to be almost forty¸ what will people think?”
“Who cares what people think? We’ll find someone to pretend that there our guardian.” Carlisle cleared his throat.
“Did you just say OUR guardian? Who else?
“Oh I have a twin sister named Jane; she’s probably being Aro’s shadow right now.” Carlisle looked at me shocked. I was Aro’s right hand woman. And he knows that I hate being replaced.
“When will this funeral be, Alec?” I asked.
“Oh tomorrow.” I gasped. So soon? “Alec the preparations have been made all we need to do is show up tomorrow and everyone that our parents knew will be there.”
“Would you mind if I was your guardian? Alec and I both looked at Carlisle in shock.
“You wouldn’t mind being their guardian? I mean you only just met Alec and you’ll meet Jane later.”
“Isabella, I’ve always wanted to see what your parents looked like, and you are like my daughter, so why not add you brother and sister to the family?”
“Thank you Carlisle. This would mean a bunch to my family. I looked at the time. “Alec we need to get to the throne room, it’s almost time for the daily meeting. Carlisle you are welcome to join us.”
We all walked briskly toward the throne room. If we were later Aro wouldn’t let us feed for a while. No one knew how long. It depended on Aro’s mood at the moment. We entered the room with about a moment to spare. I walked over to my spot on the right side of Aro’s chair while Jane walked over to meet Carlisle and Alec. I could hear Alec filling Jane in on what was going to happen tomorrow at the funeral.
Aro started the meeting introducing Alec and Jane to the rest of the family. Then just the usual business and then they led in the unfortunate humans who would be ‘food’ for the day. I hated this part but being Aro’s favorite I had to stay by his side.
The feeding was over in about ten minutes and we were all dismissed to our rooms for the night. I needed to go shopping.
I was getting ready for the funeral when I heard a knock on my door. “Come in!” Alec and Jane walked into my room. They both took a shocked breath in when they saw me. I was taking a risk with my fashion. I had on a tight black floor length long-sleeved dress with a corset underneath and some heels and of course my black cloak.

“You look beautiful, Isabella.” Alec complimented me.
“Wow Isabella, who knew you had such a fashion sense?” Jane will be Jane.
“What is our story?”
“Well, Carlisle is our adoptive father and you are his daughter. He comes from France and is just staying for a few days while we say goodbye to our parents.” Jane said
“Are you both giving speeches?” I asked.
“No we are grieving children and are not speaking at this event.”
With those last words we left my room and walked towards the front door to find Carlisle waiting for us. He gasped when he saw me.
“You look lovely as always, Isabella.”
“Thank you Carlisle. Let us go! And get this thing over with.” We walked to the graveyard at a not so human pace and got there within five minutes. We sat in the front row and I let down my hood. Hopefully no one recognized me. The ceremony started and was soon over with. No one asked my siblings to go up there and say anything and they acted like the perfect grieving children. They had their heads down and it looked like they were crying because of their shoulders. I was almost in tears because I was remembering all my human memories with my parents.
When the ceremony was over with we had a lunch for all the other people there. That’s when I noticed Jacob Black standing there staring at me. If you didn’t know me there was no way you could tell that I was scared. What if he recognized me? We weren’t ready for that.
He started walking towards us in a slow manner. “Hello, do I know you?” The question was directed at me, but I didn’t want to answer it. Thank god for Carlisle.
“No sir, but you do know Jane and Alec, Renee and Charlie’s children. They are now my adoptive children and this is my daughter Rose.”
“Hello Mr…?”
“Black, Jacob Black. You look familiar, are you sure I don’t know you? I knew someone a while back who I was promised too, and she looked strangely like you.”
“Well sir I know that we don’t know each other because I’ve been living in Paris my whole life. And I need to be leaving now; my fiancé is waiting for me at my home here. Please excuse me.”
I walked away from Jacob Black, what was he doing here at my parent’s funeral. And I hope that he doesn’t question my family about my fiancé, since I just made him up. I ran back to the Voltori Castle and went to meet Aro to stand by his side.
When I walked into the throne room I smelt something different. Another new guard and this one was male…

Chapter 5: No

The man walked up to me right away and kissed my hand.

“You must be Isabella! My name is Felix.” He introduced, his accent was heavily Italian, which means he was probably from northern Italy. His long, black hair was combed nicely and reached just past his ears. His face was extremely handsome, even for a vampire. His arms seemed to be loaded with muscles and I wanted to reach out and touch them. I realized I had been staring and looked instead at Aro. He simply smiled, and I knew he was up to something.

Aro instructed me to show Felix to a guest room, until he was ready. I took him to the best one; it had dark crimson wall paper and gold writing on the walls. It said things like “To see, to hear, and to take no action ‘tis worse than the crime committed.” He smiled and walked to the bed and sat down on it. I made to quietly close the door and leave but suddenly he was at my side, lightly grabbing my wrist.

“Would you like to have… a meal with me?” He asked. I shook my head and made to step away but his grip tightened and began to crack my skin.

“Why not my little Isabella? I have become quite fond of you.” He told me. I wanted to scream and run, but I knew I would lose my wrist and Felix might hold it ransom. I took a small step closer to him.

“I don’t hunt with anyone but Jane, or Alec.” I told him, he smirked.

“But you ‘ave never given me a chance, my sweet Isabella. That is quiet unfair.” He pouted and I laughed.

“I don’t hunt humans Felix, therefore I cannot hunt with you.” He grinned, and then his grin faded.

“Alright then.” He said coldly, then he pushed me aside and stormed off. I knew this wasn’t the last meeting with him I would have, but it felt good to be away from him.

I ran to my room confused about what had just happened. I haven’t been with anyone since Jacob. So I was a little rusty, but I think that he was flirting with me. I didn’t feel comfortable around him and I will chose to avoid him.

There was a slight tap on my door and Carlisle walked in.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Carlisle stated.

“I met a new member of the guard today. His name is Felix and he is a pig. I don’t want to be around him but I have to because Aro likes him. What do I do?”

“Isabella you’ll be fine, he won’t be a pig around Aro because your Aro’s favorite.” I knew he was right but I still didn’t feel right about Felix.

“O, and Isabella I’m leaving now, there has been a spread of a horrid plague in the States and they need me there. So I have to leave while its dark out, I’m sorry.” With that he hugged me goodbye and walked out the door.

I sank into the lushness of my bed and was overtaken with sadness. I hated it when Carlisle left. I knew that I would see him again, but it still hurt to watch him go. He was like a father to me and I was taken of my father a while back.

Edwards POV


I wasn’t happy with this life. I wish I could’ve died with my parents when they came down with the plague. It was horrible knowing that you couldn’t do anything about it even if you wanted to.

Carlisle changed me in 1918. I’ve been a vampire for two years and have hated it ever since. I watched my father and mother die while I was the only one saved. Because Carlisle was lonely. It was a bad excuse to change someone but I understood why he did it.

I was running away from Carlisle. The only man who had ever shown me kindness and I was running away from him. I didn’t feel right doing it but I needed to clear my head and run. I hope I’m only gone for a couple of days. But time for us has no end.

I was going north with no final destination. A place I didn’t know but I could get used to. I could build a house and make a living for myself. I worked for my father in his store all my life so I knew a little about business.

My life was simple when I was younger. My mom took care of me and was always home. My father was either at his store or at the local pub. He was never around and only ate the evening meal with us. Then he would leave to go back to where ever he wanted to go.

My mom was a wreck about my dad worried that he’d kill himself one day. The plague took care of that for him. He was never happy with his life. Always mad at the people around him.

My mom on the other hand was a very kind person. She couldn’t hurt a fly, even if her life depended on it. I loved her with all my heart, if I could’ve had any parent in the world I would’ve chosen her again and again. There was so much I could say about my mom and I was depressed by the fact that she was gone.

I found the perfect spot to build a house. I found the proper supplies and started building. By the end of the day I had the perfect house for me. Just enough room for two people. I would find a job tomorrow and start my life here.

Bella’s POV


Felix had tried to get me to be his mate for as long as I could remember. I haven’t seen Carlisle in years and I was worried about him. What if something happened to him? I couldn’t live with myself. He was my ‘father’ and I was his daughter. Even if we weren’t related by blood.

Of course, I was content with my life here. I still haven’t killed a human and I’m very proud of myself for that. Aro treats me as his right hand woman still, and doesn’t allow Felix to get to close to me.

I have been with the Voltori for over 120 years now and I had claimed my spot at the top. I protected Aro, Caius, and Marcus with my life. I didn’t want to leave this life.

Jane and Alec were also still with us and making their way to the top. Give them another 50 years and they’ll be here. Right next to me, where they should be.

“Isabella!!” Aro called out. I quickly ran to the throne room.

“I need you to visit a small town near Washington. Carlisle is there and I would like you to go visit him, and see what he’s doing there.” I nodded and couldn’t stop a smile from coming over my face. This is just what I needed. I could visit my father and see him after about 100 years.

“It would be my pleasure to go down to the States and see Carlisle.”

“You are allowed to bring someone else, or two someone’s, if that’s what you want.” I smiled; I knew exactly who I would take. Jane and Alec, they have missed Carlisle dearly and would love to see him.

“Thank you Aro, I will pack my bags and leave in the morning.” Aro smiled and dismissed me. I ran to tell Jane and Alec the good news when I was stopped by someone who I would’ve rather not seen.

“Ah Isabella, just the person I wanted to see.”

“What do you want Felix?” I really didn’t have time to talk to him.

“I heard you were going to the States and that you were allowed to bring some people.” Ah so that’s what he wanted. To come with me to the US to visit Carlisle. Well that wasn’t going to happen.

“Well I’ve already chosen who I am going to bring with me. My brother and sister who love Carlisle and miss him dearly. I have a feeling that they would to see and he would be excited to see them too. So if you’ll excuse me, I have to go tell them and pack for the trip.”

“I’ll tell Jane and Alec that you plan to bring them with you,” I knew he was up to something, and I didn’t want to leave it up to him.

“O Felix that won’t be necessary, I’d rather tell them myself. Goodnight Felix, I need to be going now.” I tried to walk around him but he wouldn’t let me get around him. He pushed me up against the wall.

“Isabella, I have been waiting for you for a hundred years, when are you going to give in to me?”

“Felix get off of me, if I call out the whole guard will come running. Who do you think they’ll believe? You or me? Because I’ve shown more loyalty towards the Voltori then you have. This is my home, not yours.” With those words I screamed as loud as I could, and let me tell you that is very, very loud.

