The Twilight Saga

Separate Ways


Christy and Lucas meet once, but they cannot talk very long. They gravitate towards each other, but they have different dreams and ambitions. Will destiny bring them together again? If it does, will they leave each other and go for their dreams, or be together? Which is it?


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Chapter 1

The First Meeting


I carefully maneuvered in and out of the crowd of people, trying to catch up with my family. The concert had just ended, and everyone was anxious to get home. I got distracted for a second, and in my haste, I walked right into someone. I stumbled back, and almost fell, but quickly regained my balance.


“Oops, sorry, are you alright?” I asked as I looked up into his blue eyes.


“Yes, I’m quite alright, but how about you, love?” he said in he most adorable British accent.


“I’m fine.”


“Come, would you like to walk out together?”


“Yeah, sure.”


“So, tell me about yourself.”


“I’m Christy Angel Lukeheart.” I smiled, “My favorite subject is science, but I’m good at math also. I want to be a doctor when I’m older.”


“I’m Lucas Starr. I don’t really care for school. I am quite certain I will be a rockstar soon.”


“Oh, really?”


“Yup, I even have a band. It’s called The Skywalkers.”


I saw my family waiting impatiently for me. “Look, I’m sorry, but I have to go.” I looked at him apologetically and started to walk away.


“Wait! Can I have your number?”


“I just lost my phone, what about yours?”


“I broke mine.”


“Well, if it’s destiny, then we’ll meet again.” I turned and walked away with my family. Hopefully, one day I will see him again.



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Wait, r they both guys???

Interested. Anxious for the next post
No, but if you want to think of it that way you can. I haven't really tried writing a story like that.
You know what! I could beat you even if i didn't have any legs, so ha!!!
I love it!
I think this will turn into a good story... I hope you continue... I would love to read it!
Thanks for all your comments! I really appreciate them.
Chapter 2
My song

-1 year later-

I bought a ticket for a new band, The Skywalkers. They are the “new sensation that’s sweeping the nation” or at least that’s what the critics say. I sat there nervously in the front row, waiting for, “that guy I met that one time”, well that’s what my friends call him. Strangely, I feel an attachment to him, even though we met only once. I just don’t know if I like him. All I know is that I want to see him again. Soon, the sun set, and the stars grew brighter. The stage lights turned on and the band walked out onto the stage. The crowd cheered and the girls screamed. I watched as Luke and his band walked onto the stage.

He came up to the microphone and greeted us, “Hello, hello. We have a big crowd today don’t we?” The crowd cheered. “Well, we are going to play you some of our songs, I hope you’ll love them”

I stood up and tried to yell to him, but it did no good because the rest of the crowd was standing and screaming too. So I just waited to hear his songs. He sang song after song, his voice soothing and energizing to the crowd.

All too soon, he announced his last song, “This is a new song, I’ve spent this whole year trying to make the music and lyrics to fit together. I first started it after I met a girl. Oh, how I wish I could see her now. It’s called Accidental Love. This is for you, love.

(This is original, I wrote the lyrics, but I wish you guys could hear how it really sounded in my head. Parentheses is the backup vocals. First it starts out like a lullaby then I turns to rock, then soft again the last two lines.)

I saw you in the crowd,
after you bumped into me.
The music was so loud,
alone in the world were we.

I just looked into your eyes,
my love for you grew,
but you didn’t hear my cries,
when I called for you.

Away you slowly walked,
I’m missing you so much,
I wish we could’ve talked,
I need to feel your touch.

I just need, to see you again ( agai-ai-ain!)
I just need (need!) to see you agai-ai-ain!

When I’m with you, I’m on a cloud.
It’s only you, I want to see.
That’s why I’m singing to this crowd,
saying, I miss you, Christy! (Christy, Christy, Christy!)

People keep on saying lies,
they say you won’t love me too.
Please no more goodbyes,
‘cause I really need you.

My heart, (my heart) it will be locked away. (away-ay-ay-ay-ay!)
‘Till I feel your touch (agai-ai-ai-ai-ain!).
No more staying away!(away!)
I’m still missing you so much. (so mu-u-u-u-uch!)

