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After a few years Edward finally decides that he can't live without Bella any longer and immediately returns to Forks. He finds out that Bella disappeared not long after he left, and no one can find her not even the werewolves or Victoria. But when trying to find her strange things happen...
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Chapter 1
The Return

Edward looked out the window of the plane, watching the sun subside from the violet and navy blue sky.

The clouds below were an ocean of blazing oranges and reds, flowing passed the plane like a strong current.

But it wasn't fast enough.

His fortitude was grained down to the smallest particle of dust. After being nearly half a decade away from Bella he finally capitulated from the agonizing pain.

He wondered how he was able to endure the torture for so long.

Each day seemed to last as long as his whole life.

The images of her beautiful face hunted his mine, provoking him. She was the only cure to his shattered heart.

When he left Forks, left her, his heart crumbled slowly to the ground, leaving a trail behind him like bread crumble. And as each piece fell it felt like an anchor was drop and was tied to him, trying to hold him back.

As he pulled further, their bond ripped into him like rusted cables, leaving invisible but scaring tears in his flesh and soul.

And then he began to bleed. All the happiness, warmth, and love that he ever felt poured out of him like a river dyeing the earth in a lugubrious black.

The rust on the cables infected and spread through him, twisting onto every nerve and ruptured them.

After that everything went dark. He wasn't sure if he just blacked out or passed out, but he felt like he was consumed by a black flame that he couldn't put out nor escape.

This was his punishment.

This was for endangering Bella's life and lying to her in the worst way possible. When he told her that he didn't love her anymore, he could see the agony reflecting in her eyes.

He would do anything to take back those words, and now he could only hope that she would be able to forgive him.

Forgive him for all he did to her and failed to do.

He didn't expect her gratitude. He would leave her if she wished; he would do anything for her, even give up his own existence as a small reparation for his sins.

But if there was a even a faint spark of hope that she would look at him again, as she once did before, he would gladly get down on his hands and knees and beg her to take back the pathetic and trivial vampire that he was.

The plane shook as it grounded on the runway.

He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath.

This was it. This was his judgment with his existence at stack.

Its conclusion would put him into euphoria or abyss.


.....To be continued


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Chapter 6
Unwelcomed Greeting

Of course! This is just perfect!” Rose exclaimed, only loud enough so that the other sleeping passengers didn't hear her. “The dog is air sick! What else is there?”

“Rose if you can't stand the smell don't breath.” Alice was clearly sick of Rosalie constant nagging.

“Give him a break. It's hard enough from him as it is.” Jacob snarled at her.

Embry was finally asleep after hurling a day's worth of food in a half an hour. His head was pressed to the top of the seat in front of him. Esme switched seats with Seth and was rubbing his back in a messaging rhythm and didn't mind if he smelled like wet dog. Nothing could ever get in the way of her motherly instinct.

Is seemed to help him, he also didn't seem to be bothered that she was a vampire. In his mind he wished that his mother would be more like Esme.

Edward pretended to sleep, trying to ignore Jacob's hateful aura beside him.

All he could focus on was get to London to find Bella and getting out of this malodor plane.

When they finally got off the plane they wasted on time and Alice quickly lead them to where she had her vision. Thankfully it was a cloudy day, which caused no problems for the Cullen's to travel in the open.

They hurried through the busy streets of London and ignoring the crowed of people that starred at them and whispered among themselves.

Jacob and Embry often glared at the people that said that they were the bodyguards of a royal family from a foreign country.

They came to a small center square that had a large old fountain which was probably as old as the building and apartments around them.

“This is it.” Alice said.

“I think it's best if we split up, that way we can cover more ground.” Carlisle said. “Look for anything that looks suspicious or that links to Bella or the little girl. I'll be with Esme, Rose your go with Emmett, Alice you'll have Embry and Seth. Jasper goes with Edward and Jacob.”

Edward could understand his father combinations. He and Esme can work best together.

Rosalie and Emmett were, well, Rosalie and Emmett.

Alice could handle two werewolves and keep them out of trouble, plus Seth seemed to be more comfortable with the Cullens and had a better temper.

Jacob of course wanted to find Bella first even if it meant pairing up with the mind reader vampire that he strongly despised. Jasper would be needed if his temper went out of hand, which was a great possibility.

“We'll meet back here in an hour, and watch yourselves understand. he commanded and they dispersed.

Edward headed straight to the Houses of Parliament.

“Hey leech.” Jacob called him but he ignored him.

“Don't call us you pathetic nicknames in public.” Jasper hissed under his breath.

Cullen kid slow down. You’re moving too fast for the average human.”

“You seem to be keeping up just fine. Also weren't you taught to respect you elders, pup?” Edward grimed at him.

“You don't fall under the same category.” he growled.

After a minute something caught Edward's eye and he stopped.

“What is it?” Jasper asked him.

Ahead he saw a small boy wearing worn out sneakers, lose jeans, a red and navy baseball jacket, white wool gloves, and a baseball cap which had its bill lowered enough to cover his face.

He was sing to himself “Rain, Rain go Away.”

The reason that he caught his attention was that everyone else worn short shirts and pants in the humidity they were in.

Jasper and Jacob saw was he was looked at.

Jacob frowned. “It's just a kid come on lets go, we're just wasting time.” he resumed walking, Edward and Jasper followed.

Edward, I'm getting a strange feeling from that child. Jasper told him.

As they were passing the boy his arm shot up as fast as a striking snake and garbed the side seams of Edward's jeans.

Edward froze and they all slowly turned their heads down to the boy.

He stopped singing and lifted his head, and beneath the rim of the bill there were two completely blacked out eyes and a dead pale face.

