The Twilight Saga

Separate Ways


Christy and Lucas meet once, but they cannot talk very long. They gravitate towards each other, but they have different dreams and ambitions. Will destiny bring them together again? If it does, will they leave each other and go for their dreams, or be together? Which is it?


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Chapter 1

The First Meeting


I carefully maneuvered in and out of the crowd of people, trying to catch up with my family. The concert had just ended, and everyone was anxious to get home. I got distracted for a second, and in my haste, I walked right into someone. I stumbled back, and almost fell, but quickly regained my balance.


“Oops, sorry, are you alright?” I asked as I looked up into his blue eyes.


“Yes, I’m quite alright, but how about you, love?” he said in he most adorable British accent.


“I’m fine.”


“Come, would you like to walk out together?”


“Yeah, sure.”


“So, tell me about yourself.”


“I’m Christy Angel Lukeheart.” I smiled, “My favorite subject is science, but I’m good at math also. I want to be a doctor when I’m older.”


“I’m Lucas Starr. I don’t really care for school. I am quite certain I will be a rockstar soon.”


“Oh, really?”


“Yup, I even have a band. It’s called The Skywalkers.”


I saw my family waiting impatiently for me. “Look, I’m sorry, but I have to go.” I looked at him apologetically and started to walk away.


“Wait! Can I have your number?”


“I just lost my phone, what about yours?”


“I broke mine.”


“Well, if it’s destiny, then we’ll meet again.” I turned and walked away with my family. Hopefully, one day I will see him again.



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Chapter 4
A Night of Dress Up

I sat still in a chair as Alex zipped around the room, she tore into shopping bags and my suitcase trying to find the “perfect” thing to wear. I felt exhausted from running around from store to store. I closed my eyes and fell asleep right on my chair.

“Christy! Christy, wake up!” I awoke with a start and looked at Alex. “Go take a shower! I chose your outfit, it’s almost time to go!”
I got up and took my shower. Then I got out and Alex fixed my hair and makeup. When she was done, I got dressed, and soon I was ready. I looked at myself in the mirror. Alex was amazing! My makeup was light and looked très naturel. Curly hair, but straight bangs. I wore a silver long necklace, silver charm bracelet and a pair of silver music note earrings. A black béret sat atop my head and I also wore the matching scarf and elbow gloves. This matched my black short sleeve sweater dress that covered one shoulder that went to the middle of my thighs. I also wore a light blue tank top and light blue leggings underneath. I also wore black high top Converse.

“I think you’re ready.” Alex said as she shoved me out the door, handing me my light blue, long pea coat and light blue purse, “Bye!!” And so I was off to the Eifel Tower to find Luke.

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I need more this is totally awsome













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