The Twilight Saga

This takes place when Edward leaves Bella in New Moon. That's all I am going to tell you. Enjoy!

Chapter One
Bella's POV

Edward said he needed to talk to me. I didn't know why. Things have been so stressed between us lately. I bet he wants to get things back to normal, well as normal as things can be with a vampire boyfriend. I was sitting in the living room, reading, when I heard a knock at the door. It was Edward. I rushed over to the front door, and pulled it open. I smiled as I saw the love of my life, standing before me. He did not return the smile.
"Let's go for a walk." He told me, taking my hand.
"Sure." I replied, forcing myself to smile, though it came out as more of a twitch. He led me into the woods just outside of Charlie's house and walked about ten paces in. He stopped. Great walk, I thought to myself. I was about to say something, when Edward turned around. His expression frightened me, because there was no expression to be seen. His face was an emotionless mask. He looked straight into my eyes.
"We're leaving Bella." He told me, sternly. Somehow from the way he said it, I knew it didn't include me, but I still asked the stupid question.
"Where are we going?" I emphasized the word "we", and Edward took a deep breath.
"Not you Bella. My family and I are leaving." My whole world started to crumble, as I processed his words through my mind. I didn't want to accept it. I looked down at my feet as Edward continued to speak. "This is the last you will ever see me or my family." As those words sunk in I began to get angry. I couldn't believe that he was taking them away from me. Why did he have to take away my best friends? My family? I thought he loved me. I thought they loved me. I could feel the tears rushing to my eyes. I looked up at him the tears spilling over.
"Why are you leaving me? I thought you loved me?" I asked. Edward continued to stare at me, his liquid topaz eyes hardening.
"You're no good for me Bella. I have to stop pretending like something magical is going to happen. I don't love you like I used to. I don't want you like that anymore." I was angry now. I was angry that I believed that someone like him could ever love me. We were from two different worlds, and as much as I want him to love me, we don't belong together. He deserves so much better than a plain old human.
"I knew we were never meant to be. We're from different worlds, and you know what sucks the most about falling for someone you know you're not right for?" He shook his head slightly. My tears were falling like raindrops, tracing patterns down my cheeks. " You fall anyway because you hope they might be different." I choked out. I was bent over from the force of the sobbing now, and I could see Edward coming over about to touch me. I straightened up before he could touch me. "Good-bye Edward. I hope you get everything you've ever wanted. You deserve it, and please tell your family I loved them." With those final words, I turned my back on my world, my love, and the life I had chosen.

