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Okay!!!! So I usually write fan fics with the Cullens and all the good stuff like that, but I recently started a book of my own and plann on getting it published by my best friends grandfather. I havent wrote on it anymore, but I no if I put it on here and ppl like it that will make me want to add to it more so here is the first chapter just add me if you want and update!!! Also banners are welcome!!






This thing called life is bigger than anyone. I thought as I walked up to the back door. I walked outside into the pouring rain leaving my family behind. The rain was cold against my skin, but that only made everything more real. By now I was at the edge of the forest. It just proved once again that this was more real than I ever expected everything to really be. I touched my necklace and felt my hand warm from the power radiating from it, and took off running. I ran past the meeting place where I learned the whole truth about what my parents were trying to keep me from, and knew it indicated that I was halfway there. I always loved traveling this way it was fun, fast, and most importantly nobody would be able to track me. Unless they were just like me. I realized this a little too late I noticed. The next thing I knew I was being pinned up against a tree and looked up to the person holding me there not liking what I saw.


    I will post the first chapter if I get at least 4 comments!!


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Write more now!!!!!!PLEASE!!-Holly!

Awesome, update soon!!!

i loves it(:

keep me updated!



Thanks!!! I will post more now!!



                            Chapter One

                              The Move


How in the world does this work. This thing called life. Some may find out, while some may waste it. I thought I had enough time to find out, but that all ended when my dad got remarried and shipped me off the live with my mom. I love her, but she was always half drunk so the social services took me away when I was 13. My dad told them he didn’t want me. This is my life now, three and a half years later .I no live in a foster home with my two twin ‘brothers’ and an older ‘sister’. They were the first family I went to, and they told me that when they first heard about me they just had to see me. My twin ‘brothers’ are always together though their personality’s are completely opposite and they try to drag me along with them everywhere. My ‘sister’ is two years older than me and about to go to college. She loves to go shopping and using me to decide whether or not to buy something by giving me puppy dog eyes the whole time so I will do it. So in all there was Ethan and Evan the twins; Rachel, then me. My name is Jamie, while my foster parents are Jenna, and Richard. Ethan and Evan share the same green eyes with light brown hair, and oval shaped face. Rachel is a strawberry blonde with blue eyes like her mom. Jenna has a light blonde hair with the same blue eyes as Rachel, and Richard has the same green eyes with reddish brown color hair. But me you ask? I look nothing like them. I have long black hair that has a few curls in it every time I sleep on it wet. My eyes aren’t a green or blue, but a dark brown, which would be fine if I was tan, but that wasn’t the case. I was extremely pale, and there was no helping that. I hated talking about my real parents, and I even tried blocking that memory from my mind, but it would come back to me in my dreams. Sometimes I would wake up crying, and I would put my earphones in my ear and listen to my iPod. I would mostly put it on La La La by Auburn, and turn it all the way up so I wouldn’t be able to think. That’s what I had to do last night. We just moved over the summer so I would have to start my second year of high school with no friends. Not like I had many friends before, but still. I just hope I will have better luck with having friends at this school than my old school.

The car stopped in front of a little two story house with white and yellow trim. It had a rock pathway leading to the front door. This would be my new home from now on. At least I didn’t have to go to school yet. It’s only halfway through the summer so I will have time to get used to some things here.

Why don’t you kids go upstairs and pick out which room you want?” Richard asked as he parked the car.

I get first choice!” Ethan hollered. They were so much taller than me some of my old friends didn’t understand how I wasn’t scared of them, but they were the same age as me, and both just like teddy bears.

No! I do!” Evan hollered back. I ran a head of them and grabbed the key from Evan.

No. I do!” I told them showing them the key. They gave each other a look I knew only too well. I ran to the door and unlocked it as fast as I could and took off running upstairs them right behind me.

Get her!” They yelled at the same time.

No!” I screamed running, but it was useless. Ethan grabbed me around the waist, and pulled me back. Then Evan started tickling me, while Ethan held me down.

Stop!” I pleaded in between laughs.