Within seconds the whole castle was circled around me and Felix. Some had shocked looks on their faces; others had looks of disgust on their faces. Aro was one of them.

“Felix step away from Isabella NOW!” Aro said with such force that it was impossible not to listen to him. Felix scampered away as Aro, Jane, Alec, Caius, and Marcus all walked up to me.

“Did he hurt you at all, Isabella?” Caius asked me, I could tell that he was worried about me. He loved me like a daughter, but I couldn’t think of him as a father figure.

“No, he didn’t hurt me, thank god, but I think I’m going to retire to my room now. Jane and Alec will you please come with me?” I walked away from the group towards my room.

I heard slight footsteps following me. “I can hear you two, so why don’t you just come by my side?”

They were at my side within an instant. “Bells what happened back there? Why were you pinned up against the wall?” Alec questioned me. I only allowed Alec and Jane to call me Bells or Bella. It wasn’t lady like for the others to call me that.

“Felix has been pinning after me for years, I guessed he just snapped.” I stated simply. “Guys don’t worry about it, it’s being taken care of.”

“How would you two like to take a little road trip to visit an old friend?” The look on their faces said it all, they would love to. I was excited about this; they love Carlisle as much as I do.

“We leave in the morning, so be ready.” They nodded and walked off towards their rooms to pack for the trip ahead.

As soon as dawn came around we were on the move for the long trip ahead. We were going to fly there. Airplanes had been invented a few years before, and the Voltori was well known enough to get us a flight there. We should be there by the next day…
The flight was a long one, and we were getting restless as the plane finally touched down. We couldn’t have been off of there fast enough. We landed in Oregon, near the border. We could make it to Washington by the end of the day if we ran all the way there. Which of course we would.
We were at a breathtakingly beautiful house; it was white with the most intricate details on it. I knew that Carlisle was living with someone else. Carlisle didn’t pay that close attention to a house. For him a house was just a place to live in. Nothing else.

I walked up to the door and knocked gently. I knew he would hear, no matter where he was in the house. A beautiful women opened the door. She had the face of a mother, kind and gentle. I could tell that I would like her no matter what.

“Hello I’m Isabella, Carlisle’s old friend. Is he home at the moment?”

“Yes, he’s right upstairs in his study, would you like to see him?” She seemed very trusting of a complete stranger.

“Thank you... Um what’s your name?”

“It’s Esme Cullen.” Oh so she was married to Carlisle, this was new. Her eyes still had tints of red in it, so she was a new born. Interesting.

“These are my brother and Sister Jane and Alec, would you mind if they came in to?”

“No make yourselves right at home and the study is right up the stairs and to the left.” I thanked her and walked towards the study while Jane and Alec made themselves comfortable downstairs.

“Knock Knock.”

“Is that an Isabella I hear? I haven’t seen you in years, how has your life been?” He opened the door smiling.

“Um, it’s been fine. Would you care to tell me what you’ve been doing these past hundred years?”

“Well I turned two people, Edward and Esme. Edward left me a year ago to go explore on his own and Esme became my wife. I saved Edward and Esme both from dying. I think Esme was happy but Edward wasn’t. And that’s why he left.”

“Wow Carlisle, so you’ve been very busy these past years. Well my life has been the same since you left, except the fact that you never came to visit.”

“Well Isabella, I’m sorry about that, but you could always visit. I’ll try to tell you where I’m moving to next.”

“That would be nice Carlisle. Why don’t we go downstairs and talk to Jane and Alec?” He offered me his arm and we walked down the stairs acting like father and daughter.

Chapter 6: Running
I had loved my life so far, it was amazing. I barely saw Carlisle anymore but I had my sister and brother to keep me entertained. Alessia died a few years back in a fight. I mourned over her lose but I had to move on. My family had been very supportive over this and I loved them for that.
Today there was a field trip coming to the castle. I didn’t feel too comfortable with this idea. Since there all going to be kids around my age. Well my human age that is. And all the people who came to the castle usually died. I didn’t want to deal with this, but being Aro’s right hand girl I had to be there.
The humans had just arrived. There was two chaperones and about 30 teenagers. They were all goofing around, not knowing that they were all about to die. They probably didn’t tell their parents that they loved them this morning. Half of them probably told their parents that they hated them and never wanted to see them again.
I heard the slamming of the door and knew it was time for the feeding to begin. I saw boredom on the kid’s faces; they thought they were in for a lecture on the history of the castle. Well they were dead wrong. Literally. Aro started his usual speech so that he didn’t alarm them right away. But soon that pretence would be over and a Vampire would get hungry.
I could Felix running toward a kid. She had startling red hair and bright blue eyes. He had barely gotten a bite in when I had smacked him to the ground. I didn’t want these children to suffer, they didn’t deserve it. Felix looked at me with a startled expression. He couldn’t believe I had just smacked him. He had a look of disgust on his face.
I was too late to save the child, the venom was already spreading. Hopefully they would take care of her. I couldn’t stay here anymore. It was just too depressing. I couldn’t watch people die for food and for entertainment. I ran to my room to pack a small bag and a few of my favorite things. I put on one of my favorite outfits and ran out of the Volterra Castle. I hopped I would never step foot in this place again.

3 Days Later

I went to America. It was the only place that I knew Carlisle would be. Being part of the Voltori had made people hate me. But Carlisle never hated me, no matter what I did. He always accepted me like a real parent should. He was an amazing father figure. I hoped he still lived in Forks. I wouldn’t know where he would be if he wasn’t in Forks. Well he could be in Alaska with the other vegetarian vampires.
I was somewhere in Washington. I didn’t know where exactly but I knew I was near Forks. I recognized some of the forests. They were still as beautiful as they were years before. It was good to know that something’s didn’t change. No matter how much the world around it changes.
I heard voices up ahead and knew I was entering the town. I had to blend in. Someone can’t just walk out of the forest wearing designer labels and high heels. I had to go around the town and try to find the Cullen house. 100 years ago this town wasn’t here and I could just pass straight threw it to get to Carlisle’s house. Not anymore though. Now there was a small town running in between it.
I followed the trail and found a strange little meadow. It was so majestic that if I was human it would take my breath away. I would’ve ran right threw it but something stopped me. I felt another presence, like I was drawn to this person. It was an odd feeling. Like I couldn’t resist this person.
It seemed this odd creature felt my presence too. He looked up at my entrance, he seemed to be meditating. It was very odd. But he looked startled like he didn’t see me coming. Which he should have, I wasn’t being very quiet. Even for a vampire.
“Who are you?” He spoke with great pronunciation and like he was from the old times. He looked like a Greek God. He had messed up bronze hair and piercing gold eyes. Wait, gold eyes? So he was part of Carlisle’s family. He had to be. O, I haven’t answered his question.
“I am a fellow vampire, I came from Italy to start a new life. Can you take me to Carlisle?” I knew I was getting straight to the point but I needed to hurry. He had a strange look on his face. Like he was trying to read me.
“Sir, I really need to see Carlisle, it’s extremely important.” He seemed to finally come out of his shock of seeing me.
“Right this way…?” Oh I need to give him my name. How I hate the name Isabella, I think I want to be called Bella.
“Its Bella, now what is your name?”
“Its Edward, I’m Carlisle’s son, he changed me a few years back.”
“Well Edward you seem too adjusted to this life and I have a feeling you’re a little over a hundred years old. Am I correct?” He looked at me with a startled expression, probably wondering how I could tell how old he was.
“Edward, I have been a vampire since 1803, you think I couldn’t tell how old you were just by how you are acting. I’ve been a vampire for 200 years and Aro right hand woman for 200 years. So I know a little about vampire ages. Now, you can take me to Carlisle’s house and be a gentleman, or be rude and let me find my own way. Now what will it be?”
Edwards POV
Who is this creature? She has eyes like us but she just said she was Aro’s right hand, so how can she have the same life style as us. I couldn’t read her mind and that disturbed me. I’ve never encountered anyone in my 100 years that I couldn’t read their mind.
She looked at me with an expectant look, like I was supposed to take her somewhere. Oh that’s right; I have to take her to see Carlisle.
“Right this way Bella, I’m sorry for being so rude. I was surprised by your sudden appearance. Usually I’m very perceptive but with you it’s different, I can’t read you as easily as I can with others.”
“So you’re a mind reader? You can’t read me because I’m a shield, I have it up against anyone I don’t know, and maybe in time I’ll let you read my mind if you’re lucky.” She seemed to hate me. I didn’t know why, but I would figure it out eventually.
By know we were at the house and she didn’t seem the least bit surprised by it. So she’s been here before. She walked right up to the door and walked in. Wow I’ve never seen a girl so determined to walk into a house full of vampires.
By the sudden intake of breath I knew she wasn’t expecting to see my brothers and sisters. Esme must be around here somewhere, to act all motherly toward Bella and welcome her into our home.
“Isabella! So nice to see you again! I haven’t seen you in what seems like forever. Now tell me, why are you here? Another check up for the Voltori or just a personal visit? Where are Jane and Alec?” That was Esme’s voice, so she knew Bella, but why did she call her Isabella?
I ran into the house to see Bella being embraced by Esme and The rest of my family with puzzled looks on their faces.
“Who is she? That was Rose.
“She has a great fashion sense!” That was Alice.
“I’m not getting any harsh feelings toward her, minus this feeling of urgency.” That was Jasper.
“I’m so happy to have my daughter back!” That was Esme, wait daughter?
“Hmm a new fighting partner!” That was Emmett. Of course he would fight with Bella. I can’t wait till he figures out she’s Voltori.
“Esme, I’m here because I ran away from the Voltori,” Her shield seemed to go down then, and I could see the image of a girl about 16 being bitten and Bella attack whoever had bitten her. She wanted me to see this.
“They killed a group of kids, who weren’t even supposed to die. I couldn’t stand all the killing anymore, so I packed a bag and I didn’t even have time to say goodbye to Jane and Alec.” Bella felt remorse over not saying goodbye to her brother and sister. Suddenly the shield was back in place and Carlisle’s car was pulling into the drive.
“Esme, I don’t mean to be rude, but I need to talk to Carlisle about taking a home in Forks. I’ve loved this place since I first visited you a few years back.” With that she walked out of the house and Esme was bombarded with questions.
“Children! Isabella will tell you her story when she’s good and ready. Now I’m going to go garden and you are going to leave Isabella and Carlisle alone till their done talking.”

