The Twilight Saga

Hey guys! Ok so this story is about Bella. About 4 months after she went cliff diving, and Alice never saw her jump. Edward hasn't returned and things aren't getting any better, not even with Jake around. She decides to leave for Jacksonville, but on the way there something happens that changes her life completely.

There are chapter links, so i suggest you use them. There may be a lot of Random Chat inbetween chapters. And if its not on that page, go to the next, or the one before that. Its most likely on that one.

PG-13....Just to be safe:)

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Chapter 2- Accident
Chapter 3: Savior

Chapter 4- The Angel
Chapter 5- Realization
Chapter 6- Dream
Chapter 7- Decision
Chapter 8- Vampire
Chapter 9- A dream come true
Chapter 10- Questions
Chapter 11- Moving
Chapter 12: The meaning of words.

(Part 1) Chapter 13: Visions
( Part 2) Chapter 13: Suprise Me
Chapter 14: DeeDee
Chapter 15: Shopping

Chapter 16: I love you

Chapter 17: Complications

Chapter 18: She's dead

Chapter 19: Aftershock

Chapter 20: Pain
Chapter 21: Visitors
Chapter 22: Heartbreak

Chapter 23: Headache
Chapter 24: Plans

Chapter 25: Life or death
Chapter 26: Tricked
Chapter 27: Intruder

Chapter 28: The Truth


Edward has been gone for months. He wasn't coming back. and i wasn't going to sit around and wait, waste away. I had to leave. Everything. everything.

Chapter 1- Goodbyes
Life had become too painful. I had given up hope long ago of Edward coming back for me. 3 months had passed and things weren’t getting any better. Even my best friend Jacob had lost hope in me. Every night I would lie in my bed, clutching my chest so it wouldn’t fall to pieces. I would lie like that all night, protecting my broken heart.

School would pass by in a flurry, a blur but still long torture. I would sit in class spacing off, while the teachers tried to get my attention. But nothing could bring me back to reality, I was far too gone into my love, my life. It felt like life had come to an end.
Despite Charlie’s protesting I had decided to leave for Jacksonville. This may be one way, If I wanted to try to get any better.

“Bella, I know things are hard, now, but I’m sure they’ll get better.” Charlie pleaded.

“Charlie, I know what’s best for me. And staying here in Forks is certainly not going to help.” We had had this conversation many times before, but now was the time I planned on leaving, driving all the way to Jacksonville.

We were by the front door, my suitcases in my hand. Charlie gripped the end of one, an attempt to pull me back. “Please Bells.” He pleaded again with sorrow filled eyes. “Don’t leave me again.”

As he said that it only made me want to run into his arms and comfort him. But this was my life at stake and I needed to do what was best for me.

“No Charlie, I’m not leaving you, just doing what’s best for me.” And with tear filled eyes I ran to my car. God….. All I ever did was cry these days.
I pulled open the car door with such force I was afraid it would come off its hinges. I hopped into the truck and slammed the rusty door shut.

As the car rumbled to life I chanced a glance back to the house. I saw Charlie Peering out the window with tears rolling down his face. I shook my head trying to remember this is what is best, this is what is best. With that I threw my suitcases into the backseat and backed out of the driveway.

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OMG *new reader* fudge popsicles!!!!!!!!!!! wat is up with the clifff???????post more and keep me updated please:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahhh sorry about that(: I ammm today! and I will!
Chapter 28: The Truth
Victoria's POV

He was close, I had to make sure he was so he would over hear my "plan". When I heard the sound of his body hitting the ground I knew it was my time to act, literally. Laurent and I knew what to think, what to say, this couldn't go wrong, everything was planned, laid out for me to come and put it to action.

And our acting began, this wasn't going to be hard, his mind was already over stretched and exhausted. All we needed to do was focus enough on the conversation. It wouldn't even matter that Laurent wasn't as good at concealing his thoughts as I am because once Edward hears my voice he'll immediately listen to me. Not bothering to hear Laurent, like he didn't bother hearing me in the clearing when James was more threatening than I. The beginning wouldn't even matter because he wouldn't pay attention to it, his mine would be on Bella and her new mate. "I can't believe we have found the best way to get revenge for what they did to James."

"We have?" Laurent asked, I concentrated hard on the conversation, this couldn't go wrong.

I ignored his question. "Life is so ironic! I love irony! Here we are trying to figure out how to get back at the Cullens and we find the best way by following them, they leading us on the way to their sad end! Now they will pay for what they did to James, she may have gotten away from him but she'll never escape me!" I heard what I wanted to hear then, his hiss telling me he was listening, my mind didn't linger on this detail. "Did you know about this?" I hissed, my anger becoming more real.

"About what?"

"We followed the Cullens here, thinking that, that human pet," More like pest " was dead."

"And is she not?"

"She is very much alive, and with another vampire." Which makes this whole thing even more ironic and painful to the killers.

"So, what? Is she… One of us now?"

I continued on as if I hadn't heard him. "And so now's our perfect chance."


