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After a few years Edward finally decides that he can't live without Bella any longer and immediately returns to Forks. He finds out that Bella disappeared not long after he left, and no one can find her not even the werewolves or Victoria. But when trying to find her strange things happen...
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Most Characters and Orginal storyline are created by Setphenie Meyer
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Chapter 1
The Return

Edward looked out the window of the plane, watching the sun subside from the violet and navy blue sky.

The clouds below were an ocean of blazing oranges and reds, flowing passed the plane like a strong current.

But it wasn't fast enough.

His fortitude was grained down to the smallest particle of dust. After being nearly half a decade away from Bella he finally capitulated from the agonizing pain.

He wondered how he was able to endure the torture for so long.

Each day seemed to last as long as his whole life.

The images of her beautiful face hunted his mine, provoking him. She was the only cure to his shattered heart.

When he left Forks, left her, his heart crumbled slowly to the ground, leaving a trail behind him like bread crumble. And as each piece fell it felt like an anchor was drop and was tied to him, trying to hold him back.

As he pulled further, their bond ripped into him like rusted cables, leaving invisible but scaring tears in his flesh and soul.

And then he began to bleed. All the happiness, warmth, and love that he ever felt poured out of him like a river dyeing the earth in a lugubrious black.

The rust on the cables infected and spread through him, twisting onto every nerve and ruptured them.

After that everything went dark. He wasn't sure if he just blacked out or passed out, but he felt like he was consumed by a black flame that he couldn't put out nor escape.

This was his punishment.

This was for endangering Bella's life and lying to her in the worst way possible. When he told her that he didn't love her anymore, he could see the agony reflecting in her eyes.

He would do anything to take back those words, and now he could only hope that she would be able to forgive him.

Forgive him for all he did to her and failed to do.

He didn't expect her gratitude. He would leave her if she wished; he would do anything for her, even give up his own existence as a small reparation for his sins.

But if there was a even a faint spark of hope that she would look at him again, as she once did before, he would gladly get down on his hands and knees and beg her to take back the pathetic and trivial vampire that he was.

The plane shook as it grounded on the runway.

He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath.

This was it. This was his judgment with his existence at stack.

Its conclusion would put him into euphoria or abyss.


.....To be continued


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Updated June 27:

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This is sooooo good but pleas hurry up with the updates from now on.
Waiting for a new ch
Long time no see or hear
Glad you came back to write this story
New reader wow i reaaaallly want to know what happends this story is sooo different and sooo awesome

post soon

come. join. read. comment. on my story THE CHOSEN.
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty- you get now. thank you! I love your story! please update soon!
ooooo this was the one i was looking for! :D i found this a while ago when only the first to chappys were up but then i lost it good storie btw...
I’m making a effort to make these chapters longer, but it’s taking more time than expected sorry about that :_3

Chapter 10
What We Are
Part 1

Dural silently approached the side of Bella’s bed. She was sound asleep, her facial feature were more peaceful rather than the coma like state it was a few days ago.

He sat down on the bed, not making the slightest sound nor disturbed her with any of his movements.

He studied her for a while. Her hair was messily draped over her face due her weaselling in her dreams. He would often hear her faint moans, no matter how far he was from her in the hideout, and every time he would come to see if she was alright.

She’d cry out Edward name as tears rolled off her checks and only stop when he gentle patted her head and brushed the tears away. At times he would be with her for a few minutes or a few hours, but he stayed until she was sleeping soundly again.

He reached out his hand and drew back a strand of hair from her face. His softly trailed the tips of his fingers down her check and along her jaw to the tip of her chin. Her skin felt hot against his, he could feel the sweet blood of life pumping under her skin, even the ones within the capillaries.

She was so young, delicate, and defenceless like a baby.

Suddenly he snatched away his hand as if he touched burning red coals and he hissed in agonizing pain.

“No!” He growled pressing his palms to his face. His breathing raged. The disturbing distressful cries of a baby began to echo into the very core of his brain.

He covered his ears with his hands but it didn’t shield them from the deafening wails. Its high pitch shrieks, resembled the sound of nails starching against a black board, sending an ice cold chill down his spine and twisted his stomach in anguish.

The haunting memory were trying to slither back into his mind, trying to make him remember about-

He didn’t want to remember, he didn’t want to relive it. He wouldn’t let it happen again.

Never again!

He fought against it with all the self-control and will he could draw from his body, until he finally regained his drabbed state.


He looked back at Bella who was rubbing her sleepy eyes with her hand. She blinked them open and met his empty gaze. She attempted to sit herself with her elbows but her arms gave out half way.

Before she fell back on the pillow Dural caught her by the shoulders and sat her up. But she was still too dizzy to support herself so he let her lean against his chest.

“Sorry.” she said in a weak voice.

He gently took her hand and lifted her arm. The long bell sleeve of her snow-white nightgown slide down her skin and revealed countless wounds and bruises.

He spotted the freshest needle mark and lowered his head close to it and inhaled deeply. Bella shivered slightly as Dural’s cold breath tickled her skin.

“C4X.” he shook his head and he sat up straight.

Bella’s eyes widened slightly “Myst never used that drug on me before. Has she?”

