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After a few years Edward finally decides that he can't live without Bella any longer and immediately returns to Forks. He finds out that Bella disappeared not long after he left, and no one can find her not even the werewolves or Victoria. But when trying to find her strange things happen...
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Chapter 1
The Return

Edward looked out the window of the plane, watching the sun subside from the violet and navy blue sky.

The clouds below were an ocean of blazing oranges and reds, flowing passed the plane like a strong current.

But it wasn't fast enough.

His fortitude was grained down to the smallest particle of dust. After being nearly half a decade away from Bella he finally capitulated from the agonizing pain.

He wondered how he was able to endure the torture for so long.

Each day seemed to last as long as his whole life.

The images of her beautiful face hunted his mine, provoking him. She was the only cure to his shattered heart.

When he left Forks, left her, his heart crumbled slowly to the ground, leaving a trail behind him like bread crumble. And as each piece fell it felt like an anchor was drop and was tied to him, trying to hold him back.

As he pulled further, their bond ripped into him like rusted cables, leaving invisible but scaring tears in his flesh and soul.

And then he began to bleed. All the happiness, warmth, and love that he ever felt poured out of him like a river dyeing the earth in a lugubrious black.

The rust on the cables infected and spread through him, twisting onto every nerve and ruptured them.

After that everything went dark. He wasn't sure if he just blacked out or passed out, but he felt like he was consumed by a black flame that he couldn't put out nor escape.

This was his punishment.

This was for endangering Bella's life and lying to her in the worst way possible. When he told her that he didn't love her anymore, he could see the agony reflecting in her eyes.

He would do anything to take back those words, and now he could only hope that she would be able to forgive him.

Forgive him for all he did to her and failed to do.

He didn't expect her gratitude. He would leave her if she wished; he would do anything for her, even give up his own existence as a small reparation for his sins.

But if there was a even a faint spark of hope that she would look at him again, as she once did before, he would gladly get down on his hands and knees and beg her to take back the pathetic and trivial vampire that he was.

The plane shook as it grounded on the runway.

He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath.

This was it. This was his judgment with his existence at stack.

Its conclusion would put him into euphoria or abyss.


.....To be continued


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Chapter 10, What We Are, Part 2 Preview 

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I used to read your story back in August, but took a break from this site.
Well, I just read your whole story over, and its amazing!
please write more soon :)
you finally updated i feel so happy now you just made my Sunday and that means a lot to me thank thank you
you are such an awesome writer and this chapter shows it all to every single person who has read your story and
will keep reading it so to just finish this up i have some questions for you and if it wouldn't be much to ask for if you
can at least give us a little glimpse of what is going to be in the next chapter so here they go:
Why is Dural so emotionless?
Is he in love with Bella?
Who was the baby that was crying?
Why is Myst going to clean her room?
Is Dural really unemotional?
And of course
When are you going to update?
I love this! please update soon!
On the request of Alondra Navarrete here is a glimpse for the next part of What We Are


“Edward please, we cared about you. Let us help you, just let us understand what you need-” Carlisle voice was pleading him.

“You can’t help me.” Edward voice become ice cold and hard his eyes scowled at his entire family. “Everything is changing. I’m changing. There is nothing I want from you expect to understand that we are no longer the same.”


Lance glance down on the rocky snow cover ground, as if collecting thoughts. His lifted his gaze. “How about the basics than? Edward do you know the true origin of your species of common vampires?”


Suddenly he frowned in aggravation. From a further distance he saw a spot of flaming red hair peering through the green trees.

Chapter 10, What We Are, Part 2 is coming to a computer need you :3

....hope that it will clear some questions up
i loved this!!! please post more.. I can't wait for the next chappies.. always loved this. I got a question, are guardians the good guys?

Chapter 1
The Return
Part 2

The pilot announced the landing and thanked the passengers for their cooperation. Edward made his way through the clustered of people in the narrow pathway, without making any physical contain with anyone. As he got off the plane he dashed towards the airport in the quickest human speed he could acquire, without looking suspicious to the humans.

It was drizzling and the skies were darker then usually, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. The airport was filled with people. He remembered that it was only a few days till summer vacation so it was natural that it to be crowed. But he didn't really care; all that was on his mind was Bella.

