The Twilight Saga

Bellas POV 
I ran away from the only home I’ve known for the past two-hundred years. They were horrible creatures and I just couldn’t stand to be around such monsters anymore. They kill for fun and I couldn’t look the other way, not anymore. So I ran, knowing full well that it put my life in danger by doing so. Suddenly I stopped running. There was something very odd about this beautiful place... and the creature standing in the center.

Okay, so this is a fanfic that me and Isabella Marie Cullen will be writing, what do you think?


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Chapter 8: Wow
“This is absolutely beautiful Edward. When did you have time to do this? It looks like it would’ve taken hours just to string those lights.” He smiled and didn’t say anything. Instead he motioned for me to sit and just to relax.
“I have my ways, Bells.” I gasped when he said my nickname. Only Alec or Jane called me that and it shocked me that someone else would think of that name. I looked at Edwards face and he had a pained look on his face, like he did something wrong.
“Edward, it shocked me that you called me that because that’s what my brother and sister call me, when they actually liked me.”
Oh Bella I’m sorry, I won’t call you that if you don’t like it, if it reminds you of your old life.”
“Edward, I have a new life now and your part of it, they’re not, so don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” He didn’t look like he believed me but he let it go.
“Edward, I want to get to know you more. I feel like I don’t know anything about you. You’re a mystery to me.”
“I don’t know where to start. Well I was born in 1801 and I had a mother and a father, but my father got the Spanish influenza when I turned 17 and my mother got it soon after. I couldn’t stand to leave either of their sides so I soon got the disease too and that’s when Carlisle found me. Lying in a hospital bed sick outta my mind.
I was changed, but I didn’t like my new life so I left. I built a house in Canada and stayed there, sulking for a while and finally I came back. I was gone for 10 years. Then I enrolled in school and I now have about ten college degrees.”
“Seems like you’ve had a pretty interesting life Edward. Mine hasn’t been close to having that much fun!”
He just smiled in a sad kind of way and was silent for a couple of seconds. I was taken aback. Didn’t he know I was just messing with him? That I didn’t mean to be rude? He must’ve noticed my worried expression.
“All my life I’ve thought I was a monster, I’ve hated myself and have tried many ways to kill myself. I even considered going to the Volturi. But I nixed that idea. I was talked out of it. Then I just haven’t really enjoyed my extra time on this earth, but now I like it a lot more.” He said with a smile on face.
“Well if you would’ve went to the Volturi then we would’ve met a lot sooner!” I said giggling. He suddenly had a blank expression and it quickly turned into worry.
“We have to go, something has come up.” We packed up our ‘picnic’ and ran away from the glorious meadow.
We made it back to the mansion in about 1 minute and were greeted by a very anxious Alice.
“Bella, their coming! They’re going to come and take you back with them no matter what! They can’t take you! You left them and they can’t take you away from us! I love you too much!” Alice said so quickly that even I had a hard time understanding her.
“Alice, breathe! They can’t take me back if I go to them.” I made up my mind right then and there that I wouldn’t let them come and terrorize Forks. “I’ll go to Volterra and stop them before they can come here, just let me do this.”
I looked behind me at Edward and he seemed to be battling himself. So what, I had to stop them. They couldn’t mess up my new life; they aren’t going to mess up another one of my lives. I was going to Volterra whether they liked it or not.
I ran up to my room and quickly packed a bag of just some essentials that I would need for my long trip. Alice ran up and handed me a plane ticket glared at Edward like she knew he was going to do something, which I guess she did, and slipped out the door closing it behind her.
“Bella don’t go, please.” Edward pleaded with a desperate look on his face.
“I have too. I can’t let them come here and mess up my new life, and all of yours. It isn’t fair and I need to stop them all. I know their strengths and weaknesses. I’m Jane’s one true opponent who can stand up to her and even to Aro. They need to know their place. Edward doesn’t make this harder for me.”
“You’ll have your whole family behind you.” He stepped closer to me and soon we were face to face. I was starring at his lips and they seemed to be moving closer to mine.
Electricity ran through my veins as our lips touched. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck and his arms found their way to my waist. He pushed me over to the couch and laid me down. This was getting too far; I had to stop this before we went too far.
