The Twilight Saga

This is about Edward and Bella. They were chosen as the main characters in a school play in Forks High. Edward is a play boy and school bully in this story. They are all human. Bella and Edward are enemies since Edward keeps on picking on Bella.

But, what if the play they were acting...became real??

This is the story plot of the play they are acting:

Title of Play: Tragetic Love

Bella Swan as Marrianne
Edward Masen as Jared
Leah Clearwater as Susanne (Helena's twin sister)
Alice Cullen as Janie (Jared's sister)
Tanya Denali as Helena
Jasper Hale as Chris (Marrianne's sister)
Jacob Black as Gerald

Helena loves Jared. They were together until two new students, Marrianne and Chris, came. Jared falls in love with Marrianne. Jared's sister, Janie, fell in love with Chris. When Jared tried to ask Marrianne out, Marrianne declined and said that she is coming with Gerald. Helena's twin sister, Susanne, falls for Gerald. As the story goes on, Jared kept trying to ask Marrianne out and Marrianne kept declining. Helena thought that Jared was cheating on him and argued with him. In the end, Jared and Helena broke up.

Gerald falls for Susanne. Marrianne found them kissing and broke up with Gerald. Marrianne became heartbroken. The dance was coming up in two weeks' time and Jared asked Marrianne out once again. This time, Marrianne agreed. Janie went out with Chris and Gerald went with Susanne. Helena went out with another guy. Jared tried to make Helena jealous by trying to kiss Marrianne in the lips. Marrianne smacked him on the face and left the party.

Jared went after her, explaining that he only wanted to kiss her to make Helena jealous. Marriannne understood and both of them tried to make Helena jealous. And so, they kissed while Helena arrived. Helena got jealous and angry that she wanted to get revenge on Marrianne. Meanwhile, Marrianne and Jared 'pretended' to be together but, their pretences became real and after a few days, Marrianne started to fall for Jared. Jared was happy.

But, the day after Marriane confronts to Jared everything, things went wrong. Helena went to Jared's room. Jared got angry with her for tresspassing. But, while they argued, Helena kissed Jared. Marrianne suddenly went inside the room. She saw Helena and Jared together and thought that Jared was cheating on her. She broke the tea she made for Jared and went out of the room.

Jared broke the kiss and went after Marrianne. But, it was too late for him. Marrianne had jumped down the building. Jared was shocked. He called the ambulance. Helena smiled as she found out that her plan worked.

That's all I could write about the play. Otherwise, you'll know everything! :D

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Well, since there were so many comments, I will continue it but.. not today, guyz... XD It's my birthday today!! Im offcially 13!! XD Oh, and not next Friday.. Im REALLY sorry everyone.. but, next week, Im gunna have a birthday party so.. yeah, maybe some time around next Saturday or something?? Thanks for still being here for me, everyone.. Its been a year since I had written this and I still have readers commenting!! Thanks for the support but, if anyone wants to co-write, fine by me! Ive been 60% busy and 40% lazy so, really sorry for abandoning School Play Gone Wrong... I'll be writing again starting, umm.. someday!
i cant wait until that "someday"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
super douper can u update me when u write more?
Chapter 3, Part 1: Friday Night

I finally gave up on making plans, knowing that they will fail. As I was driving towards school, I thought about Edward and the play. It was weird and strange, how related the play was to reality. And yesterday was the strangest. We had said and done the same things like the play.

When I had reached the school, I realised that Valentine’s Day was on February 14, this coming Sunday. I parked my truck and went to my first class. I sat besides Angela again.

“Hey, Angela”, I greeted.

“Hi, Bella. What happened yesterday? I heard that you and Jacob broke up. Well, both of you weren’t together in the first place, right? And, I also found out that you’re coming with Edward. Why the sudden change?” Angela asked, worried.

I quickly explained to her everything. When I finished, her eyes were wide then, she frowned, no doubt thinking about the coincidence between the play and reality. She shook her head slightly, dismissing the thought. Then, her expression changed to excitement.

“Anyway, the school is having a Valentine’s Ball on Sunday. Are you coming?” Angela asked excitedly.

At Phoenix, they always had a ball, either prom or some other events. I didn’t join anything that had to do with dancing or dresses, especially on Valentine’s Day, mostly because I don’t have a date and I can’t dance.

But, a plan formed in my head. Although I had given up on making plans, this plan seemed like it could work. I straightened up. I almost forgot that Angela was waiting for an answer.

“Oh, erm, yeah, sure.” I said and nodded my head.

“Then, who are you going with?” Angela asked, tightening her eyes.

I shrugged, “I’m not sure yet. And besides, it’s the guys who should ask the girls, right?”

She nodded sceptically and the teacher came. I was half listening to the teacher and half planning out my evil scheme. When lunch came, I brought my script along with me as Angela and I made our way to the canteen.

