The Twilight Saga

Bella is a loner and Edward is popular. What do they have in common? Nothing. But somehow these two very different people find each other.

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                                                    Chapter 1 part 1

"Bella!!! Get down here!" My mother screamed. I sighed and slowly walked down stairs. When I did she grabbed my hair "your teacher called and said you haven't been doing your work!" She screamed I winced as she slapped me "just leave!" She yelled and I ran upstairs to get ready for school. The usual black. I got dressed and put on my make up, then looked in the mirror. My curly brown hair came down too my waist. And my brown eyes stared back at me sadly. I grabbed my razor and put it to my arm. I moved it across my arm and looked to see how bad the cut was. It was bleeding a little. I put on my jacket and ran down the stairs and out the door. I braced my self for another day


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I just updated my other story, if u wanna read tht (:
Love it keep me update

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great chapter

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Chapter 3
I slowly opened the door and looked around, my mom was sitting on the couch, waiting for me i guessed. "Where have you been?" She asked glaring
at me "At a kids house, Edward. He was helping me with school" i said. She stood up, "You didn't call, you didn't text." She said louder, then she started
hitting me, hard. I cryed out in pain as she she pushed me to the floor. She kicked me over and over and i started crying which made her kick harder.
"I'm sorry, it wont happen again!" I yelled "I hate you" she said. Her day was not complete with out telling me this at least once. I stood and ran to my
room. When i got in there i took the blade and pressed it to my arm. I held a paper towel over it to make it stop bleeding.  I got out my phone and
called Alice.  "Hey!" She answered "Hi" "What happened?" She asked "I got in trouble, i was at Edwards house." "Waitttt, you were at Edward's? Doing
what?" She asked "He is my tutor. I forgot to call and you know the rest..." I said sadly "Bella, this is getting really bad...You have to tell someone!"
"No" i said. I was scared if i told someone she would find me again and beat me up worse. She sighed "I have to go, pick you up for school tomorrow"
"Bye" i said hanging up. I brought my knees to my chest and cried. My mom blamed me for my dad leaving, when it really wasn't.


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