I quickly pulled away and stood up. I looked down at Edward and gave him an apologetic look.
“I’m sorry Edward but I have to go. I have to protect your family; I didn’t come here to bring the whole Volturi down on you.” I walked away from Edward and ran towards the front door.
2 Days Later
I had arrived in Volterra an hour ago and was keeping a low profile. I didn’t want the Volturi to know I was there before I was ready. I was running toward the castle when I felt a familiar presence.
“Hell no! Why did you have to come and follow me?” I asked my follower.
“I love you Bella I can’t lose my sister after I just got one!” That perky like devil! Damn you Alice!
“Alice who else came with you?” I asked her with a serious look on my face.
“Just the whole family…” No! I can’t put them all in danger. This was my fight not theirs.
“Alice, you guys have to leave, I can’t have you fighting my fights for me. This isn’t your battle or the rest of your family.”
“Bella it’s your family to now, you can’t get rid of us that easily!”
“Fine Alice! Let’s get of the sunlight and get the rest of the family before we get exposed.” Soon we were surrounded by the rest of the Cullen’s and I was pulling them all towards the Clock tower, it was the easiest way to get into the castle.
I led them all into the castle and were greeted by the latest human secretary. I think her name was Barbra.
“Hey I’m back; don’t alert Aro I want to surprise him! I’ll be taking the Cullen’s to the guest rooms and I’ll be in my room. Leave me and the Cullen’s in peace and we better have no visitors.”
It stunned the stupid mortal that the head of guard was talking to her so she just sat down and nodded her head. I rolled my eyes and continued walking towards the housing part of the castle. I took the three couples to three different doors and dropped them off in their own rooms, till all there was left were Edward and I.
“You’ll have a special room Edward, not many people have been in this room.” I took him toward the door that had the gold letter I on it. I stopped in front of this door and pushed it open for Edward.
“Bells I could’ve had my own room, you don’t have to share yours.”
“You could’ve had your own room, but did you want your own room?” I must’ve caught Edward because he had this look on his face like he knew that I was right. Edward just smiled and walked over to me to wrap his arms around my waist.
He was leaning in to me when there was knock on the door.
“I thought I said no visitors!” I grumbled as I stepped to open the door.
“It's nice to know that my own sister would tell me when she was coming home!” Said a hurt looking Alec.
“Alec!!!” I quickly grabbed him up in a hug and shut the door behind him.
“I thought I heard something in here,” he said when he spotted Edward sitting on my bed. I just gave Alec a look and he shut up.
“Bella what are you doing here? You were in Forks when we came to visit you a week or so ago.”
“Well our little physic saw a surprise visit that could’ve ended badly so I decided to pay you a visit myself and I was followed by some stalkers.” I shot a look at Edward and he just smiled his infamous crooked grin.
“Of course it would’ve ended badly Bella; with you fighting against us all the Volturi would be dead. You taught all of us how to fight and you’re even more loved the Aro. No one in their right mind would try to fight against you because you know all our weaknesses, even Aro’s.”
“Thanks Alec, can you go and make sure Aro’s in the throne room? I need to change and be ready to see Aro again.” Alec quickly walked out of my room and left Edward and I all alone.
I slipped into my favorite outfit that Aro didn’t know existed, since everything he saw me in were the Volturi regulation red. ( )
Edward was watching me closely and was being extremely quiet. I forgot he was even in the room.
“Bella you look gorgeous.” Edward quickly gave me a kiss on the forehead and released me, knowing that I had to go down to the throne room.
“Please stay here, I don’t think I could focus with you in the throne room.” All Edward did was nod and I walked out the door.
Walking down the hallways of the castle was a trip down memory lane. I saw most of the guard just loungeing in the halls and their eyes popped out of the sockets when they saw me. They couldn’t believe that I had the guts to come back here after I left them.
I was in the throne room in a matter of seconds and what I saw shocked me…
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Chapter9: I should’ve seen it coming

Theyweren’t having any type of meeting so the vampires were allowed to do whateverthey wanted, and apparently two of them were. Jane and Felix were standing inthe corner of the throne room just making out. I was absolutely disgusted.