Not a chance.” Ethan said. Fine, but later I was going to find a way to get even with them. I was able to roll onto my stomach so they wouldn’t tickle me as bad that way.

Yeah, why are you tickling me when you could be picking out a room before anyone else?” I knew they would stop because of this. I was right. They both jumped up and ran in different directions. I sat up and looked in the room I was dragged in front of. It seemed okay and had a window with a place that I would be able to sit in to read or get on my laptop. As I turned to leave something caught my eyes from the closet. It looked like one of the floor boards was coming up a little. I walked over to investigate, and I just barely pulled on it when it came up. I quickly seen an envelope and picked it up. As I did something inside it moved around, so I opened it up. Inside was a necklace on a silver chain. It was heart shaped with a single stone in the middle, and little carving all around that looked like you would have to get a microscope to see clearly. I heard Ethan and Evan coming and put the necklace in the envelope, and putting it all back. I put back the board put didn’t close it all the way so I could open it back up later.

Is this the room you’re going pick?” Ethan asked me. I guess if I was trying to hide something in it then yes.

Yeah. There’s just something about it I like.” I told him. It was mostly true anyway.

Cool. Let’s go down and start bringing our stuff to our rooms. So it won’t look so boring.” I laughed at the last part.

Okay,” I agreed. “Let’s go.” Evan started running down the stairs ahead of us and fell right on the last stair. Instead of walking like Ethan, and me he had to go and get himself hurt. Again. He suddenly jumped up with blood coming from his mouth.

I’m okay!”

Are you sure?” He looked at me confused.

Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?”

You’re bleeding. I’ll go get Richard. He might have something to help. Well, on second thought I should probably ask Jenna.” I know Richard usually meant well, but he just wasn’t too good at helping when it comes to things like this. Jenna on the other hand was a nurse so I’m sure she would be better at helping us instead of making it worse.

I ran outside to see Richard talking to the U-Haul driver guy, and Jenna at the car getting a few things out.


You can call me mom Jamie,” She interrupted.

Mom Evan was running down the stairs like an idiot and on the last stair he fell and hit his head and now he is bleeding. Can you come help us?”

Of course. You know he never could stay out of trouble.” She didn’t look surprised on what I told her. Then again he has had worse. Last year at football practice he had the wonderful idea to show up wearing a bra and ballet shoes instead of the clothes he was supposed to wear to practice. Coach wouldn’t let him play like that so he waited till practice was over, and called a few of his friends over to help him throw the old food thrown out from lunch on the coach. Well, things didn’t go to well and when he started trying to run away he ran right into a metal post and it knocked him out.

It was kind of funny though thinking back about it now that I know he is fine and didn’t get too terribly hurt from it.

When we walked back into the house Ethan and Evan were still in the same place arguing over something like on who was the best looking; which doesn’t make a bit of sense because they looked exactly alike.

Guys come on quit arguing and let’s get Evan help.” They both nodded and by now Evan had blood staring to drip on the floor.

I’ll go get a towel.” I said and ran towards the car. Once I got there I realized it might take a little longer than I thought. There were boxes everywhere! About five different ones said kitchen on them. I kept digging through the boxes and finally found one that said towels.

Got ya!” I grabbed a blue towel and ran back to the house. When I opened the door I closed it back quickly.

In the kitchen!” Jenna yelled. I turned the corner to find Evan sitting on the counter with Jenna and Ethan at his side. I walked to Jenna and handed her the towel.

She wet the towel then squeezed some of the water out.

Hold that on there until the bleeding stops. Then I will look at it again to be sure you didn’t chip a tooth or anything.” She told him sternly. It didn’t work though, you could detect a thin layer of worry in her voice. No matter how hard she tried some of Jenna’s true emotions would show through.

Ethan why don’t we start working on our room, and when Evan feels a little better we can help him get some things in his room?” Evan just glared at me. I knew he didn’t like not being able to work on his room by himself without our help. It makes him feel weak, but it had to be done.