Every step he took echoed her name. Within the buzz of noise, both vocal and mental, he could faintly hear her. Her laugh ... her cry... her voice.

Every girl with brown hair and pale skin that passed him reflected her.

He smiled faintly. Before she was in every single thought in his mind, now she was everywhere around him.

When he was out of the airport he called a taxi and asked to be dropped off at the nearest car rental. He wasn't willing to wait for someone to drive him to Forks at a slow pace. The driver was very uneasy when Edward got in. He couldn't blame him. Despite looking breath taking through human eyes, it didn't hide the dark circles under his eyes or the signs of tension on his face.

He got a Volvo out of preference, but when he drove just outside of Forks he thought that Charlie would probably recognize him. And if he knew anything about Charlie, he would be more displeased to see him than the time when he came back with Bella all broke from Phoinix. He quickly putted the unpleasant memory out of his head.

He parked his car in a nearby public parking lot. As he got out of the car there was a clash of thunder in the distance as the clouds became black. It started to rain heavily as the winds picked up and blew viciously against him. The cold and bitter weather didn't bother him and he ran the rest of the distance to Bella's house.

As he came closer, the cables the held him down before loosened, but a nervous core weighting in his stomach became a pound heavier with each step.

Whether it was from the anxiety to see her again after so long, or the fear of her disapproval he didn't know. But all he did know was that he was finally back where he belonged ... with Bella.

He ran up the wall and entered through the window, the door to his only sanctuary. He did it quickly like if it was second nature. Why wouldn't it be after coming to her room the same route hundreds of times?

But the moment he set foot on the wooden floor he sensed that there was something horribly wrong. It was not because of the mess of clothes that were scattered all over the floor from a suitcase, or the unmade bed, or the empty book shelves and CD cases, or the stereo that Bella got on her last birthday with him which laid completely destroyed.

It was the scent. There wasn't a faintest tract of Bella’s scent anywhere.

The wind slammed the window shut. At the same instant a flash of thunder lightened the dark room and its loud rumble shook the glass.

End of Chapter :3

Hi, im a new reader!!! i was wondering if you could keep me updated???? i love your story!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 2

So what shall you do now?” a low whisper came from behind him.

Edward spun around in a fraction of a second.

What did he hear just then? A voice?

No a thought. It had to be.

A man? Women? Child?

No none of them. It was inhuman, demon like filled with pure evil lust.

He slowly took a step towards the window. The first foot step took so long to complete and so was the second. Space seemed to lengthen as if asking him to take his time, to think it over.

But think what over?

He come to a stop and became an immobile statue as he looked out the glass. It was so strange, instead of viewing the colourful night that only vampires could see showered by the summer rain, all his eyes were feasting on was bitter cool darkness.

He stared at the emptiness for a few seconds...minutes.....hours?

It was too dead lonely.

Yet it was how his existence was for the past few years, the exact reflection of his life without Bella.

He could see no end to it couldn't look away from it, as if a gravitational pulled was drawing him into the abyss.

He gentle placed his hand on the smooth glass. The face staring back at him was drained from all emotion.....had no sign of soul.....a hollow.

He let out a long breath that harboured in his lungs for some time now.

Did he see a cloud of vapour form in the air?

No impossible he thought.

His fingers traced the image, belong it was the gateway to Hell. But only the gateway. Was he really there? What was beyond it?

Was he supposed to go through? Was it his time to live this world, this 'life' and enter into a world without-

..... to be continued

Chapter 2
Part 2

The sudden clash of thunder snapped his mind out of the strange delusion. His eyes regained their normal vision of the night behind the glass.

He flinched away the window as if electricity jolted through his body. He never experienced anything like that before. Was it a dream?

No he must have dazed off. But it wasn't the average daydream. In fact he couldn't tell what it was.

It felt too real. Too much like a nightmare.

An abnormal chill ran down his spine.

From fear? He did feel fear, a bone shuddering fear that twisted his inside, pressing heavily down on his lungs and tightened his throat.

It was hard to breath.

But it was not only because of this stomach-turning feeling, he felt cold......was it possible?...

So cold.

Something was out there and it was coming... creeping towards him.

GO!!!! *hick* GO ON GET THE....*hick* YOU BASTERED!!!!!” the inebriated yell broke through Edward’s hysteria.

That voice, it was Charlie.