“Whatthe hell!” I yelled when I saw them. They jumped apart then stared at meshell-shocked.

“Weshould be saying the same thing to you Isabella. What the hell are you doingback here? You aren’t welcome.” Jane told me with a look of disgust on herface, and pissed that I broke up her make out session.

“Welllittle sister, I am welcome because, well how do I put it in a way you’ll understand,I am still the head of guard. I will be till Aro decides any other way. So runoff and play with your little boyfriend.”I said the last word with clear disgust in my voice. She only had the body of a14 year old but was around 150 years old. And Felix looked like he was about25, that’s just gross.

Janewalked off looking defeated as Aro walked into the room.

“Isabella!”Aro exclaimed as he saw me, he ran up to me and gave me a big hug. Hoping thatI had my shield down for him to get a glimpse inside of my head. No such luck,it was up and firmly in place.

“HelloAro, I was hoping to run into you.”

“Isabellawhy did you leave? And what in the world are you wearing? Where is your red?You need some red in your wardrobe, you know it’s required as the head ofguard.”

“Aro,my friend had a vision of you coming down to Forks and hurting the Cullen clan.I am staying with them at the moment and I am here to tell you that that won’tbe necessary. I am telling you that I am leaving the Volturi. I can’t be aroundyou if you’re just going to be cold blooded killers. I’m not that type ofperson to do that.”

Arojust stared at me blankly.

“You’releaving us? After all the years you’ve spent here, and you’re the head of theguard? Who will train us to fight? Who will protect me from danger? Do youreally think Jane is as good as you? That she can step up and be the leader youwere? Fat chance. She’s a good child but that’s all she is, a child.”

“I’msorry Aro, but you’re going to have to find a new head of guard. I have a newlife now, away from you. But I will still come to visit, I love you all verymuch and I wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt your family, but I can’t standall the killing anymore. It’s killing me inside.”

“Isabellajust know that you always have a place here. No one will touch your room, andif you ever do decide that the Cullen’s aren’t the clan for you, you will haveyour spot as head of the guard back.” Aro said sighing. I knew this was hurtinghim but he needed to face the facts.

“You!”Spat a new comer into the throne room. She looked so familiar… where had I seenher before? She had beautiful curly red hair and blood red eyes. The defiantsign of a new born. Oh! She was the girl I had hurt Felix for. But why was shemad at me?

“Youmade me this vile creature and then left me to suffer for two days! Is thatwhat you do to all the people you change? You just leave them sitting on a coldhard floor to wake up to all these strange things?”

“Victoria!Be quiet! You must respect our most trusted member of the Volturi. She is yoursuperior after all.”

“Wait?You think I left you to die in this very room? I left my home, I gave upeverything I had here because I thought what they did to YOU was wrong. Atleast you’re still partially alive. You would be dead with all your friendsfrom your class if Felix had his way of things. I saved you from dying, Islapped him out of the way to save you and after I got rid of him the venom hadalready spread so much that I couldn’t save you! So don’t go blaming me foryour misfortune, I tried to save you! You would be dead if it wasn’t for me!”

Inodded to one of the attending guards on duty and motioned towards Victoria.They got the message and removed her.

“You’llpay! Don’t think you’ve got off so easily! You’ll pay for what you’ve done tome!” the doors shut behind her, silencing her threats.

“Sorryabout her we’ve tried to tell her that Felix changed her but she won’t believeus. We think he got to her before she was fully changed and convinced her thatyou changed her. She doesn’t like this life very much but we can’t release heron the world. She’s too young and to violent. We need to figure out a way totrain her, or just get her under control so we can let her go.”

