The Twilight Saga

After the heart jarring ending of Poisonous Flames, you probably want to know what happens to all the characters.

That is why life invented sequels.

Dan takes Alyssa to the healers, and we meet the all famous Charisma Timms's brother!

Jared is back! And so is Agnes, and they will be up to their old tricks ; ).

Will Dylan find love in this one?

The world may never know if you don't read. =)

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Chapter One; Healers

Dan’s POV

 I’d made it to the Overworld, but Alyssa was barely breathing. “Marissa! Ada!” I was trying to remember the names of the healers, being that it had been a hundred years since my last entry to the Overworld.

 “Daniel?” Marissa answered. Her short and curled auburn locks glimmered in the sunlight. Her eyes were almond shaped and emerald green.

“Marissa, I need you to heal someone.” I held out Alyssa’s body. Marissa got all excited.

“Bring her inside! Hurry!” She shouted, and I followed her into the hut.

 “Ada! Lily! Daphne!” Marissa yelled. I suddenly recognized Lily’s blonde hair and Daphne’s brown hair with auburn highlights.

“Daniel! It has simply been forever! How are you?” Lily asked.

“Put her down on the cot.” Marissa gestured to Alyssa. I nodded and placed Alyssa down gently.

“I’m fine Lily. How are you?” I answered politely, and Ada entered finally. Her short black hair and piercing gray eyes reminded me of Hazel. She didn’t bother speaking to me. She took a glance at Alyssa.

“Daphne, get some healing potion. Lily, grab some ice. Marissa, some cloth and witch hazel, we’ll need to clean that wound quickly.” Ada snapped, and the three girls rushed into three different directions.

 She inhaled Alyssa’s scent. “Demon hunter. Since when is the Forctis back in action saving her kind?” When Ada said “her kind” she spoke very coldly.

“It’s kind of a long story.” I responded.

“I’ve only got time, unlike her that is.” Ada gestured towards Alyssa. “Girls, hurry it up will you?” Ada shouted, and all three of them hurried into the room.

“Daniel?” Marissa asked, looking up from the wound in Alyssa’s heart.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“Who did this to her?” Marissa asked.

“That’s what I was getting at,” I looked at Ada, and then I turned back to Marissa. “Jared Withers.” I answered.

“What?” Ada was shocked. “Jared was,” She was flabbergasted.

“Killed? More like fake death. You’ve read the prophecies Ada. I’m the savior, and Alyssa Bennett is the demon hunter.” I said.

“Bennett? She’s James Bennett’s daughter?” Ada asked.

“Yeah, so you’d better get healing unless you wish her dead.” I spoke in a bitter tone towards Ada. Ada got up and looked at Alyssa more.

“The mark of the Withers blade,” Ada was in shock still. “Daphne, I need that potion.” Daphne handed Ada the potion.

Ada poured the potion over Alyssa’s wound, and the wound sealed. “The wound is healed, but she’ll be in a comatose state for a while. Both Bennetts are dead, so where is she staying?” Ada asked me.

“She stays with Edward and Hazel Ravener.” I answered.

“Go down and warn them of what happened. Then bring Edward up here.” Ada ordered and I nodded.

“Marissa, go tell the shadow watchers about this. Tell them Jared is back.” Ada told Marissa.

Then, I teleported to the Academy.

I walked to the student residence from where I was teleported. I’d told Dylan to go home when he came down to see what was going on yesterday when Jared killed Alyssa. I knocked on the door, Liam answered.

“Dan!” Liam was excited to see me. “Edward and Hazel are in the kitchen.” He said. Liam looked behind me. “Where’s Alyssa?” He’d asked. I didn’t answer. I didn’t have the heart to tell him.

 I walked in the kitchen, and Hazel’s face flushed with relief. “Daniel!” She exclaimed, and I was surprised when she hugged me.

“Hazel, I need to talk to you and Edward alone about something.” I said.

“Oh, that’s fine. Kids, go outside. Dylan, Liam that includes you as well.” Hazel raised a brow, and both of them left the room frowning.

Both Raveners looked at me, concerned. “I didn’t want to worry the kids, or Liam.” I began. “Alyssa is in a coma.” I spoke lowly.

