The Twilight Saga

This is about Edward and Bella. They were chosen as the main characters in a school play in Forks High. Edward is a play boy and school bully in this story. They are all human. Bella and Edward are enemies since Edward keeps on picking on Bella.

But, what if the play they were acting...became real??

This is the story plot of the play they are acting:

Title of Play: Tragetic Love

Bella Swan as Marrianne
Edward Masen as Jared
Leah Clearwater as Susanne (Helena's twin sister)
Alice Cullen as Janie (Jared's sister)
Tanya Denali as Helena
Jasper Hale as Chris (Marrianne's sister)
Jacob Black as Gerald

Helena loves Jared. They were together until two new students, Marrianne and Chris, came. Jared falls in love with Marrianne. Jared's sister, Janie, fell in love with Chris. When Jared tried to ask Marrianne out, Marrianne declined and said that she is coming with Gerald. Helena's twin sister, Susanne, falls for Gerald. As the story goes on, Jared kept trying to ask Marrianne out and Marrianne kept declining. Helena thought that Jared was cheating on him and argued with him. In the end, Jared and Helena broke up.

Gerald falls for Susanne. Marrianne found them kissing and broke up with Gerald. Marrianne became heartbroken. The dance was coming up in two weeks' time and Jared asked Marrianne out once again. This time, Marrianne agreed. Janie went out with Chris and Gerald went with Susanne. Helena went out with another guy. Jared tried to make Helena jealous by trying to kiss Marrianne in the lips. Marrianne smacked him on the face and left the party.

Jared went after her, explaining that he only wanted to kiss her to make Helena jealous. Marriannne understood and both of them tried to make Helena jealous. And so, they kissed while Helena arrived. Helena got jealous and angry that she wanted to get revenge on Marrianne. Meanwhile, Marrianne and Jared 'pretended' to be together but, their pretences became real and after a few days, Marrianne started to fall for Jared. Jared was happy.

But, the day after Marriane confronts to Jared everything, things went wrong. Helena went to Jared's room. Jared got angry with her for tresspassing. But, while they argued, Helena kissed Jared. Marrianne suddenly went inside the room. She saw Helena and Jared together and thought that Jared was cheating on her. She broke the tea she made for Jared and went out of the room.

Jared broke the kiss and went after Marrianne. But, it was too late for him. Marrianne had jumped down the building. Jared was shocked. He called the ambulance. Helena smiled as she found out that her plan worked.

That's all I could write about the play. Otherwise, you'll know everything! :D

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sorry, I may need someone else to do this story for me... Im really busy at the moment here in reality. Really sorry if I disappointed anyone D: Its just been a long time since I wrote.. Could someone replace me?
oh please someone post more please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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