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After a few years Edward finally decides that he can't live without Bella any longer and immediately returns to Forks. He finds out that Bella disappeared not long after he left, and no one can find her not even the werewolves or Victoria. But when trying to find her strange things happen...
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Chapter 1
The Return

Edward looked out the window of the plane, watching the sun subside from the violet and navy blue sky.

The clouds below were an ocean of blazing oranges and reds, flowing passed the plane like a strong current.

But it wasn't fast enough.

His fortitude was grained down to the smallest particle of dust. After being nearly half a decade away from Bella he finally capitulated from the agonizing pain.

He wondered how he was able to endure the torture for so long.

Each day seemed to last as long as his whole life.

The images of her beautiful face hunted his mine, provoking him. She was the only cure to his shattered heart.

When he left Forks, left her, his heart crumbled slowly to the ground, leaving a trail behind him like bread crumble. And as each piece fell it felt like an anchor was drop and was tied to him, trying to hold him back.

As he pulled further, their bond ripped into him like rusted cables, leaving invisible but scaring tears in his flesh and soul.

And then he began to bleed. All the happiness, warmth, and love that he ever felt poured out of him like a river dyeing the earth in a lugubrious black.

The rust on the cables infected and spread through him, twisting onto every nerve and ruptured them.

After that everything went dark. He wasn't sure if he just blacked out or passed out, but he felt like he was consumed by a black flame that he couldn't put out nor escape.

This was his punishment.

This was for endangering Bella's life and lying to her in the worst way possible. When he told her that he didn't love her anymore, he could see the agony reflecting in her eyes.

He would do anything to take back those words, and now he could only hope that she would be able to forgive him.

Forgive him for all he did to her and failed to do.

He didn't expect her gratitude. He would leave her if she wished; he would do anything for her, even give up his own existence as a small reparation for his sins.

But if there was a even a faint spark of hope that she would look at him again, as she once did before, he would gladly get down on his hands and knees and beg her to take back the pathetic and trivial vampire that he was.

The plane shook as it grounded on the runway.

He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath.

This was it. This was his judgment with his existence at stack.

Its conclusion would put him into euphoria or abyss.


.....To be continued


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Ok so I'm a new reader and it's taken me a while to read because I've been so busy. It's a great story, full of mystery and suspense and everything a story needs. I can't wait for more. I have a question though, why did you re post those chapters? And to keep me updated you can add me, here's the link:
Kendra ♥☼♥♫♥♪
Chapter 3
Part 2

Edward pressed his palm to his forehead. For some reason his brain felt too heavy for his skull to hold in.

That was the same hallucination as before. Everything disappeared into the darkness and it became cold.

He was back at the gateway to Hell but, instead of being behind the window, this time he was standing right at the entrance.

And he heard things he didn't hear the last time.

He used his full mental power to recap what just occurred. The cries of pain, a child's laughter, and....there was something else, it was faint, but he heard it.

What was it? He was becoming frustrated. Weren't vampires supposed to have a perfect memory? So why couldn't he remember what happened a few seconds ago?

Quil, Embry, and Seth ran to Jake's side. Jake was shaking like a leaf and whimpering. He was completely petrified.

'Jake! Jake!' Quil barked. 'Jake, snap out of it!'

'What did you do to him?' Embry snarled at Edward.

Edward stopped pondering and noticed the wolves for the first time.

'I said something to you leech?!' Embry bared his fangs as he began to slowly approached Edward.

Sam stepped in front of him blocking his way.

'I think that’s enough Embry. Try to regain Jake, while I'll speak with the Cold One.' Sam ordered.

He obeyed without questioning and returned to Jake.

'Dammit I can't get through to him' Quil growled.

'Maybe we should bite him? It could work.’ Seth suggested.

'Are you crazy kid? There is no way that will-'

Before Embry could finish, Seth's jaw snapped hard on Jake's tail.

'YAAAOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!' Jake yelped as loud as thunder.

'See, told you it would work.' Seth said proudly.

'What the hell was that for?!' Jake yelled at them.

'A better question would be what got into you man?' Quil asked. 'You were completely out of it.'

'Yeah, one second we saw you running at the Cullen guy and then the next second nothing. Poof! You were gone, complete black out.' Embry explained.