“Those eyes.” Jacob said so faintly that Edward hardly caught it. “They’re the same as that woman's that I saw in my I saw her somewhere before. It was the day before Bella disappeared, I sent the whole day looking for her but couldn't find her.” his eyes flashed to Edward.

Without reading his mind Edward knew that he what he was thinking. He might know where Bella is.

“Where is she?” Edward said in a cold tone.

The boy lowered his head and let go of him. He began to walk down the street and sang the same song.

They followed him through dozens of streets, parks, alleys, and bridges until they came to a crowed outdoor market.

Then the boy came to a haul and pointed at something in front of him.

Edward scan the clustered of people and within them, like a white dot on a black canvas, he spotted a very pale girl with long, straight, dark brown hair, the beautiful heart-shaped face with the exact details from the widow's peak head line to the pointed chin that he has been seeing in his mind, and her wide chocolate brown eyes that stared back at him in sheer panic.

“Bella.” he whispered. For the first time saying the name didn't hurt, didn't choke in his throat or burn in his chest. But before he could take the first step to her she already bolted the other direction and disappearing into a small alley.

... to be continued

More chapters please! LOVE IT!!!!
pleaaaaaase finish if i want more
Chapter 6
Unwelcomed Greeting
Part 2

“Bella wait!” Jake called and ran to her shoving through the crowd.

Most of them saw him coming and moved out of his way and those that didn't collided into him. They cursed and swore at him, some of which he couldn't really understand.

Edward and Jasper quickly caught up and were ahead of him before he knew it. He still couldn't understand the logic as to how people parted like the Red Sea for vampires, no matter how crowed it was.

When they got into the short dark alley Bella was almost at the other end, Edward ran up to her side in an instant and garbed her arm by the elbow. He gently pulled her back into the alley away from unwanted attention and spun her around to face him.

During that time Bella was attempting pointless struggles, trying to escape his grip.
Her arm appeared to twitch in pain, as if it was bruised and delicate to the touch. But he could tell if it was because of the long blue shirt that covered the skin of her arm to her wrist.
“No!” she cried. “Let go! Leave me alone! Get away from me!”

Her words were like sharp razors, with the blades coated with poison that stabbed and gashed deep in his chest with each word.

He knew that this could have been the way he would be greeted when he came back, but now that he stood face to face with her he wasn't so sure he could handled it anymore.

“Bella.” he whispered fainting and raised his hand to touch her cheek but she flinched away from his hand. Another dozen tiny cuts were created.

“Let her go you leech!”

Suddenly a strong force punched the side of his face, causing him to lose his grip on her and sent him crashing into the old wall.

Jacob stood close to where he was standing just a second ago. The hand that hit him was still in a fist. His body was beginning to shake, his jaw locked, and his eyes became killer.

Bella began to make a break of it again and Jacob was the one who stopped her this time.

He looked down at her; he forced himself to a calm state.

“Bella.” he said softly. “It’s okay Bella it's me. Listen you don't have to go with him if you don't want to. He wouldn't come close to you, I swear it. Don't be afraid. You can come home. Charlie misses you-”

“JAKE-LET-ME-GO-NOW!” she screamed in his face with more panic glistening in her eyes.

His arms fell to his side; his face was a mask of pure grief. But all too soon it turned into pain and rage.

“Damn!” Jake swore under his breath as heat rose from his spine. Sam was right; he wouldn't be able to handle it after all.

“Jasper!” Edward yelled.

Jasper took action quickly, he relaxed Jacob's anger, and within a few second he calmed down.
She took a few steps back and looked at all of them. She shook her head as tears began to pour down her face.

“Why did you come? You have to keep away from me!” she broke into sobs. “If you don't- if you don't-” but she was crying too hard to finish. She covered her face with her hands and was shaking.

Edward slowly walked up and put his hands on her arms, careful not to frighten her with any sudden movements.

Her trembling vibrated from his hand through his arms and into his chest, sending her pain to his heart. He couldn't stand to see her in so much agony. He would to anything in his power to make it stop even for an instant.

“If we don't what will happen? Please Bella tell me?” he pleaded. He needed to know that was troubling her, what was hurting her this much.

She looked up at him. Eyes wide wet with tears that socked her face. They reflected deep anxiety and fear.

She gulped before she replay in a low voice “If you don't they will kill you.” Then there was a long eery silence.

“Rain, rain, go away come again another day.”

Bella became still as stone. She turned her head around to see the little boy looking back up at her with dark endless eyes. He raised his hand and took her arm and tugged on her shirt.

He shifted his head slightly to the side. “Rain, rain, go away. Go away. Go away!” he replayed like a broken record, raising his voice louder and louder.

Through it was hard to tell who he was looked at he seemed to by staring at Edward, Jasper, and Jacob all that the same time.

Bella was the only one the turned away from the boy and looked behind Edward. He saw the sheer fear flash in her eyes and face.

She pulled her arm away from the boy and reached out behind Edward and opened her mouth, as if to scream to someone to stop.

Before he could turn his head to see who she was looking at or hear the words from her, he felt like something went through his neck.

Then everything went blank.

... to be continued

Chapter 6
Unwelcomed Greeting
Part 3

Edward couldn't understand what happened. One moment he was standing in the alley, and the next nothing.

Was it another hallucination? No, this was completely different. There was no endless darkness, strange sounds, the chill, or the child. There was nothing, it was all white, not cloudy but almost murky.

Suddenly he felt a growing pain around his neck. It was like he was wearing a collar that was jabbing thousands of thin needles into his flesh a hundred times per second. The nerve endings in his neck sparked like a cut live extension cord.

He tried to rip off the collar, but he couldn't feel his arms. He couldn't feel his body. It was as if he was completely paralyzed.

He wanted to scream and cry in pain, but couldn't even open his mouth.

What the hell is going on? What's happening to me?

