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Preface: I didn't think my life would end like this but when I think back on it now it wasn't much of a life till I met him. Till I walked in and saw his eyes on that first
day. So If I had to redo everything again I would do it exactly the
same because in this one instance I knew that we would be together no
mater what happen to me, he was my life now and for always.





Chapter one Ashley’s P.O.V. (welcome to forks Washington)



The thunder crackled from above as we rushed into a cab as we left the airport. This was what I was being forced to do, Live in a melancholy town where it rains almost every
single day. I put my purse in my lap and stared out the window to my
new home of forks,Washington. We wouldn't even be here if it weren't
for the fact that my mom and dad got a divorce. My two older brothers
Eric and Kevin were in the back talking about weather or not there
would be any hot girls at this new school. I just ignored them for
the most part. My little sister Catherine was sitting in my dads lap
waiting for the cab to hurry so she could play with her new toys.
Everyone was being paid off somehow and someway. She got new toys and
my brothers got cash. I got a car but I refuse to drive it at the
moment, I was personally against this whole divorce, but as it is I’m
going to have to drive it to school now that my mom can't take me
now. My Older sister samantha was in the very front seat, acting
depressed because she would miss her stupid ex -boyfriend. The cab
started to leave after the cab driver got all the luggage in.


After a hour drive we pulled up to a big white house. I sighed.


“Cheer up ash” Eric said to me


“Yea cheer” I murmured


“It may not be much but at lease you'll have your own room.” my dad commented.


I rolled my eyes, he wanted us to love this house so much that he would have bought NASA if he could. I carried my stuff up to my room. When I opened the door that said
Ashley I dropped my bags and my mouth. My room was amazing. I had the
largest bed I could ever imagine. It was dark blue with glow in the
dark stars, A Desk with a new laptop and a hammock just in case I
made friends and one stayed the night. I ran down stairs and hugged
my dad.


“Saw your room huh?”


“Yes thank you so much daddy”


“No problem baby girl.”


I got up stairs and started unpacking, I turned my new radio on. A upbeat song came on, called pocket full of sunshine. I heard my dad talking out side and it sounded like
other men too. I looked out my window I saw a police officer and a
couple of dark skinned Indian men. I went to grab the last of my
luggage off the porch.


“Ashley!” my dad said I turned to face him.


“yes dad?” I asked curiously


“I want you to meet chief swan and some of the Quilute kids from the reservation.”


“HI I'm Ashley.” I shook each of there hands


“ HI I’m Sam..” the oldest started to talk.


“ ...and this is Embry , Colin , Quil and Jared.”


“nice to meet all of you.” My sister was on the top balcony , I watched as Embry stared at her as if he had been love struck.


“Have you met her yet?” I asked


“no” He looked at me as if I noticed too much.


“Would you like too?” I smiled.


“Yes” he smiled back We walked into the house.


We reached the very top step when she came around the corner.


“Sammy this is Embry” I stated. I don't think I ever saw her blush so many shades before.


“Hey” was all that could come out of her mouth.


“Hi” He relied


“Um I'm feeling more and more like a third party so I’ll leave y’all to those one syllables.”


I got down stairs and my brothers were wrestling. It was getting late and so I decided I was going to go to bed, I had school tomorrow any ways and I didn’t want to go tired
and a hot mess.





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holy amazing!
Thanks , im alittle sick right now but im going to try to write as much as i can : )
Banner made by Minn&co
oh I'm sorry your sick but i love the banner and i hope u had a happy Christmas!

thank you so much, and its OK, i went to the doctor today and he gave me a shot and some anti biotic, i have strep unfortunately ....



Here is part 2 , im almost done with chapter 8 and 9

The car ride was quite. I closed my eyes and held Seth's hand. I
couldn't believe that my boyfriend, and best friends were shape shifting

    "yes Ash."

    "You turn into a wolf too?"


    "And Jacob, and Jared, Paul, Collin, Quil...ext"

    "yup, even Leah."

    "Wow, i always thought there was something special about her."

They all burst out in laughter.


    "Most of the guys would totally disagree with you."

I laid my head back soaking in the entire, day. When we reached the Cullen's house.

    "Hello Ashley!" Renesmee said as she ran over to see me and hugged me.

    "Hey Renesmee, i missed you."
    "I missed you too"

    "I want you too meet some of my family, This is my parents, Bella and Edward."

    "Hello, Ashley" they both said.

    "Hello , Its nice to meet, Seths and Nessie's Friends and family."

    "Its nice to meet you too"

    "This is Rose my aunt, and Emmett my uncle and Jasper my other uncle,
and i have no clue where my aunt Alice is , she said that there was
something she had to do."

Suddenly , another spiky dark haired girl was standing next to her uncle jasper."

    "Hey Renesmee, im back" Alice said

    "Hey aunt Alice, this is Ashley, my best friend."
    "Hello, nice to meet you." Alice ran up to me and hugged me

    "Hi , i just know we are all going to be friends."