Edward got out of Bella's room as fast as he could; his feet were inaudible as they hit the floor at an invisible speed. He was too scared to jump out the same window he passed through so many times.

He had to get out of there!

That place it was no longer familiar to him. It was no longer a place of welcoming or contained the missing warmth and love that he was hoping to find. It was haunted with deep, dark agony.

When he was about to past the living room, the sight of Charlie watching baseball caught the corner of his eye. Edward stopped just by the entrance and spied on him with his back pressed on the opposite side of the wall.

Charlie sat slumped on the couch with one of his legs on the table. His boots were covered in dry dirt. His jeans and white undershirt were reeking of week-old odour, which caused his noise to twist in disgust, and they were stained with grease, food, and other things he was not willing to identify.

His hair was all over the place, and his face was over grown in a bushy moustache and beard. Surrounding him were dozens of empty beer bottles and plates with mold infested food.

There was no way Bella would have Charlie in this state. That gave Edward the conclusion that she was no longer in Forks or in this house at least.

Besides his bad hygiene and neatness, Charlie looked broken. His face was tired and he seemed ten times older than his age. His eyes were empty.

Edward read his mind and found a complex flood of thoughts and emotions. He was too intoxicated by the alcohol to think straight. But Edward had a hunch that he was purposely trying to forget something.

He tried to listen closer. Trying to find any clues as to where Bella may be. Then a painful feeling buzzed through Charlie.

In his mind he was denying it, pushing, and fighting against it. He shouted sounds as if they were words. He garbed the nearest empty bottle and threw it in Edward's direction.

He ducked behind the wall and heard the bottle shattered on impact and spray across the floor.

Did Charlie see him?

Edward listened, it didn't seem so. After a few long minutes Charlie quiet down and Edward looked back at him. He rolled on the couch to his side holding his trembling hands close to his face.

“Why?” he whimpered. His breathing was uneven. “Why did you have to go? Come back! Come back!” he closed his eyes and tears poured down his face as he gave out harsh sobs.

.....To be continued

Chapter 2
Part 3

Jake watched the thick rain beat on the windshield furiously as thunder flashed across the dark sky and rumbled through the air.

How considerate, he thought to himself. Why was it that every time he would go to that house, there would always be horrible weather?

But then again, he wasn't in the greatest spirit himself. Not like anyone else would be if they were him. He looked at his father that sat beside him.

He held a pack of beer bottles and some garbage bags in his laps, though he doubted that it would be enough to where they were going.

His father sat tall with his chin up and eyes glazing ahead. But under that strong posture Jake could sense and see in his eyes that this road was proven to be difficult for him too.

He hated when he saw his father in pain. It reminded him of how he looked during his mother's memorial and burial.

“Jake.” his father suddenly spoke.

Jake glaze returned back on the road. “Yeah dad?”

“Thanks for coming down with me.” he replied.

“Sure, sure dad. It's no problem.” he said.

“Jake.” his voice filled with pity and he turned to Jake. “I know that it's harder on you than it is for me.”

The Volkswagen Rabbit squeaked to a halt in front of the red light.

“Dad please-” he pleaded through his teeth.

“Listen son, this brings back painful memories of want happened. I would do anything to ease the agony that they bring you, even a little, believe me. If I could shake these darn legs of mine back to life or roll myself there I would. But you have to understand that you don't have to go through this because of me-”

“Shut up!” he yelled. He gripped the steering wheel tighter as his breathing raged. “I'm sorry dad. I didn't mean to snap like that. It's just,” he shut his eyes and leaned back his head. “If only I could have prevented it somehow. It's just pisses me off that I even let it happen.” his growled in agony as heat shot up his spine. “What did I miss? Maybe if I visited her more often or took her out somewhere. If I told her how I felt, perhaps I could have saw something or she could have told me something, a sign or a hint as to why she's gone. But no, I was to focus on that damn red head leech to even notice anything!”

“Jake! Calm down!” Billy's voice reached his ears.

His eyes shot open. Dammit, he was shaking the whole car and was nearly at the edge of changing into a wolf right there. He took a few long, deep breaths to cool himself down.

When the lights turned green he was able to relax himself enough to move the vehicle forward.

“Sorry dad.” he gave a sad chuckle not meeting his father's eyes. “That was really stupid of me. Must have scared the hell out of you.”

