The Twilight Saga

Bellas POV 
I ran away from the only home I’ve known for the past two-hundred years. They were horrible creatures and I just couldn’t stand to be around such monsters anymore. They kill for fun and I couldn’t look the other way, not anymore. So I ran, knowing full well that it put my life in danger by doing so. Suddenly I stopped running. There was something very odd about this beautiful place... and the creature standing in the center.

Okay, so this is a fanfic that me and Isabella Marie Cullen will be writing, what do you think?


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no problem
better late than never
true lol...and it's a pretty funny chapter so far :P
Yay funny!! so email me what u want her outfit to look like! and ill send u the outfit for the story!
Are you done yet?
I can't wait!!!
Im just waitin for the chot to edit! then it should be ready!!
Okay guys so sorry I haven't written the chapter, I have no computer anymore!!!! My computer and phone both died on the same day so I have had no way to put this on here, I'm quitting the story because I won't have a new computer until next June :( I'm so sorry and I would write more but this is on my friends computer.
SHould i go ahead and write the next chapter then???
please somebody continue the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when you DO please!!!!! update me!!!!!
SO what im going to try to do is write the story. Amanda didnt give me anything about her story so i'm going to go from my own mind, so yea!
Awesome story please keep me updated xx
Chapter 6: Running
I had loved my life so far, it was amazing. I barely saw Carlisle anymore but I had my sister and brother to keep me entertained. Alessia died a few years back in a fight. I mourned over her lose but I had to move on. My family had been very supportive over this and I loved them for that.
Today there was a field trip coming to the castle. I didn’t feel too comfortable with this idea. Since there all going to be kids around my age. Well my human age that is. And all the people who came to the castle usually died. I didn’t want to deal with this, but being Aro’s right hand girl I had to be there.
The humans had just arrived. There was two chaperones and about 30 teenagers. They were all goofing around, not knowing that they were all about to die. They probably didn’t tell their parents that they loved them this morning. Half of them probably told their parents that they hated them and never wanted to see them again.
I heard the slamming of the door and knew it was time for the feeding to begin. I saw boredom on the kid’s faces; they thought they were in for a lecture on the history of the castle. Well they were dead wrong. Literally. Aro started his usual speech so that he didn’t alarm them right away. But soon that pretence would be over and a Vampire would get hungry.
I could Felix running toward a kid. She had startling red hair and bright blue eyes. He had barely gotten a bite in when I had smacked him to the ground. I didn’t want these children to suffer, they didn’t deserve it. Felix looked at me with a startled expression. He couldn’t believe I had just smacked him. He had a look of disgust on his face.
I was too late to save the child, the venom was already spreading. Hopefully they would take care of her. I couldn’t stay here anymore. It was just too depressing. I couldn’t watch people die for food and for entertainment. I ran to my room to pack a small bag and a few of my favorite things. I put on one of my favorite outfits and ran out of the Volterra Castle. I hopped I would never step foot in this place again.