“Aro,it'd be irresponsible to let her out on the world. She could hurt innocentpeople. You need to keep her here and away from the world. That kind of hate isvery dangerous. Just keep a close eye on her. I have to go back to my friendsnow. But I will come back from time to time and train some of the new members.But I have no idea how often I can come, or if I’ll even come at all.”

Arojust nodded and I walked out of the room, running into Felix in the process.

“Hellomy lovely Isabella.” Ugh could he get any slimier?

“Felix,get out of my way, I would like to go see Edward and not have to look at yourface anymore.”

“Isabella,Isabella, Isabella. Do you really think you can get away from me? I’ll alwaysbe there. In the back of your mind you’ll be thinking of what I’m doing, whatI’m feeling, and what I’m thinking. You can never get rid of me.”

“Felix,I can get rid of you whenever I want, but now my sister is involved with you.Though I’m pretty sure you’re using her to get to me. But whatever. I won’t bearound anymore to babysit you. You’ll forget about me as your messing aroundwith my little sister. Who just happens to look kind of like me. Then you’llsee Alec, who is just a miniature male version of me, and be haunted by myimage. Goodbye Felix.” I spat and pushed myself away from him.

Hewas the most hated creature in my mind, and the fact that he was using my babysister just killed me inside. Even if Jane was being a total brat and pickingher ‘family’ over me. I still have Alec, hopefully.

Iwalked at a leisurely pace back to my room, hoping to see some of my friendsalong the way, but sadly I saw none of them. I was staring at the gold ‘I’ all toosoon till I heard faint footsteps in the room. I couldn’t get in there fastenough

“Edward!”I screamed as I pushed open the door. I was greeted by his infamous crookedsmile and a bear hug. I could’ve stayed in his arms forever but sadly we had toleave soon. I was extremely eager to leave this horrid castle, but a girl withblood red eyes and startling red orange hair kept coming to mind.

“Bella,we need to leave soon. Do you want to fly home or run?”

“Fly,I just want to sit and talk to you. Our date was interrupted and we never gotto finish it.”

“Well,um, then you’ll have to wait a little longer. Alice wants to hit some of Italy’sshops before we have to leave. So that evil pixie will be here to pick you upin just a few minutes!”

“Thatgives me plenty of time then.” I gave Edward a sly smile as I pulled his headdown to mine. Our lips met with little hesitation and was slowly escalating. Hepushed me towards the bed in the middle of the room, where I used to spend mytime watching the sun set and rise.

Alltoo soon Edward was pulling away at the sound of knocking on the door.


“GOAWAY!!!” We both screamed. All of a sudden the door was being knocked down andAlice was pulling me out of the room.

“Edwardsave me!!!” All he did was chuckle as he watched his sister drag me out of theroom. I could’ve fought her off and went back to my time with Edward, but wewould keep getting interrupted. So I just let her drag me away to my misery ofshopping.

Totell you the truth I really like shopping, but Alice takes it to a whole newlevel. A whole new level of crazy. In all of five hours we hit every possibleboutique, mall, and even thrift store, in all of Volterra. I had been tomultiple of these shops more than once and Alice seemed to love them.

6hours later

Wewere finally back at the castle and lugging all our purchases upstairs whenAlec stopped me.

“Bellscan I talk to you?”

“Surebud? What’s up?”

“Idon’t want you to leave again… I don’t trust some of the people here enough forthem not to talk Aro into going after you. I love you and I don’t want to seeyou hurt.” His voice was getting softer and softer as he went on.

“Al,don’t worry about me getting hurt. I can take care of myself, and I’m happydown there. More happy then I’ve been in a long time. I need this right now,and maybe one day you can come join me down there.”

“OkayBella… Oh by the way, I talked to Edward while you were gone.” My face paled, Iwas scared of what my brother meant by talking to Edward.

“Heknows that if he ever hurts you he’ll have the wrath of the Head of guard andthe rest of the Volturi on him.”

“Wait!Did you just say head of guard? Did Aro promote you?”

