The Twilight Saga

Bella is a loner and Edward is popular. What do they have in common? Nothing. But somehow these two very different people find each other.

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                                                    Chapter 1 part 1

"Bella!!! Get down here!" My mother screamed. I sighed and slowly walked down stairs. When I did she grabbed my hair "your teacher called and said you haven't been doing your work!" She screamed I winced as she slapped me "just leave!" She yelled and I ran upstairs to get ready for school. The usual black. I got dressed and put on my make up, then looked in the mirror. My curly brown hair came down too my waist. And my brown eyes stared back at me sadly. I grabbed my razor and put it to my arm. I moved it across my arm and looked to see how bad the cut was. It was bleeding a little. I put on my jacket and ran down the stairs and out the door. I braced my self for another day


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poor bella...i hope everything gets better with her mom :(

and  edward is so sweet... :)

update soon...

so far so good

*new reader*

great story :)

post more soon plzzzz


Chapter 4? I think

"Hey, Bella can we go to your house today. My parents are painting and stuff" Edward asked me after school  "Umm," I thought. Maybe mom wouldn't be home today. We had to work today, i had a HUGE test tomorrow "Sure" i finally said. He smiled "Okay, I'll follow you." He said i nodded and got into my car as he got into his. I drove to my house and I pulled into the driveway and he pulled in on the curb. Mom was home. I started panicking and i guess Edward noticed because he asked, "What's wrong?" I smiled fakly "Oh nothing..What would be" i joked. We started walking towards the house. I opened the door, my mom was passed out on the couch. I felt my cheeks turn red and quickly brought Edward upstairs.


We were in the middle of studying when my mom busted in "Bella!" She screamed "Come down stairs with me, now" i stood quickly and followed her downstairs "You didn't tell me someone was coming!" She yelled "I-I didn't know! He's helping me!" I said. I closed my eyes waiting for the blow, it came quickly, first my face, then my stomach. "I don't even wanna see you" she said walking away. I put my hand to my cheek and tried to stop the tears,  but they came hot on my face. I turned to my door and saw a shadow dart in. And then i knew, Edward just saw everything. I slowly walked upstairs and opened my door, when i went in i expected Edward to be horrified, leave, and never talk to me again. But he stood up and hugged me instead. And, i let him, i buried my faace in his chest and cried. "Is that why you do it" He asked "What?" He pointed to my arm. And i covered it quickly with my hand "Maybe" I said quietly "It's not gonna help, ya know" He said. And i knew, it didn't help, only reminded me, but i did it, because thats what you do when your depressed and want to die. "No one cares" i whispered. He looked me in the eyes "I do." 

aww....thats so sweet of edward....write more soon



Awww love it

aw, this sooo amazing! L-O-V-E IT


Thank you <3
love it! post more soon.

edward is so sweet!



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