The Twilight Saga

Okay, so please read, and tell me what you think!!! :) Hopefully this goes well, I have been thinking about this for quite some time now!!! It takes place 5 years after breaking dawn, Renesmee looks to be 17. THIS IS COPY WRITE 2009 I_LOVE_JAOCB_FRICKEN_BLACK

Chapter 1- Confused (Renesmee's point of view)

I sat at the lunch table of Fork's High School with the rest of my family and my best friend Jacob. Rosalie and Jacob were at it again . They always fought, it bothered me, but it was funny to watch. Jacob could burn her pretty bad. "Hey blondie, how do you keep a blonde busy?" Emmett was laughing pretty hard, so was I. "How Jacob?" I said. " How do you keep a blonde busy?" He replied. I laughed, so did Emmett, but then suddenly stopped when Rose gave him the death glare. The lunch bell rang, we cleared out trays, and walked off to class. I now had biology with Alice. I knew all about biology, I was probably smarter than the teacher. I wasn't paying attention, I was too busy drawing hearts with Jake's name on it. Alice noticed and laughed a little. I blushed and closed my binder. I had feeling for Jake, but I could never tell him that. He's my friend, my best friend. The bell rang, and me and Alice walked out of class.

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Ooh, This sounds like it could go somewhere intersting! I loved it so far... :)
so cute!
hope u write more soon =)
this sounds awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please write more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cute! Continue Please!
this is rlly good! plz continue!
omg!!! cute!! keep going, i love it!!!!
you know what they say about brings eternal misery

i think it was great, you should continue it.
This sounds like a REALLY promising story! Please keep me updated!!

lol this is awsome


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