The Twilight Saga

Jane never would of expected that the feelings she was having for Aro was going to lead her and Aro down a path which they could never turn back from, while they believed that keeping their relationship a secret nothing bad would happen. Little did they know that soon the relationship would soon come to light with a lot more people than they expected, not only with their coven but with many other covens across the world. Is it a good thing that people know about the relationship? Or will that give enemies a chance to get there own back on the murderous Volturi?


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Chapter One (Part 1)

Get The Job Done

I frowned the thought of Aro being extremely mad at Corin and myself for not getting this job done like we should be doing but Corin was nowhere to be found, I answered the phone as it rang it was Aro we spoke for a while and the anger in his voice was more than easy to tell. Aro knew I could off gotten this job done on my own but Corin insisted that she join me instead of Demetri I had to admit Demetri I wished was here, I hung up the phone when Aro was done speaking I turned at the sound of the hotel door opening it was Corin. She had only returned from a night out it was 8:45am in the morning and she was only getting in the anger grew upon my face she knew we had to get this job done, but all she could think off was hooking up with some random guys and goodness knows what else. I shook my head and grabbed my jacket it was winter in England so I was glad of the dark cloudy skies and the pouring rain was the best thing I could ask for today, we only had a few more days left in England I wanted to get this job done. The anger grew on my face as I pushed Corin out of my way and walked out I went hunting looking for this law breaker as Aro called it,  I walked down some alleyway which soon Corin appeared and grabbed my arm I pulled back and glared at her.

"What the heck is your problem Jane? Aro is nowhere to be seen and you are more interested in doing his job for need to loosen up come on come to the spa with me" she said

"NO Why would I want to come to a spa with you knowing we only have 3 days left to find this person and kill them...Aro has trusted me for years and the first time I am teamed up with you things go to hell. My problem is that if we don't get this job done we will have more than just Aro to deal with a lot more damage is being done with your stupidity Corin, if you want go and party count me out I have a job to do and I am not going to fail Aro over you" I said in a snappy tone as I walked past her once again

"Well" she said and followed me.

Corin walked to one of her local hook ups as I called it and found a friend or boy toy of hers I shook my head and grabbed her quickly, her fella followed us and I turned quickly and pushed him away I glared at Corin clearly she was too immature for this line of work.

"Jane he was going to help us"

"Help how the hell can he help us you are just making a joke of yourself when you actually grow up then work with the Volturi until then just stop with your immaturity and selfishness....NOW LETS GET THIS JOB DONE" I snapped

"I am not immature nor selfish I just want to live Aro never lets us have a break I am sure you know since you do more for the Volturi than he does, and fine we get this job done I will hopefully never be teamed up with such boring team mate" she said "I thought it would be fun to work with you but clearly I was wrong".

I yet again ignored her I thought more about the punishment that her and I would get thanks to her actions but I hopped it was not to bad, Corin soon realised I was mad and soon tried to start to talk to me again it didn't work I kept ignoring her and kept on looking. I soon smelt fresh blood I was trying to see if it was either animal or human soon I picked up human scent from it I followed the blood line, which the rain was washing away but I could till smell the blood I soon heard a scream and picked up the speed I was walking. I stopped in my tracks noticing the screaming woman had been near enough drained of all her blood but the venom was turning her, the rouge vampire soon appeared from the darkness his eyes a piercing fresh red as if he meaning to be evil not following vampire laws he went for Corin who ended up hitting her head. I snapped and grabbed the vampire and pinned him against the wall as he wiggled and tried to get away I smashed him into the ground, his eyes staring into mine as he grabbed my arm I hissed knowing I would have to kill him I seen Corin was holding her head as if she was a human immature once again.

"Get off me you little witch" he said

"in your dreams" I said as I ripped off his head and killed him I burned the body and soon grabbed Corin pulling her up

"thanks" she said

"Whatever" I replied

"Jane what do we do about the girl she is turning" Corin finally noticed something I was shocked

"I know I am not stupid Corin" I said walking over to the girl who was crying and begging for the burning to stop.

I knew Corin and I could not leave her or else we would be sent back to kill her I grabbed the woman as her eyes started to change to a red, I ripped her apart and burned her as well I turned and looked right at Corin how the hell could Aro team me up with a woman with no clue on who to kill rule breakers.

"now if you are done being stupid and acting more like a human I think it's time we got the heck out of England before anyone recognises what we are, since well I did just do our job for you since you were to busy acting like a helpless little human" I said angry at Corin

"I'm sorry Jane I just" she said "It hurt okay he is strong so he was"

"Whatever like I said lets just get back and get out of England" I told her

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