“Oh god,” Edward looked up. “What happened?” He asked, Hazel was horrified as well. So, I explained.

“—anyway, so Jared started a fire on his blade, and it was like it was poison or something. Then finally, he stabbed her in the heart with it. The thing was, he looked terrible after he did it, almost as if he knew what he’d done was really bad. So he left, and so did monster Agnes, and then I teleported Alyssa to the healers in the Overworld, which is where she is now. They healed her wound, so now she’s just in a coma.” I said hopefully.

“I knew this was going to happen.” Edward sighed. Hazel bit her lip.

“You said James Bennett’s ghost is back?” She asked.

“His spirit.” I corrected. “Jared stuck him in between, in the astral plane.” I answered. Hazel nodded.

“Anyway, Edward, Ada wanted me to bring you up there, to see Alyssa.” I spoke uncomfortably.

“Alright,” He sighed again. “Teleport me.” He said.

So I held his shoulder, and we teleported.

 “More ice, she feels really hot!” Marissa shouted.

“We don’t have any more!” Lily was panicked.

“Well, go freeze some more!” Marissa yelled through her teeth. It took her a few minutes to realize Edward and I were here.

“Sorry.” She grumbled. “Marissa,” She held out her hand to Edward.

“Edward,” He answered.

“Nice to meet you. Alyssa is on the cot where Lily and Daphne are.” Marissa gestured toward Alyssa. Edward followed where she was leading.

“Where did Ada go?” I asked her.

“She had to confront Christian.” Marissa answered.

“Christian?” I asked. Christian is Charisma’s brother. Now that I thought about it, he had to be told about Alyssa. The fact that she’s a Bennett just might save her.

“Well, yeah. The Forctis were too scared of the situation to help what-so-ever. The damn cowards,” Marissa began cursing, and I shushed her.

Ada walked into the hut with a buff guy in his late thirties. He had muscles the size of elephants (maybe that is a little exaggerated), and he had caramel brown hair, and blue eyes. At this second, I realized that this was Christian.

“Daniel.” He looked down at me, and walked toward Alyssa.

“What’s he doing?” I asked Ada.

“He’s the only one who could possibly heal her now. The Forctis and I agreed this was the best way.” Ada whispered.

 Christian put his hands over Alyssa’s body. It was the most amazing thing to watch him slowly heal her body.

“This could take a little bit. The Forctis wanted to speak with you anyway.” Christian said to Edward in a loud booming voice. Edward nodded and walked out of the hut.

Suddenly there was a loud bang. I jumped, and Marissa squeezed my hand. “It’s working.” She smiled when she whispered.

Just then, Alyssa woke up.


So, welcome back!

How was that for a first chapter?

Who's your favorite new character?

I need some help with casting some of the characters, such as Christian and Ada, so feel free to help me there.

So, how do you like the healers?


Excited to learn more about the Overworld?

Leave your comments, questions, & predictions!


I love it!  Some interesting new characters!  I can't wait to see how this story will develop further!

wow She's waking up :) I of course love Jared (Lol love/hate thing), Dylan and Alyssa and The healers seem cool but some what cranky I guess, they dont seem to like Alyssa much and I want to see more of Christian

Haha, Jared is coming back, just two more chapters. Haha, they do have that "I didn't have my coffee this morning" attitude. Christian should be interesting, let me tell you =)

oh lol and of course I love Danny :) I forgot to add him, so sorry lol. Ooh :) I love intreresting people and I can help you pick the people if you want, do you got any idea for Christian yet? like looks wise

I need an older guy for Christian, like a guy in his late twenties. Sorta like Finnick in THG, but more muscular and scary. Scary is a bad adjective, but you know what I mean.

oh well I was gonna suggest Ben Barnes who is 30 now, and he;s not that scary lol and I don't watch THG Soz, lol, this is gonna be tricky as I don't know many scary guys

Haha, I'll think about it. I'll search for people.

lol, what about that dude who played Riley in Eclipse?

Haha, he is pretty scary =)

yeah he is :) not much sure about muscular but he did scare me 

They invented fake muscles for a reason, right? =P


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