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These are some banners i already had. If any of you like making banners and are really good at it i would love for you to make me a banner or two! Thanks!

Also i know the banner says by Team Jacob #1fan but that was my old name so its still me.






Summary -


In this story a young girl around the age of 14 named Courney moves to Forks, WA to live with her uncle Charlie Swan...Yes, Its another Swan moving to the small town of Forks. When she's here so going to Forks Jr. High as an 8th grader and meets a cute boy and fall for him but he seems to be hiding something. What will happen when as the years go bye she really falls in love with him? How will she deal with the fact that her older cousin Bella and her husband, Edward don't seem to be getting any older? How will she react when she finds out that the small town called Forks is full of all the things that she thought were just stupid stories and the man she's in love with is a huge part of it...




Chapter 1- Moving
Courtney’s POV

I was moving to my Uncle Charlie’s house today. My Uncle Charlie is awesome. He lives in Forks, Washington. I love it in Forks, although my cousin Bella hates it there. I guess it has something to do with the raining all the time thing. I cant wait to get to Forks its just that this is going to be really hard for me to adjust to. I mean its gonna be hard not being with my parents. The reason I’m moving to Forks is cause my parent were in a crash and died. I was at my house and my parents decided to go shopping. I didn’t want to go so I stayed home. After a few hours of them not coming back I started to get worried. Then this guy called the house and told me they were in a car accident and were in the hospital. I ran over there as fast as I could cause we didn’t live to far from the hospital. In about two hours they died and I had watched them die. That was yesterday and now today I packed my things and left my house to come to Forks. When I got off the plane Uncle Charlie was waiting for me. I ran up to him, hugged him and said “Hi Uncle Charlie!” He said “Hi Courtney! How are you?” I said “Just fine.” I didn’t want to talk about what had happened yesterday. When we got to his house Billy and Jacob Black were waiting for us. They’re old family friends. Jake is like a big brother to me. When Uncle Charlie parked the car I got out and ran to give Jake a hug. He said ‘Hey Court! I missed ya.” I looked up at him (man was he tall) and said “You missed me? Jake I come here every summer.” He said “Yeah I know, but who else am I gonna tease?” We both laughed. Jake helped me get my stuff into my room which used to be Bella’s. He also helped me get everything unpacked. While Jake was helping me with everything I realized I might be able to handle this, but it wasn’t going to be easy.


Song for Secret:


Jordyn Taylor- What If

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awww.this is wait for more
Cool Story plz write more it's really good.
Great chapter. It's been awhile since I've read the story, so it was somewhat new to me. Can't wait for more!! :D

its really innovative..finish it quickly so I can read the rest...

i like the banners n when did u make them??

Last year.

My ex-best friend made them for me.

By the way i need more people to reply before i continue.

Hola, Jada. What happened to the other one that was posted? You had a lot of chapters up before.... I'm kind of bored with the old banner I made before. It's like, a year old now. Anyway, post away with the chapters.

No one was reading it anymore so i decided to restart it and still no one is reading it and my computer was stupid last year and i lost all the chapters that i had written after all the ones i had posted before. I almost forgot about this until you replied on it. I'm not even sure if i have the chapters that i posted in the other one anymore.

Oh. Yeah, Idk what happened here. I kinda stopped coming on here after we stopped talking and such. But, i erased my stories before I stopped coming on cause I knew I would forget my password and such if I ever did come back (which, I did) no one reads new stories anymore. Unless the author is well known within the group. I just posted a story and it's only got one reply in it since yesterday and I remember when my stories had at least five or six in less then 24 hours. It's a total story writing downer

I know right! It really sucks! Whats your new story? If you give me the link i'll go check it out. I'm definitely for reading something new. The only reason i really stayed on here is because of the role plays that i'm in. I love role playing on here. Its so much fun.

Here's my story. It's called The Twilight's Heat. I have the first two chapters written but they aren't posted yet. Just the intro of it is posted


I just wish things would be back to the way they were. You remember A Sunless World? I have up to like, chapter ten or so and that's it and I have the first four chapters of a new, new story that has nothing to do with Twilight xD


Ok cool. I'll deffinetely check that out. I loved A Sunless World! It was so sad yet SO GOOD! I miss your stories on here. They were always so good! You could probably become a popular author one day.


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