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Preface: I didn't think my life would end like this but when I think back on it now it wasn't much of a life till I met him. Till I walked in and saw his eyes on that first
day. So If I had to redo everything again I would do it exactly the
same because in this one instance I knew that we would be together no
mater what happen to me, he was my life now and for always.





Chapter one Ashley’s P.O.V. (welcome to forks Washington)



The thunder crackled from above as we rushed into a cab as we left the airport. This was what I was being forced to do, Live in a melancholy town where it rains almost every
single day. I put my purse in my lap and stared out the window to my
new home of forks,Washington. We wouldn't even be here if it weren't
for the fact that my mom and dad got a divorce. My two older brothers
Eric and Kevin were in the back talking about weather or not there
would be any hot girls at this new school. I just ignored them for
the most part. My little sister Catherine was sitting in my dads lap
waiting for the cab to hurry so she could play with her new toys.
Everyone was being paid off somehow and someway. She got new toys and
my brothers got cash. I got a car but I refuse to drive it at the
moment, I was personally against this whole divorce, but as it is I’m
going to have to drive it to school now that my mom can't take me
now. My Older sister samantha was in the very front seat, acting
depressed because she would miss her stupid ex -boyfriend. The cab
started to leave after the cab driver got all the luggage in.


After a hour drive we pulled up to a big white house. I sighed.


“Cheer up ash” Eric said to me


“Yea cheer” I murmured


“It may not be much but at lease you'll have your own room.” my dad commented.


I rolled my eyes, he wanted us to love this house so much that he would have bought NASA if he could. I carried my stuff up to my room. When I opened the door that said
Ashley I dropped my bags and my mouth. My room was amazing. I had the
largest bed I could ever imagine. It was dark blue with glow in the
dark stars, A Desk with a new laptop and a hammock just in case I
made friends and one stayed the night. I ran down stairs and hugged
my dad.


“Saw your room huh?”


“Yes thank you so much daddy”


“No problem baby girl.”


I got up stairs and started unpacking, I turned my new radio on. A upbeat song came on, called pocket full of sunshine. I heard my dad talking out side and it sounded like
other men too. I looked out my window I saw a police officer and a
couple of dark skinned Indian men. I went to grab the last of my
luggage off the porch.


“Ashley!” my dad said I turned to face him.


“yes dad?” I asked curiously


“I want you to meet chief swan and some of the Quilute kids from the reservation.”


“HI I'm Ashley.” I shook each of there hands


“ HI I’m Sam..” the oldest started to talk.


“ ...and this is Embry , Colin , Quil and Jared.”


“nice to meet all of you.” My sister was on the top balcony , I watched as Embry stared at her as if he had been love struck.


“Have you met her yet?” I asked


“no” He looked at me as if I noticed too much.


“Would you like too?” I smiled.


“Yes” he smiled back We walked into the house.


We reached the very top step when she came around the corner.


“Sammy this is Embry” I stated. I don't think I ever saw her blush so many shades before.


“Hey” was all that could come out of her mouth.


“Hi” He relied


“Um I'm feeling more and more like a third party so I’ll leave y’all to those one syllables.”


I got down stairs and my brothers were wrestling. It was getting late and so I decided I was going to go to bed, I had school tomorrow any ways and I didn’t want to go tired
and a hot mess.





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omg , amazing !!!! , but what happened , what's wrong with eric , can't wait 4 the nxt chap. :)))
OH MY GOSH its getting better every chapter!!!
Love it!!! Keep writting!!
wonder whats wrong now
a cliffy why..........awesome chapter

I think erik becamee a werewolf !! :O

post soon Pleasee :)

                                                                         Chapter 12
                                                                      Things Change

    "Ash, your speeding" Seth said, as i pressed down on the gas pedal more. I had to make it home. Dad sounded so worried on the phone. I turned the corner, I saw the police lights but kept going.
    "Ash, you need to stop" he begged I ignored him and turned on to my street and then Jumped out of the car as soon as it was in park.
    "Grandpa" Renesmee said , running to the police officer.
    "DAD" i yelled, Seth and Jacob were holding me back.
    "Ashley, you cant go in there not yet" Jacob said
    "Whats wrong with him" I asked ,tears escaping my eyes.
    "Well you tell her not to be speeding in my county again" I heard Renesmees Grandpa say
    "I will" she said
    "Whats wrong with Eric" I asked, ignoring her grandfather and her.
    "Its seems your family carries the Wolf Gene too, and a vampire tried to attack him and he phased" Jacob said, I could feel my body go limp. I didn't know what to say, I knew my dad was born here, and i knew we had native in us. I calmed down a little. The door opened and Sam came out.I walked in, ignoring there grasps.
    "Where is he" I asked my dad
    "Ash" Seth said I was already up the stairs.