Bella’s POV
I ran outside to greet Carlisle, I had defiantly missed him. I ran and jumped on his back.
“Hello Carlisle, long time no see.” He laughed while I got off his back.
“Isabella, what are you doing here?”
“Well first it’s now Bella and second I ran away from the Voltori.” He gasped in surprise; he knew they were my family and that I loved it there.
“Why Bella, why?”
I told him the whole story, right up to my encounter with Edward and his family. He laughed at me meeting Edward.
“Bella, Edward is used to being allowed into everyone’s mind. It was a shock for him not to hear you coming or your mind. As for the rest of my family why don’t we go introduce you to them?” With that he took me inside to meet his family.
“Bella, that’s Alice and Jasper,” He said pointing to the girl with the pixie haircut and the boy on her arm, who looked like he was in pain. Alice came up to me with a big smile on her face. She gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek. “I know we’re going to be great friends!” She said excitedly. While Jasper only gave a slight nod, not fully trusting me.
“That’s Emmett and Rose,” He said pointing to the girl who looked like a model, and not very happy to be here. And Emmett who looked like a teddy bear on steroids. He ran up to me and twirled me around like we were long lost friends. He put me down after a few seconds of the spinning.
“And of course you already know Edward.” Edward just gave a slight nod like Jasper. He turned and walked away, toward the Grand Piano in the living room. It was a beautiful piano, and looked oddly familiar.
“Why are your eyes gold? Oops…” That was Alice, and everyone nodded their heads in agreement with Alice’s question.
“Well my eyes are gold because when I was first changed I still had my morals in place. I knew it was wrong to kill a human and I decided that it would be wrong to use them as food. So I started hunting animals. And I taught Carlisle everything he knows.”
They all stared at me in shock; they thought Carlisle was the first one to hunt animals instead of humans. Instead it was me. I was proud of myself for this that I gave one person the means to change a whole clan.
“Carlisle I wish to stay in Forks do you know any house that I could rent or to buy?
“Bella, I would never turn you out, you will stay with us here, we have an extra bedroom and that’s where you’ll stay. Not at some random persons house that you don’t know or even buy a house. Edward will you show her the extra room?”
Edward got up and motioned for me to follow him. I said my thanks to Carlisle and followed Edward to my new room. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was that Carlisle was still here. And that I had this hot single guy showing me around the house. He stopped at his room; I could tell by the way he hesitated.
“Is this your room?” I asked him.
“Yes its mine, the hot guy’s room.” He said chuckling. I felt my shield snap back in place.
“You did not just hear that did you?” I said. Worry in my voice.
“Yes I did and thank you for calling me hot.”

Edwards POV
She said I was hot. Hmm, I could use this to my advantage. Since the only room that was available was my room since I was never in it.
“Well, here’s your new room Bella, I hope you love it.”
“Wait, wait, wait. This cannot be my room. It’s yours and I could never take that from you. I’ll find somewhere else to stay. I don’t want to inconvenience you.”
“Bella, you won’t be unconvincing me, I don’t sleep, and I’m mostly downstairs at the piano, so this is just another room. So its fine if you stay here, I don’t mind.”
“You sure?”
“Bella if you’re not comfortable with this then we could make some changes. Like put a divider in the room so you could have some privacy.”
“Edward, no I don’t need that, are you positive, because I love the way this room is set up. It’s so beautiful.”
She liked my room? Wow, that’s a change, Alice hated my room. She thought it was a fashion fopa.
“Edward would you tell me where the restroom is? I want to change into something a little more comfortable then these. I have a feeling Alice will hate what I’m about to put on, but I’ll survive.”
“Down the hall to the left.” I said holding back laughter. She left our room and I was alone with my thoughts and the thoughts of my family.

Bella POV
I walked down the hall and found the bathroom with ease. I locked the door behind me and took out my only non-soiled clothes. A pair of sweats and a jacket. I had this strange feeling to look nicer. I wanted to impress someone.
I walked out of the bathroom and ran right into Edward. He looked at me and ran away. I didn’t know why but I wanted to follow him. My body seemed to follow him all the way to the meadow where we first met.
“Edward, what’s the matter? Why do you keep running away from me?”
“I’m sorry Bella, just you look beautiful. Even in sweats and it startles me. Because even with Rosalie’s amazing looks she doesn’t even compare to you. Your absolutely stunning.”
I stared at him in shock; did he just compare me to Rosalie? I didn’t even compare to her amazing looks.
“Edward, did you just compliment a complete stranger who you’ve only known for about two hours? What would Alice say?”
“Alice is not my mother, and yes I did. I think your beautiful, even when you’re not trying to be. I have this strange attraction to you, and I don’t know what it means.”
“Well Edward, I should be getting back to the house, Alice will be looking for me.”
I ran away from him. Fighting this attraction to him. I didn’t want a boyfriend. Not right now, but Edward seemed perfect for me. I didn’t know why though.
I ran into the house to see Alice waiting for me. She had a dress box in her hands and was pushing me towards my room.
“Alice what are you doing?”
“I am going to dress you like a Cullen. We are going out to hit the clubs and show off the latest addition to our family.” She pulled out this black and white dress with a pair of heels that were absolutely gorgeous. She walked out of the room with a smug smile on her face. I quickly undressed and put on the beautiful dress, but the zipper got stuck. I dropped my shield and called out for Edward to come and help me with the dress.
He quickly was in the room zipping the dress up with ease. I turned around to thank him but he was already gone. I didn’t even hear him leave the room.
For some reason this hurt me. But I sucked it up and walked downstairs only to see the rest of the Cullen’s, minus Carlisle and Esme. All ready to go. I heard a gasp of breath from Edward and I smiled smugly. We took two cars. Edwards and Emmett’s. For some reason everyone wanted to ride in Emmett’s car and leave me alone with Edward.
“So Bella, what made you join the Voltori?”
“Well I was changed by Aro himself and I didn’t know what else to do. I felt loved and then I considered leaving till my brother and sister came into the Voltori, and it was the only place where I could see Carlisle. I thought of him as a father even back then.”
“What are your brother and sisters names?”
“Jane and Alec, their twins.” When I said this Edward had a sudden intake of breath. “Edward what’s wrong?”
“I’ve heard of them and they aren’t nice people Bella.”
“O. I didn’t know that they were widely known.” With that last comment we pulled into the parking lot of the club and got out of the car. Edward put his arm around to blend in so we didn’t seem like outcasts with our family, but I kind of liked it there. It just felt right.
We walked into the club and it seemed to pause. Like everyone was staring at the new comers. Alice, Rose, Emmett, and Jasper all ran to the dance floor while Edward and I stood on the sidelines. I told him I couldn’t dance and he didn’t seem to agree.
I was soon being pulled out to the dance floor. Edward was doing the pulling. I could’ve stopped him, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to know the feeling of being in his arms.
A slow song started and Edward seemed to pause, as if to ask for my permission to dance with me. To answer I wrapped my arms around his neck and his snaked around my waist. I saw a flash and looked around to see who took the picture. But there was no one around us with a camera so I let it slide.
I felt at peace in Edwards arm and we danced for the rest of the night together. Just the two of us. Having an amazing time.

It was the next day and Alice decided to take me shopping, for what I do not know. She took me around the mall in Seattle and bought everything that looked nice on me. This was about everything because of her premonitions. And in this time I got to know her and she got to know me as well. I told her how I felt about Edward and she seemed to take that into mind.
We went home successful and I ran toward the meadow, feeling like I was drawn there by something. I quickly got there but I knew something wasn’t right. Something was off about this place; it was something that didn’t seem to belong.
“Hello Isabella…”

Chapter 7: Hello again

            “Hello Isabella, so nice to see you again.” I know that voice, I hate that voice.

            “What are you doing here Felix? You’re supposed to be in Volterra with the rest of the Voltori, not here chasing me.” I gasped when I saw who was behind him, my own family. They must have been the ones who told him where I would be. I growled loudly and dropped my shield.

            “Edward I need your help, come to the meadow.”

            “Felix why are you here?”

            “I couldn’t leave my mate alone in an unknown place now could I?”

            I laughed at him; I was not his mate and never would be.

            “Now Felix, since when am I your mate? I believe I turned you down a lot over the past 100 years. I found someone else, and you can even stand up to him.” Right on cue Edward ran into the meadow and I felt his arm wrap around my waist. I had been filling him in threw my mind as he was running towards us.

            “Now love, who is this? I don’t believe you told me about your friend…?”

            “Its Felix and I am her mate, not you pretty boy.” Felix was cracking himself up but not me or Edward.

            “Jane, Alec, how could you have brought him here? I was running to get away from the Voltori and I didn’t want to be followed, especially by Felix.” Alec had a look of pain on his face but Jane’s face stayed without emotion in it.

            “If you two are really mates, then you wouldn’t mind showing us a little kiss. And not one of those little kisses on the cheeks, I mean a real kiss.” Felix thought he had caught us but Edward and I were one step ahead. We were expecting this.

            I turned toward Edward and looked him straight in the eyes, he nodded his head slightly and started leaning in towards me. Our lips were inches apart and I couldn’t stop myself, I quickly closed the distance between us and our lips finally touched. It started off slow but slowly started to escalade. My hands found their own way to his hair and his hands circled around my waist and pulled me closer to him, he couldn’t seem to get me close enough.

            I heard Felix clearing his throat; he gave one last look at me and ran off. Jane gave me a disgusted look and followed him. Alec was the only one left, he wanted to say something but I stopped him.  

            “Just go, you picked your side when you decided to bring him here, and killed all those innocent kids, who just wanted a nice normal field trip. I love you Alec but you have your side, and I have mine. Please go brother.” He shot me a hurt look and then ran off to find Jane and Felix.

            I fell to the floor and started to cry. Or as close to crying as I could get, being a vampire and all. I felt a pair of arms wrap around me and being pulled into Edwards lap. He was truly a God, what did I do to deserve him? Edward took in a sharp intake of breath. I noticed that my shield was down and didn’t want it to go back up, I just left it down.

            I sat there for about 20 minutes content in Edwards’s arms and just thinking about how I just hurt my only blood relatives. I sobered up enough to look at Edward and he had a pained look in his eyes.

            “Bella I barely know you, yet seeing you like this… it hurts me. I don’t know why but it does and I felt useless, that I couldn’t do anything about it.” He was on the verge of breaking down himself and I couldn’t let him.

