The Twilight Saga

a while ago i started writing a story called school of immortals, but i never finished. i have modified the story a lot and now it's like a hundred times better. ENJOY!



Amber's POV

  i was born a normal baby girl that could sometime shift into a werewolf and had to drink blood. ya i no its weird. Well now i am a 214 year old hybrid (vampire/werewolf). my mother died 200 years ago and i never met my dad. many people ask me how i be came a hybrid. well i never tell the truth. i will either erase their memory or tell them i was born a werewolf and bitten by a vampire. of-course this isn't true. my mother fell in love with a vampire and they had a child. me. i only have one picture of my dad but that's all i need. in three weeks i will be moving to Alaska and attending The School for's going to be so fun. i can't wait to be around my own kind. there will be vampires, werewolf's, fairies, and any other immortal there is. o. and before i start packing for my trip maybe you should no my dad is Carlisle Cullen.

plz review. hope u like it. :)

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omg your  beggining it again. Cn't wait to read it... again.

omg love it!!! post more!!!

(amber's pov)

im here im here. yes i cant wait to start.i just got my classes and i am so excited. first class shifting traning.the say this class will help me lern to control my turning into a werewolf. it wont be that hard. ive been trying to control myself for 50 years now so i will be ahead of the other students.
i grabbed my bagges out of my red lamborghini and as i turned my head i saw carlisle and his "new family" walk into the school.i ran after him not thinking.
he turned around as calm as he always is until he saw my face. he took an un nessary breath an unexpectly pulled me in to a hug.
"amber! i havent seen you in so long. i've missed you"
"i've missed you to, what are you going here?"
"umm. im enroling my children in the school. i sorry ive been so rude." he turned to his family. "everyone this in my daughter amber. my biological daughter." everyone looked at me as if they could all kill me then a short girl with spiked hair pulled me in to a hug. "SISTER" she said.

can't wait to read more

omg i just luv it


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