After what he thought was forever, the stinging pain ran down his spine and spread throughout every nerve cell of his body like a virus.

Though the pain was ten times worst, he at least regained the feeling of his body. He attempted to go for his neck again but he was restrained from any movement.

Dammit. He wanted to yell. Dammit. Dammit!

He had no choice but to wait it out and hope that the torture would end soon.

But after, what seemed like weeks. The pain was finally setting. First he was able to twitch his fingers, his lips and toes. And finally was able to break through the clouds and hear again and he heard someone crying beside him.


Was it Bella? Was she still crying? Was she okay? Was she hurt?

These questions were racing through his mind. They pushed him to get up, to open his eyes, to move, to help her.

When he finally got his eyes to cooperate and open, he looked up at a white unfamiliar ceiling. He was on a soft bed in what appeared to be a bright old fashion English hotel room.

He felt that there was something around his neck, it felt like some kind of cloth.

He turned his eyes to his side and saw Esme sitting on a cushioned chair, crying in her hands. Carlisle stood beside her, rubbing her shoulder.

“Mom.” he never thought it would be possible for his voice to sound like a dying goose, and it hurt to send the air up his throat.

She looked up at him in unbelievable relief and happiness. She came up to his bed and patted his head and gave him a warm smile.

A smile formed on the corner of his lips. He was glad to see his mother after all that pain. He felt safe.

“What happened?” he asked.

“Oh honey.” she frowned and her mouth began to tremble.

“Edward what was the last think you remember?”Carlise asked.

Edward took a deep breath “I was following this boy.”

“A boy?” Carlisle raised an eyebrow a bit surprised.

“Yeah, then he took us to Bella and she ran to an alley. We caught up to her and then-” his eyes grew wide. “Bella!”

Carlisle saw that he was about to get up but he quickly placed his hand on his chest, stopping him. “I don't think that's a wise decision Edward.”

“Why?” he lifted his head, then a jolt of pain shot from his neck to his spine. He clutched his teeth and hissed.

“Edward can you recalled anything else?”

“Bella saw someone or something behind me but I didn't have a chance to see what it was. And then I found myself here.” he looked into his father's eyes. “Where's Bella? Is she here?”

Edward felt his heart fall when his father closed his eyes and shook his head sadly.

After he finally found her, held her, and she still slipped through his fingers. All of it was for nothing now.

“Yesterday, after you, Jasper, and Jacob didn't show up or pick up your phones we went looking for you.” Carlisle told him. “And we found you and Jasper decapitated and Jacob was severely injured in multiple areas.”

A long empty silent hung in the air. Edward then finally noticed that others were in the room.

He looked to the other side and found Jasper on the other bed with Alice holding his hand; her face showed that she was crying for a while. His eyes were closed and his neck was tightly wrapped in gauze.

Jacob was in the next bed with his leg hanging off the end. At first he thought that he saw a huge mummy. Except for his eyes and mouth, he was completely covered in bandages. Seth and Embry were setting by him. Seth was clearly worried and Embry didn't look too happy about the whole situation.

“We sent Rose and Emmett to try to track down Bella, but when we last heard from them they lost her scent, but they're still looking for her.” Esme said.

Edward didn't know what to say. He didn't know what to think or what to do anymore. He once again found himself useless and cornered.

Then something that his father thought made him snap his head to him so fast that he though he reopened his neck.

“Carlisle that's not necessary.” he said firmly.

“Dad no.” Alice said. She probably saw the future and what he was planning to do.

“We have no choice Edward. If you and Jasper were attacked without even having the chance to see or sense the enemy, we might be dealing with something that is out of our hands.”


“Edward,” Carlisle was beginning to sound a bit frustrated. “The cuts that you received were clean cut. Whatever that person used as a weapon it's able to split the bonds between only two atoms. We were lucky that none of you were killed.”

“Umm excuse me, but the other half of the room would like to know what the hell you're talking about.” Emrby said impatiently.

Carlisle looked at him in understanding. “My apologies, but I think it's best if we asked the aid from a friend of mine. They're very well known and very powerful in the vampire world. There a family known as the Volturi.”

End of Chapter

hey can you please update this it has been a long time so pritty pllleeeaaasssseeee
this a great story!!! It's just fabulous im so excited to get answers filled in once we get the next couple of chapters like "what she's turning in too" and the same with edward, "what happened to Dural" he sounds like a totally sweet guy just broken and also what's happening in general so excited to finish read this story. update soon please and keep me posted!!!

always a fan
I just read up to Chapter 6 Part 3 and......WOW!!! This is a great story. I love that the Cullens, Werewolves, and now it looks like the Volturi have to work together to get Bella back. I hope that you post more soon!!!
Chapter 7
Fangs and Amethyst Eyes

"Brothers!” Aro called. “Brothers, we will have guests arriving shortly.” He told them as they entered the Main Room, there the whole Volturi family gathered

Caius looked at him with curiosity. “Who is it? Heidi brought us a meal just yesterday.”

“Oh no Caius, it’s our dear old friend Carlisle.”

“Carlisle?” Caius asked with suspiciously. “We haven’t heard from him for years. What business does he have with us?’

“Apparently he and his family are in quite a dilemma. I told him to come over so I can see it in full detail. From what he had told me there was something that attacked his two sons in the oddest fashion.” Aro chuckled in amusement. “If they weren’t vampires they could have been very well dead.”

“In what way were they attacked?” Caius asked in a more interested tone.

“They were decapitated, but from what he said their heads weren’t torn off but cut off.”

“But that can’t be possible, unless some sort of weapon is able to cut through a vampire’s skin.” Marcus said in an emotionless voice.

“True my brother, or the person that attacked them had the ability to do so. “

“Are you saying that it was a vampire with a special gift, Aro?” Caius asked.

