The Twilight Saga


Isabella Swan is a reknown beauty in her city: Paris. But she hides a big secret... at night she turns into a wolf. Prince Edward the next in line for the thrown visits Paris. He then falls for her... but what will he think of her secret... and will she reveal his... that he is a vampire.




Chapter 1: Comment Page 1

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Hey Kat that was a great chapter and I feel so bad for Bella having to make an exit before Edward even made his arrival. I know you will make their first meeting rememberavble LoL Loved it and can't wait to see what happens next!!



Thank you Sarah! <3 I have to make it memerable or else you guys would kill me! lol <3 Thank you for reading <3

I love it! Keep me posted? Lol, I like how you address every one of your adoring fans!



- Bella </3

I love the people who read my stories :) They inspire me to keep on writing! I will keep you posted :P Thank you for reading Bella! <3
New reader! Love it keep me posted!!
new reader love it
thank you!
I will! <3
Unbelievable Kat This Is The Story That You Have Been Working On It Looks Great

Thanks Jeff.

new reader: love it!
Thank you!


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