The Twilight Saga


Mommy had told me I wasn’t just weird, or strange. I was an abomination, an unnatural little thing that she could no longer call her daughter.

That was the day she sent me to the asylum.

It was a dark and scary place, it smelled like soiled garments and sweaty bodies. You could never get any sleep at night, not only was there screaming and fighting, every once in a while
someone would escape the straps that held them to their bad and run through the
building, stopping in random rooms. At least once a week you would wake up with
an escapee leaning over you breathing deeply.

I stayed there, waiting for my mom to realize that she still loved me, and it wasn’t my fault that I was… a little strange. But my sixth birthday passed, then my seventh, I began to give up hope
and I began to feel the effects of being in a dark hole your entire life.


Chapter 1: First Day

Chapter 2: Good-Bye

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Wow, this is so so so good!! very interesting for just a preface and you should post more soon!!!

and i think you should definitely do a series about them, it would be fun to read stories of the younger cullens, lol.
not sure about the name though, i'd have to think about it... because you want it to be good, not something at the top of your head you know? it as to make sense and tie in with the stories
Yeah...that's a good point. And I'm glad you think its good :)
lol, I thought of both of those, but I'm just not sure yet...'s a good idea. Idk I'm still think. I think I'll put it to a vote when I get back, then I can ask my friends what they think
Okay, I'm going to set up a poll on Mister Poll, I just need a few more ideas..... and there is an option to write in your own
well this ones fab so can't wait for the rest.can't wait for update!!
cool :) thanks for reading...well reading what I have up anyway lol Please go vote you guys!!!!
to the two people who have voted, thank you soooo much! I can't wait till Saturday when the poll end so I can see the results
this sounds really cool can you update me when you post more
thanks :) and I will!!! lol, please take my pole!
lol thanks! I'm glad you like it so far :)


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