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 Secret Past





What if Bella had a secret past no one knew about? What if she was a Hunter? Her real name was Isabella Marie Winchester and she killed monsters for a living. Her brothers Sam and Dean both kill things that shouldn’t exist in the real world. Bella has been hunting since she was 10, but when her father passes away her brothers insist that she should live somewhere where she could be safe from all the nightmarish creatures of the night.


But Dean and Sam have only encountered real vampires not the vampires that are the Cullen’s. So what happens when James starts stalking Bella? Sam and Dean are in the east coast hunting demons while Bella is trying to fend off James in Forks. Bella's life turns upside down when she is tricked into opening a box that turns her... blind. Bella finds herself being stalked by James and is now Tanya's number one enemy. But Edward falls for Bella and Bella falls for Edward. What will happen when bella's past and her future blend into one big pool of disasters that may end in her death?


The Winchesters are the main family in the show Supernatural. Sam, Dean, and in this story Bella, and their father who passed away all hunt ghosts, demons, vampires, shape shifters, etc. Since they were small they were taught how to hunt and kill monsters. Think of it like this… If a kid told you they saw a monster in a closet you would tell them that there is nothing there, but for the Winchesters if Bella, Sam, or Dean thought there was a monster in the closet their dad would give them a shotgun to protect themselves.

You might think that was bad parenting but monsters are real in their world. The cross roads is a place somewhere in the Midwest where people go to make deals with demons in trade of their souls. A trade would go like this… You would walk to the middle of four crossroads. Then you would place something in the middle in a box and then burry it. In a matter of moments a demon would appear either a women or a man. You would tell them what you wanted to trade and they will give you a year or more before they collect your soul and take you straight to hell. This is what happened to Bella’s dad. Sam was dying and he went to make a deal for his soul. His time went up fast and he went to hell.

Sam and Dean don’t want to risk losing another member of their family so they send Bella with a friend to Forks, Washington. A town they believed to be one of the very few towns that where monster free, at least according to them. But they have no idea that other types of vampires exist.


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Chapter 16: Comment Page -41 (Written by my collaborator Rose Volturi)   

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Please tell me if i should continue?
I love it, you should continue & plz keep me updated on your story
Thank you! I know i can always count on you Gayle! :)
Sounds good I would keep going
Thank you girly wolf! ♥
keep me updated
I will and thank you! :))
your welcome
I will and thank you so much Aurora!
I will and thank you! :))
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WROTE A STORY ABOUT HER BEIN A WINCHESTER 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILL READ URS IF U READ MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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