I just need to see you again. (again)
I just need to see you again, love.

My eyes were filled with tears. That song just was . . . I don’t even know, it left me speechless. I can’t believe that I only met him once, and he wrote a song for me. At the end of the concert, I tried to reach him, but security was everywhere. Then, he was walking with his band into the tour bus. I ran calling his name. Security grabbed me , but he told them to put me down.

“So, did you like my song?” he said.

“Of course, I loved it!”

“Luke, come on! We have to go!” a band member called.

“I’m sorry, Christy, but I have to go. Do you have a pen?” he said.

“Nope, I wish.”

“I guess I can’t give you my number, we’ll have to leave it to destiny again. I’ve missed you, but I have to go.”

“I’ve missed you too. I can’t wait to see you again.” We hugged and he left. I watched him leave, feeling empty and brokenhearted.
What? OMG! He wrote her a song and then he just leaves again! OMG! I can't wait for an update!
thanks guys! I really appreciate your comments! I will write as soon as possible! And SK we all know that you are amazing also.
Chapter 3
Vacation to Paris

2 months later

I can't believe hew left me again!!! I know, it's been two months and I still haven't let it go. I thought hat if I cut myself off of him, it would ease the pain. I was so wrong. The music soothed the pain, distracting me as I got lost in the lyrics. His pictures paused the tears, but nothing could completely erase the pain in my heart. He’s probably moved on, found one of his fans to be his girlfriend, to fall in love with. Hopefully, my trip to Paris with my school can get my mind off of things.

2 days later

Finally Paris! We arrived this morning, but I had to regain my energy. My friend, Alexia dragged me out to lunch at about one and then, we went shopping.

“ Hey!” my best friend said, “Isn’t it beautiful, we are in the City of Love!”

Well that just ruined my vacation. “Thanks for reminding me.”

“Sorry.” We continued walking down the streets of Paris, “You sure you don’t want to go shopping again?”

“No! no more shopping! I’m carrying, like, ten bags already Half of them aren’t even mine!”

“Relax! You haven’t even paid for one of them!”

“I wish you would stop buying me things.”

“I only buy it if it looks absolutely stunning on you!”

“You kno-” my answer was cut short because someone knocked me down.

“We should stop meeting like this, love.” he said with a dazzling smile, holding out his hand to help me up.

“Luke!! Oh my gosh! I have missed you so much!!” He helped me up and I gave him a suffocating hug.

“Can’t breath!” he said.

“Sorry.” I loosened my grip, “Oh! This is my bestest bud Alexia.”

“Hi!” she said with a bright smile, “I thought that she was making the whole thing p, or exaggerating. She’s right.”

“About what?” Luke asked.

“Oh, she has talked non stop about you.” she smiled brightly, “When she said that you, Lucas Starr wrote that song for her, we though that she was lying. Then again, she barely ever lies, and if she does you can totally tell. She’s a horrible liar. She’s so right about the, ‘I just got out of bed, but I know I look sexy’ hairdo. I can’t see your, ‘blue as the sea’ eyes through your sunglasses, but I can definitely see your, ‘blinding white smile. Oh, and so much more, but your disguise is hiding most of it.”

All throughout her rant, I stood there as still as stone, my cheeks were bright red from my embarrassment. I glared at her.

“Well, thanks I guess.” Luke said.

We stood there staring into each others’ eyes smiling, until Alex said, “come on guys! Snap out of it! How about I take Christy with me, and you two can meet at the top of the Ifle Tower tonight so you two can go out to a classy restaurant?”

“Ya, that’ll be great! See you later Christy!” he said with a smile and walked away, disappearing into the crowd.

I stood still, trying to make sure I don’t wake up from this dream.

“Christy! Come on! We got some shoppin’ to do!” Alex yelled.

“No!!!!” I yelled as she dragged me away.
Okay, here you go!! The next chapter!! Please don't forget to comment!!
So, what do you think will happen? Will there spark erupt into a passionate flame tonight or will it fade away? What if something happens to one of them? What if, one of them aren't able to meet at the Tower? Please read more to find out!!!


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