I read my script as my friends chatted along. Now was the Friday Night part where Jared and Marrianne made Helena jealous. The part of the play where Jared and Marrianne makes out. The part where Helena gets jealous and plans her revenge on Marrianne. Well, this is going to be interesting.

I looked up from my script to look at the Cullens. Tanya wasn’t with any of them. I found out that Jasper had walked towards Alice to ask her something. I looked at Edward and he gazed at me with mesmerising eyes. I felt as if he was observing me so carefully as if he was counting the threads in my shirt. I realised that there wasn’t any girl in his lap or anywhere around him.

Jasper came back to our table, feeling jubilant. All of us had questioning looks in our faces. “I asked Alice out for the Valentine’s Ball. And she said yes.” He said, still feeling happy.

And soon, everyone was talking about the Valentine’s Ball. Mike had asked Jessica out and she had agreed. Suddenly, a question struck me. I turned to Angela and asked, “Angela, who are you coming to the ball with?” Angela looked down, feeling shy.

“I’m going with… Ben. The co-director of the play.” She whispered softly. I smiled. I knew she was going to be great with Ben. I found out Ben was a really kind guy and matches with Angela.

The school bell rang and we went to our classes. After school, I set off to the drama studio. The props and background was amazing. It looked like the centre of a big ballroom, its walls painted peach and the curtains red. In the middle of it was a big chandelier.

Even the stairs of the play were decorated and instead of wooden stairs, it was now marble white. Angela gave us our dresses and we changed attires. Mine was a long sleeveless brown dress that suited me perfectly. It reached until the floor. It felt like it was made out of polyester and it was warm and comfortable against my skin.

When we went out of the dressing room, I saw that Alice’s one was jet black and reached until her knees. She was wearing a cute, long black jacket that reached until above her waist. She looked gorgeous as she her hair was now tidier but still curving in all directions.

Tanya’s dress was pink in colour and was too glamorous. Every time she moved, light will catch her shiny silver stars in her dress. Moreover, she was wearing too much make up.

When we reached the drama studio, the guys had dressed up as well. And, to tell the truth, they all look the same, except Edward. Although all of them were wearing the same tux, Edward seemed to be different from the others. I snapped out of it and we took our places…

We stood side by side with our partners at the drama studio door. When Angela gave us the signal, we entered in. When we reached the stage, we started dancing to a slow music. I rested my head in his chest, which made him jump a bit. I smiled. We danced to the music and after 30 seconds exactly, I looked up and he was looking at me intently, which made me blush.

His hand, which was in my waist, reached up to my cheek and he carresed it gently. Then, he started moving closer and closer, my heart beating faster every second. Then, our lips met. I was blissed. I was trying to pull myself closer when suddenly, Edward pinched me in the neck and that made me remember what I was supposed to do.

I pulled away from him and slapped him too hard at his right cheek. Then, I left the stage. When I was under the curtains, I tried not to think about what happened. The bliss I felt when he kissed me.. I snapped out of it in time and went to the stage. The background props changed fast and Jared ran after me. He held my arm and electric current flooded through me. I turned behind and he wrapped his arms around me.

"Marrianne, please. I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing this to make Helena jealous so that she could come back to me. Don't think of it in the worng way." Jared said.

I made it look as if I understood and I nodded. I noticed Helena coming to the stage and I said to myself, OK, now or never and I held his face with two hands and pressed my lips into his passionately. It took him by surprise for a moment and then, he held my body against his tightly.

I made the kiss longer than I expected and licked it and finally, tore away from him. I gasped for breath but he didn't. Clearly, he had spent lots of his time practicing how to kiss a girl. He looked at me lovingly. Those green eyes seemed to hypnotise me but, Helena's scream made me snap out of it. She turned to go back to exit the stage, annoyed. Jared and I looked back at each other and smiled.

"Cut!" Angela said and we seperated. We went back the dressing rooms to change. As we changed to our normal clothes, I though about the dress.

"Hey, Alice? Could I borrow this? I want to wear it during prom." I said.

"Yeah, sure. Just remember to return it afterwards." Alice said.

We exited the dressing room and packed our belongings then, as we exited the room, Jessica asked, "So... is everyone ready for our cinema night?" All of us were there. Angela with Ben, Alice with Jasper, Tanya with the other guy, Leah with Jacob, Jessica with Mike and me with Edward.

I looked at Edward and he was staring in front. When he noticed me looking at him, he looked back at me and gave me a smirk. Oh, boy. This is going to be a long Friday Night...
Oh, an epic chapter! They finally kissed... even if it's just for the play! Awesome! Can't wait for more. Please write more at vampire speed!
Oh Luv it!!! Pls Write more!! pls pls pls!!!!!
write more soon please!!!!!!!!!!!!
write more soon
hey, I love your story!!
I can't wait for more!
post asap please!!


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