Chapter One
Edward's POV

This is for her own good. I kept repeating to myself as I led Bella into the forest behind her house. She's the only thing that could be more important than my own selfish needs. She deserves better than just me, and now she'll have the opprotunity to get that. I led her about ten paces into the forest behind her house. We were far enough in to get some privacy, but close enough so that she could get inside quickly should she need to. I stopped, and rearranged my features, so that my face was expressionless. I turned to face her. She is so beautiful. Her long, loosely curled chocolate brown hair, her petite, fragile, perfect figure, her soft, smooth fair skin like a porcelain doll's ,her plump,luscious pink lips, her lovely heat-shaped face, and her gorgeous deep brown eyes that led to her soul. Her soul that needn't be tarnished with the bad impression of those who are eternally damned. I looked at her, my everything, and said the three words, I wished with all my unbeating heart, I would never have to say to her.
"We're leaving Bella." Her name felt so natural to say, as it passed through my lips. My Bella. I caressed her name. I savored the feeling of saying her name, as I knew this would be one of the last times I would ever be able to say it. She looked at me, puzzled.
"Where are we going?" She emphasized the word "we", as she looked me straight in the eyes. I took a deep breath. I have to lie. I have to tell her the most absurd, incomprehensible lie, the world could ever imagine. I have to break her heart, that's the only way she will let me go, and it's the only way I can get her to move on without me. I felt like I would die.
"Not you Bella. My family and I are leaving." Bella looked down at her feet. "This is the last you will ever see my or my family." Bella eyes began to fill with tears. I am a monster. How could I make this beautiful creature cry. I don't deserve to live.
"Why are you leaving me? I thought you loved me?" I got another stab to the heart as Bella small, beautiful voice rang through my ears. I'm leaving you because I love you more than anything else in my world, and you deserve a normal human life, which is why I have to tell you the most hideous lie tha could ever pass my lips, I have to set you free. My heart broke as Bella took in my next few words.
"You're no good for me Bella." Lie. You're the best thing that ever happened to me Bella. " I have to stop pretending like something magical is going to happen. I don't love you like I used to." Lie. The most magical thing that ever happened to me was meeting you, and I want to spend my forever with you. I want to marry you. "I don't want you like that anymore." Lie. I'll never stop loving you, even if you stop loving me. Bella was still crying, and I was feeling the most excrutiating pain, I had ever experienced in my entire life. It made turning into a vampire feel like a massage. Bella finally looked up at me again. Her eyes were red and swollen and tears were still dripping down her cheeks.
"I knew we were never meant to be." She whispered to me, her voice strained through the tears. " We're from different worlds, and you know what sucks the most about falling for someone you know your not right for?" I shook my head no slightly. I was in too much pain to do anything else. "You fall anyways because you hope htey might be different." She was sobbing uncontrolably, and I felt like more of a monster than I ever had in my entire life. I tried to reach out for her. To comfort her. To make her pain go away. She didn't deserve to be in pain. She deserved the best the world could offer her. She deserved a life. A life without complications like vampire. A life where she could have a family, and a future, and as much as I wanted to, I could never give her that. I'm her past. She straightened up again, avoiding my touch. "Good-bye Edward. I hope you get everything you've ever wanted. You deserve it, and please tell your family I loved them." With those final worlds, my whole life, turned on her heels and walked away from me, not turning back once, while I stood in the shadows like the monster Bella had just proved I was.

Okay this is just the first chapter so the actual purpose for the story will come a little later, but please keep reading! This chapter was kind of just establishing what had happened with the break up!

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please post more
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A/N: I proabably should mention this. Bella and Jacob have never met. Charlie and Billy know each other well, but not Bella and Jacob, and Jacob is a couple months older than Bella. They are in the same grade, and Jacob has already become a werewolf, and he did know the Cullens.

Four Months Later.

Bella's POV

I can't do this anymore. I can't keep "pretending like something magical is going to happen" and I'm going to just wake up one morning and everything is going to be okay. It's never going to be okay.
This has been my way of thinking for the last four months. I put on the normal routine for Charlie, though he saw right through me, and tried to continue with my everyday life, but it's not working. I was sitting in the cafeteria, another day at school, all the sounds around me had been drowned out until I heard a beautifully husky voice break through the silence, it was talking to someone.I hadn't realized then that he was talking to me. I looked up to see who was to be met with the lovely sounding voice and was confronted by one of the most beautiful men I had ever seen in my entire life. He was tall, muscular, with Russett skin, and hair cropped short and as black as night, His eyes were a dark brown, and he was looking at me with a peculiar expression, like he was trying to do a hard equation. I looked into his dark brown eyes.
"Um, hi?" I asked. It was supposed to come out as a statement but sounded like more of a question. He took the empty seat across from me. I didn't sit with anyone anymore. I sat alone at the table that used to be occupied by the five most beautiful people I had ever seen. I felt like sitting here was the closest I could come to remembering. When I was sitting at this table, at the same spot he used to sit, I could almost feel their prescence. The memories of them lurked in the shadows of my mind, terrified of being revealed, but when I sat here, i could feel it. I knew it was there.
"Hey, I'm Jacob. You okay? You've been kind of out of it. I've beeen trying to get your attention for the past five minutes." He chuckled and smiled at me, revealing pristine white teeth. Oh so I was the one he was talking to. Whoops. How is it that a stranger, who I've known for about thirty seconds, could see that something was wrong, and yet the people I've known for a year, don't even notice I wasn't sitting with them anymore until about three weeks ago?
"I am out of it." I murmurred, looking at him again. I felt like I could trust this, Jacob, person. If he asked me to come and jump off a cliff with him right now, I'd go. I'd follow him, and I don't know why. Somehow this seemed oddly familiar to me.
Freeze. I know why this feels so familiar. I trusted him too. It had started exactly like this. He had chosen me out of every other girl in this school, and tricked me into trusting him with my life, and I had trusted him with my myself as a whole, and he had broken me beyond comprehension. He took my world away from me.
"What happened?" Jacob pulled me from my reverie. He looked genuinely concerned, but I can't allow myself to trust him. I can't allow myself to be hurt again.
"Just a bad turn of events." I answered vaguely.
"Like what?" He countered.
"Listen, I got to get to class, but I'll talk to you later." I did want to see him later. Even if I can't trust him completely we can still be friends.
"Wait what class do you have next?" He asked grabbing my arm. I felt tiny shocks of electricity pass through my veins as he touched me.
"Biology."I answered, sadly.
"Oh me too!" He smiled again, and I attempted to smile back. Of course you do.