“No you didn't.” his father said casually. “You have nothing to blame yourself for Jacob. The Cold Ones are responsible for this.” he turned his head to look out the side window.

Jake wondered what was going through his father's mind at that moment. If only he could see his face to find a clue.

“You did all that you could have done for her Jake.” he whispered softly, lost in thought.

“But it wasn't enough.” he mumbled to himself so that his father wouldn't hear.

When the Swans house came to view from within the rain, he felt his heart tighten in his chest.

Where once was the home of his dear and best friend now stood a foreign building, showing no signs of life, was crippled and disregarded.

He took at step out in the rain and took in a deep breath, but then he froze in an instant.

He felt the inside of his noise and lungs twist and burn.

This scent! There was no mistake in it!

He took a step forward before he remembered that his father was still in the car. He quickly took out the wheelchair from the back and hurried to his father side of the car.

When he opened the door and lifted him into the chair, Billy started up at him with wide eyes.

“Jake?” he heard the pure concern and shock in his father’s voice was he pushed him up the driveway and onto the porch. “Jake what's the matter?”

“It's them!” he growled. “It's the bloodsuckers I can smell them. They were here.”

“Charlie?” his glaze flashed to the door in horror.

“He seems to be okay. Dad I have to go!”

Jake turned to the stairs and felt his father's hand on his arm. He looked down at him. Billy's eyes were hard and resolute, which generated and granted his strength to Jake.

“Be careful. I'll be fine here. Now go!”

Jake nodded once and bolted out into the rain, with water and dirt spraying behind him, tracking down the scent into the woods.

He didn't turn into a wolf, not yet. He didn't want the others to know who he was going after. Not until he found out for himself first. be continued

Hope you like that part with Jake
Chapter 2
Part 4

Not controlling his strength Edward sent the iron gates of the cemetery crashing into the wall. Leaving a crumbling imprint in the old, moss covered, stone wall.

The collision caused a loud boom that cannonade into Edward's body and was able to penetrate his stone hard skin, vibrating his insides and obstruct heart.

He stood at the opening.

The air around him had a contrast savour of rich greenery, soil, and the decaying corpses beneath the earth. But his throat was shut, refusing to let even a particle of air in or out of him.

His eyes were focused on the never ending field of tombstones, but they were blind.

His ears were deaf to the silence of the dead.

But it wasn't his senses what his was focusing to sever, it was his mind.

Whatever he had to do, he couldn't think. Couldn't think about where he was, why he was there, or that he was looking for-

He ran into the graveyard not letting himself finishing that thought.

He flashed between the gravestones. Barely glimpsing over the names, like a child running through library selves ignoring every book as he searches for the thickest one with the familiar title, which he could spot miles away.

He depleted every stonemason and headstone, every row and section. Once, twice, three times over before he found himself running back out of the cemetery.

He was able to make a ten kilometre gap between him and the cemetery before he stopped. He leaned against a tree with his arm. He pressed his eyes on his sleeve holding in the emotions that were fluctuating so hard inside him that he shook.

The rain poured on his head and streamed down his face as if they were his own tears.

He took in a trembling breath. The feeling of not finding was he was looking for was bittersweet.

“Where are you Bella?” he lamented as her name burned his throat and scraped along the edge of the hole in his chest.

A breezed approached for behind him and as it whistled past his ears his head shot up. A foul odour inflamed his nostrils, which was immediacy followed by the sound of crackling of twigs and dead leaves.

He turned around to face a tall muscular Quileute young man just a few meters away.

With that body structure and smell, there was no doubt in Edward's mind that he was a werewolf.

He stared at him with abhorrent eyes. His jaws were locked as tightly as his fists. His body shook alarmingly.

Edward braced himself. Why did this wolf have such a thick killer aura around him? The treaty was still valid and he didn't recall stepping into their territory.

He then thought that they could have possible expanded their boundaries. He had to resolve this calmly.

The last thing he wanted right now was to start a war between his family and the Quileute Tribe because of his carelessness.

“YOU!!!” a horrifying snarl ripped from the boy's chest.

Edward opened his mouth to say something in defence, but the words dead in his throat.

In the boy's mind an image of Bella shot at him with a force that nearly knocked him down. This was the first time in many years that he 'saw' Bella, besides in his own thoughts.