“No, that’s because when she first made it, it was unstable. After stabilizing it I locked it away. I didn’t expect her to find it so soon.”

“She’s probably going to brag about creating it and take the whole credit.” Bella smiled, she could sit up by herself so pulled away from him “What does it do? I don’t feel any brain splitting migraines like the last time she stuck a needle in me.”

“No this one in particular shuts down most of the bodies functions, such as movement of muscles and the five scenes.”

“But I thought that she’s supposed to be expediting my maturation. So why would she give me something like that?”

Dural lifted his hand to her face and pressed the tip of his index finger to the center of her forehead. “That’s because you mind to more powerful than you think and it will become a formidable weapon. By depending solemnly on your mind rather than your body to observe your environment and enemies it will grant you the ultimate level of power.”

Even with a blank tone his words held a cold truth and deep in his eyes there was an esoteric darkness. She shook and backed away from him a bit.

“It’s nothing to be afraid of as long as you don’t misuse it.” he reassured her. “And speaking of misusing one’s power, I will have to have another talk with Myst.”

“Is she really in that much trouble? She did warn you that this would happen.”

“That is true but she did not tell me that she was going to use C4X. You were intended to be instilled with it when you reached the final stages of the transformation.”

“Oh, but I’m sure that she had a good reason.”

“You have a horrible tendency of defending her, despite what she does to you.”

Bella’s eyes fell to her hands that were folded together in her lap. “Most people would think that I’m insane for accepting the experiments that she does to me. But it’s for the best right? This must be done to finish it quickly.”

“In my prospective you just seem to spoil that girl and letting her take advantage of your sympathy.”

Bella laughed.

“It was not meant as a joke.” he said bluntly.

“I know it’s just that I don’t think you saw it that way. I always ways believed that as long as she didn’t kill me she could do whatever she wants.”

“There are a dissent number of things you don’t know about me and what I contemplate or even come close to imaging.”

Bella stopped laughing and shuttered as she looked into his hard eyes. She never seen him like this before, so dangerously volatile that her hands wouldn’t stop shaking until he closed his eyes.

“Turn around, your hair in a muddle.” his empty tone relaxed her shakiness.

Bella touched her head and felt the bush of entanglements. Dural pulled a brush from the inside of his robe. She kneed and turned her back to him and he brushed her hair so gently that the only thing that indicated that he combing it was the sound of the brush grazing her hair.

“Did I cry again?” Bella broke the silence.


Bella gave a cheerless chuckle. “I figured since you were here when I woke up.”

“Do you wish to talk to me about it?” He asked as he untangled the last knot. He took a strand of hair from behind her ear and began to braid it.

“I’m pathetic.” she lowered her head. “I keep thinking and crying over him even if it’s pointless.”

“You don’t sound convinced. Do you honestly believe that?”

“Hence the patheticness part.”

“Patheticalness.” he corrected her and stopped braiding half way down and moved to the other ear.

“Patheticalness.” she smiled. “I thought...that time in England, for an instance, I thought he really came back for me. I could scarcely believe that he was physically there. But then I saw Jasper and Jacob behind him.” she drowned in depression and her hands clinched into fists on her lap. “I then knew that he only came because he felt responsible for my disappearance and probably found out from Alice that I was gone. I wouldn’t be surprised if the werewolves and his family pressured him to find me.”

Tears began dripping on her hand and her body trembled. Dural united the half finished braids at the centered and continued down.

“If they caught me we would have separated and I’m not sure if I could go through that again.”

“But that’s not the reason why you ran.” He tied the end of her braid.

She sobbed and shook her head. “I was afraid that the something would happen to him if he found out the truth. Why I had to disappear from Forks and what I was becoming.” she broke into sobs. “Not...not that it would him ...but...but I couldn’t stand the thought of him getting hurt by the Guardians. I couldn’t! I just couldn’t-uh!” she was stunned when Dural’s arms suddenly encircled her and pulled her back to his chest.

She froze as her breathing stopped for an instant. He wasn’t breathing either. His chin rested on her shoulder and his hair tickled her cheek. His body began to sway and a soothing motion, calming her cries. When she regained her breath he raised his arms and began to softly wipe away the tears from her face.

“He has caused you scars and suffering but know that even as you fall in the deepest and darkest pits of disappear there will be people to pulled you back and support you. Although you may be feeling unbearable pain now, you will feel paradise one day, I give you my word.”

“You know,” she smiled. “If you didn’t sounds so impassive that would have been very sweet.”

“I apologize that I can’t harbour nor alter any emotions, however I am earnest about what I said.” He pulled away feeling that she didn’t need the comforting anymore.

“I believe you.” she turned to meet his blank face. “I believe that you are a very compassionate brother underneath that cold headstone.”

“You’re just like Myst.” He told her hand and raised it to unveil the injuries of her arm again. “And because of her it’s time to take you to the garden yet again.”

“I’m can withstand another week or two with Myst’s treatments.” she insisted and a faint blush formed on her cheeks. “I don’t think that you need to heal my wounds yet.”

He gazed at her for a minute and lightly griped her arm with his other hand. She winced in pain and jolted her arm trying to pull away.

