The Twilight Saga

This is about Edward and Bella. They were chosen as the main characters in a school play in Forks High. Edward is a play boy and school bully in this story. They are all human. Bella and Edward are enemies since Edward keeps on picking on Bella.

But, what if the play they were acting...became real??

This is the story plot of the play they are acting:

Title of Play: Tragetic Love

Bella Swan as Marrianne
Edward Masen as Jared
Leah Clearwater as Susanne (Helena's twin sister)
Alice Cullen as Janie (Jared's sister)
Tanya Denali as Helena
Jasper Hale as Chris (Marrianne's sister)
Jacob Black as Gerald

Helena loves Jared. They were together until two new students, Marrianne and Chris, came. Jared falls in love with Marrianne. Jared's sister, Janie, fell in love with Chris. When Jared tried to ask Marrianne out, Marrianne declined and said that she is coming with Gerald. Helena's twin sister, Susanne, falls for Gerald. As the story goes on, Jared kept trying to ask Marrianne out and Marrianne kept declining. Helena thought that Jared was cheating on him and argued with him. In the end, Jared and Helena broke up.

Gerald falls for Susanne. Marrianne found them kissing and broke up with Gerald. Marrianne became heartbroken. The dance was coming up in two weeks' time and Jared asked Marrianne out once again. This time, Marrianne agreed. Janie went out with Chris and Gerald went with Susanne. Helena went out with another guy. Jared tried to make Helena jealous by trying to kiss Marrianne in the lips. Marrianne smacked him on the face and left the party.

Jared went after her, explaining that he only wanted to kiss her to make Helena jealous. Marriannne understood and both of them tried to make Helena jealous. And so, they kissed while Helena arrived. Helena got jealous and angry that she wanted to get revenge on Marrianne. Meanwhile, Marrianne and Jared 'pretended' to be together but, their pretences became real and after a few days, Marrianne started to fall for Jared. Jared was happy.

But, the day after Marriane confronts to Jared everything, things went wrong. Helena went to Jared's room. Jared got angry with her for tresspassing. But, while they argued, Helena kissed Jared. Marrianne suddenly went inside the room. She saw Helena and Jared together and thought that Jared was cheating on her. She broke the tea she made for Jared and went out of the room.

Jared broke the kiss and went after Marrianne. But, it was too late for him. Marrianne had jumped down the building. Jared was shocked. He called the ambulance. Helena smiled as she found out that her plan worked.

That's all I could write about the play. Otherwise, you'll know everything! :D

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Whoa! This seems like an awesome fan fic! Please continue!
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Wow! So many comments!! Ok ok! I'll write more!! C:
Chapter 1: Coming home to Forks and High School

Bella's POV

Forks was where I was born. My hometown. And now, I'm coming back home. Great. Just in time for school. I grunted to myself softly. I am now in a taxi going to Forks. I had lived in Forks since I was young. My mother was in Phoenix while my father is here in Forks. I stayed in Forks with my father until I was about 10. The reason why I had left Forks was because of a bully named Edward. He had been picking on me since kindergarten. He always took my stuff and kept saying mean things about me being poor and everything. I hated him for all my life. So, I went to Phoenix with my mom and stayed there for about 7 years.

In Phoenix, I've became famous because I was talented at drama. I had participated for most of the school plays in school. I was so ready to face high school in Phoenix when suddenly, Charlie, my dad, called me and begged me to stay there for the rest of the year. My mom said I could go if I wanted to. She was so happy about the news of me going bak to Forks that, I didn't want to disappoint her.

I paid the taxi driver and went out. I slowly walked to the house. Everything here was green. I walked up to the porch and knocked on the door. When dad saw me, his face lit up. I smiled in response. I could never let any of my parents down, and, never will. I stepped inside the house and Charlie helped carry my bag.

"Hello, Bella. I heard that you were talented in acting." Charlie said as he carried my bag up the stairs. I blushed.

"Yes, I am." I simply said. He opened a room and put my bag down.

"Well, here's your room. You better get ready. Tommorrow's the start of school." He said and left. I sighed. It was already dark outside. I took a shower and changed to my PJ's. I quickly went to the bed and closed my eyes.


