The Twilight Saga


Chapter 1

Draco Malfoy walked onto the Hogwarts express, his posture was perfect and his face showed little to know emotion, be deep inside he wanted to scratch at the burning tattoo that was now inked onto his right arm. He hates it, it was ugly and dark, he never asked for this. His stupid father knew that, but now Draco was starting to see he was a coward, but he did not want to think about his father like that, but he had a feeling he was going to have to except it soon.

As he boarded the train and took his seat he was greeted but his fellow Slytherin' Pansy Parkison, and his fellow minions, Crabbe and Goyle. But as they sat down and talked about there summer he spaced out not caring anymore. He was consumed by fear and anger, fear of the Dark Lord and the task he was given, angry with his father for putting him in this position.

Every know and then Pansy would give him a hard look and he would say something charming and she would smile and keep talking about whatever it was Draco was not listening to. He had such shallow friends; all he ever heard from Pany (when he was listening to her) was how she thought about someone, commenting on their looks or something they did. But Draco was the same way, he did not want to be anymore, over the summer he had seem thing he wished he had never seen, Draco Malfoy was now a new person.

Last night he had done something he thought he would never do, make of list of things he would never do, it was now sitting in his pocket, the corner pocking his thigh as a nice reminder. As he wrote it the night before, he realized he was actually going to go threw with it. This was not something you do then forget about, he knew he could not forget, he had read it over a thousand times, and would keep reading it till he stopped doing everything on that list.

Randomly he stood up and decided he needed a walk, he could not stand it, being around those people. As he looked around, to his surprise, he found an empty compartment. He slid the door open and walked in, then he made she no one was watching he pulled up the sleeve to his right arm, for a strange reason, the mark stung.

He ran his finger over it feeling it, it was his own skin, just colored, and oh how he wished he could pull it off. But no form of magic could remove it.

Suddenly Draco pulled out his list, he would add more to it later, he knew he forgot a lot. Number one on his list was 'Stop judging others' it sounded like an adult talking to a small child, but it was a big one. The second one was going to be hard, 'Stop using the word Mud-Blood' the main reason it was going to be hard was because he used it a lot, it would often just roll off his tongue, sometimes, in the past, he never meant it.

Draco pulled his sleeve down and sat as close to the window as he could get, he stared out the window trying no to think of anything. He wanted to take a long slumber, a dreamless sleep, but his nights have offend been filled with nightmares. They all started the day he met the Dark Lord, he was terrifying, his snake-like featured often appeared in his dreams, one or two nights his mother would come in shaking him awake, apparently he would scream out in his sleep.

Slowly Draco drifted off to sleep without realizing it, soon flashes of made up events flashed around in his head. The main one that accured was You-Know-Who laughing as he stood over Draco's mother. Another was the Dark Lord enslaving everyone, the end.




He was awaken by his own scream, he was breathing hard and a cold sweat was on his brow, with the back of his hand he whipped it off before noticing there were three other people with him.

"Bloody hell Malfoy! What was that all about?" Said the Blood-traitor Ron Weasley. Draco twitched, he made a mental note, Add Blood-traitors to terms I need to stop saying…or thinking

Draco just stared as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger stared at him like he was insane.

"Well excuse me!" he spat, the same nasty tone he always had when it came to the trio. "I had a nightmare!" He had to breath in order to control his voice; he had to make sure people believed him. He hadchanged, and he wanted everyone to know. Especially the trio, they needed to know … he was on there side.

"You were having a bloody fit!" Ron boomed, it took everything inside Draco not to snap back.

"Are you alright?" Hermione Granger asked, he voice gentle and sweet like honey.

"Yes, it was a nightmare, a horrible, horrible nightmare," He muttered that last part, then stared at them wanting them to leave. As he glanced them over he noticed there faces, Granger and even potter looked a bit concerned but the Weasley had a scowl on his face.

"All right Malfoy," Said Granger as they all turned to the door. As the closed it behind the Draco longed to call them back, explain he had changed, but something stopped him. Pride? Embarrassment? He had no clue, but it was something he wanted to destroy.

He returned to staring out the window, making sure he did not fall asleep.

Soon the train arrived at Hogwarts, as Draco got out of compartment he ran into Pansy and his friend Blaise.

"There you are Draco!" Pansy's voice screeched, the sound nearly gave Draco a headache, he just shoved by them not waning to talk with them. He wanted a change; he needed to start with one person then move up. The only person he could see to help him was,

Hermione Granger.

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Chapter 2 

Draco Malfoy tried to catch up with the trio without looking like he was in a hurry; he just made it as he got into a carriage with them. None of them looked all too happy he was there but he figured they would have to deal with him. He wanted to talk to all of them but it was going to be hard, so he would move one at a time, Hermione would definitely be the most caring and would maybe half listen to him. Ron may never listen to him but Harry might, it would take a while though. Draco was uncomfortable as he sat there speechless; all three of them seemed surprised that he had not said a word to them.

"What's up Malfoy?" Spat Ron, his voice not hiding his hatred. But Draco did not reply right away, how could he, he was still trying to get used to the fact they he wanted to change.

Old habits die hard.

