The Twilight Saga

Bella is a loner and Edward is popular. What do they have in common? Nothing. But somehow these two very different people find each other.

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                                                    Chapter 1 part 1

"Bella!!! Get down here!" My mother screamed. I sighed and slowly walked down stairs. When I did she grabbed my hair "your teacher called and said you haven't been doing your work!" She screamed I winced as she slapped me "just leave!" She yelled and I ran upstairs to get ready for school. The usual black. I got dressed and put on my make up, then looked in the mirror. My curly brown hair came down too my waist. And my brown eyes stared back at me sadly. I grabbed my razor and put it to my arm. I moved it across my arm and looked to see how bad the cut was. It was bleeding a little. I put on my jacket and ran down the stairs and out the door. I braced my self for another day


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Write more
Write more!
Write more!!
Sounds very good so far...please continue :) !!!!!!
Thanks everybody, if one more person comments i will post more!! <3
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I know this story is going to be a hit! Keep going please!
Please add me for updates! (:

                                                                    Chapter 1 part 2 

I walked into the school and was immediatly greeted by my best, and only friend, Alice. "Bella!" She yelled hugging me. I smiled slightly "Hey" She stared at me "What happened?" She asked quietly. She was the only one who knew about my mom. "The usual, i'm used to it. It wasn't that bad" I said looking down "You need to tell someone" She said "I-i have to go" I said quickly walking away. I walked into calculus and looked for an empty seat. My eyes fell on the seat next to Edward, the most popular (and hottest) guy in school. I scanned the room again. Yep, that was the only seat. I sat down and avoided eye contact. "Hello" he said politley i looked at the board, ignoring him and started my work. I glanced at him for a minute, he was really hot, with his casual, messed up hair and light brown eyes... i sighed and looked at my blank paper. I had no idea how to do this, thats what i get for doodling instead of listening i guess. "Need help?" Edward asked i looked up "Um, Okay, sure i guess." I said shyly. I stared at him as he talked and i lifted my arm and rested on it. Then my sleeve fell. Edwards eyes moved to my arm, "What happened?" He asked. I looked, oh crap, this was the arm i cut this morning. I quickly lifted up my sleeve "I fell" i said. Then, thankfully, the bell rang saving me.

Can't wait to read more. great story so far
Thanks!! <3


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