The alarm clock on the side of the bed rang and I awoke. I shutted the alarm clock and took a shower. I got ready for school and went downstairs. Charlie was gone. I found a note on the fridge and took it. It says that he went to work early. I opened the fridge and took an apple. Then, I quickly went out. I forgotten one thing. How was I going to school?

That was when I saw a red Chevy truck. The key was already in the ignition and there was another note. It says that this truck was mine. Wow. Charlie bought me a car? I went in the driver's seat and drove off. As I drove to school, I thought of my old friends. Angela was my best friend at that time. Jessica, Lauren, Jasper, Rosalie, Mike, Eric and Tyler. I wonder how they are doing right now. Are they still here? Had they left? Then, I thought of Edward, the bully. How is he doing now? Had he changed? Is he still here?

I know that it's ridiculous to be worried of your bullie's life but, I just can't help but wonder. Is he here now? I had already reached the school. I parked my truck and went out. I straightly went to the office and the receptionist gave me my schedules and timetables. As I went out of the office, I looked at my timetable. Suddenly, I bumped into someone.

"Ow!" I said and I looked up. She was wearing a spectacle and has black long hair that falls to her waist. I gasped.

"Angela?!" I exclaimed.

"Bella! It's so nice to see you again!" She said and hugged me. I hugged her back and she kept jumping up and down.

"It's been so long." I said. She started walking with me. "So, how have you been doing?" I asked.

"Well, I'm now a writer and a director of a school play now. The school play is called 'Tragetic Love'." She said. Hmm, a school play? Maybe I could participate again.

"Can I participate on your play? Back in Phoenix, I'm a school play actress." I said.

"Sure! You could be the main character, Marrianne. Here's the script. Well, I need to go for trig. Bye!" Angela gave me the script and left. I took out my timetable. Hmm, now, I have biology in Room no. 6. I went inside the room. I looked around for an empty seat and there was one left. It was beside a bronze haired boy. I couldn't see his eyes as his head was facing the floor.

I sat beside him and looked at him. His eyes were still staring at the floor. I turned my head to the left. Suddenly, the teacher came in. The teacher started droning on about something I've learned before.

"Hi." I said softly to him.

He turned his head slowly towards me. His eyes were a familiar colour of green. I gasped quietly. He was....handsome. My heart fluttered. He smirked at me then, continued to stare at the floor. School passed by in a blur and suddenly, it was recess. I walked slowly to the canteen. I brought the script with me so that I could discuss it with Angela.

"Hey, Bella." Angela said and started walking with me. I smiled in response. We started talking about the script. I lined up for my food. I took an apple and a bottle of water. Angela led me to a table full of other people.

"Guys, remember who this is?" Angela asked skeptically. They looked at me.

One of them lit up and said, "Oh, Bella! It's been a long time! Remember me? I'm Jessica." Oh. Now I remembered. I sat between Angela and another blonde guy.

"Hey Bella. Finally you showed up. I'm Jasper Hale." He took out his hand and I shook it. Jasper was one of my best friends, too. Jasper and Angela was always there to comfort me whenever I was sad. Mostly, I was sad because of Edward picking on me.

"Jasper, could you participate on the play I'm doing?" Angela asked enthusiastically. Jasper was about to shake his head no when Angela said, "Bella's coming!" Jasper nodded his head and Angela squealed. Soon, she asked everyone in the table and most of them said yes.

"Now, there's three more available characters. Hmm.." Angela thought. I ate my apple slowly. I looked around the canteen and noticed the bronze haired boy in biology. A girl was sitting on his lap and this time, he was smiling. He was with 1 more boy and 2 more girls.

"Who are those people?" I asked as I stared at them. Angela noticed and she bit her lip.

"Umm.. the big, curly haired one is Emmet Cullen. The blonde haired girl is his girlfriend, Rosalie Hale, Jasper's sister. Remember her? The small, pixie-liked one is Alice Cullen. The strawberry blonde girl on the bronze haired boy's lap is Tanya Denali." She said.

"Then, who's the bronze haired boy?" I asked. I think she missed him out.