"Not only crush one man's love but two." To get back at the killers that killed my love, kill love so no one can be happy.

"Ah ha, I see where you are going with this my dear."

"Well then, this is how it's going to happen, tomorrow I have to leave and get the newborns and use them against the Cullens, No, never mind, they are coming here!" Laurent's eyes bugged out when he heard me say the real plan at the end. "They will be a distraction while I attack the pest, like we had planned," But I, unlike him, knew it was no longer necessary for me to tell the fake plan, Edward had left, I'd heard him… to bad, my fake plan was such a marvelous thing and he missed it. "He's gone. Damn, he didn't even hear the best part of my plan!"

"Yeah, I honestly thought you were saying all that in front of him. But at least he left, it was getting harder for me to control my thoughts. Is Riley on his way?"

"He is, and I hope for your own good he can control his urges for a snack." I hadn’t liked it much that Laurent, in a way, had more contact with the newborns than I had. With his cautious watch over their hunts, over everything. Watching from far away but still closer than me these last few days, but I couldn’t leave my prey, Laurent was my only choice.

A snide look overcame his face. "A snack as in human, or snack as in you?" I rolled my eyes at that ridiculous thought. But I did have to control Riley, to keep him from spoiling everything to the others. I may have taken it too far though, not that he was going to survive beyond today.

But Laurent wasn't going to intimidate me that way. "Both." I said menacingly. "But that doesn't matter now. We need to get started on the fake trails, when we're done these woods will be covered in our scent, and no one will know where we are." We spent the time traveling the woods, and even had time to sit around by the time the talking in the woods began. Just in time Riley arrived with the other newborns I had created in a when we had been in Seattle but they were now meeting us here at the farthest end of the woods from the house. The good thing was that as a small group they didn't make themselves as noticeable as a larger group would have.

"How's everyone doing? Finding any trails that are younger than an hour?" Edward asked from far away, they are out. I smiled in anticipation.

"Laurent, you know what to do. Get their attention and make sure they follow you, then all you have to do is out run them. Riley will help you if you get in a sticky situation." I couldn’t help laughing as I said this.

"Me? I thought I was here to help you, keep you safe!" He looked at me pleadingly. "He's only running! It's not hard! Besides, you'll need help getting into their house."

"Help him. Because that will keep the others away from the house long enough for me to escape." Even if you don't, I thought as I commanded him to do as I wanted. "Now quiet, they're getting closer." Laurent ran to take his place, avoiding them as long as possible.

"What’s the matter, my son?" I felt disgust, those vampires and their stupid family love.

"Well, I can't pick up on Victoria's thoughts, she has to be close… but she's blocking me?" That's right, Edward, I'm a fast learner.

"Guess, she's not taking chances, because she knows that even without letting anything slip out to your cheating mind we can still beat her, and we have the upper hand." Idiot, I will win. And even though I may not be taking you all down, I will take enough of you down to never let you live in peace.

"But how does she do it?" Take your guess.

"Well she could have controlled her muscles to move but stopped thinking, in the direct forward way anyway, and that's the way you pick up. So if she is moving robotically then you have no access to her and neither do I." She wasn't that far off but I could also have just build a wall with enough blank thoughts, just the hunters instinct, and indicision, around my mind that you can't penetrate. I motioned for Laurent to take his place, as soon as he they saw him I would run home, and batter their little pet. I almost laughed at the pun I had just thought of.

"Well at least we know that she is around." Edward said.

"Why don’t you try Laurent?" Here's where it would get interesting. They would chase after Laurent to the edge of the woods where the he and the newborns would distract them long enough for me to have some fun with my prey.

When the tiny Alice yelled, I started to run to the house.

The pathetic human was in the kitchen, I could smell her. I went in through the back door, ready for my long awaited revenge. I hear d the sound of a body dropping to the ground. I sighed in frustration, hoping she hadn't passed out. Humans were so weak. But then I heard her breathing had quickened and I couldn’t help the growl that escaped me. My body was excited by the coming blood. I felt my steps come down heavier than normal. The girl's heart was about to explode, her breathing was almost nonexistent. A caged mouse in front of a cat.

"Oh Bella," I took another step inside. "It's no use hiding. I know where you are." I could see her now, I jumped onto the counter above her without making a sound. She seemed about to choke as she put her hand over her mouth and looked up to me. She was so ridiculous. I jumped down.

She seemed about ready to fall apart from the shaking so much, when she looked up and saw me. I didn't hesitate and crouched in front of her.

She tried to scramble back, almost into the wall. Then she tried to run. I let her get up and walk a little away before I took hold of her arm, smelling the blood as my nails dug into her thin skin, and pulled her back and on the floor. I was going to show no mercy.

Bella belly flopped on the floor from the force I had pulled her down with. There were two small cracks when she hit the floor signaling that her ribs and then her nose broke with the impact of the floor. The sweet smell of blood hit my nose then; her nose had begun to flow freely. She gasped and lost her breath as she hit the floor. The pest loosing air made me anxious for what was to come, when her lungs would never need air again.

