The Twilight Saga

Bella's POV

    I was running, searching desperately for the only thing in my life. Jacob. I was tired of being the only one that couldn't hear miles away, that couldn't see beyond the horizan, that couldn't run at the speed of light. For a split second I wondered that if Jacob bite me would I turn into a werewolf. Then I remembered it was genetic. That I would have to be part of the Quileute Community. Like I always wanted it. Jacob and I being family...not this crazy love friendship. 

   It was twilight. I cringed. Edward once told me that twilight was the safest time of day. I didn't want to think of that. I wanted to think of now and not get caught up in the past. Another lifetime.                

     I kept running. Running wild. Should I give up? He would find me. Right? Yes! He was my personal sun. The gravitational pull he felt toward me would bring him here. He was like my moon. My full, bright moon. So, I would give up and he would find me. He would find me. 

    I woke up the next morning wet and cold. My shirt was stained with tears. He didn't find me? How was that possible? He was my moon. He'd finally realized that I was a lost cause. Jacob had broke the laws of physics. He had broken our gravity. Had he found his true other half? Had he seen the sun for the first time? 

    I got up and kept walking someone would find me. If I was lucky Jacob would remember me. He would at least send one of his pack brothers to find me. 

    I was alone again. How much pain can one person go through? I was sure I was past the limit. Mabey my time was up the first time. The one of many times Edward saved me. The times when Jacob risked his life for me. I was doomed to live and suffer. I would never reach that peace of being dead. No. I was already dead. So where was my peace? 

    After about 3 hours of aimless wandering I reached the baseball clearing. The place where the Cullens had fun in the thunder. The place a vampire hunt ,with me as a target, started. I didn't realize that I had come this far.This was a sign. Why was I there? I half expected James or Edward to walk in on the other side of the clearing. Then I saw something. A massive red-brown wolf walked out to meet me. 


He went back to the bushes. To change back I assume.

 "Where've you been Bells?" Well at least he hadn't forgotten me. 

"Looking for you. I'm not as fast as some people." 

"Oh. Well I...ummmm...ran into...Edward." 

Edward? Edward! He came back for me! No. He didn't come back for me. He probably forgot something.

 "He told me to mention it to you."said Jake."He wanted me to tell you he was sorry and that he wanted you back."Jake was making a face. A face that was so sad that it brought me down, even in this most glorious of moments. 

"Jake? I love you." That made him happy. I know this would kill him.

 "But you know what this means. I'm going back to him. He is my soul mate." 

"NO!" he almost growled.

 "Jake I love him!"

 "But you love me too."Well that was true but like a brother he just misinterpritated me. 

"Bye Jacob."

 "You belong with me. If you would've came a few years later you'd be with me."

 "No Jacob. If it weren't for him I wouldn't have come to see you." 

    He was shaking now. I knew what that meant. He was going to exploded into a wolf.I ran to the safety of my truck. I knew it wouldn't do much protection but it will delay him from killing me.         

        "Goodbye Jacob Black" I half shouted out the window though I'm sure he would have heard me with the window up and I have whispered.

This wasn't the way our goodbye should have been.


                                                                                                                     To Be Continued...



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So I sat on my couch anxiously. Jake was coming and I was going to tell him to leave me be. I'd tell him to just go and never come back. The emotions he strike sometimes, it's to much to bear.
I heard a rap on the door.
I stood the anger bubbling to the surface again. As opened the door I wanted to scream.
"Jake" I yelped. He had tears sreaming down his face. His nose was red and his eyes were puffy.
He sniffed.
"Hey Bella" he replied.
I nearly tackled him to the ground. I jumped up into his shocked arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.
"Oh. Jake don't cry. I love you. I could never stay mad at you." I consuled.
"Bella, again, I'm so sorry. Can you forgive me?" Jake ask in a sudden flurry of sobs.
"Jacob Black stop your blubering." Charlie said as he walked in to the hall.
I hadn't realized we never moved out of the front door frame.Jake and I shuffled to the living room. I kept his hand. We plopped down on the couch and Charlie claimed the arm chair.
"Um Charlie..." I hinted akwardly.
" Yeah Bells," he said. He noted Jake's head on my shoulder."Ohhhh." he realized"I'll go."
And with that Charlie left and I continued to comfort Jacob.
Love it

hello u!!!..that was very good..i absolutely adore the way u describe bela and jacob,...awesm!....pls update me soon.......i am sure all of us..ur fans...want u to write more..soo....HURRY UP!!!!!!!!...pls?

ok..take care..and i am ur matter wat..ok?