“Well I can’t say that for curtain, but it could be.” His smile widened. “Whoever it is, they could be quite valuable to us.”

There was a light sound of foot steps outside the door.

“Please enter Felix, Jane, and Carlisle.” Aro welcomed, and the door opened.

After Felix and Jane come in, Carlisle entered with his family. They line up on the opposite side of the room from the Volturi.

“Welcome my friends.” Aro raised his arms out in greeting. “Carlisle it’s such a delight to see you again. Have you reconsidered rejoining us? Of course your family is more than welcomed as well.”

Carlisle smiled politely. “It’s good to see too my old friend, but I’m afraid that I came to you about a different matter today.”

“Yes, yes, it was about that incident that you mentioned earlier. But first I would like to properly meet your family.”

“Aro, this is my wife Esme, and my children, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, and Edward.” He said their names in the ordered that they were standing. They all smiled except for Edward, who had a dead hard look on his face.

Aro smiled. “It’s nice to finally meet you all.”

“The same goes for us.” Esme returned his smile.

“Can we get on with it?” Caius interrupted.

“Patience brother, all will come in due time.” Aro walked up Carlisle and raise his arm up to him, as if to shake hands. “May I see what kind of problem you are dealing with Carlisle?”

“I think that Edward would be able to provide you with more information than me.” He replied.

Aro turned to Edward. “Would you mind if I took a look?” he came up to him and offered his hand.

Edward shook his head and touched his hand. Aro closed his eyes and began to scan his mind. As seconds passed a smile formed on his face and it grow wider and wider until he began to laugh enthusiastically.

“This is truly fascinating!” The Volturi started at Aro in surprise except for Marcus.

“Aro, what is it?” Marcus asked.

“It seems that Edward shares a strong affection with a human girl. Bella is her name.”

“A human?” Caius said in disbelief and disgust. “Are you insane boy? She could expose our kind.”

“Let me finish the story before you judge him, Caius. He left her in order to prevent her from getting into unnecessary danger. I can agree with your way of thinking Edward, a human in a family of vampire is quite a risk, but things didn’t turn out the way you hoped they would when you returned to her town?” Aro paused and grinned while looking into Edward’s eyes. “She disappeared.”

Edward didn’t respond.

“But what intrigues me the most are these hallucinations, as you called them, that you have been experiencing for a while. Do you suppose that they could be connected to your attack when you found Bella in London?”

“I can’t say.” He said bleakly.

“Ah,” Aro pressed his finger to his chin and through it all over. “And that child that you saw in the last hallucination, what can you make of it?”

“You had another hallucination? When? Why didn’t you tell us?” Alice exclaimed. His family glaze fell on him with questioning looks with a bit if betrayal. The Volturis also had their full focus on him now.

“I think that the child may be connected to everything in some way.” Edward answered Aro question, ignoring Alice’s. “I think that it could be the same girl that Alice saw, but with its’ voice it’s hard to tell.”

“Not to mention that the child is quite powerful.” Aro added. “The hallucinations that it produces are truly appalling. I don’t think that even my Jane could ever come close to it. ” Jane gave an anxious whimper at Aro’s statement. “ I have a feeling that the child didn’t use its power to its fullest extent, it may be capable for doing more damage.”

“Are you saying that the child was their attacker?” Caius asked.

“No, I believe that someone else was responsible for that. Also I think that there could be another individual that was controlling the singing boy. For all we know we can be dealing with a very powerful coven, and Bella seems to be part of them.”

Edward clutched his hands into a fist and Aro noticed.

“I’m not accusing her Edward, please don’t misunderstand. She may be just a hostage to them.”

“What do you suggest we do, Aro?” Marcus asked.

Aro rejoined his brothers and looked back at Carlisle. “I’m willing to help you Carlisle, and support you family in anyway.”

Carlisle smiled in relief. “Thank you.”

“Oh, no don’t thank me. I’m simple curious that's all. I think we will see what Demitri can find first. Edward may he have a look at that music box? It could contain some traces from the child.”

“I’m sorry Aro, but I’m afraid that I left the music box back at Forks. My family was worried that I was becoming too obsessed with it.”

“That’s a pity.” Aro frowned. “I can see why they would think that, it is a very fascinating little thing, isn’t-“

Aro was suddenly cut short when a girl emerged from the air in the center of the room.

It was hard to tell how old she was; her flat carmine hair curtained her face. It was cut in disproportionate layered strands, which resembled somewhat of a ruined mop.

She wore a large black robe that droop over her body. It was worn out and had holes in several places. Her achromatic skin from her face and hands stood out like a white spots on the black canvas.

She looked around the room through the mess of hair, and a smirk formed on her lips. She raised her arms and started to spin around.

Everyone stared at her dumbstruck. She spun around the room in a befuddled pattern, everyone eased away from her when she came close to them because she gave an odd sense of menace. After a few second she started to hum in a low tune that only a vampire could scarcely hear.

Edward caught his breath and his stomach went cold. That tune was from the music box he heard in his hallucinations.

He attempted to read her mind, to see if she was the child, but he couldn’t. The words of her thoughts made no sense and crackled like a badly scratched up disc. He tried to decipher it but it only caused him more confusion and irritation.

Aro took a step forward with Renata close behind him. “Well, who may this unexpected visitor be?” he asked in a welcoming tone.

As suddenly as she started she stopped. Her arms smacked down to her sides and her head slowly angled her body to face him.

The atmosphere became heavy tense. Demetri, Felix and the other vampires stood ready for an ambush. But instead of an attack the girl tilted her head to the side and grimed at Renata instead. She took a few steps away from them.

“I don't like her.” she hissed in a screechy witchy voice and pointed a figure at her. Her small hand was very feminine and had young smooth tight skin. Its appearance was completely contrary to her voice and the rest of her complexion.