“Yea..I don’t know how I feel about taking my sister job but I like it. It means thatI’m trusted. And I like that.”

“Alec,good for you. I have to go get ready to leave. I love you little brother.” Igave him a quick hug good bye and ran towards my bedroom, and the mountain ofbags awaiting me..

“Heybells, how was shopping?” I shuddered and ran into Edwards arms.

“Whydidn’t you save me from the evil wrath of Alice?”

“Therewas no point, and if I did, I would’ve gotten slapped.”

“Youdidn’t save me because you didn’t want to be slapped?”

“Yeppretty much…..”

“That’sthe worst excuse in the world!” I pulled away from him and walked off towardthe bathroom. Hoping to find something cute for the plane ride home.

“Bella!I haven’t seen your face in hours, please come out here!”

“No!You didn’t protect me from your crazy sister so you can suffer!” I yelledtriumphantly through the door. This would show him. He wouldn’t be crazy enoughto break down the bathroom door to get to me… would he?

“Bellaif you don’t come out in 5 seconds I will come in there after you! And the doorwon’t be spared!” Crap! He would break down my door! I could make this harderfor him… If I wanted to. Or I could just let him in and not care about what hesaw.

Iwas getting undressed when I heard him take a running start towards the door. Iquickly opened the door and heard him smash into the sink.

“Edward!There is no need to deface Volturi property!” He looked at me sheepishly, tillhe noticed I was only in my bra and panties.

“Likewhat you see?” I said in a flirtatious voice.

“Veryvery much. Though I would like to see you in less, but that can wait. Since weonly have about 30 minutes till we have to be packed and at the airport.” Ipouted and walked slowly towards Edward.

Hetook in every curve of my body as I got slowly closer till I was right in frontof him. “Now how much time do  we have?Because I’d really like sometime alone with you, speaking how we keep gettinginterrupted.”

BeforeI could blink, Edwards’s arms were around me and he was kissing me roughly,with urgency to it. I was in heaven.


Bellais beautiful. She probably could’ve warned me before I came rushing into thebathroom but I didn’t mind. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her body.

“Likewhat you see?” She asked, flirtation obvious in her voice. I could barely thinkcoherent thoughts staring at her body. But I somehow managed.

“Veryvery much. Though I would like to see you in less, but that can wait. Since weonly have about 30 minutes till we have to be packed and at the airport.” Ohhow I wish we had more time. But we both wanted to get away from this place. Itwasn’t natural being here.

Bellawas slowly walking toward me and my eyes were raking her body, noticing everysingle curve.

“Nowhow much time do  we have? Because I’dreally like sometime alone with you, speaking how we keep getting interrupted.”I gulped, I really wanted her in my arms.

Assoon as she was in front of me, I had pulled her closer and was kissing herurgently. Putting in all my love into that one kiss.

Afteralmost 10 minutes of just kissing I pulled away. I was close to losing controland need to breathe. Bella had a pout on her face. I kissed her lips one moretime and walked out of the bathroom.

“Edward!Don’t leave me!” She called out. I almost turned around and looked at her, butinstead I kept walking towards the closet on the other side of the room.

“Edward!!!Please come back over here!” She sounded so heartbroken.

“Bells,breathe. I’m just grabbing some clothes for both of us. Since we do have to beat the airport in 20 minutes and Alice will be coming to our room in 5 minutesto make sure were packed and that we have time to say goodbye.”

Iheard a soft sigh and the sound of her getting off the counter. She walkedtoward me. Her arms wrapped around my waist as I pulled all of her clothes offthe shelf. She grabbed the clothes from me and put them in the suitcases on thebed.

Whenwe were finished putting all the clothes in the suitcases, Bella  got dressed. Alice would be here any secondand Bella wanted to be presentable for her friend. Or I guess sister.

Iheard the click of the doorknob being turned and Alice’s heels clicking on thefloor.

“Areyou guys decent?!”

“Youshould know Alice!” I called out to her.

“It’sa yes!” She said as her face came into view.