'We didn't get your thoughts or feelings. We thought that you were dead or something. It freaked us out.' Seth said.

'I...' Jake shook his head. 'I'm not sure what happened. It was so weird and freaky, like I was-'

“In Hell.” Edward finished his sentence.

'You saw it too?' Seth exclaimed.

The wolves looked at him in shock.

'I knew it! It was you that did it!' Embry snapped, 'You probably did the same thing to-'

'Embry-Don't-Say-It!' Jake bellowed closing his eyes and locking his jaw in pain.

Embry looked at him in apology.

'So it's true that you can read minds.' Sam said in a casual tone.

Edward nodded.

'I don't believe that you're the one behind this, but I can't help but wonder what you two experienced.'

“I thank you for not accusing me falsely. But from what I got from Jacob's mental image, we didn't encounter the same thing.” Edward said polity. “It seemed that he was more aware of his surrounding, while I was so deeply ensorcelled I couldn't see or sense anything really.”

Sam's eyes widened in awe.

'Do you know who could have done it?' He asked

“No,” Edward shook his head. “I happened to me once before, but I haven't thought much of it. I figured that I was simply daydreaming.”

'When did it happen before?'

“When I-” Edward hesitated and the pack took notice. “When I came back to Forks.”

Growls rose behind Sam. 'Why did you come back?' Sam eyes narrowed.

'Are you here to cause more pain?' Jake roared. 'Haven't had enough? Cause I sure had!’

“Edward!” a familiar voice called him. He looked up at the hill on his right. There a small familiar figure appeared at the edge where the ground and sky met and was running to them, zipping through the trees at lightning speed.

It was Alice!

And only a fraction of a second later, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, and Rosalie followed close behind her.

.....To be continued

Chapter 3
Part 3

Alice collided into Edward, causing a thunderous clash. Her arms wrapped tightly around him.

How long has it been since he last seen or spoke to her? He was overjoyed to see his favourite sister after so long.

He lightly squeezed her to him.

I missed you so much. He heard her thoughts.

“I missed you too.” he whispered patting her spiky hair as a small smile formed on his face.

He looked up at his beloved family; it shone a small light in his hollow body that was filled with dark emptiness for so long.

Esme hurried to hug him with Alice, crying with tearless eyes. He felt ashamed to have caused her pain. She had lost her child once, and now she felt like she was losing another.

The rest of his family came over and gave him warm smiles and hugs.

“Hey there bro, where have you been?” Emmett asked as he gave his head a rough shake.

“You're a complete mess and pretty soon those shadows under your eyes will cover half your face.” Rose said and she hugged him.

He was a bit surprised; she never showed loving compassion towards him before.

“Maybe you'll find some makeup to cover them up for me.” he joked.

She gave a faint laugh and another unusual event occurred, she began to cry. She missed her brother and she never thought she would be so happy to see him again.

He felt a stronger bond form between them at that moment. Her sisterly love was something he never got before, or even deserved.

“I'm glad to see you again son, but I'm afraid that now is not the time. We'll catch up later.” Carlisle said.

“You're right dear.” Esme nodded and she and Alice finally released him.

Carlisle turned to Sam. “Hello Sam, I sorry that we rudely interrupted your conversation, but we haven't seen Edward for so long. We couldn't really restrain ourselves.” he gave him a polite smile.

“He understands.” Edward communicated for him. “And he thinks that it would be best if we went to speak somewhere else, under better conditions.”

“Agreed, lets meet up at our house then.” Carlisle offered.

Everyone turned to him in shock.

“Our house?” Esme asked in disbelief. “But the treaty?”

He turned to her. “I'm afraid that in these circumstances some conditions have to be made.” he then gave an odd looked at Alice.

“Alice did you see something dear?” Esme turned to her.

“Yes, I had a strange vision a few years ago. I didn't know what to make of it. I was hoping to discussed it with everyone when Edward came home.” she said and paused. “The reason I didn't say anything before was because it had something to do with Bella.”

A small sound rose from Jake's throat, and all the wolves ears perked up. Edward's chest tightened when the pain came with her name.

“Where is she anyway Edward?” Jasper asked Edward. I was hoping to apologies, you know, for what happened.