“She makes me think too hard, too much, too complicated.” she shook her head furiously whipping her hair across the air and her face. “Don't like it. Don't like it! DON'T LIKE IT!” she shrieked.

Aro just smiled. “I do apologies for the discomfort its gives you but she is necessary.”

The girl snorted. “Lies.”

He ignored her last comment and continued. “You’re our humble guest here and I should introduce myself properly. My name is Aro, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, and this,” he gestured his hand towards the vampires behind him. “Is my family. And who may you be?”

“Aro you say?” she grinned. “My name is,” she chuckled darkly. “Well I am called by many names but I will tell you the name that I want you to call me, Sangre.”

Caius arched an eyebrow. “Blood?”

“Oui monsieur. Blood can be so much fun. So much fun.” she giggled as she drifted into a daze. “You have a very big family Aro, you wouldn’t mind if I took one of them?”

Aro blinked. “Excuse me? I don’t think I quite understand.”

“To take home and keep. Like a welcoming present.” she vanished and appeared in front of Felix like a ghost. He back away in response to her stunning invisible movements and unease aura. “I want this one.”

“This is not a puppy kennel.” a low male voice came from the door that was located to the right of the room. Everyone’s eyes turn to a young man that stood there.

The way his eyes moved over the room resembled the monition of eye in a painting with spy wholes.

He was very tall, lean, looked like he was in his early twenties, and was extremely handsome. He wore a black robe with a pattern of swirling red flames and wide sleeves. It flowed on the floor, and it was hard to tell whether he was standing or levitating.

His face looked like it was a painting of perfection with the inspection of angels but it had its own small resemblance from the wicked beauty from the devil. His skin and hair colour was the same as the girls. His gleaming impassive eyes were a violet amethyst colour.

Half his hair was spiked up into a Mohawk, while the other half was closely shaved with three thin braids that reached past his shoulders.

His facial expression resembled close to Marcus. He didn’t show any real interest in anything, but it seemed to be because he found everything too simple and not fascinating, insignificant.

“Talking to someone that you intent to kill while smiling is rather impolite. You should just convey your real intentions, not just let them guess what they are.” he said in a dead tone.

“Aww, big brother why are you so serious?” he voice morphed into a sing, sweet child’s voice. “And speaking of which, aren’t you responsible for the slaughter of more vampires than me?” she crossed her arms. The room became so tense that you could probably cut the tension with a knife.

Edward couldn’t believe what she saying and she said it as if it was something customary. He heard several people gasp as they slightly shook.

“First of all, can you take off that ridiculous costume?” he asked

“But I like it!” she whined. “It makes me looked creepy.” She raised her hands and her fingers curved into claws and growled like a house cat.

“Now.” he ordered.

“Fine, you are such a meanie!” she yelled and took off the wig and robe, revealing a small, lean, beautiful and adorable little girl with straight slickly shoulder length carmine hair. She wore a short light pink dress with colourful flowers and matching white slippers. She looked like the girls you would see in advertisements.

Her farcical features were extremely similar to the young man’s and their eyes were the exact same amethyst color.

She ran up to his feet and looked at him with an angry glare. She threw the costume at his face but in a flash they disappeared in mid air and were hanging on his shoulder.

He reached into the sleeve of his robe and she watched with sudden fascination. He took out a pink bunny plushie and held in to her face, and she just stared at it for a while. Then he gave its stomach a squeeze and it squeaked.

A huge grin formed on the girl’s face and her eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas. She snatched the bunny from his hand and hugged it tightly, making it squeak again.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You’re the best big brother the whole wide world!” she sat the bunny on her shoulders and began to hopping around him. “Bunny! Cute little Bunny! Bunny!” she sang happily.

“Who are you?” Caius demanded in a hard and threatening tone but the man didn’t reply nor did he even look up at him. “I demand an answer, unless you wish for your demise.”

“Now Caius, I think this man has a reason as to why he intruded into our home like his sister did. It’s that right?’ Aro smiled at him.

He just shrugged his shoulders as if to say bluntly ‘who cares, it’s none of your business anyway’.

“Let’s go home.” He told his sister and she stopped.

“Wait!” she suddenly exclaimed. She sniffed the air around him and her eyes narrowed. “You have the smell of blood. When did you get to eat a human?” The girl started to childishly whack her brother across his legs with the bunny.

The man’s eyes turned to Aro.

“I was meaning to tell you that I had your secretary for a quick snack, Gianna I think that was her name. I didn’t think that you would mind since you were probably going to eat her anyway. Not quite appetising so I don’t wholly drain her. She is dead on her table; you better dispose of her before she decomposes.” He then looked down at his sister. “If you keep doing that, it will rip.”

“You killed a human on our grounds?” Felix snarled through his teeth. Now most of the Volturi guards were more than ready to fight. Aro was no longer smiling and Caius was furious. But the two didn’t seem the least bit threatened.

“Well we need blood just as much as you do. I would like to see you go a whole month without eating.” The girl said and climbed up her brother’s back and hung her arms around his neck. Then she stuck out her tongue at the Volturi.

Her brother’s eyes turned to her. “Do you honestly have to be on my shoulders to do that? You are more than capable of handling them without my protection.”

“But you’re my big brother. It’s your duty to defend your younger sister from stupid people.”

“Your vampires?” Edward was the one who asked the question that was on everyone’s mind.

She smiled widely and for the first time she revealed her pearl white teeth with two long fangs.

“Myst, we better go now before you show them anymore.” Her brother said.

“Why did you use my nickname in front of them?” she cried. “And what about him?” she snapped her head at Edward’s directions and pointed a finger at him.

“What about him?” he asked.

She showed him her bunny and squeaked it. ‘Squeak-squeak....squeak-squeak.........squeak-squeak............squeak-squeak’ the rhythm was similar to a dying heart, a sound that a vampire knew too well.