She started biting her lip again. "Don't you remember him?" Jessica asked. The bell suddenly rang and we stood up. After that, the only thing I could think of was him. School finally ended and I was walking towards the drama studio. Today, there was a practice for the play Angela made. There were other people I don't know in the studio. Some were rehearsing already. I met up with Angela.

"So, what are we going to do, director? And, have you filled up the three available characters? Did someone take them?" I asked. She nodded.

"Well, the first part of the script is where you and Jasper enter the school as new comers. Your character's name is Marrianne and Jasper's is Chris. Just memorise the first part of the script." Angela said and went to Jasper to explain things.

I looked around. Alice Cullen, Tanya Denali and the bronze haired boy was here, too. I read the script. Hmm, it was easy enough to remember. All Jasper and I have to do was to go to the 'receptionist' and ask for paper, like I did just now. I looked through the list of characters.

Bella Swan as Marrianne
Leah Clearwater as Susanne (Helena's twin sister)
Alice Cullen as Janie (Jared's sister)
Tanya Denali as Helena
Jasper Cullen as Chris (Marrianne's sister)
Jacob Black as Gerald

Then, the last one caught my attention.

Edward Masen as Jared.

I gasped. Edward? The Bully? Here? Then, I realised that the bronze haired was Edward. What the-? And I thought just a while ago that he was handsome?!

"Edward Masen?!" I whispered. No, no! It can't be. He can't be here! I looked through the script. Edward, as Jared, must act that he was falling for Marrianne. Falling for ME?! Then, I realised that, every time he asked me out, I would say no. I breathed a sigh of relief. At least I don't have to say yes to him.

"Missed me?" A velvety voice asked. I turned behind to find Edward smirking at me. I composed my face and smirked, like him.

"No. As a matter of fact, I don't." I said coolly.

"Okay, everyone, places!" Angela shouted. Jasper and I took our places outside the door. When we heard Angela's command, we went to the stage and Jasper talked to the receptionist, who was Jessica. Jessica gave us our papers and we exited the stage. They quickly changed the background and props and now, it was the scene of a hallway. Jasper and I walked normally at the hallway. Halfway there, we saw Edward and Tanya. Tanya was at Edward's lap again.

They were pretending to talk softly and Edward looked into my eyes, like they said in the script. I ignored him, like at the script. Then, I met with a guy named Jacob, who was acting as Gerald, my boyfriend in the play. Jacob wrapped his arms around me and I acted happy. The play went on and on and everything was normal. Alice disturbed Edward and Tanya.

Alice was to act as Edward's sister and Jasper's lover. Jasper saw Alice and his eyes were, like, about to pop out. Alice looked at him with the same expression. Edward looked at me again, his eyes full of love. I was almost hypnotised by his emerald green eyes.

Alice skipped towards us and said, "Hi. My name's Janie and this is my brother, Jared. It's nice to meet you." Edward and Tanya walked over to us and we shook hands. I played along and said, "Nice to meet you too. I am Marrianne and this is my brother, Chris. This is my boyfriend, Gareld."

Edward looked at me again with loving eyes, like they said in the script but, it felt, strange and different. Tanya said, "Well, I need to go, Catch up with you later, Jared." She said and kissed Edward in the lips. I felt a pang of jealousy, but, I'm not sure why. Then, Tanya went off the stage. Alice started to pretend chat with Jasper. Jacob left, too, like the script had said.

"Well, Chris and I better go to class." Alice said and they walked away. Edward stared at me and I stared back. He started to move forward and every step he took made my heart beat faster.

"Umm.. Can you hang out with me this Friday night?" He asked. He asked it with so much emotion that I'm not sure if he's asking just for the play. It was like he was asking me..for real. I tried to say no, like they said in the script. But, I was lost for words as I stared in his eyes.

"Yes" I said. Edward suddenly broke into a smile. No, a grin. Then, I realised my mistake. I accidentally said yes. Argh!

I smacked my palm in my head. Angela walked to me. This is so embarrassing!

"I'm really sorry I messed everything up, Angela." I apologised.