Edward eyes fell and Jasper panicked from the sudden pain and sorrow that he sensed.

I'm sorry Edward I didn't-

“It's not your fault Jasper.” Edward reassured him.

“Oh,” he sighed. “Then, what it is?”

Edward looked at his family with eyes filled with sadness and theirs looked back at him in question and concern.

“She disappeared.” he said bleakly.


The werewolves went back to their resort while the Cullens returned to their house to clean up. During the whole run no one asked Edward any further questions and he preferred it that way.

When they got home they quickly went to work. Edward tried to help out, though he felt that he only slowed things down but he had to keep his mind preoccupied.

Alice made the effort to not think about her vision for the time being.

When the house was finally lit up and brought to life the door bell rang and they all went to the front door.

Carlisle and Esme were up front with everyone else behind them in the same formation that they would be when they were about to greeted a guest.

Carlisle opened the door and welcomed them in.

Everyone from the pack from before came in as humans with the addition of Leah. They were on their guard as they entered. Everyone's noises twisted in the introduction of the other species scent, but they could deal with it.

Shortly they made their way to the dining room. Carlisle and Sam sat on opposite ends of the dining table with their families standing behind them. An unsteady atmosphere formed between them.

Sam's face was hard and serious while Carlisle's was calmer as if he was in a normal meeting.

“Well I think that we should get straight to the point.” Sam said as he sat down, but he was so tall that it seemed that he was still standing.

“Very well, then you wouldn't mind if I began?” Carlisle asked and Sam nodded in approval. “Since that my family just recently returned to Forks it would be appropriate if we were aware of the changes that occurred when we were absent.”

After a few seconds Sam spoke. “I'll make it short. It started when Jake became part of the pack. He was a close friend of Bella's so he told her our clan's secret. He then told us that she would provide us with information regarding a certain red haired vampire that was apparently after her.”

Carlisle's eyebrows rose. “Victoria?”

Edward's stomach fell to the souls of his feet. His worst fears were coming to him. Victoria was after his Bella? God, want did he leave Bella with? Was it worth it to even leave in the first place?

“Yes her. We kept close tabs on her but she was sneaky and was really difficult for us to catch.”

Probably because your legs are too weak for those reeking sacks they carry. Edward ignored Rose as she continued to throw glares at them. She seemed to have her own mental cold war with Leah.

“Was she the one that took her?” Carlisle asked.

“We hoped that she was but when we finally had her we tried to focus some answers. She got away, but before that happened we figured out that she wasn't the one. From what we found, are positive that it was a vampire that took her. Then we thought that it could have been your boy.” his dark eyes turned to Edward.

“Edward would never do something like that to Bella.” Alice defended in an angry tone.

“Sure he wouldn't” Jake laughed with the same fury as her. “And I bet he wouldn't leave her crushed and crying either?”

“That's enough!” Sam roared.

Jasper quickly took action and calmed the rising tension that was sure to spark into flames.

“I apologies on her behalf.” Carlisle said after a while.

“As do I for Jacob.” Sam said.

“Is that all that happened?”

“We tried to look further but only came to one dead end after another. Now,” his eyes narrowed and he turned to Alice. “What information do you have to offer?”

All focus was then turned to Alice.

End of Chapter

i love this story. please post more. [pleaz keep me updated] ^^
hey i would appriciate if you got back to work :)
i love it please post more more more
I'm an ew reader and I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please keep me updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 4
Flaming Music Box

Alice held a relaxed face and took a deep breath. She never really liked to be the center of attention every time she had to announce an important vision.

“I was shopping alone at the Cevahir Istanbul mall in Istanbul, Turkey. You know one of the largest malls in the world- that's not the point- it was there that I had the vision. It was kind of blurry but I saw Bella walking home one afternoon in jeans and a green shirt and she was carrying want appeared to be a birthday present. I suppose that it was close to Charlie's birthday.”

Jake shook at bit, “That’s what she was wearing when she told me that she was going to buy her dad a gift, it was the last day-” he was not able to finish. “Never mind, I'll just shut up.”

She nodded and continued. “I wasn't sure why I was having the vision, she seemed perfectly fine. When I watched her enter her house then it all changed.” Alice shut her eyes and shook her head.