“Allpacked? Because everyone is ready to go, and there are a few members waiting tosay goodbye.” I sighed, I didn’t want Bella in pain saying goodbye to all herfriends.

“Let’sget this over with.” Bella said walking out of the bathroom, looking asbeautiful as always. Even in jeans and a shirt.

“Ilike her style.”  Thought Alice. Ofcourse, leave it too Alice to notice the clothing.

Wewalked out of the room and toward the first floor and the clock tower entranceof the castle. There was a small group made up of Bella’s friends. She said hergoodbyes quickly but staying on her brother the longest. Speaking so low that Icouldn’t hear them.

Shewalked towards me and said she was ready to go. I nodded toward the rest of myfamily and we walked out of the castle. Never wanting to come back, but knowingwe might have too.

Itwas a cool August night, the stars were out and Bella snuggled herself into myside. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her closer, loving the wayshe fit perfectly.

Wemade it quickly to the airport, thanks to the car we rented and had just madeit to the gate when they were calling us for boarding.

“Flight1010, Seattle Washington, now boarding first class members.” That was us, wewalked over to the flight attendant. She was shocked at all our beauty. And herthoughts weren’t too pure about me. I heard a slight growl from Bella and thelady snapped out of her revere. She kept staring at me and I pulled Bella closeto my side. I could feel Bella smile next to me at the ladies shocked expression.

“Awshit, he has a girlfriend. That sucks because we could defiantly have some funif he didn’t.” Ugh, she wishes, I could kill her in one instant. I think Bella would’veif I hadn’t been there.

Wequickly got on the plane and sat down in our seats. We had asked for the wholefirst class section to be only for us, and would pay for any of the otherseats, but that wouldn’t be nesaccary. Barely anyone was on this plane since noone really wanted to go to Seattle. It would’ve been a long 17 hours if I hadn’thad Bella by my side. We sat in a comfortable silence, just enjoying each other’scompany for the whole plane ride.


Theplane landed after 17 hours and we got off quickly, not wanting to stay on theplane anymore. It was a very relaxing night just sitting by Edwards’s side, notcaring about what anyone else thought or even talking. My thoughts kept going backto my goodbye with Alec.

“Aleccan you watch Victoria. I’m not sure she’s safe and she seems to want revengeon me. You’re the head of guard now and it’s your job to watch all the members.”

“YeaBells, I’ll keep a very close eye on her. She doesn’t make me comfortable, sheseems very pissed at becoming a vampire. You have nothing to worry about, so umgo relax and I’ll take care of everything here.”

“ThanksAlec! I love you little bro, always remember that.”

Henodded and I walked back towards Edwards loving gaze.

“Bella!Were home.” Edward said. I hadn’t even noticed that we had gotten bags andgotten a car. Edward was pulling me inside along with all our stuff. The frontdoor was left open for us and we walked up to Edwards’s room. As fast as wecould put all our stuff away and walked downstairs to have a family meeting.

I satnext to Edward on the right side of Carlisle, and the family filled in theirplaces around the table.

“Everyone,we know that school is starting again in a couple days and we need to decide ifBella is going, her last name, her story, and what grade she’s going to be in.Bella do you even want to go to school?”

“ActuallyI do.” I said surprising myself. If Edward would be going then I didn’t want tobe away from him all day.

“Okwell I’m guessing you want to be in Edwards’s grade, him and Alice are juniors.So you’ll be a junior and what is your last name and story going to be?”

“Uhwell I was wondering if I could use my last name, Swan, and I could be a familyfriend moving in from Italy and living with you, because you’re my legalguardians and my parents died in a car accident.”

“That’sfine, do you want us escorting you everywhere or do you not want to be labeledas part of the Cullen crowd?”

“I love you guys, I just want to find some friends and try to fit in with thehumans as much as a vampire can. Would that be ok?” The whole family nodded inagreement and we split up. Going to our separate places around the house.Emmett wanted a rematch against me, and I decided what the heck! Let’s kick his booty!


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