The Twilight Saga


Leah, a female shape shifter imprinted on the nomadic vampire, Garrett. This story will take us through the trials and tribulations of this odd pairing. Running Scared will ran alongside the middle and the last part of Breaking Dawn and will carry on as the pair continue their lives together amidst their remarkable differences and the bitter irony that they are natural enemies. Could they make it work?

I don’t own the twilight characters, SM does. “Leah, Garrett, Cullen’s, Jacob, The wolf pack, Volturi and other Vampires are all hers. I will disclose other fictional characters that I create as they are introduced in every chapter.

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I love the story!! I read the one-shot, and I'm so glad you decided to continue it! I can't wait to see how the rest of the story unfolds!!
Hi Mother Esme,

Yeah, I finally succumb to the pressure of continuing this one to a longer story!

Thanks and I will keep you posted once a new chapter is up!

LFC Hotstuff
*new reader
i love your story! who knew Leah would ever fall in love? and with a vampire at that! it's very interesting please keep me updated
HI Lili,

I really appreciate seeing new readers enjoying my story.

Who knew huh? Garrett may just be the man Leah need in her life. Let's see what happens next. *wink

I will keep you posted when another chapter comes out.


LFC Hotstuff
I would definetly want more!! Hahaha
Please update soon,
Oh and I feel like Leah isnt totally ruled by this imprinting thing, I mean she imprinted on him and stuff, but I feel like its not as strong as the imprinting between Sam and Emily or Jared and Kim, or even Jacob and Renesme, you know, so are you coming to a conclusion that girls are differet in Imprinting?? Or sometning else?? Haha
Sorry i'm just so into it :P

Thankx LFC!
Hi Nadine!

Loved your question btw. Well, since Leah is the only female shape-shifter in existence, there are no predecessors.... she is totally in the dark as far as the imprinting process is concerned. Her imprinting on Garrett is just as strong and binding as the rest of the male shape-shifters.

The approach here is just different with her being a female, but the rest remains the same.

Glad you liked the story. I am working on chapter 3. Hopefully I can post something next week.

Thanks for you comments. Please don't forget to add me if we aren't friends yet so you can get my chapter update email.

Oh ok! So is she just hiding her feelings...for now at least?

And yaaaay cant wait for chapter 3!!!

No, no, Thank you for your a,azing imagination and stories!!! :D hehe
And I will :)

Thank you
Hi Sereena,

If we aren't friends here yet, please add me so I can send you an update once a chapter is up.


i love it update soon!!!!!
Hi Crazy-monkey

Thanks and I will be posting the next chapter very soon.

Amazing story! I loved the orginal one-shot, and I'm so glad that you decided to continue it. I like the fact that Leah is still a little reluctant about being with her imprint. That's just like stubborn, independant Leah. =) I can't wait for the next chapter.
Hi Jojobean,

apologies for not responding to your comment right away. I must have missed the notification. *shaking head.

Yeah, it's now a full fic. the next chapter is in beta right now. I will post as soon as I get it back.

Leah will be Leah, stubborn as a mule...

Thanks for commenting.



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