            “Edward, it would’ve been a lot worse if you haven’t been here. You truly are amazing and I feel like I’ve known you forever. We should head back to the house, if we don’t hurry Alice will come looking for us.” He nodded and stood up with me still in his arms, so he was carrying me in a bridal hold. I laughed as he set me down and pulled my shield back in place.

            Edward had a hurt look on his face but covered it quickly as we ran back to the house. I ran towards our room and found an outfit lying on the bed waiting for me. Alice. Was the only thing I thought as I slipped on the skin tight jeans and the awesome graphic tee, and walked down the stairs to greet my new family. Edward was filling them in on what happened in the meadow minus my breakdown and our kiss. Thank god, I didn’t need the family making fun of me for that. Everyone turned as they heard my descent down the stairs. Edward gasped when we locked eyes but quickly covered it with a throat clearing.     

            Alice ran up to me, clearly approving of my outfit, and grabbed my hand to pull me over toward the family. Rosalie was staring at me, trying to decipher something. I didn’t understand what she was trying to see in me but I didn’t care. I walked over to Edwards’s side and stood beside him. He looked up at me startled but continued talking.

            “Bella! I want to fight you!” Crap! I’ve been avoiding Emmett for fear that he would say that. The whole family chuckled. I looked at Edward trying to find some way out of it but Edward just shook his head and continued laughing.

            “Fine Emmett, but you’ll regret this.” I walked outside towards an open field and got ready to fight Emmett.

            “Rose, I’m sorry if I hurt him! Don’t hate me!” Rose just looked at me and laughed and Emmett looked startled, like someone would beat him. I just braced myself for Emmett’s attacks as he started coming after me. I deflected punch after punch, kick after kick but he never landed a hit on me. I was starting to get bored with this but knew that all it would take is one hit from me and he’d be down but I wanted to think he was winning.

            I let my shield down to tell Edward what I was doing so he wouldn’t be worried when I let Emmett actually hit me. I didn’t know why I did this but I just felt that Edward needed to know. I felt the hit connect with my shoulder, but I barely hurt. Emmett had a huge grin on his face but I didn’t last long.

            I punched him in the stomach, the vampire’s weakest point from my experience, and pinned him to the ground. He couldn’t get up and looked at me startled.

            “Emmett, I was in the Voltori for 200 years, I’ve learned the fastest way to kill a vampire, human, and shape shifters. The fastest ways to start a fire, and the best materials to use. Plus I taught all the guard how to fight. Don’t test me; I can kill you in an instant.”  With that I jumped off of him, with a huge smile on my face, walked back toward the house with everyone staring after me.


Edwards POV

            She was amazing. No one can beat Emmett, and make him look like a fool. I was in love with her, already. I knew I shouldn’t have been falling this fast but I couldn’t help it. She was beautiful and I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I started to head back towards the house when a hand on my arm stopped me.

            “Alice, what?”

            “Don’t mess this up Edward. I like her and I don’t want to see her hurt. Just be careful. I know what really happened in that meadow and not your edited version so just be careful. She’s powerful and one wrong move can bring the whole Voltori down on us. I can’t lose any of you. Just be gentle and don’t go to fast.”

            I was shocked by that little speech from Alice. Didn’t she know that I wouldn’t do anything to hurt Bella? I had a plan forming in my head but I’d need Bella's consent and Alice’s help. “Yes Edward of course I'll help!” Well that took care of Alice now what about Bella…



Bella’s POV

            I was back in the house and reeling. I hated fighting with a burning passion, even play fighting with Emmett. I was curled up in a ball on Edwards couch when Edward walked in. His beautiful face was suddenly taken over with worry.

            “Bella what’s wrong?!” His voice rose in panic. I just lifted my shield and told him the whole story. He sat next to me and for the second time in one day I was pulled into his lap and soothed by Edward. I slowly began to relax and turned around to look into Edwards eyes. What I saw in there was complete and total love and adoration.

            I felt myself lean towards him and Edward do the same. Our faces were mere inches apart when desperation took over and I crushed my lips to his. He was startled at first but then melted into the kiss just like I was. My hands slowly traced his body and wound their way into his hair. Pulling his face as close as possible to mine. His hands wrapped tightly around my waist and wrapped my legs around his waist.

            There was a loud banging on the door. Startled Edward and I pulled apart. I walked over to look inconspicuously at his CDs as Edward opened the bedroom door. Alice stood there with a knowing look on her face and pulled Edward out into the hallway.        

“Alice stop yelling at me! I get it!” Then he said something that I couldn’t quite make out and walked back into the room.

“Sorry 'bout that, Alice was being Alice. I have a question for you Bella. Would you like to go out with me tonight? Away from my family to just talk, and get to know each other a little better.” I was startled, why would this perfect guy want to go on a date with me? Edward had a sad look on his face that he thought I was going to say no. O, he wanted an answer.

“Of course Edward! Around what time would we go?”

“I’ll come get you when it’s time to go. Be ready.” With that he left the room and Alice took his spot.

“Time to get you ready. Sit.” She busied herself with my clothing and makeup, making sure everything was perfect for my first date with Edward. I had butterflies in my stomach just thinking about what we would do tonight.

“TADA!” I looked at myself in the mirror and was amazed at what I saw. She was breathtakingly beautiful and not the awkward vampire that she used to be. Instead she was confident and sexy. I liked what I saw, and apparently so did Alice.

There was a light tap on the door and the door opened. Edwards’s tousled golden brown hair peaked through the door and Alice walked out. Edward took her spot in the room and pulled out a blind fold.

“Is that really necessary?” I asked skeptically. I didn’t like being under someone else’s control, even for a few minutes.

“Don’t worry it will all be over soon. Just close your eyes and relax. You’ll be in very capable hands.” He walked behind me and tied the blindfold over my eyes. He picked me up and jumped out the window. Or that’s what it seemed like.

He took off running and I had no idea where he was going. All I knew was that I was letting an almost complete stranger, that I just might be in love with, carry me around with a blind fold covering my eyes.

All too soon I was being set down and the blindfold was being pulled off my eyes. What I saw took my breath away. It was gorgeous, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

“It's simply breathtaking…”

Chapter 8: Wow

“This is absolutely beautiful Edward. When did you have time to do this? It looks like it would’ve taken hours just to string those lights.” He smiled and didn’t say anything. Instead he motioned for me to sit and just to relax.

“I have my ways, Bells.” I gasped when he said my nickname. Only Alec or Jane called me that and it shocked me that someone else would think of that name. I looked at Edwards face and he had a pained look on his face, like he did something wrong.

“Edward, it shocked me that you called me that because that’s what my brother and sister call me, when they actually liked me.”

Oh Bella I’m sorry, I won’t call you that if you don’t like it, if it reminds you of your old life.”

“Edward, I have a new life now and your part of it, they’re not, so don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” He didn’t look like he believed me but he let it go.

“Edward, I want to get to know you more. I feel like I don’t know anything about you. You’re a mystery to me.”

“I don’t know where to start. Well I was born in 1801 and I had a mother and a father, but my father got the Spanish influenza when I turned 17 and my mother got it soon after. I couldn’t stand to leave either of their sides so I soon got the disease too and that’s when Carlisle found me. Lying in a hospital bed sick outta my mind.

I was changed, but I didn’t like my new life so I left. I built a house in Canada and stayed there, sulking for a while and finally I came back. I was gone for 10 years. Then I enrolled in school and I now have about ten college degrees.”

“Seems like you’ve had a pretty interesting life Edward. Mine hasn’t been close to having that much fun!”

He just smiled in a sad kind of way and was silent for a couple of seconds. I was taken aback. Didn’t he know I was just messing with him? That I didn’t mean to be rude? He must’ve noticed my worried expression.

“All my life I’ve thought I was a monster, I’ve hated myself and have tried many ways to kill myself. I even considered going to the Volturi. But I nixed that idea. I was talked out of it. Then I just haven’t really enjoyed my extra time on this earth, but now I like it a lot more.” He said with a smile on face.

“Well if you would’ve went to the Volturi then we would’ve met a lot sooner!” I said giggling. He suddenly had a blank expression and it quickly turned into worry.

“We have to go, something has come up.” We packed up our ‘picnic’ and ran away from the glorious meadow.

We made it back to the mansion in about 1 minute and were greeted by a very anxious Alice.

“Bella, their coming! They’re going to come and take you back with them no matter what! They can’t take you! You left them and they can’t take you away from us! I love you too much!” Alice said so quickly that even I had a hard time understanding her.

“Alice, breathe! They can’t take me back if I go to them.” I made up my mind right then and there that I wouldn’t let them come and terrorize Forks. “I’ll go to Volterra and stop them before they can come here, just let me do this.”

I looked behind me at Edward and he seemed to be battling himself. So what, I had to stop them. They couldn’t mess up my new life; they aren’t going to mess up another one of my lives. I was going to Volterra whether they liked it or not.

I ran up to my room and quickly packed a bag of just some essentials that I would need for my long trip. Alice ran up and handed me a plane ticket glared at Edward like she knew he was going to do something, which I guess she did, and slipped out the door closing it behind her.

“Bella don’t go, please.” Edward pleaded with a desperate look on his face.

“I have too. I can’t let them come here and mess up my new life, and all of yours. It isn’t fair and I need to stop them all. I know their strengths and weaknesses. I’m Jane’s one true opponent who can stand up to her and even to Aro. They need to know their place. Edward doesn’t make this harder for me.”

“You’ll have your whole family behind you.” He stepped closer to me and soon we were face to face. I was starring at his lips and they seemed to be moving closer to mine.

Electricity ran through my veins as our lips touched. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck and his arms found their way to my waist. He pushed me over to the couch and laid me down. This was getting too far; I had to stop this before we went too far.

I quickly pulled away and stood up. I looked down at Edward and gave him an apologetic look.

“I’m sorry Edward but I have to go. I have to protect your family; I didn’t come here to bring the whole Volturi down on you.” I walked away from Edward and ran towards the front door.

2 Days Later

I had arrived in Volterra an hour ago and was keeping a low profile. I didn’t want the Volturi to know I was there before I was ready. I was running toward the castle when I felt a familiar presence.

“Hell no! Why did you have to come and follow me?”  I asked my follower.

“I love you Bella I can’t lose my sister after I just got one!” That perky like devil! Damn you Alice!

“Alice who else came with you?” I asked her with a serious look on my face.

“Just the whole family…” No! I can’t put them all in danger. This was my fight not theirs.