“I stand corrected.” he said and let her go.

Her arm was red and ached where he held it. He lowered his to her arm. She watched his every move with wide eyes. When his lips made contact with her skin she shut her eyes as her face grow hot in embarrassment. She felt a numbing warmth swathe the throbbing pain.

When the pain completely vanished he sat up straight. “I apologise for the discomforted of my actions.”

Bella opened her eyes and looked at him.

“Though you may stubbornly disagree it would be best if I healed you now. You are at your limits.”

She sighed. “Okay, I’ll go.” she surrendered. “But honestly it’s so embarrassing.”

“If it makes you feel more content, I experience no personal affections towards you during the procedure. It’s just an effective healing process that is quick and painless.”

“To you it seems that way, but to me it’s sexual harassment.” She eyes narrowed.

“I have many different alternatives which are displeasing in many ways.”

“Can’t you just let your flames to burn through me?” she grumbled sarcastically.

“Again very displeasing and with the extent of your injuries it will just make it problematic for the both of us.”

“I can endure it.”

“I not take pleasure in the fact that you may feel any pain whatsoever.”

Bella stared at him in astounded and rueful. “Oh.”

“You have to understand though I little to non moral virtues, I’m incapable of intentionally harming my family.”

Bella twitched in surprised. Though she knew that Myst already seen her as a sister, she was never curtained if Dural thought of her the same way. She assumed that he took care of her for Myst’s convenience. The knowledge of that her considered her as part of his family deeply moved her.

She had no recollection of it, but she found herself in his arms and walking towards the door, his steps where silent on the pebbled path.

“I’m going to find out why this technique involves using different body contacts for different genders. Then I will heal you with my hands rather than my lips.”

“Just do it quickly.” she muttered as the door open on its own.

When they entered the hall Myst was there to greet them with a warm smile and a checkerboard bunny in her possession.

“Hi baby sister!” she ran up to them. “How are you feeling?”

“Different than usual.” Bella really took notice of Dural’s height as she smiled down at the seemingly tiny Myst.

“Have you experiences any phenomenal changes?” She asked in excitement.

“Nothing yet.”

Myst frowned at her responds but the smile quickly returned when she turned to Dural. “Where are you taking her?”

“The garden.” he responded.

“Oh goody I’ll meet you there in a jiffy I just have to finish cleaning my room.”

Bella chuckled. “Dural was giving you a hard time about that again?”

“Yeah, but it’s okay I need my room to be extra clean for something very special that’s coming up.”

“What’s that?” Bella never hear of anything of this before.

“You will see.” Myst gave one of her odd giggles. “And since you are going to heal Bella’s, you can also cure my little boo-boo too.” She showed them one of her small fingers with a thin cut.

Dural bent down on one knee and leaned his head slightly forward. Myst extend her arm and touched his lips. He closed his eye, not in tenderness but focus. Bella watched as a white glow radiated from their connecting skin.

Once the light faded Dural opened his eyes. Myst took her finger and examined it. She smiled admirably, the cut magically vanished.

“I would appreciate if you stopped doing this to merely get me to cure you.”

In a second Myst’s bunny was on the floor and her fingers pinched his checks and pulled at them hard. “I can do whatever I want and you could smile once in decade.” A deep sadness lingered in her sweet voice. “It was such a lovely smile, I miss it very much.”

Bella examined Dural’s reaction to this painful plead for love but there was nothing. His eyes showed no sign of poignancy or brotherly affection. He just simple got up and started down the hall.

“Get back to your task. I will be seeing you shortly.” he said over his shoulder and turned into a corridor and out for Myst sight.

Myst gradually picked up her bunny and held it tightly to her heavy chest. She buried her burning eyes into its soft downy fur. “Oh Dural, why does it have to be like this? Constantly shutting your heart from everyone and yourself. Living as an empty shell, conducting yourself only by reminiscences and sense of duty. Cannot we try to be the happy family we once were?” She lifted her head and looked at the way he left with hard determination. Her voice altered into a chilling dark voice of a woman. “I promise to bring you some peace and return a fragment of the family you lost. I’ll help you get Edward with all my power and without sympathy. This I’ll do for no one but you.”

P.S. incase you may not know there is also a Chapter 9 Part 4 that updated a while back :3

W. O. W!


I must say Hella!! Incredibly dramatic!

Makes you want to feel sympathy towards the Dural and Myst...

I wonder what happened to Edward and that other dude in the Cullen house... TEEHEE!!

Oh so many questions you have left me on!! I hope you can answer them soon!
holy marshmellow
(I've already said that today, but I'm particuarly sure what it means)
This was sooo goood , I feel sympathy toward Myst and Dural, I hope their lives get sorted out
into a more peaceful one
wow.. this fan fic is super awesome... i just read the chapters and i'm so fascinated by the lines, the plot and the other version of vampires. You amazed me Hella <3TwilightAllTheWay . Hope you could post more.. really loved ur story

I'm so glad I found this! It's brilliant, actually I used to read it before everything got deleted but I'm glad its back. Keep on.
AWEsome chapter!!!!
can't wait for More =D


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