Always...Ashmeena...update me..bye Ruby!




cum on...want more kiddo!!!....that was great...but i want to know!!..wat wil happen????!

aaaaaahhhhhhh...ur killin me here...update me soon/"!!!...bye..Ashmeena!

its nice .. i luv it

this is pretty good. Please keep me u pdated!

   "C'mon Jake quit crying." I pleded.

   "Bella," he hesitated. "I love you."

   "Stop. I love you to but im not right for you." I told Jacob.

   "No you right you're not right for me. You're-"I cut him off.

   "Finally you see it too. I'm broken Jacob. You deserve better." I said in relief but with a little bit of pain that Jake would leave me forever.

   "No, Bells you didn't let me finish. I was saying you're not right for me, you're perfect for me."

   I gasped. Not at what Jake had said but the sudden tingleing in the middle of my forhead. I had also felt a cool breeze.

  "What?!" Jake yelped at my strange reaction to what he tought was his words.

  Then I smelt it. That sunshine ans sugar smell. It lead up the stairs. I followed the wonderous smell. My door was slightly cracked even though I was positive I had shut it when I woke up this morning. I popped my head in the door as Jake came up behind me with a frazzeled look on his face. I froze when I saw who was sitting in my rocking chair.


   "Edward!" I echoed my thoughts.

   He disappered and rematerialized in front of me. Now I had had the door wide open and Jacob let out a low growl. Edward hissed in response, he most of heard Jacob's and my conversation.

  "Edward..." I sobbed into Edward's shoulder.

   "Shhhhh, Bella. Shhhh. It's okay I'm here now, I'm here." He soothed.

   I was so happy I had almos forgot that Jacob had just professed his love to me and that he must be so upset that I completely brushed him off.


Nice ... luv it :)

awwwwwww!!!...pooor jakey!!!...almost..aww...that was soo sweet!...Edward is bak!!..yay!

i cannot wait for more...writemore soon...i am very interested to know wat wil happen enxt...u have got be fixed to the screen ruby...keep this up and i won't ever move away from

take care..always...Ashmeena....KEEP ME UPDATED!!!!

u have ^^me^^ fixed to the

   I whirled around."Jacob." I said far to plainly.

   "No, Bella. No I'm done, just done. I told I loved you and you just left me in the cold. Obviously you don't care. I'll leave you to your love fest with your bloddsucker that nearly destroyed you."

   And with that Jacob Black sprinted down the stairs. I turned and looked up at Edward with sad eyes. I love Edward unconditonally and if he somehow he loved me to ofcourse I was gonna take it.

   Edward just sighed and kissed me then left after Jacob.

   At first all I heard was snarling and growls. Then I heard Edward yell, "Enough!"

   "Listen you mutt." Edward hissed the words. He continued."Bella obviously loves you for reasons I cannot describe. I love her more than my own life more than the life of anyone and I'm not just gonna stand by while you treat her like that. Now she is in alot of pain at what you just said and thats something i simple cannot tolerate. You are going to either go up there and apologize with a full heart for the woman you claim you love or you are going to leave and never disturb Bella, Charlie or anyone Bella's connected with got it dog." Edward finished without even a falter in his voice.

   "Well then I guess you're going to be quite happy about my decsion leech." Jacob growled back at him.

  4 things happened all at once. Jacob slammed my front door as he left, Edward growled, Edward arms went around me, and I started to sob.

   I was in the middle of my doorway (I haven't moved my feet since I've seen Edward) on the floor being rocked by Edward as he hummed my lullaby. That's how I spent my day.

   Until charlie came home.

nice .. luv it :)


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