“Alice, you guys have to leave, I can’t have you fighting my fights for me. This isn’t your battle or the rest of your family.”

“Bella it’s your family to now, you can’t get rid of us that easily!”

“Fine Alice! Let’s get of the sunlight and get the rest of the family before we get exposed.” Soon we were surrounded by the rest of the Cullen’s and I was pulling them all towards the Clock tower, it was the easiest way to get into the castle.

I led them all into the castle and were greeted by the latest human secretary. I think her name was Barbra.

“Hey I’m back; don’t alert Aro I want to surprise him! I’ll be taking the Cullen’s to the guest rooms and I’ll be in my room. Leave me and the Cullen’s in peace and we better have no visitors.”

It stunned the stupid mortal that the head of guard was talking to her so she just sat down and nodded her head. I rolled my eyes and continued walking towards the housing part of the castle. I took the three couples to three different doors and dropped them off in their own rooms, till all there was left were Edward and I.

“You’ll have a special room Edward, not many people have been in this room.” I took him toward the door that had the gold letter I on it. I stopped in front of this door and pushed it open for Edward.

“Bells I could’ve had my own room, you don’t have to share yours.”

“You could’ve had your own room, but did you want your own room?” I must’ve caught Edward because he had this look on his face like he knew that I was right. Edward just smiled and walked over to me to wrap his arms around my waist.

He was leaning in to me when there was knock on the door.

“I thought I said no visitors!” I grumbled as I stepped to open the door.

“It's nice to know that my own sister would tell me when she was coming home!” Said a hurt looking Alec.

“Alec!!!” I quickly grabbed him up in a hug and shut the door behind him.

“I thought I heard something in here,” he said when he spotted Edward sitting on my bed. I just gave Alec a look and he shut up.

“Bella what are you doing here? You were in Forks when we came to visit you a week or so ago.”

“Well our little physic saw a surprise visit that could’ve ended badly so I decided to pay you a visit myself and I was followed by some stalkers.” I shot a look at Edward and he just smiled his infamous crooked grin.

“Of course it would’ve ended badly Bella; with you fighting against us all the Volturi would be dead. You taught all of us how to fight and you’re even more loved the Aro. No one in their right mind would try to fight against you because you know all our weaknesses, even Aro’s.”

“Thanks Alec, can you go and make sure Aro’s in the throne room? I need to change and be ready to see Aro again.” Alec quickly walked out of my room and left Edward and I all alone.

I slipped into my favorite outfit that Aro didn’t know existed, since everything he saw me in were the Volturi regulation red.

Edward was watching me closely and was being extremely quiet. I forgot he was even in the room.

“Bella you look gorgeous.” Edward quickly gave me a kiss on the forehead and released me, knowing that I had to go down to the throne room.

“Please stay here, I don’t think I could focus with you in the throne room.” All Edward did was nod and I walked out the door.

Walking down the hallways of the castle was a trip down memory lane. I saw most of the guard just lounging in the halls and their eyes popped out of the sockets when they saw me. They couldn’t believe that I had the guts to come back here after I left them.

I was in the throne room in a matter of seconds and what I saw shocked me…

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Chapter 9: I should’ve seen it coming

They weren’t having any type of meeting so the vampires were allowed to do whatever they wanted, and apparently two of them were. Jane and Felix were standing in the corner of the throne room just making out. I was absolutely disgusted.

“What the hell!” I yelled when I saw them. They jumped apart then stared at me shell-shocked.

“We should be saying the same thing to you Isabella. What the hell are you doing back here? You aren’t welcome.” Jane told me with a look of disgust on her face, and pissed that I broke up her make out session.

“Well little sister, I am welcome because, well how do I put it in a way you’ll understand, I am still the head of guard. I will be till Aro decides any other way. So run off and play with your little boyfriend.” I said the last word with clear disgust in my voice. She only had the body of a 14 year old but was around 150 years old. And Felix looked like he was about 25, that’s just gross.

Jane walked off looking defeated as Aro walked into the room.

“Isabella!” Aro exclaimed as he saw me, he ran up to me and gave me a big hug. Hoping that I had my shield down for him to get a glimpse inside of my head. No such luck, it was up and firmly in place.

“Hello Aro, I was hoping to run into you.”

“Isabella why did you leave? And what in the world are you wearing? Where is your red? You need some red in your wardrobe, you know it’s required as the head of guard.”

“Aro, my friend had a vision of you coming down to Forks and hurting the Cullen clan. I am staying with them at the moment and I am here to tell you that that won’t be necessary. I am telling you that I am leaving the Volturi. I can’t be around you if you’re just going to be cold blooded killers. I’m not that type of person to do that.”

Aro just stared at me blankly.

“You’re leaving us? After all the years you’ve spent here, and you’re the head of the guard? Who will train us to fight? Who will protect me from danger? Do you really think Jane is as good as you? That she can step up and be the leader you were? Fat chance. She’s a good child but that’s all she is, a child.”

“I’m sorry Aro, but you’re going to have to find a new head of guard. I have a new life now, away from you. But I will still come to visit, I love you all very much and I wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt your family, but I can’t stand all the killing anymore. It’s killing me inside.”

“Isabella just know that you always have a place here. No one will touch your room, and if you ever do decide that the Cullen’s aren’t the clan for you, you will have your spot as head of the guard back.” Aro said sighing. I knew this was hurting him but he needed to face the facts.

“You!” Spat a new comer into the throne room. She looked so familiar… where had I seen her before? She had beautiful curly red hair and blood red eyes. The defiant sign of a new born. Oh! She was the girl I had hurt Felix for. But why was she mad at me?

“You made me this vile creature and then left me to suffer for two days! Is that what you do to all the people you change? You just leave them sitting on a cold hard floor to wake up to all these strange things?”

“Victoria! Be quiet! You must respect our most trusted member of the Volturi. She is your superior after all.”

“Wait? You think I left you to die in this very room? I left my home, I gave up everything I had here because I thought what they did to YOU was wrong. At least you’re still partially alive. You would be dead with all your friends from your class if Felix had his way of things. I saved you from dying, I slapped him out of the way to save you and after I got rid of him the venom had already spread so much that I couldn’t save you! So don’t go blaming me for your misfortune, I tried to save you! You would be dead if it wasn’t for me!”

I nodded to one of the attending guards on duty and motioned towards Victoria. They got the message and removed her.

“You’ll pay! Don’t think you’ve got off so easily! You’ll pay for what you’ve done to me!” the doors shut behind her, silencing her threats.

“Sorry about her we’ve tried to tell her that Felix changed her but she won’t believe us. We think he got to her before she was fully changed and convinced her that you changed her. She doesn’t like this life very much but we can’t release her on the world. She’s too young and to violent. We need to figure out a way to train her, or just get her under control so we can let her go.”

“Aro, it'd be irresponsible to let her out on the world. She could hurt innocent people. You need to keep her here and away from the world. That kind of hate is very dangerous. Just keep a close eye on her. I have to go back to my friends now. But I will come back from time to time and train some of the new members. But I have no idea how often I can come, or if I’ll even come at all.”

Aro just nodded and I walked out of the room, running into Felix in the process.

“Hello my lovely Isabella.” Ugh could he get any slimier?

“Felix, get out of my way, I would like to go see Edward and not have to look at your face anymore.”

“Isabella, Isabella, Isabella. Do you really think you can get away from me? I’ll always be there. In the back of your mind you’ll be thinking of what I’m doing, what I’m feeling, and what I’m thinking. You can never get rid of me.”

“Felix, I can get rid of you whenever I want, but now my sister is involved with you. Though I’m pretty sure you’re using her to get to me. But whatever. I won’t be around anymore to babysit you. You’ll forget about me as your messing around with my little sister. Who just happens to look kind of like me. Then you’ll see Alec, who is just a miniature male version of me, and be haunted by my image. Goodbye Felix.” I spat and pushed myself away from him.

He was the most hated creature in my mind, and the fact that he was using my baby sister just killed me inside. Even if Jane was being a total brat and picking her ‘family’ over me. I still have Alec, hopefully.

I walked at a leisurely pace back to my room, hoping to see some of my friends along the way, but sadly I saw none of them. I was staring at the gold ‘I’ all too soon till I heard faint footsteps in the room. I couldn’t get in there fast enough

“Edward!” I screamed as I pushed open the door. I was greeted by his infamous crooked smile and a bear hug. I could’ve stayed in his arms forever but sadly we had to leave soon. I was extremely eager to leave this horrid castle, but a girl with blood red eyes and startling red orange hair kept coming to mind.

“Bella, we need to leave soon. Do you want to fly home or run?”

“Fly, I just want to sit and talk to you. Our date was interrupted and we never got to finish it.”

“Well, um, then you’ll have to wait a little longer. Alice wants to hit some of Italy’s shops before we have to leave. So that evil pixie will be here to pick you up in just a few minutes!”

“That gives me plenty of time then.” I gave Edward a sly smile as I pulled his head down to mine. Our lips met with little hesitation and was slowly escalating. He pushed me towards the bed in the middle of the room, where I used to spend my time watching the sun set and rise.

All too soon Edward was pulling away at the sound of knocking on the door.

“Bella! Edward!”

“GO AWAY!!!” We both screamed. All of a sudden the door was being knocked down and Alice was pulling me out of the room.

“Edward save me!!!” All he did was chuckle as he watched his sister drag me out of the room. I could’ve fought her off and went back to my time with Edward, but we would keep getting interrupted. So I just let her drag me away to my misery of shopping.

To tell you the truth I really like shopping, but Alice takes it to a whole new level. A whole new level of crazy. In all of five hours we hit every possible boutique, mall, and even thrift store, in all of Volterra. I had been to multiple of these shops more than once and Alice seemed to love them.

6 hours later

We were finally back at the castle and lugging all our purchases upstairs when Alec stopped me.

“Bells can I talk to you?”

“Sure bud? What’s up?”

“I don’t want you to leave again… I don’t trust some of the people here enough for them not to talk Aro into going after you. I love you and I don’t want to see you hurt.” His voice was getting softer and softer as he went on.

“Al, don’t worry about me getting hurt. I can take care of myself, and I’m happy down there. More happy then I’ve been in a long time. I need this right now, and maybe one day you can come join me down there.”

“Okay Bella… Oh by the way, I talked to Edward while you were gone.” My face paled, I was scared of what my brother meant by talking to Edward.