Suddenly a chill ran through him when her brother turned his attention from the bunny to him. He never had seen those kinds of eyes before. They just kept staring at him; they were the eye that belonged to a great and powerful predator, a monster. Just by looking into them he felt so belittled, weak, and frightened for his life.

“We will talk about this when we get home.” He said in a slightly stricter tone, as if they had to discuss something urgent.

“Jane!” Aro ordered.

At the same moment there was a sudden blast and blue flames formed around the man. It roared and shot across the air. Streams of fire spiralled and bind together forming a huge long flaming dragon. Cries of fear filled the room as everyone shielded their faces from the blistering heat.

The dragon revealed burning amethyst eyes. It let out an ear splitting roar and warped it’s self around man and girl. Before they were covered by the flame Edward saw Myst smile and wave to him. And the man gave him a strange look of melancholy. The dragon slithered around the room, consuming everything that wasn’t a vampire into flames.

Then it opened its mouth sending a ball of fire to a door burning it to the ground and flew out of the room disappearing into the hall.

Edward fell to the ground panting. The fire in the room died out the moment the dragon left, leaving everything in dark ashes and the walls charcoal black. Everyone was miraculously unharmed, but they were on the ground completely petrified, even Marcus was shaken and on his hands and knees. They cried and held each other as if they just survived a horrible tornado or devastating flood.

Edward looked down the hall that the dragon took the man and girl. He couldn’t move, couldn’t look away. He was too scared to, because he felt that at any moment they would come back to destroy him.

... to be continued

Chapter 7
Fangs and Amethyst Eyes
Part 2

Everything was rushing around him, as if he was racing a car over two-hundred kilometres per hour. Though nothing but blinding blue flames surround him, his scene of hearing, sight, and touch were connected to the flaming dragon, as if they were one body.

He saw a glimpse of the secretary’s dead body through the dragon’s eyes as they flew past her. He thought about burning her to ashes, but decided to leave the mess to the Volturis.

After a few second he found an exit, a hole in an alley.

“Dural!” Myst screamed in his ear and tightened her grip around his neck as they shot out of the ground. He focused the flame to propel them higher. They spun faster, as the fire roared and crackled loader. It was like flowing in the center of a tornado.

When they were well above the city, he made an opening over their heads and pushed them up so that he was standing on top of the dragon’s back.

Two huge wings formed from its sides and flapped which made the air whoosh and blow their hair wildly for a few seconds.

Once they were steadily airborne, he felt his sister smack her bunny on his head.

“Dural, you’re big dummy!” Myst yelled.

“And you mind telling me why?” He said in an impassive tone.

“You just flew out in the center of a city in broad daylight!”

“Don’t be an idiot. You know very well that humans can’t see this fire in the day. You just want an excuse to hit me.”

She smiled sweetly. “You got me.” she giggled.

She climbed up so that she was sitting on his shoulder and started to play with her bunny on his head.

He didn’t seem to care. He stood like a statue before he turned his head to see what his sister was pointing at below them. There were three tall Native Americans standing around the outer walls of Volterra city.

“Lookee Dural! Wolfie shape shifters!” she said cheerfully. “Can I have one please?”

“You are just going to kill it anyway.”

She made a puppy frown, “But they would be so much fun for a longer time. The other toys are not much fun no more.” She mumbled and pressed her chin on his head.

She held the bunny just inches from his face and made it squeak loudly.

When they were flying over the ocean he broke the long silence. “How long were you following him?” he asked.

“Who?” she snapped out of her daze. “Oh you’re talking about BB that you saw back there, a couple of days now for two reasons.” She held up one finger, “Reason number one! As you know his heartbeat is slightly different from the rest of them, you heard it didn’t you?”

He nodded, “I was surprised that you were able perceive that it was out of rhythm, even in its early stages it’s very difficult to detect.”

“You didn’t seem surprised at all.” She grumbled under her breath but then smiled.

“What’s the second reason?”

“Oh yeah, reason number two!” She showed two fingers, “He knows Bella.”

“That’s something interesting.” But he didn’t sound the least bit interested. “By the way, where is the broken music box that you have been niggling at me about for two days?”

“I was hoping to get it today, but BB didn’t have it with him. I think that it’s back in at his house. But at least I got to see the V-Cherries.”

“Were do you come up with your ridiculous nicknames?”

“BB stands for baby boy, because he is just a weak little thing. And I call them the V-Cherries because their eyes are little red cherries plus it rhymes with Volturis.”

He just shook his head.

He lowered his altitude as a storm cloud hovered above them. They were flying over a thick forest in the northern part of Saskatchewan. A small cottage came into view in the middle of a small clearing, which was very deep and well hidden from any civilization.

They swooped down carefully to not catch anything on fire, until the dragon was hovering just over the ground.

In front of the door Bella stood there waving at them and holding her hair back from the wind caused by the flapping wings.

Myst jumped a good fifty feet from the ground and landed lightly on her feet like a cat. She ran to Bella and threw herself in her arms and knocked them both down to the ground.

“Hi baby sister, did you miss me?” she leaned up to her neck and inhaled its’ scent. “You smell so good. It just smells yummier every time.” She smiled showing her glistening fangs.

“I get that a lot.” Bella said and patted her head.

“Myst didn’t I tell you to restrain yourself around Bella, she is still a human.” He said and he got off.

He glided down to the earth slowly as a feather and when he his feet touched the ground he raised his arm, opened his hand, and flicked his wrist. The dragon behind him roared before shrunk into a small candle flame and flowed onto the center of his open palm. He then closed his hand and the blue flame was gone.

“I didn’t break any bones like I did last time. Right Bella?” she smiled up at her.