When i got to his door, I knocked once, and then entered to find him laying in bed in pain.
    "Hey" He coughed.
    "hey" I said so low that i didn't think that i had actually said it.
    "You look like crap" he said
    "Look who's talking"I muttered back, he chuckled.A Tear fell from my face.
    "Hey there now, dont cry, if it didn't happen to me it could have been Kevin" He said
    "I just wish there was a way to help you not be in so much pain."
    "Its cool, See im barely shaking now" I laughed
    "yea i guess" I sat next to him and laid my head on his bed.
    "How did your date go" he asked
    "Didn't really get through it"
    "Oh, im sorry"
    "Not your fault, you guys are important to me, if something happens i want to know" Just then Seth came in.
    "Hey, how are you" He asked Eric
    "That's good, it will take a day or two to get use too"

                                            ***************************** Two Weeks Later ****************************

        "Your eating all the food" I yelled at Eric
        "Shut up im hungry" Ever since he turned wolf and joined their pack, its been crazy. He eats and sleeps and patrols, that's pretty much it. So now the whole family was pretty much in on the tribes secret. I was sitting on the couch watching a movie when a pair of hot hands slid over my eyes.
    "Guess who"
    "Hm Seth"
    "Nope" I turned around and it was Seth
    "Liar" I pulled him down on the couch with me. He wrapped his arms around my me and started to watch the movie with me.
    "I love you Seth"
    "I love you too Ash" Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I forced my self to get out of Seth's arm's , off the couch and over to the front door.
    "Hello, is Eric here"
    "Yes, who are you"
    "Kit" Eric said
    "Eric" She ran to him and hugged him.
    "Imprint" I asked under my breath
    "No" he said
    "Kit, this is my sister Ash, Ash this is my date tonight"
    "Oh, Hello"
    "Hi, its so nice to meet Eric's Sister"
    "Its nice to meet you too, have fun on your date" I said, Walked back to the living room to find Seth laying Stretched out on the couch. He pulled me down on top of his chest. I looked in his eyes and kissed his lips softly.
    "your amazing ash"
    'So are you Seth"
    "Get a room" Sam said walking through the door with embry at her side, Seth and i laughed. I wondered to my self if my life would ever actually be normal.
    "So when are we going to move into our own house" I asked Seth
    "After the honey moon" Seth said ,
    "I cant wait."
    "Me either"
    "Ash we are going out tonight"Sam said
    "Is anyone going to be home tonight" I asked
    "Wheres dad and Catherine" I asked
    "They went to get some stuff from storage."
    "And Kevin is staying with Leah, and im staying at embrys"
    "have fun" I said
    "I will" I heard Embry chuckle. I shuddered at the thought. I thought about the fact that i was going to be alone in the house with Seth. Suddenly Seth's phone rang.
    "Okay ill be there in a moment" He hung up the phone and
    "I have to go for a little bit"
    "Okay, Ill be in my room when you get back" He smiled

He kissed me while holding me tightly against his chest. He got up and left.I sat there watching the rest of the movie until i went up stairs and got dressed for Seth, Tonight was the night.

                    Seth's P.O.V

    After leaving the house, and leaving Ash, I phased and ran to la-push to the houses where Jake and I were going to buy for Ash and renesmee.
    "hey man" Jake said when i got to the houses
    "Whats up"
    "Nothing, when are we moving them in" Jake asked
    "After the honey moon i think"
    "Cool" Jake said
    "So everything is calm on the vamp side" I asked
    "Yeah, Sam and I are thinking about cutting patrol time"
    "that would be cool, i better get back to the house Ash is waiting"
    "Do you think tonight's the night"
    "Nah, she didn't seem like she was in the mood"
    "Oh, well maybe on the honeymoon"
    "yeah, ill talk to you later"
I phased and ran to the house.I entered the house.
    "Ash" I yelled, there was nothing. I walked up stairs to find Ash coming out of the bath room in nothing but a bra and panties.
    "Hey Honey" She said in a seductive voice. She walked over to me and pulled me over the bed. I was shocked. She pushed me on the bed then climbed on top of me and straddled me.
    "I want you" She whispered in my ear.
    "I want you too"She kissed my jaw and my chest and slowly unbuttoned my pants. I kissed her lips her jaw. Kissing every part of her.I understood before she ever said anything.

Get a room .. xD

gr8 chap :)

wow , love it :))) , post sooon :))

i love it i hope you add more 

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Aww, so sad and romantic!!


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