“He knows that if he ever hurts you he’ll have the wrath of the Head of guard and the rest of the Volturi on him.”

“Wait! Did you just say head of guard? Did Aro promote you?”

“Yea.. I don’t know how I feel about taking my sister job but I like it. It means that I’m trusted. And I like that.”

“Alec, good for you. I have to go get ready to leave. I love you little brother.” I gave him a quick hug good bye and ran towards my bedroom, and the mountain of bags awaiting me..

“Hey bells, how was shopping?” I shuddered and ran into Edwards arms.

“Why didn’t you save me from the evil wrath of Alice?”

“There was no point, and if I did, I would’ve gotten slapped.”

“You didn’t save me because you didn’t want to be slapped?”

“Yep pretty much…..”

“That’s the worst excuse in the world!” I pulled away from him and walked off toward the bathroom. Hoping to find something cute for the plane ride home.

“Bella! I haven’t seen your face in hours, please come out here!”

“No! You didn’t protect me from your crazy sister so you can suffer!” I yelled triumphantly through the door. This would show him. He wouldn’t be crazy enough to break down the bathroom door to get to me… would he?

“Bella if you don’t come out in 5 seconds I will come in there after you! And the door won’t be spared!” Crap! He would break down my door! I could make this harder for him… If I wanted to. Or I could just let him in and not care about what he saw.

I was getting undressed when I heard him take a running start towards the door. I quickly opened the door and heard him smash into the sink.

“Edward! There is no need to deface Volturi property!” He looked at me sheepishly, till he noticed I was only in my bra and panties.

“Like what you see?” I said in a flirtatious voice.

“Very very much. Though I would like to see you in less, but that can wait. Since we only have about 30 minutes till we have to be packed and at the airport.” I pouted and walked slowly towards Edward.

He took in every curve of my body as I got slowly closer till I was right in front of him. “Now how much time do  we have? Because I’d really like sometime alone with you, speaking how we keep getting interrupted.”

Before I could blink, Edwards’s arms were around me and he was kissing me roughly, with urgency to it. I was in heaven.

Edwards POV

Bella is beautiful. She probably could’ve warned me before I came rushing into the bathroom but I didn’t mind. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her body.

“Like what you see?” She asked, flirtation obvious in her voice. I could barely think coherent thoughts staring at her body. But I somehow managed.

“Very very much. Though I would like to see you in less, but that can wait. Since we only have about 30 minutes till we have to be packed and at the airport.” Oh how I wish we had more time. But we both wanted to get away from this place. It wasn’t natural being here.

Bella was slowly walking toward me and my eyes were raking her body, noticing every single curve.

“Now how much time do  we have? Because I’d really like sometime alone with you, speaking how we keep getting interrupted.” I gulped, I really wanted her in my arms.

As soon as she was in front of me, I had pulled her closer and was kissing her urgently. Putting in all my love into that one kiss.

After almost 10 minutes of just kissing I pulled away. I was close to losing control and need to breathe. Bella had a pout on her face. I kissed her lips one more time and walked out of the bathroom.

“Edward! Don’t leave me!” She called out. I almost turned around and looked at her, but instead I kept walking towards the closet on the other side of the room.

“Edward!!! Please come back over here!” She sounded so heartbroken.

“Bells, breathe. I’m just grabbing some clothes for both of us. Since we do have to be at the airport in 20 minutes and Alice will be coming to our room in 5 minutes to make sure were packed and that we have time to say goodbye.”

I heard a soft sigh and the sound of her getting off the counter. She walked toward me. Her arms wrapped around my waist as I pulled all of her clothes off the shelf. She grabbed the clothes from me and put them in the suitcases on the bed.

When we were finished putting all the clothes in the suitcases, Bella  got dressed. Alice would be here any second and Bella wanted to be presentable for her friend. Or I guess sister.

I heard the click of the doorknob being turned and Alice’s heels clicking on the floor.

“Are you guys decent?!”

“You should know Alice!” I called out to her.

“It’s a yes!” She said as her face came into view.

“All packed? Because everyone is ready to go, and there are a few members waiting to say goodbye.” I sighed, I didn’t want Bella in pain saying goodbye to all her friends.

“Let’s get this over with.” Bella said walking out of the bathroom, looking as beautiful as always. Even in jeans and a shirt.

“I like her style.”  Thought Alice. Of course, leave it too Alice to notice the clothing.

We walked out of the room and toward the first floor and the clock tower entrance of the castle. There was a small group made up of Bella’s friends. She said her goodbyes quickly but staying on her brother the longest. Speaking so low that I couldn’t hear them.

She walked towards me and said she was ready to go. I nodded toward the rest of my family and we walked out of the castle. Never wanting to come back, but knowing we might have too.

It was a cool August night, the stars were out and Bella snuggled herself into my side. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her closer, loving the way she fit perfectly.

We made it quickly to the airport, thanks to the car we rented and had just made it to the gate when they were calling us for boarding.

“Flight 1010, Seattle Washington, now boarding first class members.” That was us, we walked over to the flight attendant. She was shocked at all our beauty. And her thoughts weren’t too pure about me. I heard a slight growl from Bella and the lady snapped out of her revere. She kept staring at me and I pulled Bella close to my side. I could feel Bella smile next to me at the ladies shocked expression.

“Aw *edited by mod* he has a girlfriend. That sucks because we could defiantly have some fun if he didn’t.” Ugh, she wishes, I could kill her in one instant. I think Bella would’ve if I hadn’t been there.

We quickly got on the plane and sat down in our seats. We had asked for the whole first class section to be only for us, and would pay for any of the other seats, but that wouldn’t be nesaccary. Barely anyone was on this plane since no one really wanted to go to Seattle. It would’ve been a long 17 hours if I hadn’t had Bella by my side. We sat in a comfortable silence, just enjoying each other’s company for the whole plane ride.

Bella’s POV

The plane landed after 17 hours and we got off quickly, not wanting to stay on the plane anymore. It was a very relaxing night just sitting by Edwards’s side, not caring about what anyone else thought or even talking. My thoughts kept going back to my goodbye with Alec.

“Alec can you watch Victoria. I’m not sure she’s safe and she seems to want revenge on me. You’re the head of guard now and it’s your job to watch all the members.”

“Yea Bells, I’ll keep a very close eye on her. She doesn’t make me comfortable, she seems very pissed at becoming a vampire. You have nothing to worry about, so um go relax and I’ll take care of everything here.”

“Thanks Alec! I love you little bro, always remember that.”

He nodded and I walked back towards Edwards loving gaze.

“Bella! Were home.” Edward said. I hadn’t even noticed that we had gotten bags and gotten a car. Edward was pulling me inside along with all our stuff. The front door was left open for us and we walked up to Edwards’s room. As fast as we could put all our stuff away and walked downstairs to have a family meeting.

I sat next to Edward on the right side of Carlisle, and the family filled in their places around the table.

“Everyone, we know that school is starting again in a couple days and we need to decide if Bella is going, her last name, her story, and what grade she’s going to be in. Bella do you even want to go to school?”

“Actually I do.” I said surprising myself. If Edward would be going then I didn’t want to be away from him all day.

“Ok well I’m guessing you want to be in Edwards’s grade, him and Alice are juniors. So you’ll be a junior and what is your last name and story going to be?”

“Uh well I was wondering if I could use my last name, Swan, and I could be a family friend moving in from Italy and living with you, because you’re my legal guardians and my parents died in a car accident.”

“That’s fine, do you want us escorting you everywhere or do you not want to be labeled as part of the Cullen crowd?”

“I love you guys, I just want to find some friends and try to fit in with the humans as much as a vampire can. Would that be ok?” The whole family nodded in agreement and we split up. Going to our separate places around the house. Emmett wanted a rematch against me, and I decided what the heck! Let’s kick his booty!

Chapter 10: New Day, New School

It was the night before was set to start, and I had to admit I was a little nervous. I had never gone to a real school before. Sure I had a tutor when I was little, and I knew everything from being the head of guard but never to an actual school. Alice was prepping me on everything to know about cliques and what to do and not to do.

My mind kept going back to the fight I had with Emmett, even with all this school stuff. Of course I had won, but this time I just messed with him. He was such a little kid, it was hilarious to watch. Everyone didn’t really care to watch but Edward, he was fascinated in how I moved and fought.

I let Emmett have a solid 5 minutes of trying to take me down, keeping my mind open for Edward. Edward kept laughing and distracting Emmett. I was starting to get really bored with this fighting thing.  I took Emmett down and kissed his check and walked away. I heard him grunt and Edward making fun of him.

My mind snapped back into place as Edward walked into the room, he looked like a Greek God as always. “Bella you want to make a trip to our meadow? And there’s this stream that I found that we could swim in, would you like to join me?”

“Of course Edward, let me just grab a suit.”

We ran towards the meadow and the little stream Edward had found. When I stepped into the little clearing what I saw took my breath away. There was twinkling little lights all over and a bunch of loose red roses strewn all over the ground. It was beautiful. Who knew Edward could be so flamboyant? I certainly didn’t.

“Bella did you just call me flamboyant?” Edward said chuckling. I gasped and had a feeling my shield was down.

“Well no guy I have ever known has done this for me. They would never go through all the trouble of stringing the lights and working on this. So yes I did just call you flamboyant.” I told him, a smile taking over my face.

“Oh Bella you’re going to pay for calling me that.” A sly, calculating look on his gorgeous face.

I started running towards the clear blue stream, when Edward picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.

“NO! Help! Somebody help! Anybody!!” I screamed in mock panic. I could feel Edward start to bend his knees a little to get ready to jump. Uh-oh! I was screwed…

He jumped into the water and as soon as we were under I squirmed out of his grip. He opened his eyes underneath the water to try and find me but I was a shark, always where you least expect me. I started to hum the Jaws theme song as I swam towards Edward. I had pulled my shield up and he had no idea where I was.

I jumped on his back, and pushed him farther down into the water. He tried to fight back but I was too strong. Finally he gave up, which I was not expecting.  He swam up to my face and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me close to his chest. He was leaning towards me when with vampire speed he tightened his grip and pushed me up to the surface.

He quickly hopped out of the water with me still in his arms, and ran to the edge of the clearing, ran towards the stream, and jumped 15 feet in the air then landed us plunging into the icy depth of the water. Which for the record was only like 30 feet.

I kicked myself up to the surface and looked around for Edwards golden eyes. I met them and swam towards him. We kept trying to outsmart the other and trick one another for about one hour. It was amazing, to just be with him like this. No interrupting family to bother us. It was the life.