3 Days Later

I went to America. It was the only place that I knew Carlisle would be. Being part of the Volturi had made people hate me. But Carlisle never hated me, no matter what I did. He always accepted me like a real parent should. He was an amazing father figure. I hoped he still lived in Forks. I wouldn’t know where he would be if he wasn’t in Forks. Well he could be in Alaska with the other vegetarian vampires.
I was somewhere in Washington. I didn’t know where exactly but I knew I was near Forks. I recognized some of the forests. They were still as beautiful as they were years before. It was good to know that something’s didn’t change. No matter how much the world around it changes.
I heard voices up ahead and knew I was entering the town. I had to blend in. Someone can’t just walk out of the forest wearing designer labels and high heels. ( ) I had o go around the town and try to find the Cullen house. 100 years ago this town wasn’t here and I could just pass straight threw it to get to Carlisle’s house. Not anymore though. Now there was a small town running in between it.
I followed the trail and found a strange little meadow. It was so majestic that if I was human it would take my breath away. I would’ve ran right threw it but something stopped me. I felt another presence, like I was drawn to this person. It was a odd feeling. Like I couldn’t resist this person.
It seemed this odd creature felt my presence too. He looked up at my entrance, he seemed to be meditating. It was very odd. But he looked startled like he didn’t see me coming. Which he should have, I wasn’t being very quiet. Even for a vampire.
“Who are you?” He spoke with great pronunciation and like he was from the old times. He looked like a Greek God. He had messed up bronze hair and piercing gold eyes. Wait, gold eyes? So he was part of Carlisle’s family. He had to be. O, I haven’t answered his question.
“I am a fellow vampire, I came from Italy to start a new life. Can you take me to Carlisle?” I knew I was getting straight to the point but I needed to hurry. He had a strange look on his face. Like he was trying to read me.
“Sir, I really need to see Carlisle, it’s extremely important.” He seemed to finally come out of his shock of seeing me.
“Right this way…?” Oh I need to give him my name. How I hate the name Isabella, I think I want to be called Bella.
“Its Bella, now what is your name?”
“Its Edward, I’m Carlisle’s son, he changed me a few years back.”
“Well Edward you seem too adjusted to this life and I have a feeling you’re a little over a hundred years old. Am I correct?” He looked at me with a startled expression, probably wondering how I could tell how old he was.
“Edward, I have been a vampire since 1803, you think I couldn’t tell how old you were just by how you are acting. I’ve been a vampire for 200 years and Aro right hand woman for 200 years. So I know a little about vampire ages. Now, you can take me to Carlisle’s house and be a gentleman, or be rude and let me find my own way. Now what will it be?”
Edwards POV
Who is this creature? She has eyes like us but she just said she was Aro’s right hand, so how can she have the same life style as us. I couldn’t read her mind and that disturbed me. I’ve never encountered anyone in my 100 years that I couldn’t read their mind.
She looked at me with an expectant look, like I was supposed to take her somewhere. Oh that’s right; I have to take her to see Carlisle.
“Right this way Bella, I’m sorry for being so rude. I was surprised by your sudden appearance. Usually I’m very perceptive but with you it’s different, I can’t read you as easily as I can with others.”
“So you’re a mind reader? You can’t read me because I’m a shield, I have it up against anyone I don’t know, and maybe in time I’ll let you read my mind if you’re lucky.” She seemed to hate me. I didn’t know why, but I would figure it out eventually.
By know we were at the house and she didn’t seem the least bit surprised by it. So she’s been here before. She walked right up to the door and walked in. Wow I’ve never seen a girl so determined to walk into a house full of vampires.
By the sudden intake of breath I knew she wasn’t expecting to see my brothers and sisters. Esme must be around here somewhere, to act all motherly toward Bella and welcome her into our home.
“Isabella! So nice to see you again! I haven’t seen you in what seems like forever. Now tell me, why are you here? Another check up for the Volturi or just a personal visit. Where are Jane and Alec?” That was Esme’s voice, so she knew Bella, but why did she call her Isabella?
I ran into the house to see Bella being embraced by Esme and The rest of my family with puzzled looks on their faces.
“Who is she? That was Rose.
“She has a great fashion sense!” That was Alice.
“I’m not getting any harsh feelings toward her, minus this feeling of urgency.” That was Jasper.
“I’m so happy to have my daughter back!” That was Esme, wait daughter?
“Hmm a new fighting partner!” That was Emmett. Of course he would fight with Bella. I can’t wait till he figures out she’s Volturi.
“Esme, I’m here because I ran away from the Volturi,” Her shield seemed to go down then, and I could see the image of a girl about 16 being bitten and Bella attack whoever had bitten her. She wanted me to see this.
“They killed a group of kids, who weren’t even supposed to die. I couldn’t stand all the killing anymore, so I packed a bag and I didn’t even have time to say goodbye to Jane and Alec.” Bella felt remorse over not saying goodbye to her brother and sister. Suddenly the shield was back in place and Carlisle’s car was pulling into the drive.
“Esme, I don’t mean to be rude, but I need to talk to Carlisle about taking a home in Forks. I’ve loved this place since I first visited you a few years back.” With that she walked out of the house and Esme was bombarded with questions.
“Children! Isabella will tell you her story when she’s good and ready. Now I’m going to go garden and you are going to leave Isabella and Carlisle alone till their done talking.”