"No, it's okay. Anyway, this is just practice. " She said and leaned to whisper in my ear, "Just.. don't say yes when he asks you out for real. He's a play boy nowadays. Don't fall for his tricks. He makes out with you today, the next day, he brakes up. You'll be heart broken if you went out with him."

"How would you know if I would be heart broken?" I whispered back.

"I know you for a long time, Bella." She said loudly. "Anyway, you could go home now. Practice is over. See you tomorrow." She took her bag and started walking out. I went to the car park and as I was going inside, a hand pulled me and I was about to fall when the same hand caught me. I looked up to see Edward staring at me, smirking. His hands were on my neck and hips. He lifted me up but his hands were still on my hips.

"Bella, would you go out with me this Friday?" He asked as he leaned in closer. I leaned back, trying to avoid him. "Please." He breathed out. I was about to say yes again when I remembered Angela's words. Hmm, if he's trying to flirt with me, I'll flirt back. Let's see if he could handle it. I held his hips with both of my arm and started go closer and closer to him until our lips were inches away. I didn't look up into his eyes, as I knew it would give me away.

"No. But, I'm not sorry." I breathed out. I let go of him and he let go of me. I stepped inside my truck and drove off, not caring to see his expression. Instead, I smirked again. It's time to teach Edward a lesson... and, to get my revenge on him for picking on me.
He'll know better than to mess with my life next time. I smiled evilly as I thought of a plan. Ohh, he's gonna get it!
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Chapter 2: Playing Love Games

Bella's POV

After the first drama practice, I learnt more with my new friends Jacob, Leah, Alice, Rosalie and Emmet. Alice was like a shopaholic. She always asked me whether I could go shopping. Jacob was carefree and playful like a 10 year old. Emmet is like Jacob, only, he's as playful as a 5 year old. Rosalie took part in a model contest in school so, she's like the beauty queen. Leah was one of the heart brokens. Sam, a boy from La Push High, broke up with her to be with her cousin, Emily.

Although Leah was a friendly person, she always hangs out with Tanya. Tanya was..well, let's just say she's not exactly the friendly type. Edward was always trying to ask me out. It was about the 10th time now! Apparently, I was the first girl who had denied him. He asked me too many times that.. I finally got used to saying no to him. I was now driving to school, thinking of how to plan on my revenge. When I reached the school, I finally got an idea.

As I closed my car door, I took out the script. I read through everything. Angela had written half part of the script and wouldn't let us see the other half. She said that it was a surprise. Ahh, there is one part where I, Marrianne, would need to break up with Gareld. And then, I would have to say yes to Jared (Edward). I read through all of the script. I schemed out my plan. Yes.. this is going to work! I put back my script in my bag and took out my timetable. I have english right now. I ran towards the english room.

I saw an empty space with Angela. I sat down beside her. I was grinning from ear to ear. She looked at me as if she wanted to ask something but, she shook her head, not wanting to know what I was up to. My classes flew by in a daze and next thing I knew, it was lunchtime. I went to the lunch table with Angela. I looked at the Cullens' table. Then, I looked at Edward. He was now with another person, Lauren. I sighed. Will any of the girls here learn a lesson that Edward is a play boy? He was now whispering things in her ear. I shook my head.

As I chatted with Angela, I noticed myslef looking at Edward from time to time. And I just couldn't stop myself. Angela was chatting animatedly about the play when Jacob came over. He sat at my other side.

"Hey Bella. Whatcha doing?" He asked.

"Hi. We're talking about the play." I replied.

"Hey guys! We're hanging out this Friday. Wanna come, Bella?" Mike asked.

I nodded and said, "Sure. Where are we going anyway?"

"We're going to the cinema. Make sure to bring a partner with you." Jessica said and raised her eyebrows. Great. Now I was supposed to bring a date to the cinema. I could ask Jacob. Or maybe Mike. Nah, Mike's already going with Jessica. Okay then, I'll go with Jacob. Jacob seemed to already find out that I was going with him so, I don't have to worry asking him.

"I'm coming too. Oh, and I'll ask the Cullens to come, too." Angela said eagerly. With that, she stood up and walked towards the Cullens. everyone watched as Angela talked with Alice. Edward was staring at me and I stared back. I pretended to be flirty-ish by blushing. I was always good at blushing. I blush at the simplest things. I stared at the floor at the moment, then, I looked back at him. He winked at me and smirked. I smiled shyly and blushed again. Angela came back and I stopped flirting with Edward.