One Month Later.

Narrarator's POV

Bella and Jacob had been spending every spare moment together, since that first meeting, and as much as Bella didn't want to admit it, she was falling for Jacob, but Bella couldn't get those past memories of the Cullen's abandoment to get her to fully be able to trust Jacob. She wanted, with all her being, to be able to trust Jacob, to be able to love him with all of herself. Jacob had finally shown Bella that he was a werewolf, one day in the woods of La Push. That was when Bella had finally decided to confide in Jacob about what had happened to her, and he was furious that someone would do that to her and even more angry that it had been a "bloodsucker". Bella wasn't frightened by the fact that Jacob was a werewolf. She was amazed, but still couldn't help but think that this had all happened before. She met a guy, started falling for him, found out he was inhuman, and then he vanishes. Every memory of Edward haunted her, and she hated the power it had over her, but she, for some reason, was petrified of losing those terribly wonderful memories. She didn't want her past to constrict her future, but she wanted some reassurance that everything that had happened to her was real, so she clung to her memories like a security blanket, until Victoria came along and snatched them all away.

Bella's POV

I refuse to believe I am falling for Jacob. I can't be. He's like my best friend.
I'm lying to myself. He is so much more than my best friend, and I do have feelings for him. He was the one person I could confide in about all the supernatural stuff that had happened to me. He's the only one that could ever understand. I've been spending every possisble moment with I could with Jacob. He was like my own personal sun, my day that broke through the long, cold night. He made me feel safe and protected. I was driving home from La Push, after another wonderful day with my best friend. It was raining, as usual, and my thoughts were in a jumble. I was driving slowly and carefully on the winding roads that led back to my house. There was no one else on the roads, so I didn't have to worry about keeping up with traffic. My concentration was broken however by a sharp tap at the window. I couldn't see out because of the rain, so I rolled it down slightly.
"Hello?" I called out the window. There was no answer. "Jake?" I called again. I was beginning to get a little frightened. Then, as fast as lightening, the driver door was ripped open and I was yanked out of the car by a pair of icy cold arms. A small yelp escaped my lips as I was dragged away from my car by none other than my own personal nightmare. Victoria. Her hair was red as fire and was dancing as the rain and wind played around us. She dragged me into a small clearing. She dropped me in the middle then turned around to face me, in the confined area. Her eyes were blood red and as frightening as I could remember.
"Hello Bella." She purred to me. I gulped audibly. I'm dead, I'm dead. "I'm so sorry to hear that your loving little vampire coven left you hear. All alone, with absolutely no protection."
"How di-?" I was abot to ask how she knew about that, but she cut me off. Closing the distance between us.
"I know everything." She whispered, her mouth at my ear. I shivered at the proximity.
"You're going to kill me now right?" I asked her, my voice barely audible with fear. She laughed lightly. It was more of a scoff, actually.
"Why no my dear," She corrected. " That's much too easy. I'm going to make you forget."
"Forget?" I repeated, confused.
"I'm going to make you forget the Cullen's, everything that happened between you and them will be gone. Like. It. Never. Happened." She explained to me. I was trembling now. My sobs were masked by the rain. She couldn't take away my memories. They were the only proof I had that they really existed.
"Please. Don't" I screamed, pleading to be heard. She ignored my plea, and let out an ear peircing scream. She was moving her lips, saying something along with the scream, but I could only hear the siren. The corners of my eyes began to blur. I could feel myself slipping into the darkness. I was almost completely under when I heard the menacing growls of wolves erupt around me. I heard a small gasp then a loud thump as someone was pinned to the ground.
"Shhhhh, she can't remember." Victoria breathed, then it all went black.

