The Twilight Saga


Isabella Swan is a reknown beauty in her city: Paris. But she hides a big secret... at night she turns into a wolf. Prince Edward the next in line for the thrown visits Paris. He then falls for her... but what will he think of her secret... and will she reveal his... that he is a vampire.




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Chapter 1


I looked out my window. I could see central park from my balcony. I could see the commoners walking down the streets. I could hear the children laughing and playing in the stone streets. My mansion stood right in the middle of Paris. My city. It was a guest mansion for many high social people including the kings of France. This was their first stop in the Parade of the Future King. They would travel all around France and meet the common people and promised them a new and better country.


My father was the Mayor of this beautiful city. I had lived here all my life… and I had lived here when it all started.


 There is a curse in my family… It has been in my mother’s family for centuries.  My mother died because of it.


 In a hunting accident they thought she was a wolf and shot her. I didn’t believe the story until it happened to me.


The next night I turned into a wolf and my entire world changed.


The only other person who knew about my transformations was my maid Angela. She was the daughter of the town baker and my best and most loyal friend.


This year we were in the middle of the preparation for the Parade. Prince Edward, Jasper, Emmett, Jacob, Ben and the King himself would be staying here for the rest of the Parade. Their rooms were ready and they were arriving tonight. My father knew about my curse even though I had not mentioned it before. He knew of my nights out of the mansion. I would run into the woods and the transformation would take place.


For the rest of the night I ran and hunted prey in the woods. At sunrise Angela would be outside waiting for me with my morning cloths.


Since the Princes were visiting coming in and out of the mansion would be difficult so I will be using the underground tunnels.


I really hope that this month would be no different from the last… I was incredibly mistaken.

This is more like an introduction :)

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