The Twilight Saga

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Plot:Edward leaves Bella again this time never to return.Bella is depressed she doesn't eat or talk a lot.Her life is falling appart but then Harry Styles steps in the picture...........

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 The mourning dawned bright,the sun was up early.I turned my head to the bedside clock 5 o'clock it read.I sighed this was the sixth week since his departure and i was still a complete mess.As it did every mourning my eyes darted to the rocking chair in the corner of the room where he once sat, but............

it was empty,empty of life or empty as life.It was full charlie would tell over and over again.Full of what?Full of nothingness?Just like this whole room was full of of nothingness.Its empty because well because he's not there,He's missing.Because of Him.Because of Edward.

this is intersting :) keep me updated

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1.)Broken Candle

   I slung my backpack over my shoulder and stepped out into the light drizzle of the rain.The school student parking lot was noisy the students seemed to be excited for some reason.I heaved a  deep sigh and walked to the cafeteria.Angela met me at the door as usual.

"Hi,"She said happily."did you hear the good news?"

"that we have a Trig test today,yeah i think i heard "I answered sarcastically.WE laughed<,well Angela laughed i just cracked a quick smile and got serious again.

"No,"she  said "Five new kids are in town and their all boys.Jessica reckons were gonna have a boyfest."

"Good for her..."

"And you,you maybe get to stop moping about Edward."She cut in

"Never gonna happen."I sighed.And I knew it was true because without Edward i felt empty like someone had played with my heart and the throne it on the ground.I felt like a delicate candle that had been snapped in half.In other words I felt a..broken candle.

"Oh look their they are!" Angela squealed.I looked up and searched the cafeteria to find them but instead i only found him.Dark hair and Beautiful he sat surrounded by friends laughing.At that instant I knew he was what I was searching for and I finally found him.

ooh :) I dont like cliffies, lol. post soon. I want to know what happens with Bella and Harry

I will


I walk to my class room thinking about him.Was Angela right?was it tine to stop moping about Edward and move on with my life?I walk in the lab and sat at my usual table.Without Edward there it felt empty.We had a new Bio teacher Vincent So far he seemed alright he'd bee there for two years but its the first rime I'm having him.The class quieted down wham he walks in.
"Ok class today we will be doing-"
Just then a boy walked in and I turned away and then I recognized it was him!
"May I help you sir?"Vincent asked
"Aum,oh I'm sort I'm Harry I'm new."He said.
"I'm Vincent I'm old but you know what they say the old forty-two is the new twenty-two.Take a seat at the back by Miss.Swan"
"Okay"He said and the walked to the back of the class.He sat beside me in Edward's seat and I wanted to scream "What are you doing don't sit in that seat.It's sacred!"but instead I just stared at Vincent and tried to concentrate.
"Hi,"Harry whispered "I'm Harry Styles."
I turned to look at him in shock.Was this guy talking to me?
"I'm Bella."I said
"Nice to meet you.Bella."he stated and I almost died he flashed my a brilliant smile.And for :he first time since Edward had left(a year ago.)I genuinely smiled back.

i love it...please update soon

I will


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