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This is a story I enjoyed writing but never got really far on it because of writer's block. But it's a pretty interesting story. I know it's not written that well and it's a little confusing, so if you have any questions please ask me! Thanks! 

                                              Secrets of Sisterhood


Stella, Cora Beth, Ami, Ivy,  

Everyone has a secret…




   Everyone has a secret…

Some are big. And some are little. But we all know everybody holds one. Some are meant to keep. Some are not. Some are forgotten. That is until just the right moment.
And that moment starts…




                                     Chapter 1



  minor-latin"">   If I said nobody was staring at
me, I’d be lying. Everyone was staring at me. Every member of the student body
of Cane Falls High had their eyes on me. And not in a good way.

    I ignored the stares and walked on to my first period class not even bothering to stop by my locker. I took a seat in the back of the classroom hoping it would avoid the more staring I had yet to
face. I took out a book and attempted to read it. But I was too distracted. So
much was on my mind.

   “Stella?!” I heard my name being called.

    I looked up to find my friend, Cora, standing in front of me with a surprised smile on her face.

   “Oh, hey Cora. How was your summer?” I asked her.

   “Fine. But I have to say you look amazing!”

   “Thanks,” I said as the teacher came in.

   Cora sat in the desk next to me.

    “Class,” the teacher said. “Welcome back. I hope you all had a nice summer. My name is Mrs. Meyers and I will be you’re English teacher this year.”

     I looked back down at my book, again not reading it.

     Mrs. Meyers continued. “And we have a new student, Mr. Conner Banely.”

     “Oh crap,” a male voice said.

     I looked up to find him staring at me. The new guy. Conner.

     I don’t think I even blinked. I was beyond shocked. I was breathless. Last time I saw him was the day before I left Louisiana. The day I figured out he had gotten back together with his
girlfriend. But that was two weeks ago.

    While I was in my commemorating the past, all eyes turned to me. Soon enough everybody in the classroom, students and teacher, were all staring at me.

    I quickly looked down.  

    “Okay, class,” Ms. Meyers said trying to get everyone’s attention back on her.

    I kept my eyes down on my book for the rest of the class period. I couldn’t believe he was here. In my town. Ruining my life. I said that I would never see him again. What a lie that was. But I
didn’t even remember telling him where I lived. So he couldn’t have just moved
here for me. He was clueless. That explained his reaction when he saw me.

   As soon as class was over, I was out the door. I walked straight to my locker not bothering to notice Cora right on my heels.

    “What was that all about?” she asked me. Of course she noticed. Everyone noticed.

    I opened my locker. “Nothing,” I lied.

    “Don’t lie to me, Stella. I saw what happened in there. I know something is going on. Do you two know each other?” Cora was going to be the one that new everything. That was what made her Cora.

    I sighed and shoved my things into my locker. “You know how I told you that I met a guy over the summer.”

    She nodded. “Was that him?”

    “Yeah.” I closed my locker and leaned against it.

    “Well, then what are you so jumpy about it?”

    “I’m not jumpy,” I told her. “The thing is…he has a girlfriend.”

    For the first time in forever, Cora was speechless. She didn’t say a word. She just stared at me in the weirdest way.

    “But…but…” She couldn’t even get a sentence out. I knew this would be shocking but I didn’t think it would have this effect. “You’re the good one. You’re the good girl, the one who never does
anything stupid. The one who does what’s right, never anything wrong.”

   “What can I say, Cora.” I shook my head wishing this had never happened, wishing everything that had occurred since the beginning of the summer had never ever happened. But that was impossible. We
could never go back. “I don’t know what has been going on. Ever since,” I
started to whisper, “the thing
happened back in June, things have changed. I have changed. I think all of us
have changed.”

  She opened her mouth, but closed it. Then she opened it again and spoke in a whisper. “I know. But that doesn’t mean you can date a guy that’s taken.”

   I rolled my eyes. “We are not dating. We never were dating. We were never even formally together.”

   “Then why is he here?”

   “I don’t know. This is just a mere coincidence. Some wild twist in fate. But it doesn’t mean that anything is going to happen.”

    “I know. But what if something does?” One of Cora’s major flaws was not being able to let anything go. No matter how little it was.

