The Twilight Saga

Summary: the cullen family is moving again, but this time the have been enrolled in a school for immortals. how will things turn out for them? (bella dose not no the cullens yet)


CHAPTER 1 =moving

(Edward POV)

   Once again we are moving. Carlisle says the school we will be going to is much better because we don't have to try to blend in. he hasn't explained anything and he is blocking his thoughts, i wonder what's going on. As we packed our things i thought about what could be coming. It might not be that bad because Alice has been bouncing around the house blocking her thoughts as well.

(Bella POV)

  I'm so excited that we are getting new students. From what i here from my dad there are7 of them. Five will be attending the school of immortals with me. i have only met one before. His name is Carlisle, and he will be the schools head doctor. You’d be surprised at how many shape shifters and witches get hurt around here.

"Bella, when will our new friends arrive?" my dad asked

 I closed my eyes and focused on Carlisle’s family, and then i saw them.

"They will be here in half an hour" i called back


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Sounds like a great start..please continue:)

continue pls!

souds great keep it going. but what is bella?


thanks...and as for bella i'll explain in my next chapter
it's a really good beginning, please continue this story
love it...
you see i told you it would be better as a story now finish can't wait
I like. She is alot like alice. very intersting. looking froward to seeing what kind of twist you might think about putting in or seeing where this goes is good too. i would love to see how bella and edward deal with being similiar.
I love it!!!!! please continue and keep me posted.

thanks for all the comments, i will poast another chapter tomorrow

Oh good ness it sounds great




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