The Twilight Saga

Hi everyone!
As many of you know, I began writing this story last summer.
But school came and I was too busy to update.
So I stopped writing. 
But a lot of you read it and I figured that I would repost it and continue to write it!
So, please, read, comment, and enjoy!

Crying silently
Hurting Underneath
If you sob out loud
You can't cry, too
He'll see them and you
Don't show your weakness
Camouflage the pain
Can't let him see you're hurting
You can cry in the rain
That way no one will see
Won't see the tears stream
Down your face they flow
But only as the rain will blow
You can fake it
If you're good
You can act
Pretend, you could
Stay expressionless
Look emotionless
Even though it hurts
Even though it's ripping you apart
Even though you're screaming inside


When the pain starts to break through, your'e screaming on the inside. But you can't show the weakness. That would only bring amusement to them. You can't scream out loud. You've got to stay expressionless. Look emotionless. Cover up the proof. Smile.
Even though it hurts.
Even though it's ripping you're insides.
Even though you're screaming on the inside.....

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Love it!!! Keep writing. I really want to know what happens next.
Amazing. Keeep goooiingg.(:
Thanks girly!!!!
so shoking i gasped when i read the last sentence!

you wanna kno the worst part? im in my living room with my family so when i gasped they all looked at me like i was crazy!

luv it more soon plz cant wait!!!
I get that look alot.
Thanks ya!!
Please post more soon Girl!!
Love it!!
Thanks Ashlee!!!
Chapter Nine

Bo's POV.
It took him quite a while, 15 seconds, at least, to realize I was there.
To realize I saw and I know.
But once he did, he didn't wait to react.
He completely ignored Lili and came after me. I ran to the closet and stood as he charged.
When he was almost to me, I ducked under and he slammed, face first, into the closed door.
I wanted to laugh but couldn't find my voice.
With my video camera still in hand, I grabbed Lili's arm and practically was dragging her out of the room.

"Bo...NO!" she screamed.

"Listen to me, Lili. This is done and over with. This isn't going to happen any longer. I can't stand it, him hurting you, anymore!" I yelled back while increasing speed. I could hear very heavy, fast footsteps behind us but I didn't dare look back.

Lili didn't say another word. And I hoped she would forgive me for not listening to her.

We got near the steps and I glanced back, only once to warn Lili to hurry. I saw he dad turn the corner above and sped up even more. My heart was racing and I wanted to sit up and forget this nightmare. But it wasn't exactly the kind of thing you can wake up from.
We stumbled down the steep stair and ran into the kitchen.
I made sure Lili was out of the way and then I threw the fruit bowl behind us, hoping he would slip and fall. But I didn't wait around to find out if he would.
Now I let go of her hand, hoping she would follow me out the door.

When I got to the road, I turned to see her right behind me. I also did not see her dad.
Thank goodness, I thought to myself. He didn't want to be in the open and look like the bad guy. I stared at Lili and then lifted up the video camera.
I smiled and she didn't smile back.

Her face was bright red and tears streamed down her face.
I pulled her into a quick hug and then let her go.

"C'mon," I told her, walking on the sidewalk. I had to calm her down before I did anything.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"My house."

Then we both turned and glanced at the house.
Unexpectedly, she started running away, towards my house.

When we got there, I threw open the door and without saying a word to my mom in the kitchen, I took her to my room.
She sat on my bed and shoved her face into my pillow.
I didn't know what to say so I sat next to her, with my hand on her back.
Just then, my mom walked in and gave me the 'what's going on' look.
I shook my head for her to leave.

"Water?" My mom asked.

I nodded yes. Then held of two fingers, signalling for two waters.

Soon later, my mom brought us water. When the door opened, Lili looked up. I saw black marks from her makeup on my pillow and silently promised I would burn it after this. I don't want that memory.

When my mom left, I ducked my head to look at Lili.
She looked back at me and then wrapped her arms so tightly around me that I knew.
Yes, I knew.
I knew everything would be okay.
Thankkkkkk youuuu!!
That means ALOT!
I absolutely Love your story Kelsi!! I can't wait for the last chapter, but I will be sad to know that it is the final one! ):

I love your story I'm so glad the whole thing is over!!


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