Bella’s POV
I ran outside to greet Carlisle, I had defiantly missed him. I ran and jumped on his back.
“Hello Carlisle, long time no see.” He laughed while I got off his back.
“Isabella, what are you doing here?”
“Well first it’s now Bella and second I ran away from the Volturi.” He gasped in surprise; he knew they were my family and that I loved it there.
“Why Bella, why?”
I told him the whole story, right up to my encounter with Edward and his family. He laughed at me meeting Edward.
“Bella, Edward is used to being allowed into everyone’s mind. It was a shock for him not to hear you coming or your mind. As for the rest of my family why don’t we go introduce you to them?” With that he took me inside to meet his family.
“Bella, that’s Alice and Jasper,” He said pointing to the girl with the pixie haircut and the boy on her arm, who looked like he was in pain. Alice came up to me with a big smile on her face. She gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek. “I know we’re going to be great friends!” She said excitedly. While Jasper only gave a slight nod, not fully trusting me.
“That’s Emmett and Rose,” He said pointing to the girl who looked like a model, and not very happy to be here. And Emmett who looked like a teddy bear on steroids. He ran up to me and twirled me around like we were long lost friends. He put me down after a few seconds of the spinning.
“And of course you already know Edward.” Edward just gave a slight nod like Jasper. He turned and walked away, toward the Grand Piano in the living room. It was a beautiful piano, and looked oddly familiar.
“Why are your eyes gold? Oops…” That was Alice, and everyone nodded their heads in agreement with Alice’s question.
“Well my eyes are gold because when I was first changed I still had my morals in place. I knew it was wrong to kill a human and I decided that it would be wrong to use them as food. So I started hunting animals. And I taught Carlisle everything he knows.”
They all stared at me in shock; they thought Carlisle was the first one to hunt animals instead of humans. Instead it was me. I was proud of myself for this that I gave one person the means to change a whole clan.
“Carlisle I wish to stay in Forks do you know any house that I could rent or to buy?
“Bella, I would never turn you out, you will stay with us here, we have an extra bedroom and that’s where you’ll stay. Not at some random persons house that you don’t know or even buy a house. Edward will you show her the extra room?”
Edward got up and motioned for me to follow him. I said my thanks to Carlisle and followed Edward to my new room. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was that Carlisle was still here. And that I had this hot single guy showing me around the house. He stopped at his room; I could tell by the way he hesitated.
“Is this your room?” I asked him.
“Yes its mine, the hot guy’s room.” He said chuckling. I felt my shield snap back in place.
“You did not just hear that did you?” I said. Worry in my voice.
“Yes I did and thank you for calling me hot.”

Edwards POV
She said I was hot. Hmm, I could use this to my advantage. Since the only room that was available was my room since I was never in it.
“Well, here’s your new room Bella, I hope you love it.”
“Wait, wait, wait. This cannot be my room. It’s yours and I could never take that from you. I’ll find somewhere else to stay. I don’t want to inconvience you.”
“Bella, you won’t be inconviencing me, I don’t sleep, and I’m mostly downstairs at the piano, so this is just another room. So its fine if you stay here, I don’t mind.”
“You sure?”
“Bella if you’re not comfortable with this then we could make some changes. Like put a divider in the room so you could have some privacy.”
“Edward, no I don’t need that, are you positive, because I love the way this room is set up. It’s so beautiful.”
She liked my room? Wow, that’s a change, Alice hated my room. She thought it was a fashion fopa.
“Edward would you tell me where the restroom is? I want to change into something a little more comfortable then these. I have a feeling Alice will hate what I’m about to put on, but I’ll survive.”
“Down the hall to the left.” I said holding back laughter. She left our room and I was alone with my thoughts and the thoughts of my family.