We finally got out of the water and just sat with our feet slightly dipping into the water, making little ripples and waves. I felt Edwards arms snake around my waist and pull me closer to his side. I laid my head gently on his shoulder and sighed.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just so perfect and I never want it to change.”

“Why would it change?”

“No idea but anything could happen, and I don’t want that to happen.”

He just nodded and stared off at the rising sun, the oranges, pinks, reds, and a little mixed in purple, blending together to create the most perfect harmony. It was breathtaking.

2 hours later

I was showered, dressed, and ready to go for my first day. I was jumping up and down with excitement. I felt like Alice, who wasn’t so excited. She told me that she had done this too many times to count and now it was just getting boring. I didn’t agree with her, of course.

“Let’s go.” Alice said with fake enthusiasm. We all hopped into Edwards’s car except me, I decided I wanted to take a different car since I wanted to try it out. I ran to my baby, a powder blue Mustang convertible. I was in love with this car since I saw it in the dealer ship. I hopped in and was riding off towards Forks high school.

Everyone stared as I pulled into the parking lot. I guess they didn’t get a lot of new students. They didn’t stare at the Cullen’s as much as they did me. It could have something to do with the short shorts, but probably the fact that I was new.

I walked toward the office with my head held high, and made it to the office in a matter of seconds. I walked into the drab room with stale air and fans blowing everywhere. I guess they weren’t used to this warm but cloudy weather. I stepped toward the receptionist and introduced myself.

“Hello ma’am, I’m Isabella Swan and I’m here to pick up my schedule.”

“Oh yes Isabella, we heard you were coming! Let me just print it out and let you be on your merry way!” She handed me the plain white sheet of paper with only a few names and class periods on it. I thanked her and walked quickly out of the office.

When I stepped into the hazy outside world, I was greeted by an eager looking guy. He seemed like the kind who got everything they wanted no matter the cost.

“Hey, I’m Mike, are you new?”

“Uh yea, I’m Bella.” I said uninterested trying to find Edward in the mess of all these people.

“Who ya looking for babe? Because if your new then how would you know anyone?” Babe? Who did he think he was calling a vampire babe? Ugh!

“First I’m not your babe, and second I’m looking for a friend. So if you would excuse me.” I said stepping around Mike.

“Whoa whoa whoa! Where do you think you’re going? I haven’t finished talking to you!”

“I think your finished Mike.” I said as I turned my back on the pathetic human and running right into another one.

“Oh! I’m so sorry I wasn’t paying attention!” An innocent looking girl apologized as she looked up at me.

“Oh it’s no big deal! It was my fault I was trying to get away from that creep Mike. Hi I’m Bella!” I said hoping that maybe she was normal and not at all like that sleaze Mike.

“The new student Bella? Or was that Isabella? Whatever I was just heading over to the office because I was asked to show the new student around the school! And here I am bumping into her. I’m Angela by the way.” She said sticking out her hand for me to shake. I returned the shake with a smile.

“Yea I go by Bella but my real name is Isabella, I hate it with a burning passion!” She giggled and told me that classes were going to start soon so we might want to start going the school building.

“What do you have first period?”

“Um, Spanish with Hargrove.”

“Ok my room is right next to it.” She said taking me down the twisting and turning hallways, they weren’t confusing to me but I pretended to be confused. We arrived at my room and we parted ways promising to meet right outside the doors when the bell rang.

I walked into the classroom to find about 15 kids looking back at me. So these would be small classes. I could work with that. I handed my slip to Mrs. Hargrove and she asked me to introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m Isabella Swan and I just moved to Forks a few weeks ago from a small town in Italy.” The class oohed and I walked quickly to the back of the room where I was greeted by two familiar faces.

“Hello little sister!” Emmett said with a huge grin on his face. Ugh why him! I looked who was sitting next to him and surprisingly it was Jasper. I had two seniors in my Spanish class. Interesting. The class passed quickly and I was out the door when the bell rang. Being teased the whole time by Emmett, Jasper was just sitting there with a slight smirk on his face.

When I walked out of the room with two Cullen’s in tow Angela's face had a look of astonishment on it.

“Hey Angela! I would like you to meet my friends Emmett and Jasper.”

“Close your mouth; you don’t want to catch flies now do you?” I smacked Emmett at that comment and Angela's astonishment got even greater.

I walked away from them with a hug goodbye and started walking towards my next class with Angela.

“How did you get in with the Cullen’s so fast? No one around here is good enough for them to be friends with. They keep to themselves a lot so no one really knows them.”

“Oh, the Cullen’s and I go way back! When my parents died the guardians on their will were Carlisle and Esme, so I packed up my stuff and moved here.” I said nonchalantly. I just got another astonished look from Angela. We were at my next class so we said goodbye and I walked into the gray room. Ugh! They need some brighter colors in this school!


My mood instantly brightened a little when I saw Alice and Rose were in this class with me. I was shocked to even have classes with them since they are in the grade above me. I introduced myself the same way I had in the previous class and quickly ran to sit next to Alice and Rose. The whole class seemed shocked at my decision since the room had only about 10-15 kids in it, so there were plenty of open seats.

“Hey chicka!” I said giving Alice and Rose a quick hug and sat down. This time the whole class openly stared. No one would ever dare touch a Cullen, much less hug one. The girls returned my hug and smiled as I sat down.

The class passed with little to no events and soon the bell rang loud and clear, signaling the end of class. I happily left the classroom with Alice and Rose in tow when I ran into Edward. I hadn’t seen him all day and I was feeling a little self-deprived of him.

I ran up gave him a quick hug and a little kiss before I pulled away. Everyone stared in shock. I could practically hear their thoughts rolling around in their little brains. “OMG! She just kissed Cullen?!” “Damn she’s taken.” “UGH! That new girl already has Cullen? I’ve been trying at him for the past 3 years!”

But those were just guesses, Edward knew the real thing and by the look he gave me I knew I was correct. I heard the familiar footsteps of Angela and looked at Edward. He knew that I had to go, but wanted another kiss. I happily agreed. I leaned toward him and gave him a quick peck on the lips, one last hug for the three of them, and walked toward a gaping Angela. Again.

“It's not nice to stare.” I informed her as I walked up to her and grabbed her arm.

“B...bbbb…bu...but you just kissed Edward Cullen, hugged Alice Cullen and the ice queen Rosalie Hale, are best friends with Emmett Cullen and that one that’s always in pain Jasper Hale. How do you pull it off and can I be your best friend?” I just laughed and pulled her off towards our next class.

All my classes till lunch were boring. When the lunch bell rang I could barely contain my excitement. I almost dragged Angela to the cafeteria. She told me she had to wait for some of her other friends but I noticed the one she really wanted to see. Ben, I could tell from the moment Angela laid eyes on him that she was in love with him.

“You should go talk to him.”

“What?! Who are you talking ‘bout? Surely not Ben?”

“Of course Ben silly! I can tell you like him since your blushing.”

“Hey Angela! And you must be Bella, I’m Ben.” He said slinging his arm around Angela’s shoulder. She looked like she was about to pass out.

“Hey Ben, you wanna come with us to the Café?” I asked him politely hoping he’d say yes.

“Yea of course! Let’s just grab Jess. Jessica Stanley, she is part of our little group.” He informed me. He didn’t sound too fond of Jessica.

“Mmk.” I said as Ben turned his attention towards a petite brunette that was making our way towards us. Clearly taken aback that I was with them.

“Angela! Ben! Hey sorry I took so long I was helping out my teacher. I didn’t know you were friends with the new girl, Bella right? You wanna join us for lunch?”

I just rolled my eyes, why was I standing here if I didn’t want to eat with them.

“Yea sure! I replied sweetly.

“Ok great! Let’s head over there!” We all walked toward the cafeteria, a plan forming in my mind. I didn’t want Jessica knowing I was going out with Edward, since it wasn’t really any of her business. So I opened my shield to Edward, knowing he would be listening. I told him my plan and I walked in a saw him nod, just slightly.

It wasn’t anything a human notice because they were so oblivious. I quickly grabbed something the resembled what I thought was pizza and hurried over to meet Angela and Ben at a table a couple tables away from the Cullen’s. I sat down next to Angela and noticed a few other people there.

“Bella, you already know Mike,” I mentally shuddered at his name. “The others are Lauren, Eric, Taylor and Nick.” I nodded at them listening to their conversations waiting for the perfect time to ask my question.

“Hey Jessica, who are those people in the corner, kinda all alone.” Angela looked at me startled. I shot her a look telling her it was fine, I was tricking Jessica. She understood instantly and nodded.

“Oh! Those are the Cullen’s. They are Carlisle and Esme Cullen’s foster kids. Esme can’t have kids so she decided to adopt. The one that’s giant that’s Emmett Cullen and the super gorgeous one next to him is Rosalie Hale. Then there’s the super perky one named Alice Cullen and the one that looks like he’s in pain is Jasper Hale. Then the Greek god looking one is Edward Cullen.” I heard her sigh as she said his name

“Apparently no one here is good enough for him because he doesn’t date. Oh! And there’s supposed to be a new member of the Cullen’s but she doesn’t have the same last name. The Cullen’s are all together it’s kind of creepy. Rosalie and Emmett, Jasper and Alice, but Edwards all alone.”

“But Jess, I don’t think it’s weird that the Cullen’s are together, it’s not like their related or anything.” Angela coming to their defense.

“So, it’s still weird. They all live under the same roof and there all together.”

“Why doesn’t Edward date anyone here? There are some really pretty people here.”

“Like I said no one’s good enough for him. He believes he is much better then all of us here at Forks high.” I was hoping she’d say this. I got up and walked toward Edward. He already had pushed out his chair a little so I could easily sit on his lap. I sat down kissed him for a few seconds, his arms wrapping around me and the me slowly pushing away.

“Perfect” I breathed. I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and walked back towards my table. Jessica’s mouth was hanging open and Angela looked smug. The rest of the table was in different stages of shock.

“What was that?! No one can go up and just kiss a Cullen! I should know! I’ve tried!” She had tried to make a move on my Edward? I could kill her for that but luckily Angela put a restraining hand on me arm.

“I’m the new addition to the Cullen/Hale family. My parents died in a car crash in my hometown of Italy and the legal guardians were Esme and Carlisle. They took me in and comforted me when I needed it. Edward was always there over the summer and something happened. So he does date, and he’s mine so I can just go up and kiss a Cullen. They all think of me as a little sister.” I said smiling at my confession and Jessica’s face. It was priceless.

