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Fan Fiction By: ObsessedTwibrarian
In Search of Forever:
The Honeymoon: Edward’s POV:

Fan Fiction By: J.R.
Link will be posted soon!

Fan Fiction By: Zoë
Waiting For Dusk

Fan Fiction By: AJ
Une Nouvelle Nouvelle Lune
Hidden Love, Be Made Known

This story is about Leah Clearwater and Jacob Black, throughout my reading of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn I couldn’t help but think that Lean and Jacob would make a perfect couple, somewhere, in the back of my mind I always thought that Jacob would imprint on Leah, but to my disappointment he imprinted on Renesmee, now, I am not saying that I was sad about this, because ive gotten a very good fan fic off of that topic! I was just kind of…mad, I guess, disappointed, ya know the feeling.
Anyway, this is about Leah and Jake, starting in Breaking Dawn where they have to keep ‘watch’ or patrol over the Cullen Household in attempt to protect them from the Volturi. What would happen with Lean and Jake, where would he imprint on her? Where would he fall in love with her? Their first kiss? His ‘reaction’ to the birth of Renesmee?
All of these questions will be answered with the help of these wonderful writers.
*8/19/09* If you havent already noticed, the chapter numbers here, in the table of contents do not correspond with the actual chapters. I have noticed that the chapter numbers were off, on chapter 4 instead of putting four we put 3 which ultimatley through us all off track! We'll try to get the numbers back in order soon!
Chapter 1: Top Discussion- Written By: AJ
Chapter 2: Page 1- Written By: JR
Chapter 3: Page 1- Written By: ObsessedTwibrarian
Chapter 4: Page 3- Written By: Zoë
Chapter 5: Page 4- Written By: AJ
Chapter 6: Page 6- Written By: ObsessedTwibrarian
Chapter 7: Page 7- Written By: JR
Chapter 8: Page 8- Written By: Zoë
Chapter 9: Page 8- Written By: AJ
COMING SOON: Chapter 10 Written By ObsessedTwibrarian

It was a matter of want and need. Want was something that you could have, just to have. Need was something that you couldn’t live with out. In this particular case need was the subject, I simply couldn’t live without him, I needed him. I needed him to be mine forever.

Chapter 1
Leah POV
I awoke to the sound of birds chirping out my window, I smiled as one flew up to the windowsill and quietly watched me. I placed my feet on the ground, sitting up entirely I stretched my arms high above my head, yawning as I did.
‘Leah, get up, you need to go over to the Cullens’.’ My mom, Sue, shouted from downstairs in the kitchen. I was in no mood at all to go to the Cullen’s today, the whole pack had been over there everyday, keeping watch over the Cullen home in attempt to protect them from the vicious Volturi.
I got up out of bed, tripping on the carpet as I walked over to my closet, picking out a pair of light shorts and a t-shirt, there was really no sense in dressing for the weather, my clothes would be off soon anyway.
I headed down the stairs and into the kitchen where my mom stood, over the stove, cooking eggs and bacon. I smiled when she turned around with a plate in her hand; she always needed a smile, a smile to cheer her up after my dad, Harry, died about a year ago. She still needed that feeling of love; she was still trying to get over the fact that he was truly dead.
I sat down at the table and ate the breakfast she had prepared.
‘Mom, where is Seth?’ I asked, usually he was downstairs by now.
‘He already left.’ Mom said.
‘How come?’ I asked.
‘He wanted to hang out with Jacob for a little while before they start patrol.’ Mom said, smiling.
‘Okay.’ I said as I finished up my breakfast.

I headed out the door and into the woods, I phased, letting my clothes rip off.

Stop, Jake! I heard Seth whimper.
No way. Jake replied back.
What are you guys doing? I asked, butting into their conversation.
Nothing. Jake said.
Ha Ha Ha. Embry laughed, joining in.
Get to the house, you guys! Quil said, he was obviously there already.
Coming, Coming. Everyone said simultaneously.

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Please write more! This is so good!!!
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yup im writing next
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Running Love: Chapter 6
By: J.R.

Jacob POV

I sighed. I should’ve known this was coming. Who was I to think that the pack hadn’t ‘seen’ me nuzzle Leah. They were probably joking about it right now. Ah, what the hell am I going to do?!

Seth waited another few seconds before he spoke. By the way he started off, had he probably saw my expression when I saw him coming. “Man, it’s ok. You didn’t mean for it to go like that right? That’s how it worked out.”
“Yeah, Seth. It just… happened. One second she was just Leah. The next…” I was interrupted by him trying to say something.
“It’s ok, Jake. Really. I understand. I just… I don’t want to see my sister hurt again.”
“Aw, seriously Seth. You think I would go to Sam’s level? No. Never.”
“Okay. Thanks Jake.” He paused thinking. “Ya know what this means right?”
Oh, crap. Here it comes. “What?” I asked pretending not to know.
“We’re gona be related!” he exclaimed jokingly.
At that I had to smile. I hadn’t seen that one coming. Damn happy punk.

Seth stayed for a few minutes helping me with cleaning up and then he spoke again right before he left. “So. About the Cullens….”
I sighed. The Cullens. In truth, I had forgotten all about them. I was totally focused on my problems; I had not focused on the packs problems. “Well, uh… then I guess we should go get your sister and get over there…” I said almost choking while saying ‘your sister’.

We phased and surprisingly, it was silent except for me, Seth, and Leah-- mainly Seth though. I could tell he was still being a little overprotective of Leah while also trying to keep out the discomfort. For once, I was glad I had Seth to blab so much that I almost didn’t notice the scent of vampire as we got closer to the Cullens’ house.

As soon as we leaped across the river, I could have sworn I heard a little girl laughing and others laughing along with her. And that must be the little half-blood! Opps, did that slip?
Hey, Jake, c’mon, Seth complained, at least call it a ‘leech’ or something!! Edward can hear us ya know! He continued in a smaller voice.
Oh ya, i'm sure he's really paying attention to us now when his world is so perfect.

I turned my attention from Seth and phased back to my human side. Within 1 minute, Leah and Seth were at my flanks like they were while we were wolves. We walked to the Cullens house, almost suffocating from the stench getting stronger and stronger.

**to be continued!!**
Parker! This is awesome! You guys are all awesome writers!
thanks amanda! (i wrote chapter 6 btw.)


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