“What did you see Alice? What changed?” Jasper patted her back.

“I don't know how but the vision suddenly fainted and it was all black. Then a closed box appeared.”

“A box?” Sam asked he seemed to think that it was some kind of joke.

“A music box to be more precise.” she then disappeared for a second and came back to the table with a pen and paper. She began to draw so fast that it seemed that she was scribbling.

Everyone moved in closer to have a look as the image began to take form. It had a squared shaped frame of dark roses growing around a black sphere that had small detailed design of a never ending universe.

“This is only a picture of it, but the roses seemed to be real and the stars and galaxies moved and twinkled as if it really held the universe.” she said as she continued to draw.

Seth let out a low whistle. “Now that's cool and freaky.”

“Yeah and it gets more strange when it opened.” she said as she began to draw a lid and a tall flame within the box.

“Who would want a figurine of a flame in their music box? Isn't there normally a ballerina or love birds?” Jake asked.

“I didn't say it was a figurine.” Alice said in a low voice. They gave her a puzzled look. “It was a live blue flame and if you look closely it's floating. It's not attached to wires or anything.”

They all looked at the drawing in dismayed but Edward seemed shaken and appeared to be paler than normal.

“Did you see this somewhere before Edward?” Carlisle asked him and their gaze turned to him. He shook his head slowly not moving his glaze from the paper.

“No, but that time when I and Jacob were under that abnormal illusion there was these noises.”

“I remember that.” Jake shivered slightly. “There was screaming and a giggling coming from everywhere.”

“And there was something else....the song from a music box”

..... to be continued

Chapter 4
Flaming Music Box
Part 2

Jasper stood in the front driveway looking up at the starry moonless night. The buzzing of insects and the rustling of nocturnal animals traveled in the cool air. The sound of leaves dancing with the wind was similar to the sound of rain.

It was like this before, on the day that they left Forks. He felt fully responsible that his family had to abandon this life, this home; even though they kept telling him that it wasn't his fault.

He smiled sadly to himself. He has been nothing but trouble for them from the start. They all managed to deal with the difficulty of restraining their thirst for human blood, while he had to be watch constantly like a child near sharp knives or matches.

An annoying weight hung in his chest. He was so pathetic. He felt horrible that he has been dragging his family down for so long, but what made him feel worse was that he didn't believe that he truly put real effort into controlling his craving.

Thinking about that added more mass to the weight. He swore under his breath and marched up the stairs. He stopped in front of the door and looked through the window.

The wolf pack left and Edward was sitting allow on the coach, while everyone else was still in the dining room discussing places that Bella could be or went that the werewolves didn't check yet. Edward head was down and pressed against his hands that were balled together in fists.

He was still as stone, a complete solid of anguish and pain. If he didn't have his gift of sensing emotions he wouldn't come even close to imaging what he was going through.
His own hands tightened into fists by his sides.

Out of all the problems and difficulties that he caused his family these was the worst.

When he first saw Edward and Bella together he was surprised by how much joy and love Edward felt towards the human girl. At first he didn't really understand it so he let it pass. Now because of him his brother was in constant pain and never smiled or had the same happiness that he had before and after he met Bella.

His glaze flashed to the door. He had to make a commitment to himself. No more being the weakest link or amateur. When he'll walk through that door he will come in with the confidence and determination to change and tame his vampire side like he never did in the past. He would also put in his full force into finding Bella and repairing the damage he caused.

He pulled his hand on the handle, closed his eyes, and took in a deep breath holding it in. He had to control his grip to not crush the handle.

There was it no turning back or excuses. This was not for him but for his family and most importantly his brother. Failure or second tries were not an option. He had to get through this all the way.

He turned the handle slowly listening to the metals scratch against each other, and then pushed the door open. The door suddenly became heavier and harder to open. When he stepped in he opened his eyes he and exhaled. This was his first move to recovery and the long journey ahead.

He headed towards the living room to try to cheer Edward up a bit but when he came to the entrance of the room he froze in horror.

His brother was still where he was when he saw him through the window, except that Edward was looking out the same window, not breathing, with empty pitch black eyes, and expressed no emotion at all.

Jasper panicked and came in front of Edward in an instant. Edward’s dark eyes were looking at him but they didn't seem to see him. He garbed his shoulders and began to shake him violently.