   I spoke each word as if they each belonged in their own sentences. “Nothing is going to happen.”

   She threw her hands up in defeat. “Okay, okay. But what if it does?”

   I shook my head. My eyes wandered over to the end of the hall where Conner was standing. Staring at me.

   “Nothing is going to happen.”


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I went to sit down at our usual table repeating the same words in my head that all four of us have been saying all day. Nobody is staring at you. But it was a lie. And we all knew that.
I sat down by Ami who was picking at her salad, acting as normal as possible. As if nothing was going on.
Ivy and Stella came to sit by us. I could tell that Ivy hadn’t changed since that eventful night. She still glanced around making sure nobody look suspicious. She was probably the most afraid of us. She was afraid of people finding the truth.
We sat in silence for a few minutes. The only sound being the rest of cafeteria and us eating, or attempting to eat. That was one of the hard things for us to do these days. The other being to sleep.
We hadn’t all seen each other since the beginning of the summer when we all left for vacation. Stella went to Louisiana to see her family. Ami went on cruise. Ivy was in Canada. And I went to Europe. Even with everything that went on this summer, none of us had forgotten for even a second what had occurred before.
Finally Ami spoke. “I found my mom,” she said. “Well, I didn’t actually find her but I found her on the internet.”
“Have you told your parents yet?” Stella asked her.
“No,” Ami answered bitterly. “They don’t have to know that I know.”
Ami had lived her whole life thinking she was from the rich, somewhat famous family of the Daniels. But that was a lie. At the very beginning of the summer, the day right before the incident, while we all were helping her pack for the cruise, she came across a box in the attic. It held her birth certificate, some adoption papers, and a necklace. Ever since then, Ami had been very distant from her parents.
“Well, who is she?” I asked.
Ami took a bite of her salad. “Her name is Amelia Costello. She’s some designer or something.”
“That’s where you get that from.”
Ami was a big shopper. The saying “Shop ‘til you drop” never applied to her.
“Yeah, well, I couldn’t find much. But I’ve got more information than I had in the first place.”
My phone started buzzing in my pocket. I dug it out and checked my text:
Coming home this weekend. Hope you’re as excited as I am.-CJ
I quickly shoved my phone in my pocket.
“Who was that?” Stella asked.
I looked around making sure nobody could hear me. “Cara,” I whispered.
Ivy’s eyes widened. “Your sister? When is she coming back?”
“Tonight,” I groaned. “I didn’t think juvenile delinquents could get this much time away.”
“Well, I guess it depends on what they did.” Ami looked at all of us in a serious way, but then focused her eyes back on her food.
One thing nobody knew about me was that I had a twin, Cara. The only people who did know was my family and close friends. Cara was never a good seed. From the time she was two she caused chaos. Back in our old town, we went to school together all the way through elementary. Then we moved here. That’s when my parents decided to send her off to boarding school. And boarding school ended up making her have to go to juvy.
My parents kept her a secret because they were ashamed. I kept her a secret because I didn’t want anyone to get hurt.
So when she visited, I always dreaded it. It was not something I ever looked forward to. We used to share a room, but then after a few incidents, my parents moved her to another room that was always locked and had a camera in it in case she ever did anything. That was the way it had to be. Most sisters were close. But my sister and I were the exact opposite.
We sat in the same eerie silence for the rest of lunch. All our eyes down on our food so we couldn’t see the eyes that were on us.
The bell finally rang signaling all the students up from the tables and out the door in a dragging way.
“Tonight,” Ami said. “My place, seven o’clock sharp.”
It was Friday, which meant sleepovers. Ever since seventh grade, we would pick a Friday night each month and have a slumber party at one of our houses. I didn’t think we still did that considering what all has happened. But I guess it was still on.
Love the story keep going and keep me updated
thanks! i will!

