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The song "Set Fire to the Rain" by Adele gave me this idea. I hope you all like it!!!!






            Alexis Hawk has been odd ever since the accident almost ten years ago that both took her parents away from her and gave her the power to manipulate fire. No one knows about her power except her two friends and her aunt. Then her aunt gets a job offer in Forks, Washington, and since there are no other good job offers, Alexis and her aunt both have to move to Forks, Washington. What happens when she meets Seth and he imprints on her? Would Seth accept that his imprint is extremely dangerous? And who are the mysterious people who seem to be stalking Alexis from the shadows?


Chapter 1: Moving Day (Alexis's POV)


            I watched the rain pour down through my airplane window and I instantly felt horrible. Fire and water don't mix. 


            "Why are we going again?" I asked my Aunt Casity for the hundredth time.


            "Recession, Lex. We have no choice. Plus this'll be a new beginning for you," she answered optimistically from behind a People magazine.


            "I don't need a new beginning," I sneered.


            "Yes, you do," Casity glared at me. "Do you want me to remind you when you set that girls backpack on fire in the middle of math class?" Oh, yeah, that


            "She deserved it!" I argued making a few people turn their heads in our direction. I waited until they turned back around to continue. "Besides, it was an accident! I never meant to set her backpack on fire! I was just so ticked off-!" I said remembering that day.




            I sat down at my usual math seat and started to take out my books.


            “Hey Alex!” my best friend Kathy said sitting next to me. Kathy was by far the most optimistic person on the planet. I’ve never seen her cry, even when she stepped on a nail in fourth grade. All she said was “Cool! Not many people can say they have a hole in their foot! Now I can!” Yeah, she’s a little weird, but my friends and I still love her anyway. And she knew what I was, and she accepted me, even though I was a monster.


            “Hey Kathy. How’s live treatin’ ya lately?”


            “Absolutely wonderful!” she replied. Typical Kathy. Then Janice walked in. She’s just like the popular cheerleader jerk in the movies only she wasn’t very popular, she wasn’t rich, and she wasn’t all that pretty. But she was, however, the biggest jerk I’ve ever met in my entire life. And she seems to find joy in picking on my other best friend Nancy. Nancy is a mathematical genius and is everything Janice ever wanted to be, pretty, smart, rich, and popular. But she’s also very soft inside and is very down on herself so it doesn’t take a lot to make her cry.


            “Hey, freak show,” Janice sneered looking down on Nancy with her HUGE friends (who were on the wrestling team) standing behind her. Nancy shrunk down into her seat and looked at the floor. I was, unfortunately, on the other side of the room watching all of this go down. “What in the world are you wearing?” she sneered at her jeans and red t-shirt. “You’re starting to look like the red freak over there,” she said jerking her head in my direction while her goons laughed idiotically.

My side bangs that usually fell in my eyes were red, but I couldn’t control that! They were like that ever since the accident when I was six!

Nancy shrunk back further into her chair and her shoulders hunched in. I started to shake with rage as I watched them.

“Alexis,” Kathy warned. I saw red and Janice’s backpack caught on fire. I made sure it didn’t hurt her, but only scared her. Nancy looked at me with a sad expression on her face she also knew what I was. I looked down and sighed. Dang it! Why can’t I control my temper?


*Flashback end*


            I ran my hand over my face and stared outside as we landed at Port Angeles with it still pouring rain. I sighed again and got up to get my stuff out of the overhead. It was going to be a long day.




Chapter 2: La Push Beach (Alexis POV)


            “So? What do you think?” Casity said holding her arms wide with our new house behind her. It was two stories and HUGE, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a spacious kitchen, and two offices.


            “Not much to say but wow,” I said approvingly. Casity grinned and ran inside to look at the inside. I smiled and walked back to the car to get our luggage.


            “Mommy! Daddy! Grandpa! Look, look!” said a little girl across the street pointing at me. She was looking at a young beautiful girl with brown hair and gold eyes and a bronze haired boy with gold eyes. The girl and the boy were obviously a couple. There was also a man in his early fifties with black hair brown eyes, and I thick mustache. I frowned at looked at them. There was no way the couple could be the little girl’s parents. She was six and they looked no older than eighteen. But there were similarities between the couple and the little girl.


            I shook my head and walked to the house. It was none of my beeswax if they were the girl’s parents or not.


            “Hi new person!” she yelled as she ran towards me. As she got closer I saw that she was just as beautiful as her parents with her bronze ringlets, and brown eyes. Huh, I guess that’s genetics for ya. The bronze haired man started to crack up with laughter. Ok-ay. Weird.


            “Uh, hi,” I said smiling at the girl.


            “Are you moving in here?”