“Edward! Edward can you hear me? Edward!” He yelled in his face but there was no response, he was like a doll.

He never seen or felt something like this before. It was one thing to reject ones feeling and become emotionless but this....... there was nothing. No emotions. No emptiness. Jasper couldn't get anything from him; it was like he wasn't there at all.

“Jasper what's wrong?” Alice appeared by his side along with his family.

“Edward his-I don't know- there something wrong with him.” he blurred his words out within one second.

“Let me see him.” Carlisle stepped in. Jasper moved out of the way.

Carlisle medical knowledge kicked in and he took Edward's chin in his hand and examined his eyes. “Edward,” he said in a calm voice, but Jasper knew that deep inside he was extremely concerned and frightened for his son. “If you can hear me I want you to look at my finger and follow it.”

He raised a finger a few inches from his face and began to move it slowly from side to side, but Edward's eyes didn't follow nor response. He then tried getting Edward's attention anyway possible, like pinching him, telling him to say or move if he felt anything, but nothing worked.

“Carlisle?” Esme cried in terror.

He shook his head in confusion and anxiety as he lowered his hands. “I don't know what to make of it.”

At the same moment that Carlisle ended his sentence the gold in Edward's eyes slowly reappeared. His eyes flickered a bit before he looked up at everyone.

“Edward!” his mother cried and hugged him.

“Uh?” Edward said in surprised as she knocked whatever breath that he had out of him. “Hey mom, what’s going on?” he asked as she pulled away to look at him.

“We should be asking you the same thing.” Emmett said. “What was that all about? You seemed to be lost in your own Lala Land.”

Edward glazed traveled as his lose himself in thought.

“Was it another one of those hallucinations that you experienced before?” Alice asked.

He nodded slowly. “I attempted to look into this one a little more. To see if I could find the source or why I'm having them.”

“Well don't ever do it again!” Rose exclaimed. “You could have been taken over and not come back. Did you think about what it would do to us if you became a brain dead vampire?”

“Sorry.” he said softly.

Jasper gave out a small sigh. That was an experience that he wasn't willing to go through again. But he could feel that within Edward's guilt he had a growing curiosity.

Edward looked up at him as he read his mind.

“Don't worry Jasper I wouldn't do something like that again.” but for some reason it didn't sound convincing.

Suddenly there was a faint giggle of a child coming from, what appeared to be, outside their house, which was followed by the sound of someone tapping on wood. They stopped dead and alert. They slowly turned to the window.

There was nothing beyond the glass but inside on the coffee table stood the music box.

Alice and Rose gasped as Emmett gulp. Edward stood up and began to walk to it but Carlisle put his hand on his shoulder. Edward looked into his father eyes.

“Are you sure?” he asked and Edward nodded once. He released him and pulled Esme to his side.

As Edward headed to the box, it was like watching a horror movie it slow motion and every step he took echoed louder and louder in the dead silence. All that was missing was a rushing heartbeat in the background.

When Edward placed his hand on the box everyone stopped breathing. Their eyes traveled from the box to Edward and back.

When Edward touched the box the black roses seemed to flutter in a no existing breeze and the stars and galaxies in the sphere glowed brighter and swirled around faster.

Edward didn't move for what seemed like a long time. His arms were shaking slightly and if a stream of sweat ran down the back of his neck it would.

And within a second he opened the lid of the box.

Everyone took a quick step back, as if it were too exploded, but there was no blue flame nor was there music.

It was empty.

They all came in closer and stared down at the box in shock, before their heads snapped back up to the window as a loud, distressed, shrieking cry clashed through the night.

End of Chapter

Directions from Beyond
Chapter 5

Edward recklessly walked back and forth in his room. His father, Jasper and Emmett went out to hunt down the person or thing that they heard screaming, but he was left behind.

“Absolutely not! I forbid you to leave this house!” Esme yelled in a strict and stern voice when he was about to walk out the door. Her arms were crossed across her chest and her face was masked in a motherly rage that he hasn’t seen for a long time.

“But mom I-”

“No means no, Edward Anthony Cullen! Don't make me repeat myself again!” she interrupted him. “What you have been through today is enough for a decade.”