"All of them are coming, Edward and Tanya included. Emmet's going with Rosalie. Edward's coming with Tanya, of course. Alice still doesn't have a date. She asked me whether she could go with Jasper." Angela said excitedly. I turned to look at Jasper. He looked at Alice with the same loving eyes and Alice smiled.

"Yeah, sure." Jasper said. Angela went back to Alice and told her what Jasper said. Alice was literally jumping on her seat and Jasper chuckled. The school bell rang and now it was time for playing love games. I smiled slyly to myslef. It was time for biology. To tell you the truth, I'd never really dated anyone before. But, a friend of mine told me that if I'm acting, I need to make it look real. And to make it real, it has to be real.

I sat down in my seat and looked around. Edward went in and looked at me. I stared at his eyes and was, again, hypnotised. No wonder lots of girls dated him. I shook my head mentally. I broke my gaze with him and looked elsewhere. He sat down and looked at me with interest in his eyes.

"Hello, Bella." He asked. When will I ever get bored of his voice? I guess I never will. I looked at him.

"Hello." I simply said. He leaned in closer. I softly gasped, surprised by how close he was.

"Could you be my date for Friday night?" He asked. I could smell his sweet breath from this close. He looked at my eyes, then at my lips. It could've been embarrassing, being this close during biology.

"No. I'm going with Jacob. Too bad." I said as I leaned in closer. He leaned back and smirked.

"I know that you're going with Jacob. I was just practicing for the play." He said and chuckled, remembering the last part of the play. I blushed.

Fortunately, the teacher saved me. The teacher went in and broke our conversation. Biology finished in a blink of an eye, and so did school and soon enough, it was drama practice.

I was greeted by Angela and Jacob. Angela was talking with another guy. Angela saw me and introduced me. He was the co-director who would be helping Angela. His name was Ben. After we introduced, we took our places. This time, it was the scene where Jared would be keep asking Marrianne out and Helena would be suspicious. This would be interesting. At least I practiced saying no to Edward.

I took my place at on of the prop benches and pretended to study. Jared came in and sat on the other bench. I looked up from the book I was pretending to read and looked at him.

"Can I help you?" I asked.

"Umm.. I was wondering whether you could hang out with me this Friday." He said. Wow, he's a good actor. I sighed irritably.

"Jared, how many times must I tell you? I'm going with Gareld this Friday." I said. His face sunk. I almsot wanted to go there and hug him. He was a really good actor. The 'bell' rang and I stood up.

"I need to go for class." I said as I picked up the books. As I left, I felt a hand slide to my waist and pull me, making me twist behind and I gasped softly as I was face to face with him. He smirked a little.

"Please." He said, his velvety voice so soft. We stayed like that for a while. Finally, Helena came and saw us. She gasped loudly, making us turn to look at her. She exited the stage and Jared followed her. I exited the stage and watched the next scene. The break-up scene. They quickly changed the backgrounds and props to the school hallway.

"Jared, how could you do this to me?!" Helena shrieked. I had to cover my ears as she shouted too loudly.

"What do you mean, Helena?" Jared asked innocently.

"You know what I mean! You're cheating on me, weren't you?" Helena asked suspiciously.

"Well, what if I was? I'd never loved you anyway." Jared said.

"That's it! It's over." Helena said and left the stage. Jared left the stage, too. Now, it was my turn. Gareld and Susanne took their places and pretended to be kissing. I walked in happily and saw them. My expression changed from happy to shock to anger to sad. Tears started falling. Gareld saw me and tried to chase after me.

"Marrianne, please. You don't understand." He held my arm and I turned around. My face was already full of tears.

"What do I not understand? The evidence was right there." I said and sobbed.

"She kissed me. I didn't have anything to do with it!" Gareld said.

"You kissed her back. It's the same thing. I don't think I could handle it anymore. I don't want you anymore!" I shrieked and left the stage.