I walked through the doors of the Daniels estate, aka my home not so sweet home. A few months ago it was my refuge, the place I would go anytime, any day. The Place where I felt most comfortable. But that was before I found out my parents had been lying to me my entire life. Now I wasn’t so close to them.
I passed the kitchen where my mom was cooking.
“Ami?” she wandered out into the grand foyer yelling after me. “Ami?”
I ignored her by putting in my ear buds and pretending to be listening to some really loud music.
I finally got into my room and slammed my door. My parents knew something was up, but I hadn’t told them what yet. And I didn’t really want to. So I played the same charade every day. The only words I ever said to them were good morning, fine, and I don’t know.
I sprawled out on my satin sheeted queen size bed and stared at the ceiling.
Only a few months ago, my life was good. No, it was more than that. My life was perfect. I had friends that never had a moment of silence. I had a family I didn’t morbidly hate. And I was in loop with the queen of Cane Falls High.
Now things had changed drastically.
Eventually I fell asleep for a short time. I woke up when there was a knock on my door.
“Ami?” my sister peeked her head in. “You’re friends are here.”
I sat up and forced a smile. “Thanks.”
My sister, Carolynn, was the only person in my family I was not mad at. She didn’t know I was adopted. As far as she knew, we were both blood related sisters. She was now attending the local community college and living at home.
I got up and gathered what I needed to bring to the pool house.
Every time there was always a sleepover at my place, we would stay at the pool house. My parents never cared really. Every so often, they would check up on us. My hopes were that tonight they wouldn’t.
Stella, Ivy, and Cora were already in there sitting on the couches.
“Hey,” I said. “Let’s get this party started.”
We watched a movie or two and ate popcorn until the sky outside was pitch black except for the stars that brought the only light.
I turned the TV off. “Okay,” I turned towards everyone. “I call to the first yearly session of the sisterhood.”
We all sat in a circle in the darkened room with one candle lit in the middle.
“So…” Cora started. She spoke in a small voice even though we were all by ourselves. “Has anyone mentioned anything about what happened?”
We all shook our heads.
Then, Stella spoke. “The police came by my house while we were gone. They’re still looking for the suspect.”
“I know,” I said. I shook my head. “I can’t believe we had to lie about it.”
“It was the only way we could protect ourselves. If we told them what really happened, what we saw, we would be considered suspects until further notice. We did what we had to do,” Cora told us.
“And besides,” I seconded. “Tiffany would’ve wanted it this way. She wouldn’t want us to be blamed for something we never did. We only witnessed it.”
“But still,” Ivy finally spoke, “this is wrong. We are lying to the police. We are lying to everyone about what we saw.”
Stella turned to her. “But Ivy, it’s all we can do. Our lives wouldn’t be normal if we told the truth.”
“Our lives aren’t normal as is! They turned the exact opposite of normal when we saw what we saw. Nothing can change it!”
“Ivy, what can we do? We already lied to the police. We can’t tell them a whole other story. It would make it sound more like we had something to do with it.”
“But we did have something to do with it!” Ivy wasn’t a drama queen, and she wasn’t very dramatic either. That was me. But when Ivy felt guilty about something, she would do everything she could to make things better. “We saw what happened. We were involved. And we were probably the last ones she saw before…”
I looked around at all of them. “What happened to Tiffany happened. And we could’ve told the police what happened that night, but we didn’t. So let’s just settle that no one,” I glanced over at Ivy, “is going to tell the police or anybody else for that matter. What’s done is done.”
Everybody went silent.
“Promise time,” Cora finally said.
This was something we always did at our sleepovers. And it was usually done in a circle with only a candle lit. We all grabbed each other’s hands and repeated the words we had always said.
“We promise to keep this secret for better or for worse. If lying is the answer, that is what we will do. A promise is a promise. And that’s the path we choose.”
I blew out the candle and the room went pitch dark.