Jacob's POV

I was phased and on top of a red haired, vampire, female. Bella was passed out behind me. I loved her so much. I wish she would love me back, but that filthy parasite messed her up too badly for her to even trust me completely. I was growling viciously at the vampire, but she looked completely calm, and serene. She silenced my growling with a simple sentence.
"Shhhhh, she can't remember." I looked back at Embry.
Dude come here. Keep her down. Embry came and took my place on top of the leech, while I went into the bushes to phase. I came out of the bushed as glared at the reeking bloodsucker.
"What do you mean she can't remember?" I growled at her, menacingly. The leech rolled her eyes.
"Oh, relax dog, it's good for you. I made it so that she can't remember anything about the Cullens." She explained to me. I smiled at her. If Bella can't remember anything about the Cullens then that means she can be with me without any complications or worries that that stupid parasite left with her.
"Did this hurt her?" I asked, sternly. If she hurt MY Bella there was going to be hell to pay. I wouldn't be able to bear.
"No, she'll wake up in a few minutes." Victoria waved her hand dismissively.
"Thanks, leech. You made my life a whole lot easier, but we still have to kill you." Her eyes widened in shock and Embry began tearing her to shreds.She acutally thought a pack of werewolves were going to let her live? She's definitely dumber than she looks. She may have helped me but she's still a bloodsucker, and we can't allow them around this area, especially after the trouble she and he mate caused last year in Forks. Victoria was disposed of within minutes and soon I heard Bella's breathing becoming uneven. She was waking up. I walked over to where she lay on the damp grass. It was still raining. Her eyes fluttered open, and she rested her beautiful brown eyes on me. She smiled slightly at me, and a blush lit her cheeks. She looked so gorgeous.
"Hey, what happened?" Bella asked me curiously. Her brown eyes wide with shock. I decided to check this "no Cullen memory" thing out.
"You know the Cullens?" I asked her cautiously.
"Who?" She questioned me back. Thank you, Bloodsucker.
"Never mind. We were on a hike and you got got dehydrated and fainted." I lied, smoothly.
"Oh." She seemed to accept my lie, and was looking at me sheepishly, and smiling. Oh how I wish I could just kiss her. Hold her, and never let her go.
"Hey Bella?" I asked her tenatively.
"Yeah, Jake."
"I want to try something." I told her. I leaned in slowly. I heard her breathing spike. She closed her eyes, and leaned in towards me. I found her luscious lips with mine and kissed her. She kissed me back, wrapping her arms around my neck, as I pulled her into me. The kiss intensified as I traced the outline of her lips with my tounge begging for entrance, which she granted. She was mine, and no one else's. There was nothing holding us back now.
Take that Cullen.

How was Victoria even able to do that? That's not her gift?

Anywho, love this story!!! Please write soon, and update me!!
oh my goodness!!! You are such a good writer!!! I love this story completely and Jacob's POV is so funny!!! plz keep me updated and write soon!!
great story, I like Edward but great storyline.
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Shellym127 told me about your story,
and i absolutely LOVE iT!!!!!
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