The crew changed the background and props again. This time, it was a garden. I stepped in the stage and said my lines, "I don't want to love anymore. I don't want to be heartbroken anymore. Because, my heart is now empty, dead, lifeless. Nothing else is inside, except a big hole in the middle. A hole that I don't think anyone could fix." I said. and sat in one corner. I bent my knees and wrapped my arms around it.

I started crying and crying. Then, a hand touched my arm and I looked up, only to see Jared. When I looked up, he looked at me and wiped my tears. He caressed the side of my face. His hand traveled to my arm then to my hand. He raised me up and wrapped his other hand around my waist. I moved forward, closing in the gap between us. I could smell his sweet breath once again.

Then, he said his lines, "Marrianne, please. Don't cry. I'm here and I'll always be beside you. I'll never leave your side like Gareld. I'm going to fix your heart, make it whole, alive, once again. Just answer this question; Would you come with me this Friday?" He was leaning in, the distance between us were closer than how Angela said the distance should be. His lips were getting closer to mine every second. I almost forgotten that I had to reply.

"Yes." I breathed out. I was about to close the distance between us when Edward leaned back and smirked. I snapped out of it and tried to move away from him when he pulled me closer. Edward was still smiling at me.

"That was perfect, guys!! Good work!" Angela suddenly said. I tried to move away again by pushing but, he held me closer. He started to move his hand that was in my waist and moved it up and down from my back to my neck. Wherever he touched, an electric current seemed to follow him. I shivered as he touched my neck. He pushed my neck forward and our lips were just inches away. Just one more push and our lips would meet.

"So, would you come with me this Friday?" He asked. I would've loved to say yes! But, there was a tiny hiccup. I already havea date.

"No. I already have a date." I simply said.

He looked at me slyly. "Who? Jacob?" He chuckled lightly, "I heard that he had changed his date. He's not coming with you. He's coming with Leah."

The words 'he's not coming with you' tore my heart apart. When had he changed his mind? I started panicking. He's going with Leah? But.. I thought - Wait, maybe Edward is joking. Maybe fooling me. He seemed to have known what I was thinking because he said, "I'm not kidding. Why don't you check it out yourself?" He let go of me and I asked Angela where is Jacob. She said he may be backstage. I ran to the back stage.

And what I saw was not what I expected. Jacob and Leah were kissing...for real! I gasped. Tears started falling. Jacob saw me and tried to chase after me.

"Bella, please. You don't understand." He held my arm and I turned around. My face was already full of tears.

"What do I not understand? The evidence was right there." I said and sobbed.

"She kissed me. I didn't have anything to do with it!" Jacob said.

"You kissed her back. It's the same thing. I don't think I could handle it anymore. I don't want you anymore!" I shrieked and left. Whoa. Deja vu. Edward saw me and ran after me. I don't want to love anymore. I don't want to be heartbroken anymore. Because, my heart is now empty, dead, lifeless. Nothing else is inside, except a big hole in the middle. A hole that I don't think anyone could fix.

I bent my knees and wrapped my arms around it.

I started crying and crying. Then, a hand touched my arm and I looked up, only to see Jared. When I looked up, he looked at me and wiped my tears. He caressed the side of my face. His hand traveled to my arm then to my hand. He raised me up and wrapped his other hand around my waist. I moved forward, closing in the gap between us. I could smell his sweet breath once again.

Then, he said, "Bella, please. Don't cry. I'm here and I'll always be beside you. I'll never leave your side like Jacob. I'm going to fix your heart, make it whole, alive, once again. Just answer this question; Would you come with me this Friday?"

This time, I didn't hesitate. I nodded as I knew my voice will give me away. Edward smiled. Tanya saw us and we turned our head to see her. Edward ran after her. I packed my bag and left. Wow, the same thing happened. From the play and from reality. Wierd. But, my attention suddenly changed to Edward.

Well, my plan wouldn't work now. I fell for his trap. But, I won't fall for any of his traps again. He was just... irresistible. And, I was heartbroken because of Jacob. So, I really needed to have a new partner. But, I'm not falling for him. I would have to make a new plan for my revenge. A plan that would make him fall for me. I'm not going to fall for him. It won't be that hard...right?
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