I closed the door behind me as I walked into the small living space called my home. I walked into the living room finding my little brother on the floor watching TV. My mom was in the kitchen reading the morning paper.
“How was your slumber party?” she asked coming into the living room.
I sighed. “Fine.”
She tilted her head and her expression changed to parental and concerned. “Are you sure you don’t need to talk?”
I shook my head. This wasn’t the first time she had asked this. “No.” And that wasn’t the first time I had said no.
For me, talking about it didn’t make it all better. In fact, it made it worse in my mind. And I could exactly tell my mom what happened that night, no matter how much I wanted to. I took an oath, an oath of promise.
I went down the hallway to my room and shut the door.
My room used to be bright and colorful. I had band posters covering my walls, different colored lights and candles everywhere, my own artwork hanging on a clothesline across one way, and photos of me and my friends covering every other surface.
But that was before everything had happened. I was never really an exciting person, but I used to be more exciting than this.
That night of the incident, when I finally got home, I locked myself in my dark bedroom and just curled up in a ball on the floor. When the sun finally rose, I noticed all of the memorabilia and everything else in my room. It was then I had my first rampage. I through everything out. I even burned the pictures.
Now, I wouldn’t say that I was in a state of depression. It was worse than that. If we hadn’t been vacationing in Canada, my parents would have sent me to someone. Not that telling a complete stranger my problems would help. It would probably end up getting my friends and I arrested.
But I still wanted to at least tell the police. Maybe we would be accused of murder, but it we told them what happened that night, things would have been a whole lot better. Maybe this…guilt wouldn’t have been eating me alive.
I rolled up into my usual ball on my bed and rocked back and forth. Trying to ease away the pain of the guilt riding inside me.
This didn’t seem natural, but it was. It was how most of my days went.
I always rocked myself until I eventually fell asleep.
My dreams were usually consistent. They were always the same nightmare. A repeat of what happened that night.
It would always start with a fire in the line of my vision. Then, came the voices, and the unknown cloaked figure. Then, the scream.
But it wasn’t my scream.
This was the incident me and my friends had witnessed this past summer. I was the only one who still had nightmares, but that was only because I witnessed more than they did.
We were all in the two floor warehouse hiding behind the stairway and a few boxes. I just so happened to be the one in line of what was happening. Everyone else could only hear the voices and screams.
I didn’t like reliving what happened, but I couldn’t help the dreams.
So everyday, I lived my life, with bags under my eyes nonetheless. I could never get any sleep. I always broke out in a cold sweat.
The same happened again.
I woke up in the exact cold sweat. It was only a little pass one in the afternoon, but it felt like the darkness of nighttime had taken over.
It was then I did something that I hadn’t done in months. I walked over to the window and grabbed hold of the curtains and pulled them back. A flood of afternoon sunlight entered the room.
Light came back into the darkness of the space I once huddled in despair and depression. But the darkness stayed within me as I curled back up into my tight ball on my bed once again.

i wonder what they witness cnt wait to read more
Playlist so far:
Secrets: One Republic
Apologize: " "
Secret: The Pierces
here ya go, if you don't like it then just tell me :)

“Cora, dinner!” my mother yelled from downstairs.
I walked down into the dining room and sat across from my sister. She had her ear buds in her ears and her hood up probably trying to make it look like she wasn’t listening to music. But it was impossible to believe that from the loud, obnoxious sound coming from her iPod.
My mom sat the chicken down on the table.
She sat down her seat and looked over at my sister. “Cara. Cara. Cara!”
Cara looked over at her and turned her music down. “Yeah?”
“Please turn the music off so you can enjoy a nice meal with your family.”
“Whatever.” She slid her black hood off.
With us being twins, we always looked alike. We were identical. But we used to look more alike. That was before she started wearing massive black eyeliner, got a blue streak in her hair, and a star shaped tattoo on her right shoulder, all without my parent’s permission.
“So,” my mom started our rare dinner conversation. “Cora, how was the sleepover Friday night?”
“Fine,” I said taking my share of the chicken.
“Of course,” Cara intruded. “All teenage girl slumber parties go fine. Isn’t that how the last one went? You know the one back in June, right after you got out of school?”
She had her eyebrows raised knowingly.
The only story my sister knew about that night was the one everyone knew. We arrived late at the scene. But she suspected there was more. And she knew it wasn’t just her paranoia. She knew something was up.
“Cara,” my mom snapped at her.
“What?” Cara asked defending herself. “All I was saying was that, don’t you think it’s a little weird? I mean, Tiffany was pretty close to Cora and her little friends and they were evidently the last people she saw. Then, later on, they all of a sudden find her body. I don’t know if it’s just me or what. But I think there is more to that story.”
I glared at her. “It is just you.”
“Oh really?”
“That’s enough,” my dad finally said. “You two stop.”
We put our heads down in guilt, but I swore I heard Cara huff.
“Now,” Mom said in her frustrated voice. “Cara, go to your room.”
“But I didn’t do anything!”
“Go.” She turned to me as Cara stomped up the stairs. “Cora, finish your dinner and go upstairs. Don’t say a word.”
I finished my dinner in silence. Then, went up stairs to my room.
As I went by Cara’s room she opened the door and grabbed me by the arm pulling me in.
“Cara, get off!” I yelled at her.
“Shhh!” she hissed at me as she closed the door.
“What are you doing?” I asked her.
“Keep your voice down.” She pulled me over to her bed as she dug under the rug on the floor.
She lifted up one of the floorboards. And picked up a little blue box.
“What’s in there?” I looked over shoulder as she opened the thing.
She sat down on her bed and brought out an envelope. She held it out to me.
“This is from the night Tiffany was murdered. Look at it,” she commanded.
I grabbed the envelope and opened the seal. Inside was a piece of folded up paper, some photos, and a wad of cash.
“What is this?”
“Look at it,” she told me again.
I took out the pictures and looked at them closely. “That’s us.”
The picture clearly showed the four of us, Ami, Stella, Ivy, and me, sneaking down the outside wall of the warehouse where Tiffany was killed.
I looked back up at her. “Where did you get this?”
“I found it,” she said in a low voice. “Outside the warehouse in the field. And that note,” she pointed to the folded piece of paper. “I found that in Tiffany’s things.”
“You went through her stuff? I thought the police took care of that.”
“I got to it before them.”
I picked up the money. “How about this?”
“Oh,” she laughed. “That’s mine. I was going to give it to you if you decided to run away.”
I stared at her hard. “You didn’t rob a bank, did you?”
“No, I not that bad.”
We sat there for a few minutes not saying anything. I started towards the door.
“Oh, and Cara. Don’t say anything about that night like you did at dinner again.”
She nodded. “Okay, but you’re going to have to pay for lying. One way or another…”