“She's right Edward.” Carlisle said. “You should rest.”

“Listen dad, I'm the one that is having the hallucinations. They are directed at me and no one else.” Edward exclaimed, he almost sounded angry. “I don't want to get anyone else involved like Jacob Black, especially you guys. Trust me it's not worth it.”

“You're family Edward so it is worth it. Do you understand?” Carlisle said in a harder tone.

Edward sighed in defeat. “Yes dad, I understand.” For his family sake and Esme's nerves he would stay this time.

Esme smiled as her face relaxed in relief.

“Seems that you’re grounded bro.” Emmett patted his shoulder and smiled. “Tough love.”

Edward threw him an evil glare. He grabbed the music box from the table before he ran up the stairs and locked himself in his room.

Edward plopped down on the couch afraid that he might collapse from the puzzlement and aggravation that was booming in his head like a gong.

If his family banned him from the search then fine, he would just have to look into things differently. He looked down at the music box that was still in his hand and examined it. The roses and starry galaxies move in a small rhythmic motion that only vampires’ eyes could see. It seemed almost like a feeble heartbeat.

Though he told them that he wouldn't explore the hallucinations he didn't make any promises. Also he would do anything to ease the growing headache-like nuisance that was close to exploding into a major migraine.

He took a deep breath closed his eyes and forces. He was not exactly sure what to focus on. He wasn't sure how this all work or when the hallucinations attacked.

He replayed his memory of the last three encounters, trying to connect them in any way possible. Before each time he would be in great pain and agony over losing-

His process of thinking was cut short as the unbearable pain from the hole in his chest began to grow.

No, this was too much for him to handle. Dammit, his only idea came out as a failure. There was no chose but to wait until the others returned.

He opened his eyes, well he thought that he opened them, but he saw nothing. He found himself standing in the familiar darkness. Then all too soon the abnormal chill shivered down his spine.

He flinched a bit. That was much easier than he thought, but now that he was here he couldn't waste any time, who knew when someone would come knocking at his door.

He tried to resume from where he left off before. The last time he locked on the direction that the song from the music box and followed it. But he heard nothing. No giggling, no cries, just silence.

He swore under his breath with a great eager to punch something, if there was anything to punch. He was back at square one.

But he had to try; he had to do something while he was still here, even if it meant him walking in circles.

Before he could take a step into the emptiness two small, thin, ghost white arms came from behind his head. They hugged around his neck, there was light weight on his back, and a small chin pressed down on his shoulder. It felt like a child was hanging on his shoulders.

Wow this is the first time that anyone came looking for me. The same demonic voice he heard in Bella's room came from beside his head, he swallowed hard. Normally people would hide in little dark corners of the earth, hoping that I wouldn't find them. But you're different, I like it, but why is that? What reason do you have to come here? The voice sounded very amused, curious, and strangely playful.

Before he could ask this thing, about any of the millions questions on his mind, its’ short finger pressed to his lips silencing him.

Shh, your sister is coming, and it seems that she has something very interesting to say. You better hurry and go see what it is.

It let go of him and a strong force hit his back sent him falling into a bottomless hole. He opened his mouth to scream but nothing came out.

Then it spoke again but this time it slow morphed into a voice of a child. Bye bye, don't worry we will still meet again and maybe next time we'll have some real fun.

The next thing he knew he fell off his couch with a loud thump and the music box rolled on the floor by his face. He stood up on his feet and looked around the room. Nothing changed; everything was the same as he left it.

He bent down on one knee and picked up the mysterious music box. Maybe, he thought, Just maybe...

He put his hand on the lid and opened it, but it was still empty. He chuckled in frustration. Suddenly there was a short creak. He looked at the box is surprise. It produced another creak and then a broken song began to groan and screech.

He looked into the box for a flame but all he saw endless darkness.

He sprang up, nearly jumping off the floor and snapped the box shut as someone knocked on his door.

“Edward!” Alice called. “Edward, open up I saw something, I think it has something to do with Bella!”

... to be continued

Chapter 5
Directions from Beyond
Part 2

Edward threw open the door so hard that it ripped off the hinges. Alice raised an eyebrow and looked at him then at the broken door that he was still holding by the doorknob.