That statement was so true, but all summer he had been working on it, after a few moments he looked Ron right in the eyes, "I'm just sitting here minding my own business," Both Harry and Hermione looked at him funny, and Draco was quiet surprise at how nice his tone was.

"Yeah right," Ron said glaring at him, "Why are you following us? And what was up with the screaming?" Draco had the strongest erg to spat back something cruel, but instead, he bulled his hands into fist and moved his neck, capturing his anger and his harsh words.

"Don't believe me, that is fine, I'm not here to bother you," Draco leaned back and rested his back against the cold hard wood. He wanted to get away from them; all he wanted to do was talk with Hermione. It was odd, for the past five years he has been trying to ignore muggle-borns and now he is desperately trying to seek ones help. Now he wishes he was not so mean to.

Hermione Granger he was especially mean too, maybe because she was so smart and beat him in every class, or because she is friends with Harry Potter, and Draco was taught to loath him and anyone who was friends with him. Whatever the reason it was in the past, and although he may never admit it, Draco always feared his father, which was one of the reasons he was the way he was. But Draco now saw his father was nothing to fear. The Dark Lord on the other hand was terrifying.

Ron said nothing after that, Draco had missed it since he was spacing out but Hermione had told Ron to chill since Draco was not bothering them. As they reached the castle, Draco was reluctant to go; this year was going to be so much different from the others. It scared him since he did not know what he was walking into.

They walked into the school together but as the climbed the stairs Draco fell a few steps behind and hoped he would catch some of their conversation, of course Ron was the one to speak first.

"What do you think Malfoy was playing at sitting with us?" Ron said grumpy

"Ron will you drop it, I'm sure it's nothing!" Hermione said not looking at Ron.

"Hermione," Harry said in a whisper, "You know what he is, it happened over the summer you saw it with your own two eyes. Why are you denying it?"

Draco's stomach turned a full 180 as he barley heard Harry speak, how could they know? He figured Harry we referring to him becoming a Death Eater. This was going to ruin his plan if they believed it, and what did Harry mean by, you saw it with your own two eye? Had they seen it happen, but how could they? Again the ink on his arm started to burn, Hermione started to talk and Draco took a large step forward so he could get a better listen.

"Harry, I told you, I don't know what I saw, and I'm not going to assume that he is one without proof."

"What are you talking about?" Ron said, not a shocker he had no clue what they were walking about.

"Harry is under the impression that Draco Malfoy is now a Death Eater" Now that the words were out Draco stopped and felt like he was going to be sick. He was thankful Hermione had he doubts but figured Harry would not give up finding the truth, he wanted – needed to talk to them and fast before it got to out-of-control.

They walked into the Great Hall, it had not changed a bit, a light smile lit on Draco's face, but it vanished as he sat down and was soon drowned by Pansy and he many hugs and pug-like face. "Pansy quit!" He finally yelled, she took a step back and looked at him like he was insane.

"What's wrong dra – "

"Don't call me that!" Draco spat getting very annoyed. "Just stay away from me!" he said pushing past her and ignoring as others called after him and The Headmaster started his boring speech.

He sat right outside the doors to the hall and stared not seeing anything or thinking of anything. He was tired of thinking; all he thought about was sad and depressing. About how he hated his father and The Dark Lord, he was –

Damn it!

Draco sighed and leaned his head back against the wall, as soon as he felt like he was going to have someone of a moment of peace loud footsteps came running past him. He opened his eyes and just saw someone run around the corner and he swear he hear sobbing. Trying to be a new person, Draco pushed himself up off the wall and followed after them. It was not hard to find whoever it was that was crying, there sobs echoed throughout the hallway.

The sobs where coming from one of the girls bathrooms, oh great! He thought as he stepped in but did not go too far in. "Hello?" He called in feeling like an idiot. Draco walked further in to bathroom but did not see the girl; she must have been in one of the stalls. "You okay?" Those words sounded so odd coming from his mouth, and the fact that they were sunnier, it was like he was in another world.

"Go – Go a – away!" Was what really who he thought it was. What are the odds, or was it fate?

"Hermione?" Draco was now fully in the bathroom and was standing close to the sinks keeping his distance.

"What do you want Malfoy!" She hissed though her tears.

"I wanna – I wanna help,"

"Yeah right" It was quiet between them, Draco was not used to doing this, and he was uncomfortable and was not sure what to say. All he really wanted to do was get the hell out of there and go back to his common room. But he was trying to be a better person, and no one ever said it was going to be easy.

"I am – I have been meaning to seek your help. " He sighed really unsure of what to say. "But what's wrong?" He gulped as he heard the stall squeak open and saw Hermione step out, but only a bit she clung to the door as she stared at him. Her big brown eyes meeting his gray ones, but only for a moment until she looked at her feet.

"Ron- He – he has been different, "she muttered. "But I don't see why you care!" as she raised her head Draco was met by a dark glare. He had never seen Hermione look so … evil. It gave him chills.

"You would not believe me it I told you," Then she gave him that try me look. "Alright… over the summer … thing happened and I have gotten a new view on things. I want to be a better person – a new person" He gave her a dashing smiled but it soon vanished as he expression did not change.

"Why should I believe you?"

"I don't have a reason." He shrugged, "But I'm telling the truth.

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