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This is a story I enjoyed writing but never got really far on it because of writer's block. But it's a pretty interesting story. I know it's not written that well and it's a little confusing, so if you have any questions please ask me! Thanks! 

                                              Secrets of Sisterhood


Stella, Cora Beth, Ami, Ivy,  

Everyone has a secret…




   Everyone has a secret…

Some are big. And some are little. But we all know everybody holds one. Some are meant to keep. Some are not. Some are forgotten. That is until just the right moment.
And that moment starts…




                                     Chapter 1



  minor-latin"">   If I said nobody was staring at
me, I’d be lying. Everyone was staring at me. Every member of the student body
of Cane Falls High had their eyes on me. And not in a good way.

    I ignored the stares and walked on to my first period class not even bothering to stop by my locker. I took a seat in the back of the classroom hoping it would avoid the more staring I had yet to
face. I took out a book and attempted to read it. But I was too distracted. So
much was on my mind.

   “Stella?!” I heard my name being called.

    I looked up to find my friend, Cora, standing in front of me with a surprised smile on her face.

   “Oh, hey Cora. How was your summer?” I asked her.

   “Fine. But I have to say you look amazing!”

   “Thanks,” I said as the teacher came in.

   Cora sat in the desk next to me.

    “Class,” the teacher said. “Welcome back. I hope you all had a nice summer. My name is Mrs. Meyers and I will be you’re English teacher this year.”

     I looked back down at my book, again not reading it.

     Mrs. Meyers continued. “And we have a new student, Mr. Conner Banely.”

     “Oh crap,” a male voice said.

     I looked up to find him staring at me. The new guy. Conner.

     I don’t think I even blinked. I was beyond shocked. I was breathless. Last time I saw him was the day before I left Louisiana. The day I figured out he had gotten back together with his
girlfriend. But that was two weeks ago.

    While I was in my commemorating the past, all eyes turned to me. Soon enough everybody in the classroom, students and teacher, were all staring at me.

    I quickly looked down.  

    “Okay, class,” Ms. Meyers said trying to get everyone’s attention back on her.

    I kept my eyes down on my book for the rest of the class period. I couldn’t believe he was here. In my town. Ruining my life. I said that I would never see him again. What a lie that was. But I
didn’t even remember telling him where I lived. So he couldn’t have just moved
here for me. He was clueless. That explained his reaction when he saw me.

   As soon as class was over, I was out the door. I walked straight to my locker not bothering to notice Cora right on my heels.

    “What was that all about?” she asked me. Of course she noticed. Everyone noticed.

    I opened my locker. “Nothing,” I lied.

    “Don’t lie to me, Stella. I saw what happened in there. I know something is going on. Do you two know each other?” Cora was going to be the one that new everything. That was what made her Cora.

    I sighed and shoved my things into my locker. “You know how I told you that I met a guy over the summer.”

    She nodded. “Was that him?”

    “Yeah.” I closed my locker and leaned against it.

    “Well, then what are you so jumpy about it?”

    “I’m not jumpy,” I told her. “The thing is…he has a girlfriend.”

    For the first time in forever, Cora was speechless. She didn’t say a word. She just stared at me in the weirdest way.

    “But…but…” She couldn’t even get a sentence out. I knew this would be shocking but I didn’t think it would have this effect. “You’re the good one. You’re the good girl, the one who never does
anything stupid. The one who does what’s right, never anything wrong.”

   “What can I say, Cora.” I shook my head wishing this had never happened, wishing everything that had occurred since the beginning of the summer had never ever happened. But that was impossible. We
could never go back. “I don’t know what has been going on. Ever since,” I
started to whisper, “the thing
happened back in June, things have changed. I have changed. I think all of us
have changed.”

  She opened her mouth, but closed it. Then she opened it again and spoke in a whisper. “I know. But that doesn’t mean you can date a guy that’s taken.”

   I rolled my eyes. “We are not dating. We never were dating. We were never even formally together.”

   “Then why is he here?”

   “I don’t know. This is just a mere coincidence. Some wild twist in fate. But it doesn’t mean that anything is going to happen.”