“Oh umm, sorry” Edward said a little embarrassed as he put it against the wall.

She shook her head. “Forget about it. It's not like a door was never destroyed in this house before.” she grabbed his arm and rushed him down the hall. “Come on, their going to be back in six second.”

When they reached the front door his father and brothers came in.

“Did you find anything?” Edward asked them, hoping they did.

But Carlisle shook his head. “I'm sorry Edward. We tried our best but found nothing.”

“Forget about that now, I think that I have an idea where Bella is.” they all turned to her with wide eyes.

“You know where Bella is?” Esme joined them along with Rosalie.

“Well not exactly.”

“Let me guess, you had another blurry vision.” Emmett rolled his eyes. “Do you think that they have proscription glasses for the eyes to the future?”

A low snarl rose from her throat. “I can't control the focus of my visions like a pair of binoculars, Emmett.”

“Just get to the point Alice.” Rosalie crossed her arms as she walked to Emmett side clearly annoyed with him as well.

“Alright, just a moment ago I saw what appeared to be a small person dress in a red robe.”

“A munchkin wizard? That’s something new.” Emmett interrupted.

“Let her finish!” Edward snapped at him. Sometimes Emmett didn't know when not to be funny.

“Anyway as I was saying,” Alice continued. “The person I saw seemed to be a little girl.”

“How can you tell?” Emmett asked.

Alice gave him an irritated look. “Who else would you find skipping along the streets of London? Now don't interrupt me with stupid questions.”

“It wasn't a stupid- OW” Rosalie stomped on his foot.

“Shut up!” she hissed.

“London, you mean London, England?” Carlisle asked.

“Yes, she was skipping down the streets humming an eery tone, then she stopped and pointed at the Houses of Parliament and said 'Hurry hurry, we can't stay here long, she can't stay here long. If you’re lucky you might make it to the tea party.' then the clock struck noon.”

For a moment Edward couldn't move. The voice that Alice just imitated, it sounded exactly like the child's voice he heard in the last hallucination.

“Hang on just a moment.” Jasper raised his hand. “We don't know if she was even talking about Bella. She said 'she can't stay here long' not Bella or the human girl. It can very well be a trap by someone to mislead us.”

“It's a long shot but it's the only lead we got. If you have any other ideas I'm all ears.” Edward said with a hard tone.

“So you’re going to England aren't you?” Alice asked him.

“It doesn't look like I have much of a chose.”

“Then I'll arrange the plane tickets.” Jasper said and took out his cell.

Edward looked at him is surprise. This was not something his brother did before, normal it was him or Alice that did the traveling arrangements.”

“What?” Jasper asked. “We are in this together aren't we?”

“Yeah, I guess- wait, we? Are you all coming too?”

“Don't think that we are going to let you have all the fun.” Emmett said. “Besides, Rose has been bugging me to take her somewhere to buy a new wardrobe.”

“Don't call the travel agency yet Jasper. We have to see if Bella's friends will come along with us.” Carlisle said.

“You don't mean the werewolves?” Rose asked him is disbelief.

“We did agree with them that we would share any new information, and also they are eager to find her just as much as we are. So it's only fair.”

“But that don't mean that we have to buy them tickets.”

“Rose, that's not important right now. Jasper, Emmett, and Edward I'm afraid that I need to ask you to come with me to meet the Quileutes at their border.”

“'Kay dad let's get this over with.” Emmett growled. be continued

Chapter 5
Directions from Beyond
Part 3

"Hey!” Jake yelled with all the breath in his lungs. “Hey wait up! Where are you going?”

She didn't turn around when he called. The tall skinny woman with short jet black hair was oddly staggering towards the woods. The problem was that he didn't smell a trace of alcohol or drugs influence in the air.

He start to run up to her but stopped when she reached the boarder of the trees then everything stopped and became dead silent. Her hand touch the nearest tree revealing flour white skin that was terribly torn and stitched in multiple places. The skin had the shade of greyish green around the wounds. Just by looking at it made his stomach want to hurl.

Then she slowly turned her head to him, it was like a scene straight from a horror movie. He saw her white dead face, lips that were sewn together with a thick black wire, and her horrifying eyes. There were no pupils, iris or sclera, they were completely coal black, it almost seemed that there were no eyes in her sockets

Suddenly everything began to shake furiously. He looked around him in shock. An earthquake? In Forks?