Bella POV
I walked down the hall and found the bathroom with ease. I locked the door behind me and took out my only non-soiled clothes. A pair of sweats and a jacket. ( I had this strange feeling to look nicer. I wanted to impress someone.
I walked out of the bathroom and ran right into Edward. He looked at me and ran away. I didn’t know why but I wanted to follow him. My body seemed to follow him all the way to the meadow where we first met.
“Edward, what’s the matter? Why do you keep running away from me?”
“I’m sorry Bella, just you look beautiful. Even in sweats and it startles me. Because even with Rosalie’s amazing looks she doesn’t even compare to you. Your absolutely stunning.”
I stared at him in shock; did he just compare me to Rosalie? I didn’t even compare to her amazing looks.
“Edward, did you just compliment a complete stranger who you’ve only known for about two hours? What would Alice say?”
“Alice is not my mother, and yes I did. I think your beautiful, even when you’re not trying to be. I have this strange attraction to you, and I don’t know what it means.”
“Well Edward, I should be getting back to the house, Alice will be looking for me.”
“Well Edward, I should be getting back to the house, Alice will be looking for me.”
I ran away from him. Fighting this attraction to him. I didn’t want a boyfriend. Not right now, but Edward seemed perfect for me. I didn’t know why though.
I ran into the house to see Alice waiting for me. She had a dress box in her hands and was pushing me towards my room.
“Alice what are you doing?”
“I am going to dress you like a Cullen. We are going out to hit the clubs and show off the latest addition to our family.” She pulled out this black and white dress with a pair of heels that were absolutely gorgeous. She walked out of the room with a smug smile on her face. I quickly undressed and put on the beautiful dress, but the zipper got stuck. I dropped my shield and called out for Edward to come and help me with the dress.
He quickly was in the room zipping the dress up with ease. I turned around to thank him but he was already gone. I didn’t even hear him leave the room.
For some reason this hurt me. But I sucked it up and walked downstairs only to see the rest of the Cullen’s, minus Carlisle and Esme. All ready to go. I heard a gasp of breath from Edward and I smiled smugly. ( We took two cars. Edwards and Emmett’s. For some reason everyone wanted to ride in Emmett’s car and leave me alone with Edward.
“So Bella, what made you join the Volturi?”
“Well I was changed by Aro himself and I didn’t know what else to do. I felt loved and then I considered leaving till my brother and sister came into the Volturi, and it was the only place where I could see Carlisle. I thought of him as a father even back then.”
“What are your brother and sisters names?”
“Jane and Alec, their twins.” When I said this Edward had a sudden intake of breath. “Edward what’s wrong?”
“I’ve heard of them and they aren’t nice people Bella.”
“O. I didn’t know that they were widely known.” With that last comment we pulled into the parking lot of the club and got out of the car. Edward put his arm around to blend in so we didn’t seem like outcasts with our family, but I kind of liked it there. It just felt right.
We walked into the club and it seemed to pause. Like everyone was staring at the new comers. Alice, Rose, Emmett, and Jasper all ran to the dance floor while Edward and I stood on the sidelines. I told him I couldn’t dance and he didn’t seem to agree.
I was soon being pulled out to the dance floor. Edward was doing the pulling. I could’ve stopped him, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to know the feeling of being in his arms.
A slow song started and Edward seemed to pause, as if to ask for my permission to dance with me. To answer I wrapped my arms around his neck and his snaked around my waist. I saw a flash and looked around to see who took the picture. But there was no one around us with a camera so I let it slide.
I felt at peace in Edwards arm and we danced for the rest of the night together. Just the two of us. Having an amazing time.

It was the next day and Alice decided to take me shopping, for what I do not know. She took me around the mall in Seattle and bought everything that looked nice on me. This was about everything because of her premonitions. And in this time I got to know her and she got to know me as well. I told her how I felt about Edward and she seemed to take that into mind.
We went home successful and I ran toward the meadow, feeling like I was drawn there by something. I quickly got there but I knew something wasn’t right. Something was off about this place; it was something that didn’t seem to belong.
“Hello Isabella…”

SO heres the next chapter...
Whos the mysterious person that was in the meadow? and what will happen betweent bella and edward???
Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I think is Felix!
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