            “YAY!” she said jumping up and down while clapping her hands. “We can be friends!” she said running forward hugging my legs. I smiled and laughed.


            “Sure!” I said hugging her back. Dang she was adorable!


            “Renesmee! You might want to come back now!” the lady yelled.


            “Okay mommy! Bye-bye!” And then she raced back to her mom with frightening speed. I turned around. Okay. Been her less than an hour and I’m already questioning my sanity. That has to be a new record.



            After we had moved all our luggage in Casity told me about La Push Beach.

“I don’t like water,” I said crossing my arms.


            “But it’ll be pretty!” she argued.


            “I don’t like water,” I repeated not budging.






            “Pretty please?” she said giving my the puppy eye look. I cracked.


            “Fine. But I’m not going near the water.”


            “YAY!” she said jumping up and down. I rolled my eyes. Sometimes Casity acts more like a ten year old than a twenty-three year old. I walked out to our car and got in the passenger seat. As we drove to the beach with Casity chattering nonstop, I glared out of the window. I really don’t like water. I mean I REALLY don’t like water. I pulled my black hair back with a red hair tie and let my red bangs fall in my face.


            And then we arrived.


           “This is SO COOL!” Casity said jumping out of the car. I yawned and slowly got out of the car stretching out. I looked around. It was a beautiful beach, I had to admit. But I still felt uneasy near water. “Come on!” Casity said grabbing my wrist and started to pull me down the beach. I let her take me where ever she wanted to go except when she got too close to the water. I just dug my heels into the ground and glared at her until she pulled me somewhere not close to the water. “Hey Lex, look!” Casity said pointing to a group of guys about halfway down the beach. They were all Indian, probably lived on the reservation. I sighed and looked at the sea again. They were so out of my league. And we continued walking.


            “Hi neighbor person!” I heard a small voice yell. I was the girl before. I grinned and she ran over and hugged my legs.


            “Hi there!” I said getting on my knees so I could be eye level with her. She smiled again and hugged me.


            “Do you remember me?” she said bouncing with excitement.


            “Of course I do! You’re my neighbor.”


            “Technically you’re my grandpa’s neighbor, but I go there everyday so you really are my neighbor!” she grinned.


            “Well, I’m glad to have such an adorable neighbor like you!” I said as she giggled. “What’s your name?”


            “Renesmee! What’s your name?” she asked her eyes wide.




            “That’s such a cool name!” She yelled.


            “I’m glad you think so,” I laughed.


“Why is your hair red?” She said pulling at my hair.


“Because I like red.” And the interrogation went on for a while. She just asked question after question about me. Then her mom, or who I assumed was her mom, walked over.

“I’m sorry, is she troubling you?” she asked picking up a frowning Renesmee.


“Not in the least,” I said getting up. “She’s pretty amazing. Has a better vocabulary than most people in my old school,” I laughed. She laughed a high bell like laugh.


“I’m Bella Cullen,” she said holding her hand out. I shook her hand but almost recoiled because it was so ice cold.


“Alex Hawk.”


“Pleasure to meet you.” Dang, even her smile was perfect.


“I guess I’ll see you later Renesmee,” I said. She pouted as her mother walked away with her. The Indian boys were looking at us. But there was only one that caught my attention. He was the smallest of the boys, with a kind smiling face with black hair falling over his brown eyes. I could have looked at him forever but Casity broke his spell on me.


“Shall we get moving?” She asked jumpy. Without waiting for an answer she grabbed my wrist and pulled my down the beach almost making me trip a few times. But I couldn’t forget that boy’s face who was he?




(Seth POV)


“Hey Seth!” Jacob yelled. I ran down the beach to where the rest of the pack was. We were all having a kind of day off where we just hang out and once it gets dark we’ll have a huge barbeque with loads of food. The Cullens were also invited to Leah’s dismay. Bella and Renesmee were already there. Gee, every time I see her she’s a bigger. She now looks about seven or eight years old. She was (obviously) next to Jake who was joking with Bella. I laughed. Some things never change. Then something caught Nessie’s attention, and she got happier, if that was even possible.


“Hi neighbor person!” she yelled running away from Jake. We all watched her go near the water’s edge and hug a teenage girl. She was perfect. She had black hair with side bangs that were red. She was wearing cargo pants, a black T-shirt and black boots. Her eyes were a very pale blue and she was smiling at Renesmee. Renesmee was just talking to her so carefree. I was jealous. Then Bella walked over to get her daughter. I wonder what the Cullens looked like to her. As Bella walked back with Nessie the girl finally looked at me. Her eyes widened and we just stared at each other. I could’ve looked at her forever. But then the other woman she was with grabbed her hand and dragged her down the beach making her nearly trip. I watched her until I couldn’t see her any more.


“Dude,” I said looking at Jake. He slapped me on the back and grinned.