Bella smiled back. “No you didn’t, not this time at least.” She said as they got on their feet. Myst took Bella’s hand and showed Bella her bunny.

“Dural gave this to me today. Will you help me pick a name for her?”

“It’s so cute, and coarse I will.” Bella replied. She looked up and saw Dural standing by her with an emotionless face, and his dull eyes looking at her.

She has been with him long enough to know that it was his friendly and brother-like way of saying ‘I’m home.’

“Did you have fun with your sister?” she teased, knowing very well that he didn’t.

“I have some good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?”

Myst sighed. “Ah Dural you always have to be so serious, you can’t even ask ‘How was your day?’ or ‘Did you miss me?’”

The smile fell from her face. “The bad news.” She said in a small voice.

“I’m going away for a few days. I have to convey important information to the Castle of Guardians and do some errands.” His gaze turned to his sister. “So you’re going to be here alone with Myst since everyone’s is out on the week long hunt.”

“Hey!” Myst glared up at him.

A faint smile returned to Bella’s face. “It’s really not that terrible Dural. Besides everything that she does to me is for my own good.”

“Just try to keep everything to a minimum till I get back.” He said it more directly to Myst than to Bella.

“I can’t make that kind of promise.” Myst mumbled.

“The good news is that the two vampires and wolf shape shifter are still alive and doing well, so you don’t need to worry about them anymore.”

Bella’s eyes wavered with emotions. “Thank you.” Bella whispered in sheer gratitude.

He just sighed, “I didn’t do anything so don’t thank me unnecessarily.” And with that he rotated on his heels before he vanished into thin air.

“Well, as always big brother goes without saying good bye.” Myst grumbled as she stared in the direction that he left.

“But it’s kind of a good thing because if he doesn’t say good-bye you can be sure he will come back.”

Myst looked up at her, and though she was smiling, she saw pain and sadness lingering in her eyes. She didn’t like to see her new baby sister like that.

“Come on Bella.” She pulled her arm. “Let’s introduce the new bunny to her new family and then we can play tea party together.”

“You aren’t going to knock me out for three day like you did the last time?” she asked her in a serious tone.

But Myst just giggled as they climbed up the stairs to the porch. “You’re the one that said that what I do to you is for your own good.”

Bella laughed. “Touché”

Myst put her hand on the old door handle. She turned it, and it squeaked loudly, she opened the door to a dark stoned stairwell that swirled down deep into the earth. Within the pitch darkness that stretched up to them, a faint song from a music box could be heard.

End of Chapter

Chapter 8

After talking with the hard headed Guardians for twenty-four hours, they finally agreed to look into the information that the Shadow’s Eye Watchers collected and stored on ‘BB’.

He was born as Edward Anthony Masen to Edward Masen Sr. and Elizabeth Masen on June 20, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois.

After catching the Spanish influenza in 1918, Edward was turned into a vampire by Carlisle Cullen, as the only alternative from death. Carlisle then changed and married Esme who became his adoptive mother.

He was now known as Edward Cullen. Emmett and Alice Cullen, as well as the Jasper and Rosalie Hale are his adopted siblings.

The Cullen family devoted their lives to "vegetarianism."

Of course they told him about his human biography, the biography of his human parents, and the every single activity he performed during his rebellious period at the beginning of his vampire life when he left the care of Carlisle. But that information was not valid to him.

The information that he did want was there he lived. It turned out that Myst was wrong about him living in Forks; it was actually Olympic Peninsula of Washington.

But she knew every single city, town, village, and even places that aren’t marked on the any map. Once again his little sister tried to mislead him and make his job more problematic.

Since he couldn’t use his flames to fly with his dragon during the night, he had to travel buy foot.

At least when he found their home and was standing on the front driveway, appearing to be examining the house like a client that didn’t seem sold.

The Cullens didn’t return from Italy yet so it seemed that he had to make a surprised visit.

Breaking into a house was like walking into a door that someone forgot to lock and left it wide open.

He quickly found Edward’s room from the blue prints that the Shadow’s Eye Watchers had of the house.

But it wasn’t there. Then he remembered that Edward said that his family was worried that he was becoming too obsessed with the music box.

He then quickly went to Carlisle office, which he thought was the next best place to look. After searching in every single square inch of the room he didn’t find it.

“Well, where could they have put it?” He asked himself after putting the last book back to its original place on the desk. He then he went over what Edward told Aro more closely.

“ I’m sorry Aro, but I’m afraid that I left the music box back at Forks. My family was worried that I was becoming too obsessed with it.”..... “I left the music box back at Forks.”.....”At Forks.”

“At Forks is it?” he said to himself. He then looked down at a photo frame on the desk. In it was picture of the entire Cullen family of what appeared to be a family vacation in France. He picked it up and his eyes settled on Edward who stood on the left side. “Where would your family hide it from you?”

Then a thought came into his mind. Bella’s house.

It made sense; the family was close and shared almost everything with each other. He probably told them about what happened when he came into her room.

And after whatever his sister put him through, he would probably not be going back in there anytime soon.

He placed the picture back and took out his cell phone. He quickly dialled and after the first ring it picked up.

“Hi, hi Dural!” Myst answered excitedly. “Did you find it?”

“I’m on my way to get it now.” He said as he was making his way out of the Cullen’s property. “I also need you to come down here, and come prepared.”

“You mean I get to play outside?” her voice clearly stated that she was over ecstatic.

“One of the Thirteen Royal Guardians had granted you permission to only gather needed evidence on Edward Cullen. If the results match his expectations you are allowed to proceed further. He also told me to mention that he strongly warned that you are to obey his commands.”

“Awww, big brother!” she whined. “Why do I need restrictions? I need to I need to listen to that big person?”

“Because you are my younger sister and I am at an agreement with his decision.”