Before Edward could recover from the mild traumatization, there was an explosion and the next thing he knew a huge russet brown furred wolf was lunging straight at him.

.....End of Chapter

Chapter 3

Jake’s jeans and shirt ripped as the heat rose for his back and spread across him. Jake went for Edward neck. His vision saw nothing but him in a red haze.

But before his paws could touch the ground in front of Edward, he jumped away from where Jacob’s jaws were supposed to lock around him.

He was faster than Jake expected.

He turned his head and snarled. He crouched down with tail cocked, lips pulled back, fangs bared, ears forward, and eyes wild and threatening. His fur stood up as his teeth snap together producing a loud clap.

Edward landed ten meters away, his body tensed but his facial expression was calm.

'Jake!' Embry called in his mind.

'Crap' Jake thought bitterly. Seth, Quil, Embry, and Sam were already making their way towards him.

'Jake have you completely lost it man?' Seth exclaimed.

'Jacob step down. Let me take care of this.' Sam commanded.

Jake's body told him to obey the Alpha wolf's orders, but his mind and heart told him the exact opposite.

'No.' he replied coldly.

'Jake! Are you planning to break the treaty?' Quil yelled.

‘The treaty is already broken.’

'Jacob don't put your personal matters before this!' Sam warned.

Jake ignored them, he had to act fast. It wouldn't be long before they came and stopped him.

“What do you mean the treaty is broken?” Edward asked.

Jake's head snapped up a bit in surprise.

'Oh, that's right.' Jake's narrowed his eyes. ' Bella told me about your special skill.’

Edward's face suddenly twisted in some kind of unbearable pain.

'Where is she?’ he snarled louder.

“What?” Edward's voice was astounded, but his mask was not lifted.

'Don't give me that Damn!' the angry boiled in him, threatening an outburst. 'It was you who took her wasn't it?'

His memories of that nightmarish day returned to him as if it was yesterday.

He was sleeping after a non-stop 24 hour patrol when his father got an alarming called from Charlie and was asked if he knew where Bella was.

He felt that something was terribly wrong and he jumped out of bed and stormed out of the house to his motorcycle. When he reached Bella's house Charlie showed him a letter that he found on the counter.

Dear Dad,
When you read this letter I'm probably long gone now. This is not a suicide note so I'll still be alive and hopefully well, but I can't live here anymore.
I not going back to mom and I don't want you or anyone else to come looking for me either.
You will most likely never see me again, but I want you to know that I love you dad and tell Jake and the others that I'll miss them. Thank you for everything you did for me and how you dealt with want I’ve put you through.
Good Bye,

He stared at the piece of paper that crumbled in his hand for a long time. There was no mistake that this messy handwriting belonged to Bella, or that the tears that smudged the ink were from her eyes. Or that this paper reeked of bloodsuckers.

Jake knew that it was him. Edward was the one that ripped her apart and destroyed her life. He was guilty.

Suddenly Edward's eyes turned black, and they seemed empty. No, more like his mind was somewhere else. His body lost its tension and he appeared completely off guard.

Now was his chance. Jake sprinted at him with full force. The distance between them was closing fast.

When Jake was only a few feet away he felt an unnatural freezing chill. The feeling of submission over powered the rage and gridlocked the muscles in his legs.

'What the hell is going on?' Jake looked at Edward wondering if he was the one doing this. But it appeared that he was under the same spell.

His eyes grow wide in shock when a cloud of vapour formed from Edward's breath.

This was way messed up.

He looked around trying to find who was responsible for this. He found no one but he did find that there was not a single living thing anywhere, not even the insects in the ground. There was an abnormal demonic aura lurking in the still air.

Jake began to shake in fear as vapour formed from his own painting breath. Something was out there.

Strange, faint high pitch cries were coming from all around them, and there was creepy giggle from a child.

A ghostly fog engulfed them. The trees and ground were slowly covered by a sheet of ice, which stretched itself closer towards him and Edward.

'Jacob!' Sam's roar broke through to him. He and the rest of the pack stood not far behind him.

Both Jake and Edward flinched and started at each other. Though Jake could not read his mind he knew what he was thinking.

Was that Hell? Was it! be continued

Sorry had to reposted due to violations, but it's clean now :3


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