Awesome i need more!

I was the new queen bee. There was no doubt about that. As I walked down the usually cluttered hallway, the sea of people parted for me. That’s when I knew, my true ambition for this part of my life had come true.
I walked with pride and dignity. That was until I was abruptly pulled into the girl’s bathroom.
“What in the…” I turned and saw Cora, Stella, and Ivy standing there. “What’s going on?”
“My sister and I were talking last night. Well, she actually dragged me into her room. And she showed me something,” Cora said. She took a picture out of her purse. We all gathered around to look at it. “She found it when she came in June by the warehouse.”
“But who took it?” Ivy asked her.
“I don’t know. But whoever did, knows that we were there the whole time. They know what happened. And for all we know, they might have seen it too.”
Stella looked around at us. “What if the same person that took that picture was the one who killed Tiffany?”
Everyone’s eyes widened in realization. It was possible. And probably the truth.
“We don’t know that,” I told them. “But we still have to continue playing the same charade. We have to pretend like we don’t know anything. And nobody knows anything, right?” I looked at all of them one at a time. Then, my eyes stayed on Cora’s nervous face. “Cora, what did you say?”
She shook her head. “I didn’t say anything. It’s just well…” She was hesitating which made me suspect something was up. “When Cara was talking to me last night, she kind of mentioned something about all of us lying. Then, earlier on at dinner she was saying that she thought there was more to what we knew and they we weren’t telling all of the truth.”
We all went silent.
“You don’t think she really knows something, do you?” Stella asked.
Cora shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s not possible, is it?”
“Well, you know your sister. She has been messing with you,” Ivy said trying to ignore the fact that we were busted.
Cora continued her voice serious. “I don’t think so. This time, for once she sounded like she was telling the truth.”
We all went quiet again. The guilt riding all of us. We didn’t want to admit that sooner than later we were all going to have to pay for keeping these secrets.
The bell rang.
“Let’s get to class,” I said backing up to the door. “I’ll meet you guys later at the diner.”
The door opened without me touching it. It was Fiona Gafford.
“Oh, sorry,” she said pushing back her long brown highlighted hair. “Didn’t see you there.”
I rolled my eyes and pushed through the door.
Fiona was not my biggest fan. And I definitely wasn’t hers. The reason why? We were competitors. We went for each other’s blood. This was because she used to be Tiffany’s number one, always by her side. Fiona was the second most popular and honorary girl at Can Falls High. But I was also in loop with Tiffany. Most people didn’t know it because she didn’t really show much like for people at school, but it was true. In Tiffany’s mind and in some other’s too, I was considered second most popular.
Now that Tiffany was gone, Fiona wanted to take the title. She wasn’t the only one though. I was up for it too. She didn’t see how everyone reacted when I walked down the hall this morning. I was honored; people worshiped the ground I walked on. That’s what I call popularity.
So now Fiona and I were at war.
She had always wanted to be the queen bee and now she had the chance. That made me suspicious of her doing with Tiffany’s death. She told the police that she had been at a party. But was there more to that? Was she lying like the rest of us? I mean, it made perfect sense. She wanted to be the queen, and the only person in the way was Tiffany. But was Fiona capable of murder?
I looked at her as she stepped into home room.
Perfect face, prefect hair, but suspicion in the eyes.
She was the perfect image of a selfish killer. And I was the only one in her way of being the queen bee now.
I was so dead.


