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Mommy had told me I wasn’t just weird, or strange. I was an abomination, an unnatural little thing that she could no longer call her daughter.

That was the day she sent me to the asylum.

It was a dark and scary place, it smelled like soiled garments and sweaty bodies. You could never get any sleep at night, not only was there screaming and fighting, every once in a while
someone would escape the straps that held them to their bad and run through the
building, stopping in random rooms. At least once a week you would wake up with
an escapee leaning over you breathing deeply.

I stayed there, waiting for my mom to realize that she still loved me, and it wasn’t my fault that I was… a little strange. But my sixth birthday passed, then my seventh, I began to give up hope
and I began to feel the effects of being in a dark hole your entire life.


Chapter 1: First Day

Chapter 2: Good-Bye

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this is great i luv plz post more and keep me updated!!!!!
I will :) thank you so much for reading!!
love it!!update soon.poor alice :(
k, I will :) lol I'm really glad you liked it! and yeah, I know but things have to get worse for Alice before they can get better...much much worse.
Cool! I like that one, it's like...mysterious
i love this story please post more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks :) I'm glad you liked it!
Hey everyone! Okay so... I know I promised a chapter on Saturday but I'm still sooo tiered! We had ten hour practices in the blazing sun every day and four people got hospitalized! It was pretty scary cause they all went the same day, mostly from dehydration, but my mom (who is the band nurse) said they had all had at least five water bottles and a couple Gatorade's each.
So yeah lol, it was really interesting. That and I SWEAR my crush was flirting with me towards the end of the week <3 lol, anyway the real reason I am posting this is that the poll is OVER! lol, and, winning by a landslide is.....

Abandoned Young!!! So this is now going to be part of the Abandoned Young Saga! I will be posting a chapter soon, because this is the newest of my three fanfics and I need to have it done before school starts, or at least in the first week lol.

So any ideas for the story? I kinda am stuck right now actually lol
okay, sorry this took so long :/ I have band on Monday's Tuesday's and Thursday's so I'm still pretty busy. I also have a new fanfci that I am co writting with Isabella Marie Cullen!! I'll post a link later, all we have so far is the preface but we have a pretty good story line. Anyway, here is chapter two, enjoy!

Chapter 2: Good-bye

It had been three weeks since I had first had my vision. I knew now what it was because mommy would tell me how evil my visions were. Yes, visions plural. I had many visions now, almost daily, little things like Abby deciding to pick up a rock. And then her putting it down a second later to get a new one. Or mommy making something for dinner. Then sometimes I would see things like mommy burning her finger cookie, or Abby getting a cut falling down.
Mommy was scared of me every time I had a vision. She would grab Abby and run out of the room. Afterwards she would always go to the phone and tell me to go outside.
I knew she was calling the Asylum. I didn’t know what it was, but it sounded exciting. Asylum was such a fun word to say and it made me smile. Maybe it was a place to make mommy happier when she was scared of me.
I was laying in my bed deciding if I wanted to get up or not when there was a knock on the door.
“Mary Alice will you please get that?” Mommy asked, I got out of bed and walked to the door.
“Hello?” I asked politely, two men in very white uniforms looked around.
“We are here to admit a Miss Mary Alice Brandon to the Children Charity Asylum.” He said with a heavy accent. I frowned and tilted my hand.
“Well there must be some mistake because I am Mary Alice Brandon and I don’t need the asylum. Mommy likes the asylum not me, it makes her happy when she gets scared of me.” I said smiling in my best big girl voice. The men looked at me funny.
“When your mother is scared of you?” One of them said, he was short with a long nose and a weird voice.
“I have movies in my head, she calls them visions. And they scare mommy very much.” I told them very seriously. They nodded and then grabbed my arms. The one with the accent held me while the shorter one went in the house to find mommy. I heard them talking and then he came back out. He smiled at me and then took out a needle.
“Sweet dreams princess.” He said, then the world went black.

* * *
When I woke up I was strapped to a cream colored bed in a brightly lit room. There was a lady with a clip board a few feet away on the phone.
“Yes Mrs. Brandon, everything’s taken care of. Yes. Thank you. Good-bye.” She hung up the phone and looked at me.
“O Mary, your awake!” She exclaimed. I nodded and she smiled at me sweetly.
“Well sweetie. You must have noticed but you’re not at your house anymore.” She stopped for a second, and the look on her face obviously said that she wasn’t sure I was smart enough to notice.
“Of course Miss.” I replied
“Yes, yes. You are in the Children Charity Asylum, we are here to serve you blah blah blah. I’m Miss White and um… yeah that’s about it.” She smiled again and the looked towards the wall, she nodded and a few seconds later the door was thrown open and in came three men, the rolled my bed out of the room and down the long white hallway.
Then, suddenly, there was another vision in my head.

Omg look! a horrible cliffy! lol sorry, I was rushing so please ignore all mistakes and shortness, if you want a longer chapter than comment cause I update storys fast when ppl keep nagging me lol.

So them story is called Running Escape and it is about Bella living it Italy in 1803 when she Meets Alessia who leads her into a castle where...due to events she is changed :) I'm not giving away more because I really want you to go read it!!


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