“Jake.” someone called him from a distance and the woman disappeared behind the tree. “Jake, wake up.”

The next thing he knew was that his head slammed on something hard.

“Ow!” he sat up on the floor by the couch with Embry standing over him.

“Man Jake you sleep as hard as a rock.”

“If you'd patrolled as long as you’re suppose too I wouldn't have to cover your shifts. Why are you here?” he yawned loudly while rubbing the back of his head.

“It's those leeches again. They seem to think that they know where Bella is. Sam had a talk with them last night. Now he what's to talk to you.”

Jake shot up on his feet wide awake. “Why didn't anyone get me earlier.” he yelled and him as he stormed out the house.

Embry just rolled his eyes and followed him.

Jake slammed open Sam's door causing Emily to shriek in surprise in the kitchen.

Sam stormed in from his room. “What happened?”

“Jake you scared the daylights out of me.” she placed her hand on her chest and took a deep breath. “It's okay Sam it's nothing.”

“Why?” Jake said with a low growl. “Why didn't you get me when the Cullens came?”

“You were exhausted, you deserved the rest.” he replied calmly.

“But it was about Bella! They had information about her! I should have been there!” he was snarling now.

“I didn't know it was about her until I got there.”

“You could have sent someone to get me!”

“I didn't call you here to argue. Now calm down, or do you not what to hear what they said?”

Jake took a deep breath and after a few seconds nodded. Sam told him to sit at the table with him. He sent Emily and Embry out of the house, and sat down with his hands folded together on the table. Sam seemed to think about how to start.

“They told us that they presume that she is in London, England.” he said after a long minute.

Presume?” Jake raised an eyebrow. “So they're just guessing?”

“The Cullen girl that sees the future saw something that points in that direction.”

Jake crossed his arms across his chest, waiting for something he was not telling him. “And?”

“And they are offering to take two or three of us with them. They’re even paying for any expenses.”

Jake stood up and slammed his hands on the table.

“Be careful Jake, that's our only table.” Sam said.

“You’re kidding.” he looked at Sam in disbelief.

“This is no joke.” Sam said, and he saw in his eyes that he was serious.

“I'm going.” Jake declared.

“I thought you would say that.” the look in his eyes turned to worry. “And I can understand why, but are you sure?”

“What?” he now looked at him as if he just asked him something absurd.

“Jake, this can be really risky. Out of all of us this affects you the most.”

“What are you getting at?” his hands formed into fists.

Sam looked him straight in the eyes. “What would you do if you don't find her?”

“What if I do?” the heat and anger was rising in him again.

“How do you expect to find her? Happy and well, willing to come back?” he began to raise his voice

“Shut up! What do you know?” he bawled

“I'm sorry Jake but that's not how things work in life.” Sam was shouting now too. “And this is what I'm talking about,” he pointed at Jake’s fists. “If you can't handle it when thinking about it now, how will you handle it when you'll be with her?”

“Are you saying that I'll hurt her?”

“That is exactly what I'm saying.” he said in a low voice.

Jake became silent, remembering what happened with Sam and Emily. Now he understood why he asked her to leave with Embry.

He put his hands on his hips and looked down at his feet. He walked around the small room of a while before raising his head.

“I'm still going.” he said a little more causally.

Sam shook his head. “Fine, but only if Embry and Seth go with you.”

“Seth? He's just a kid.” he said in surprise.

“Well since Quil imprinted, he wouldn’t go away for long. And Seth is your next closest friend. Unless you what Leah to go in his place.”

“I'll take the kid, thanks.” he said a little too quickly.

Sam grinned. “I thought so. Also don't tell anyone that his going until you leave the country. He volunteered to this and said he would hate it if his sister found out.”

“Yeah the last thing anyone wants is her teeth in your throat. Better your neck than mine.” Jake laughed.

“Watch it Jake.” he threatened. “Or I'll rethink-”

“Sorry, sorry.” Jake raised his hands in defence. “What will you tell Embry's mom?”

“He told her that you won a trip to London. Whether she buys it or not he said that he's still going.”

“So when are we leaving?”


End of Chapter


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