We were at the diner, a usually crowded teenage hangout dressed in fifties attire. We were seated at a table in the back of the room where no one could hear us.
“Okay,” Ami started. “You know how Fiona has always wanted to be most popular and the only person ever in her way was Tiffany?”
“You don’t think she did it, do you?” Stella asked.
“She’s Fiona Gafford,” Ami stated. “She’s capable of anything. And it all fits. Tiffany was in the way, so she got rid of her.”
“Hold up,” I interrupted. “You can’t just determine Fiona did it. You have no facts. No evidence. What, are you going to tell the police, ‘Fiona did it to become more popular’? It would just make you sound guiltier.”
“Well, what do you think we should do, Ivy? We already decided that we’re not telling the police. And we can’t show them the stuff Cara found. So what do you think we should do?”
All eyes were on me. I didn’t like being the center of attention. And I didn’t want them to rely on me for an explanation.
“I don’t know. I gave my opinion that night,” I told them.
“Yeah,” Ami said with her eyebrows raised. “And your opinion was that we tell the police. But we promised Tiffany we wouldn’t say anything.”
“Exactly,” Cora pitched in. “We promised her that this would stay a secret. And it is. Nobody needs to mention anything to anybody. Let the police find out what they can. It’s their job. And as for Fiona, we don’t know that she killed Tiffany. So let’s let this go and move on with our lives.”
Right then, Fiona and her crew walked in to the diner. All eyes went to them. Fiona smirked in satisfaction and pure enjoyment by the fact she was getting all the attention.
We turned back to each other.
Stella started grabbing her things. “I call this discussion to a close. I have to get home.”
“Talk to you later,” Ami said getting up.
We all passed by Fiona at the same moment. She was glaring at us like she knew we were hiding something.
I walked quickly out the door still feeling her eyes on me.
She would probably think I was the most vulnerable one if she really knew about that night. But she didn’t, at least I hoped not.
I was tired of telling these lies to everyone around. But that was the only way of staying alive, I was told. But a lie is a lie. And I didn’t like telling them.
As I walked by a wall covered in fliers, there was especially that caught my eyes. It was a missing person flier. The name looked oddly familiar.
Beth Anne Wilde.
I grabbed it off the wall and took out my phone.
Meeting at my house ASAP.
It didn’t take long for everyone to get there. We all went outside in my backyard and sat on the swing. I handed them the flier.
“Who is she?” Cora asked.
“Tiffany’s cousin. She went missing right before Tiffany died,” I explained.
“Yeah,” Stella said. “I remember this. She went missing in what, May?”
I nodded. “She and Tiffany were pretty close too. Almost like sisters.”
Ami whispered, “You don’t think the same thing that happened to Tiffany happened to her cousin, do you?”
I shrugged. “I don’t know. I mean, it’s possible.”
“But that would mean Fiona didn’t do it,” Ami stated.
“We never said that she did. You were the one who made that assumption.”
“Well, sorry. I was just looking at the fact that Fiona wanted to be most popular.”
“Guys!” Stella interrupted our little argument. “We don’t know who killed her and we are never going to find out with you two arguing. So let’s just settle that it could have been anybody.”
I nodded. “I agree. We never know. Maybe it was someone we don’t even know.”
“And maybe it was someone that was here all the time.”

Who's your favorite character?
Who do you think killed Tiffany?


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