“Ohhhh, right. This is all your fault that I can’t have any fun! Why do I have to be related to a brother like you?”

“I’ll send you the address, and don’t get distracted along the way here, you understand?”

“Hocky docky, I just need to find someone to babysit Bella. Bye bye, I love you big brother!” She said quickly before she hung up

That’s when he knew that she did something to Bella again.

When Myst hung up the phone, she took out the needle that she injected in Bella’s arm.

Bella was sleeping on a king size bed, with snow white sheets and feathered pillows. The room was designed into a beautiful grand garden, with all sorts of wide flowers, a little pond, and pebbled path that lead to the door. The walls were a cylinder theatre screen that produced images of the blue sky and a never ending field. Different sound systems, solar lights and fans were also installed to make any human feel like they were really outside.

Myst smiled and light kissed Bella’s forehead. “Sweet dreams Bella, I promise that soon we will be like real sisters.” She whispered and jumped off the bed.

She walked out of the door into a grand hallway with red walls, draped golden curtains, red titled flooring, lustrous lights hung on the walls. The hall walls were bordered with antediluvian artworks that depict unconventional forms of empowerment, judiciousness, and hostility.

She reopened her phone and dialled.

“Hello.” A young male voice came from the other line which was slightly muffled by loud club music.

“Hi Nigel. If you hang up right now I will promise you a world of pain.” She smiled but meant every word.

“What do you want?” he asked unpleasantly as the music died down into the background at the other end.

“I need you to look after Bella while I do an important job for the big people.”

“Shot, Myst what did you do to her?” he was starting to panic. “You know what, forget I asked. I’m not doing it.”

“I didn’t do anything, stop jumping into conclusions. I just gave her some C4X that’s all.”

“I don’t know what the hell that means, what it is, or what it does. And honestly I don't give a damn and so I’m not going to get involved.”

“It’s nothing serious Nigel. I have worked on this drug for decades and made sure that it’s two hundred percent safe with no major side effects.”

“Did I ever tell you how much I hate to look after your toys?”

“Bella is not a toy she is my new baby sister.” She hissed then quickly returned to her childish voice. “Unfortunately, you’re not the only one who says that. I don’t know why you don’t appreciate my work but clearly I don’t really care.”

“No deal Myst.” He said in a strict tone. “I have already taken care of the mess you made in London with the two tots and the mutt. If something goes wrong, Adriana will kill me for sure.”

“Adriana will go after me before she even thinks of dealing with you. Also big brother wouldn’t allow her to do anything to me so there is no problem. Trust me nothing will happen, I will be gone for one day max. I’ll even leave the remedy with you if you want.

“No and that’s final.”

“If you do it I won’t play with you for a century.”

There was a long silence on the other end. “All right I’ll be there in an hour.” He muttered in as he surrendered.

“Okay bye bye Nigel.” And she hung up.

She entered into a door that was shaped in the form of an upright bunny. Inside was a grand room with pink carpeting, the walls where designed with a verity of bunnies playing, eating, and sleeping in a grassy field under the warms sun. On the right was a pink four-poster Victorian style bed. In the center of the room was a huge pyramid of bunny plushies that varied in shape, size, colour, and eras. The walls where encircled with shelves for books and additional toy accessories. There was a double door on the right of the room, which led to a room that was more convincing as a clothing store then a closet.

At the wall parallel to the entrance was a very small wooden door, which was engraved with vines on it and along the rim.

However, the room was a complete mess. The bed was unmade and toys, clothes, and books scattered everywhere. Myst walked between the clutter and picked up everything that she needed. She quickly went into the small door and came back with a small metal suitcase.

After packing her pink flowery backpack with skates, plushies, plushie clothes, and a small metal suitcase, she took a blue bunny with black bowtie for the pyramid into her arms and left the cottage.

She decided to take the long way and ran towards and Pacific Ocean. When she reached the beach, she took out her skates and a pair of little skates for her bunny and put them on.

“Are you ready to dance with me Sir.Hop-a-lot?” she looked out into the ocean and took in a deep breath through her noise and held it in her chest.

Then she blew it out of her mouth, making a high pitch whistle. A thick sheet of ice form at her feet and extended farther and farther out into sea. She got on the ice and began to figure-skate while swinging the bunny in the air. She hummed her favourite tune and watched the ice cracked and melted behind her.

When she finally came to Washington she landed on the cloudy shores of La Push beach. She took off her and the bunny’s skates, pack them way, and began to make her way to the Cullen’s house.

“Remember Sir.Hop-a-lot no distracts, like big brother said okay?” and she made the bunny nod its head.

When she was about to blot into the forest something caught her eye. Along the beach a little Quileute girl was crouching down in the sand. She did look no more than six years old.

‘Okay maybe me I can play for just a little bit.’ She thought to herself and ran towards that girl instead.

She came quietly from behind and the girl didn’t notice. She looked over her shoulder and saw that she had a toy shovel in her hand and was filling a bucket up with sand.

“What ya doing?” Myst asked curiously and the girl turned to look at her in surprise.

After she stared at her for a long moment she smiled politely. “I’m building a sand castle, till Quil gets back from the airport. He said that he will make it with me.”

“Can I help too?” She asked.

“Sure.” She took an extra shovel that was by her feet and handed it to her. “My name is Claire. What’s your name?”

“I’m Sangre, but I prefer my middle name Mystery, you can call me Myst.” She said as she took the shovel and crouched down beside her. “And this is Sir. Hop-a-lot.” She held up her bunny to show her.

“He is sooo cute.” She looked at it admirably. “Let make him the King of the Castle.”

“Okay, but we can’t tell Madame Hop-a-lot about this. She will be sooo jealous that her new husband got a castle.” Myst pressed her figure to her lips. be continued


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