Ethan nodded in agreement, and walked off towards the truck with our things in it. I followed him close behind, and noticed the neighbors were about my age and was staring at me wide eyed as if they had seen a ghost. There were three of them, two boys and a girl. The girl had long auburn hair with light blonde highlights, and had a decent tan, and hazel eyes. One boy had light sandy hair with beautiful blue eyes. The other had a medium dark color hair with beautiful hazel eyes, while they both had the same decent tan as the girl. Maybe this place wouldn’t be too bad and I would be friends with them. Then again I wasn’t really lucky enough for something good like that to happen to me.

Are you coming?” Ethan asked. I didn’t realize I had stopped walking to look at the neighbors.

Yeah, I just got sidetracked.” I went ahead of him walking to Richard trying to figure out how to put my laptop stand together. At the rate he was going it might be complete by Christmas. I looked past him into the truck and grabbed a big blue storage box that had Jamie clothes written on the side. I could just put the clothes up for now, and work on the rest later.

After thirty minutes I had the closet half full of clothes and had just finished hanging up the last t-shirt. The sun was starting to set turning the sky a light pink all over. I guess I should see about the bed situation. I walked out of the room, but wasn’t really sure on which room was Evan or Ethan’s. In front of my room was the side of the stair case so that couldn’t be it. Then there was a room on both sides on mine. I went to the left fist to find a bed in the corner nearest to the closet with a blue bedspread on it. This was Ethan’s room then. I walked out and went to the room on the right of mine and Evan was just finishing putting on the lime green bedspread that he had.

Dad went down stairs to get the stuff to set up your bed. Ethan went to help him while I finished up in here.”

So I see you haven’t flooded the walls with posters yet.” I noticed. He laughed.

Nope not yet.” I walked down the stairs to see if they needed any help getting anything up the stairs.

Richard Ethan do you need any help?” As soon as I got down the stairs they were about to walk up them.

Well you and Evan could go grab the mattress and bring it on up if you would like.” I nodded and jumped down out of their way. Once they had made it all the way up the stairs I decided to bring the mattress up anyway.

Evan!” I didn’t feel like walking back up the stairs so I just yelled it.

Yeah?” He answered back. I could hear his footsteps as he started walking towards the stairs.

Will you come and help me bring my mattress upstairs? Please?” I asked giving him the saddest face I could come up with. He just looked at me and sighed.

Okay. Where is it?” That caught me off guard.

Umm,” I said looking around, and found it leaning up against the wall. “Over here.”

Alright.” He came downstairs and helped me carry it up to my room. We leaned it against the wall and went down stairs to help Jenna with anything she needed.

I hopped down the stairs and almost ran into her.

Oops. Sorry.” She just laughed.

It’s okay. Why don’t you two come eat and they can eat when there done. It’s almost nine and it’s been a long day we could all use some sleep, and that means going to bed early tonight.”

Sure.” I told her honestly. It was a long drive stuck in the car between two boys trying to fight over your head then coming to a house and trying to unpack things. I had planned to go to bed early anyway, and this gave me an excuse.

I followed Jenna back into the kitchen where she had a variety of fried chicken. Evan would be happy about it; chicken is one of his favorite foods. Jenna, Evan and I ate our share quickly, and I went right upstairs after cleaning off my plate to take a shower. Jenna had told me she had fixed up the bathrooms.

I took a long shower washing my hair twice and taking time to blow dry it. When I was finished I said goodnight to Richard and Jenna who were downstairs talking on the couch. Then I went to each Ethan and Evan’s rooms to tell them goodnight. Of course leave it to Evan to ruin the sweet moment by calling me squirt, a name they called me when they wanted me to have a nickname instead of just saying my name. I walked back to my room slowly and sank down into the soft, and warn pillow and blankets thinking about the necklace. I slowly drifted to sleep as the moments went by.


hey ... i lik tis ...Nice ..


I LOVW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow this story is amazing. I love it :))

Hope you will update soon!

love it write more soon and not too big please
LoL!!! I usually dont write chapters that long , but I just kept getting ideas and it just happended to stop there. I will update hopefully next week depending how much I am able to think of and how much I can be around a computer. I have some of the next chapter already typed I dont know if yall want me to go ahead and post some of it or wait. It's up to yall just let me no!!


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