“Yeah dude. You just imprinted.”



Okay i know it's a lot but please tell me if i should continue this fan fic!! Please! Thanks for reading! 

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post more!!!
It keeps getting better and better!!
love it

All righty! next chapter!!! hope it's up to all your standards



Chapter 8: Alex’s past (Seth POV)


I sat there in the living room feeling a little better when the rest of the pack showed up. I got up and started at Jake who was soaking wet from the downpour outside.


“He got away.” I growled and sit down trying to calm my shaking. “Who was that creep?” The pack sat down in different places around the room and looked at me expectantly. I sighed.


“His name is Christopher. He is in many ways like Alex,” I began my shaking slowing a little. “Only his power is that he can control water, Alex’s opposite as you all saw.”


“Huh?” asked Emmett coming into the room.


“Seth’s imprint can blow stuff up just by snapping her fingers,” Embry said. Emmett’s eyes widened.


“No flippin’ way!” he yelled and started laughing. “No wonder she’s not dead!” I growled but he kept on laughing. “You’re gunna have your hands full with this one Sethy boy.” Before I could yell at him he ran out of the room.  


“Ugh!” I said sitting down again.


“Do you know anything of her past?” Esme asked as she walked in holding Nessie. They walked over and sat down next to Jake where Nessie crawled into Jake’s lap.


“Yeah,” I said looking down.


“Would you mind telling me?” Esme asked. I looked up quickly to see the whole room staring at me, waiting for me to respond.


“ I think it’s more of Alex’s decision than mine to tell you.”


“OH, come on!” Emmett said entering the room with the rest of the Cullens. “We’re all really curious. Well except Edward. But he doesn’t count!” Emmett laughed as Edward glared at him. I hesitated.


“Fine,” I said. “But if she asks the mind reader told you, got it?” I said.


“Sure. Blame me.” Edward sighed and Emmett cracked up.


“Well, where do I start?” I asked.


“Why is her hair red?” Nessie asked bouncing up and down with excitement. I shrugged.


“Even she doesn’t know that. She just said that after the car accident when she was little that little streak of read had always been in her hair. Maybe it’s there to show that she can control fire. We don’t know.”


“She was in an accident?” Bella put her hand over her mouth. I nodded.


“She was about four years old and her family was on their way back from the airport. They had just gotten back from a trip to Japan.” My friends’ faces looked confused. “Well,” I shrugged, “she’s half Japanese, even though she doesn’t look it. She was visiting her grandfathers on her dad’s side.”


“Wow,” Alice said, “she doesn’t look very Japanese.” I shrugged.


“Well she is. Usually they went during the summer to go visit and enjoy the summer festival with her grandfather. Her grandmother passed away with cancer a few years before she was born. Well, they were on their way home, and it was about ten-thirty, so Alex was asleep. But apparently their car was hit head on by a drunk driver,” Esme gasped and put her and over her mouth. “It’s a miracle she survived. But she was always sad. It was about three years after living with her aunt, Casity, that she figured out that she could control fire. It was actually and accident. She apparently got so mad at a classmate picking on her friend she ended up nearly burning down the school.”


“Yikes!” Emmett said smiling. I glared at him and continued.


“Apparently her close friends, her grandfather, and Casity all know that she can control fire. And she originally moved here with Casity because Casity found a job, but also because she also set a girl’s backpack on fire at school. The girl was apparently being mean to her friend.” Emmett started laughing.


“Looks like she’s real protective of her friends.”  I laughed


“All Alex said was the first time she got so mad she set something on fire the people were physically hurting her friend. Then the others were emotionally hurting her friend. She just hates it when people pick on her friends.” I shrugged again.


“Who’s this Christopher character?” I sighed. This was the question I was dreading the most.


“Christopher was apparently a part of a perfectly happy family.  He just once day hit his head and was able to control water.” I gritted my teeth. “Apparently he abused his power and an organization called the SHADOW tried to ‘take him out’. But they obviously failed.” I paused before I continued. “Alex worked for the SHADOW on and off for about a year, but she decided she didn’t like being ordered around.” I laughed. “But before she left, her final mission was to find the location of Christopher and leave it to the SHADOW to get him. Obviously they didn’t to their job right.”


Everyone was dead silent. Everyone had a sad expression on their face. Then Nessie perked up and ran to the stairs.


“Oh my gosh! You can walk?!” she said happily jumping up and down. I looked curiously at her and then her voice answered it all.


“I sure as heck can walk, can’t you?” Alex said coming down the stairs. 





Yes? No? Good? Bad? 


LOved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!
Loved it!
LOVE IT POST MORE SOON PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
LOVE IT!!!! :)
Omg love it
I luuuuuuuuüuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvv it
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