I grabbed her arm again, hearing a satisfying crash as I threw her onto the wall. There her head collided into the wall before anything else, and another gash was opened on the back of her head. When she landed back on the floor her hands had began, it seemed, to claw at the pain and that only made me lust for more of her pain as the shattered mirror showered over her. The pest had turned herself into a ball on the impact but I wasn't going to have that, I needed to remind her why she was suffering, what she needed to pay for.

I began to tug at her feet, uncurling her from her fetal position. Then with my hand forced her foot flat to the floor and placed my foot against her knee breaking it and forcing the bone to jab out the skin. "Remember something?" James hadn't inflicted so much pain on her but I knew that with this subtle hint she now knew what she was paying for.

"Ah ha!" she gasped, still unable to breathe through her broken and unrecognizable nose. Then gasped again seeming like a fish out of water. She sat up clutching at the mess that used to be her leg, but her eyes were closed. She was having trouble breathing. I couldn’t have that! If she couldn't breathe she couldn’t concentrate on what I was saying, and she wouldn't hear me. I tried to calm my anger, touching everything in sight, feeling the imperfect textures, finding the flaws of everything. I felt her eyes on me then. When I turned she blinked almost calmly and that was my queue. I crouched besides her. She wasn't moving but had her mouth open breathing easier, looking intently at me. She would listen.

"You don't know how long I've been waiting for this moment Bella. You've been lucky to live this long. And now comes your end without compassion, without love. You're all alone. " My last words hurt me. Without love, all alone, she wasn't the only one, three broken hearts not including hers. I hissed with distaste, with the anger and stood. Would he have done all this for me? Walk into a dead end to avenge me? She had taken a big breath while I was pacing and now again, she was trying to scream for help. Not that anyone would come, but I couldn't chance it. I turned and kneeled besides her covering her mouth, letting her breathe only because I wanted her to suffer more.

"Sh, sh, sh. We don’t want anyone ruining our fun do we? Well, I don’t." I grabbed the arm that I hadn't already broken and put her and twisted it behind her back until it was almost in the bad shape of her knee. I moved a hand to her throat quickly after breaking her arm so she wouldn't scream, and pushed her forward to lay on her stomach and turned her over so she could breath. Her eyes watered from pain and her breathing was hard again. She squirmed and half lifted her body off of the floor. I let go, feeling mercy for a millisecond. When wailed as soon as my hands were off. I sighed internally. I offered her mercy and she was ungrateful, she had just made this much worse for herself. I pinned her to the floor, and she continued to squirm. I felt it then, the thirst beginning to take control of my mind. The smell of that blood spilled today was finally getting to me, and all the moving she was doing did nothing to make the smell less powerful only made it worse by making the smell of the blood move faster through the air.

"I'm afraid you've just made this much worse for yourself." I sad and pushed her to the ground more trying to make her move less.

"N- No you can't. P- Please d-don't." She pleaded, a tear running down her cheek.

"Oh? And why could I not?" You had your vampires kill my James with no regrets. Your Edward is still out there searching through the false scents, or worse, finding my friends and being ripped to shreds. But it is only a matter of time until they find the plan is fake, or found out and already killed my newborns. And that makes me all the more hurried to think we should get on with this, and end your pitiful life now."

She tried to say something but it was too late, her blood was calling me, singing for me to drink it, and so I drank. And she began to scream. Little by little she stopped squirming until she became limp. Just as she was becoming quiet I felt the jerk, someone was here and pulling me off of the girl. What ever happens now I would be happy, I got my revenge. I dropped the hollow thoughts covering my mind, I didn't care what Edward heard. She's gone Edward. I said this, but I didn't feel the relief I thought I would feel.

Edward pulled me off of Bella and threw me back against the kitchen counter without a second thought. Within a flash I was back up onto my feet and in a low crouch, expecting him to attack me again. But instead his figure was bending over her, and I slowly rose. I knew I should be running, anywhere. I turned, aiming to run out the door, and then two paires of hands grabbed my arms and jerked me back.

I hissed and tried to fight out of their grasp. They only squeezed harder. Then I felt one of them bending down to say something in my ear. "I hope your happy." The voice spat, and it clicked immediatly. "You do realize, he wouldn't have done any of this for you." Emmett only confirmed the loose thoughts in my head about James. "He never love you. You were just a toy at his desposal. But I guess you don't care right? Because you got wanted." His voice snarled. I stopped struggling then, because I saw the truth behind his words.

"I- I.." I struggled for words, but Jasper cut me off.

"Don't even start."

And with that, they jerked me around and headed out the back door, Emmett grabbing a lighter on the way out.
Alright! Its up! And Im literally going to start the next chapter as soon as I get this posted!!(:
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update soon love this story
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great chapter, i liked how it was in Victoria's pov. cant wait for more! post more soon!
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OMG, can't believe you are letting us hang like this. Great chapter. I only hope that Bella gets to change instead of dying. I also notice that when she thought she was dying (?) that she only said that she loved Edward, hmmm. Guess I know who she will choose. Love it.


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