“What?! You’re a Cullen? Well I guess a Swan? How did I not hear about this…?” She trailed off staring at someone behind me. I knew exactly who it was before I turned around.

“Mind if I join you?” Said the voice I would know anywhere in the world.

“Yea sure.” I stood up grabbed a extra chair nearby and pulled it over for Edward to sit. He pulled the chair closer to mine and sat down his arm slung over the back of my chair. The whole table stared at him, why would a Cullen ever sit with them?

“Hey everyone.” Edward said politely, noticing all the stares he was receiving.

“Uhh Hi! I’m Jessica Stanley and this is Angela, Mike, Eric, Ben, Lauren, Taylor, and Nick.” Jessica said pointing to everyone sitting at the table. Edward nodded a hello to everyone and focused his attention on Angela.

“Angela right? Thanks for helping Bells out today, she would’ve gotten lost without you there.” He said smirking and making Angela blush. I smacked his arm, making him wince.

“I would not have! You have very little faith in me!” I said sticking my tongue out at Edward. Everyone was trying to hid their laughter but they weren’t succeeding very well.

“Edward it was no problem. Bella has actually found most of the classes herself and I was just being a friendly face to help her with whatever she needed.”

“Still, she needed someone there to help her.” I slapped his shoulder again and laughed. The table went back to their normal conversations while Jessica was trying to get Edward to notice her. It was kind of pathetic.

Edward didn’t seem to notice her though. He kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye. Jessica seemed to notice that and didn’t like that very much. The bell rang suddenly and we got up to throw out trash away.

“Bella you have Bio next right? Jessica, Mike, and Eric all have that class with you so they’re going to take you there. I’ll see you later? K?”

“Yea thanks for everything today!” I said giving her a big hug. I really liked Angela.

She nodded and walked away leaving me with Jessica, Mike, and Eric. Edward had left a few seconds ago to talk to his family.

“Bella! Ready to go to Bio?” Jessica said pulling me by my arm. I could’ve pushed her off but I didn’t feel like it. I just let her pull me along towards the science hall. We got there quickly and I stepped into the room looking for a familiar face. Not finding one I took a step towards the teacher and handed him my slip.

“Ah Bella Swan so nice to meet you. Take the empty seat right over there next to Edward.” Edward? I didn’t see him enter the classroom. I nodded and walked off to the only empty seat, next to my boyfriend. I smiled to myself at this, how lucky that he had the only empty seat?

“Hello, I’m Bella Swan and who are you?” Edward smirked playing along with my game. We were in the back of the room so no one could hear us talking.

“I’m Edward Cullen; I don’t believe we have met before. Why do you look so familiar?”

“I don’t know I’ve lived my whole ‘life’ in Italy. Have you ever been?”

“Actually I was just there a couple of days ago with my girlfriend. Her name is Bella and she looks strangely like you!”

“Hmm now does she? Maybe you can come to my house after school today and see if she looks even more like me.”

“Sure I’ll see you there Bells.” Edward said laughing as the teacher called the class to order. I sat there barely paying attention, since I already knew all the things he was talking about. How could you pay attention when Edward was rubbing circles on my legs? The bell rang surprising us all, I had gym next. I gave Edward a quick kiss and walked off towards the gymnasium.

I quickly dressed out for the sport of the day, which was volleyball. I love volleyball. We always played it back in Italy and I was amazing at it! I think I might just join the volleyball team If I can play without killing anybody. I got into formation along with the rest of the girls and began the game.

Before I knew it we had scored a point and the game went on like that. Almost every time I hit the ball and scored, I was on a roll. The game was over with my team winning. The coach called me over asking if I would join the team, that tryouts were later in the week. I told her that I’d think about it and that if I wanted to, she’d see me at practice.

I changed back into my normal clothes and head out to my car, surprised to see someone standing there…

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Chapter 11: Hello Stranger

“Bella!” Alice screamed running towards me. I rolled my eyes, I knew what this meant, Shopping!

“Lets go Alice, before I change my mind.” She squealed and hopped into my car, excited that I gave up so easily. She drove off towards the general direction of Seattle while blasting my favorite song ‘What the He**’ By Avril Lavigne, we were both singing the lyrics at the top of our lungs enjoying ourselves.


You say that I'm messing with your head (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) 
All 'cause I was making out with your friend (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) 
Love hurts whether it's right or wrong (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) 
I can't stop 'cause I'm having too much fun (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) 

You're on your knees 
Begging please 
Stay with me 
But honestly 
I just need to be a little crazy 

All my life I've been good but now, I'm thinking what the hell 
All I want is to mess around and I don't really care about 
If you love me, if you hate me, you can't save me, baby, baby 
All my life I've been good but now, whoa, what the hell 

What... what... what... What the hell? 

So what if I go out on a million dates (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) 
You never call or listen to me anyway (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) 
I rather rage than sit around and wait all day (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Don't get me wrong. I just need some time to play-ay (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) 

You're on your knees 
Begging please 
Stay with me 
But honestly 
I just need to be a little crazy 

All my life I've been good but now, I'm thinking what the hell 
All I want is to mess around and I don't really care about 
If you love me, if you hate me 
You can save me, baby, baby 
All my life I've been good but now, whoa, what the hell 

La la la la la la la la... Whoa... Whoa... 
La la la la la la la la... Whoa... Whoa... 

You say that I'm messing with your head 
Boy, I like messing in your bed 
Yeah, I am messing with your head 
When I'm messing with you in bed 

All my life I've been good but now, I'm thinking what the hell (what the hell) 
All I want is to mess around and I don't really care about (I don't care about) 
All my life I've been good but now, I'm thinking what the hell 
All I want is to mess around and I don't really care about. (if you love me) 
If you love me (no), if you hate me (no) 
You can save me, baby, baby (if you love me) 
All my life I've been good but now, whoa, what the hell 

La la, La la la la la la, La la, La la la la la la la

            By the time the song was over we were near the Seattle mall, which should’ve been a 30 min drive. When you drive like a Cullen it’s a 10 minute drive.

            We walked into the mall going into every store, buying anything we liked and talking. We soon had gone through every store and bought a bunch of stuff, mostly for me, and were walking back towards my car.

            I was anxious to see Edward. I hadn’t seen him since biology early today and I missed him. I wanted to drive so I could get home faster but Alice wouldn’t let me. Saying that I didn’t know the area well enough to drive home. She just wanted an excuse to drive. I only looked at the speedometer once the whole trip and the needle was barely on the numbers.

            We were home before I knew it and my angel was waiting for me.

            “Hello gorgeous, how was shopping?” Edward asked sweeping me up into his arms.

            “Long and expensive, but I’m home know and glad to be here.” I gave him a quick peck on the lips and moved to help Alice unload all the clothes from the trunk. Surprisingly all the clothes were gone and I saw a smirking Alice standing in the door way.

            “New record!” Squealed Alice, running inside, probably to see Jasper. I chuckled and headed inside, with Edward following behind. I said hi to everyone then ran upstairs and enjoyed the night with Edward, talking and some intense kissing in between all that talking.

            Next Day

            I was dressed and ready for the second day of Forks High School, when Alice walked into my room with the disappointed clicking of her tongue.

            “Bella! We just got you all new clothes and your still wearing those old icky ones? Really Bella?!”

            “I’m comfortable in these Alice! Why do I have to look exceptionally cute all the time? Cant I just wear my favorite clothes?”

            “Oh you wish you were that lucky! So go sit in front the mirror while I pick out your clothes!” Alice ordered while rushing off towards the closet Edward and I shared.

            Seconds later Alice rushed out carrying a knee length skirt, a cute tank top, a black leather jacket and a pair of ankle boots to match.

“Here put this on!” I caught the clothes and shoes before they could crumple to the floor and walked toward the bathroom. I changed quickly and walked out of the bathroom.

I did a quick spin for Alice, grabbed my leather owl purse off my bed and rushed out the door before Alice could stop me.

I walked down the stairs to find Edward waiting for me by the garage door.

“Alice got you, didn’t she?” I just shuddered instead of answering him and got a slight chuckle in reply. I pushed the button on the garage door for it to open and hoped into my beautiful baby. I loved my Shelby Mustang, it was sooo gorgeous!

Edward was sliding into the passenger seat and motioning for me to go. I sped out of the garage going almost 120 and hit the driveway in a matter of seconds… I loved my car J!

We were at the school in a matter of seconds, I pulled into the spot that I had yesterday and shocked to find a old typish car next to it. It looked like it was either refurbished or newly bought. I thought we got all our new students yesterday?

The weird thing about this though wasn’t the car, it was the smell. It wasn’t human, but too weak for me to tell for sure. There were others here, others that we would need to be prepared for.

We hurried toward the building, not wanting to be late for first period. Angela caught my eye and waved. She seemed busy so I just waved back and walked into the building with Edward trailing behind. The high piercing sound of the bell rang as we walked through the double doors of the school building. I gave Edward a peck on the cheek and walked toward Spanish.

I knew something was wrong as soon as I stepped through the door. The room smelled off, like the car did. Mrs. Hargrove called the class to attention then and we all quieted down. She went over the usual things and in no time at all the bell had rung and I was walking into the hallway, when someone started talking to me.

“Volturi, blacks a good color on you.” My body locked up at the sound of my old last name, plus the sound of that voice, I would know it anywhere. I was promised to him back when I was a human…

“Well I think it makes me look really good, Black. And by the way the names Bella Swan now. I refuse to be referred to by that last name.” I snarled, turning around to face Jacob Black, the person I was promised to back in the 1800’s and thought had died way back when.

“You wouldn’t happen to know that my ex-fiancé had that exact same last name? Would you?” So he remembered.

“Well I thought you died and no wonder this school smells, you’re stinking it up. Plus this is Vamp territory what are you doing on it mutt?”

“The school is neutral, or have you forgotten?”

“We can’t continue this conversation in front of unprotected ears. Follow me.” I saw Edward coming down the hall. I was sure this would hurt him for the fact that I was walking off with another man, but I had to do it. I had to explain myself to Jacob. Why the Volturi did that horrible thing all those years ago.. I had to.

I pushed my shield back hoping Edward would be listening. “I’ll be back. Cover for me,” before he could get anything else I pushed the shield back in place and walked out of the school building with Jacob Black in tow…

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