    “I know. But what if something does?” One of Cora’s major flaws was not being able to let anything go. No matter how little it was.

   I spoke each word as if they each belonged in their own sentences. “Nothing is going to happen.”

   She threw her hands up in defeat. “Okay, okay. But what if it does?”

   I shook my head. My eyes wandered over to the end of the hall where Conner was standing. Staring at me.

   “Nothing is going to happen.”


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oh because a hot guy calling you is just so horrible.........
hahaha the computer doesn't transfer sarcasim very well :p
love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was Sunday night we were all gathered in Ami’s pool house. I wasn’t for our regular sleepover. But something Cora had found.
She pulled a red leather book out of her purse.
“What is it?” Ami asked.
“Tiffany’s diary.”
We all went silent staring at the book. All tempted to open it. But we sat in our places.
“Have you read any of it yet?” Stella glanced over at Cora.
Cora bit her lip. Nodding still looking at it. “Yeah. And you would not believe what she wrote.” She looked up at each of us. “It was about our first day of high school. When she officially met all of us. She said something about ‘when she left’. And that we would ‘help her later on’.”
“How much did you read?” I questioned her. I didn’t like people snooping around in other’s business, but this was different.
“Only the first entry,” Cora told us.
“Then someone read it!” Ami exclaimed crossing her legs readying herself.
Cora handed the diary to me, only because I was sitting next to her.
I flipped to the second entry written on about the fourth day of school last year.
“Dear Diary,” I read aloud. “The freshmen girls I talked so fluently about are taking my bait. They are eating it up so quickly. I never expected it to go like this. I’ll admit, I do feel a little bit guilty for making them do this, but hey. What else can I do? Hopefully, they won’t get hurt. Hopefully. That would be horrible and my entire fault. I would never be able to live with the guilt of that. But they seem like a careful group. Smart girls. Maybe they’ll be just fine. But maybe not. –Tiffany.”
The room was filled with silence. No one spoke a single word. I could barely get out the last few of the entry. My eyes were stuck on the last part. Maybe they’ll be fine. But maybe not.
“Wh…what…” Cora tried to speak, unable to get two words out.
I shook my head.
“Tiffany,” Ami said in a low voice almost inaudible. “She was using us. That whole time. All year.”
“But for what?” Stella asked.
The question was rhetorical considering none of us knew the answer.
How could she have done this to us? Used us all this time. We were her puppets. Being controlled by her. The puppet master.
I through the book into the middle of our circle. “I can’t read anymore.”
Everyone sat back catching her breath.
“Ugh,” Ami through her head back against the bottom of the couch. “I can’t believe her! I looked up to her. She was my role model. And now evidently she was using us! Gah!”
I leaned forward. “How do we know if this is true? I mean someone else could have written it.”
It was possible. Wasn’t it? I mean, it seemed like it could be. Someone could have just taken a diary and pretended to be Tiffany.
Ami raised her eyebrows. “No. I recognize that handwriting. I’ve seen it a million times when she used to send out those special ‘You Are Beautiful’ cards to everyone. It’s Tiffany’s diary.”
“Are we going to read anymore?” Stella looked around at all of us.
“No,” Cora sighed. “I think that’s enough for tonight.”
“Let’s meet tomorrow night at Johnson Meadows,” Ami said taking out her phone probably setting up the reminder.
Johnson Meadows was a quaint little tourism spot that had a trail with flowers planted along the side. It was beautiful during the day. When the sun was out and shining. But at night, it was creepy. One of my least favorite places to go.
But I guess it was the best place to talk about a mystery murder. Or the worst.

---comment! i think this may be it for today!
I loved this chapter.I an't believe Tiffany was using them like that.I wonder what did she need their help for.I have a theory that one of Tiffany's supposedly friends murdered her because they found out what she was doing.I hope my theory is wrong.Anyway,I can't wait for more!
thanks! i'm writing more tomorrow! trying to figure out now who killed her!
i might actually write more today because I'm in the mood to write on this story more than my others. So hopefully I can get a couple of POVs done!
cnt wait love ur stories they are way better than mine


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