    "Thank you Alice."

After all the meeting and greetings were done, Alice wanted to take Bella,Edward , Nessie,Jake ,Seth and me shopping.

    "Alice do i have to?" Nessie's mom asked from the dressing room, we
were all standing around laughing while Alice got her dressed in the
dressing room.


    "Fine" she came out and she looked beautiful.

    "my favorite color on you" Mr.Cullen said
    "i know right, i make wonders happen" Alice said laughing, i was next Alice had a confused look on her face.

    "what wrong" Renesmee asked

    " um mm, this has never happened before, she looks right already and i
cant figure out what to put her in, ill be right back."

while i waited for her to find me i heard a knock on the door.

    "Come in"

    "hey beautiful" It was Seth.

    "what are you doing in here?"

    "I came to keep you busy while you waited for Alice" I relieze when he
was staring at my body that i was still in my bra and underwear. I
blushed and held up my shirt to cover my body.

    "you don't have to be self conscious, you look beautiful."

    "Thank you." he came over to me and lifted up my chine, and pressed his
lips to mine, i suddenly dropped the shirt i had. His large hand
gripped my waist. Our kissing became more passionate

I wrapped my arms around his neck, then he lifted me up off the ground and i
wrapped my legs around his waist. I so wanted to go farther, but we were
in a dressing room for crying out loud, i knew seth would want to be
more too,but we couldnt go farther yet.

He broke the kiss and sighed.

    "Alice is coming back." I sighed too.
    "I love you" He smiled big

    "I love you too renesmee" I smiled instantly and climbed down from my position.  Alice walked through the door.

    "Ok you out, while i get her dressed." I sighed and he kissed me quickly on the lips before leaving.

    "sorry, i know you will miss him while your in here."

    "Its not that Alice, i mean yeah ill miss him but im just confused right now."

    "Anything i can do to help" she asked asked while she was getting me ready.

    "Well, me and Seth have been dating for a couple of month's now and our
relationship is heating up, and i want to go farther with him, if you
know what i mean but i want it to be special , not like

other girls who have just slept with a guy in the spare of a the moment, ya know, i want it to be everything."

    "He's your imprint sweety it will be everything."

    "And Edwards talking to him about it right now , but hes doing it in a guy talk manner." she continued.

    "wait how does Mr.Cullen know what we are talking about?"

    " He reads minds, except for his wife's, she has a shield that prevents him from reading her mind."


    *Thank you Mr.Cullen.* i thought to my self.

    "There your all done. "

I waited for Alice to get renesmee dressed and herself dressed before i
walked out there. We all looked great , and renesmees dad was taking us
to a fancy restaurant for lunch.

I walked out of the dressing room and Seth eyes got big.

    "Wow" he murmured

    "thanks" I blushed. We all got into the cars and headed over to the restaurant.

La Bella Restaurant

    "Hello, My name is Sasha , ill escort you to your table" her eyes were huge as she took in the group of us.

She gave us a seat in the back. We were eating and enjoying our food, some
of the staff would come and check to see how we were doing or in other
words see how or men were doing.

Suddenly Alice's eyes went blank, Edward gasped, both of them turned and looked at me. Oh man what did i do now.

    "We have to go" Renesmee said.

On the car ride home , i wasn't really paying attention much to what was
going on. They were all whispering and talking about what Alice saw. I
thought that i would wait and ask Seth later.

I felt Seth start to shake. I rubbed his hand and leaned my head against him, he smoothed out in an instant.

We reached my house, and Seth and i got out.

    "Ill see y'all later" I said to them.

    "By Ash ,see you at school" Nessie screamed to me.

    "Embry and Sam were going to go with the Cullen's."

I walked into my house which was completely empty, and headed up stairs.I
laid out on my bed, and Seth laid with me. He looked into my eyes.

    "I love you Ash , more than my own life."

    "I love you too Seth." I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips. I pulled away.
    "So, what did she see" He sighed as if he didn't want to tell me.

    "They saw you as a vampire in the future."


    "But ill try and not let that happen."

    "But Seth think about it , Jake can date Nessie right, why wouldn't we
be able to date, and i could stay with you forever, instead of dieing at
a young age."

    "your OK with turning into one"

    "Only if it means im going to be with you forever." he sighed.

    "you really do love me"


I kissed him again this time more passionate. It was getting more
intense, Seth had his shirt off, i took my heels and jacket off, and
sometime during our make out session, my shirt came off , and so did my
pants, leaving me only in a bra and underwear, and Seth was only in

I had to breath, Seth could tell and started to kiss down my throat letting me get a breather, I wanted seth, every bit of
Seth. Seth leaned away.

    "Whats wrong?" i asked , i thought maybe he didn't want to go this far with me.

    "Its nothing, i just want you to be ready before we do this."

    "Seth your my everything, and i am ready to do this , because its with you." His eyes lit up.

    " I want to make this special for you, so we will but not tonight." I smiled

    " Are you ready for your birthday ? " He asked me


    "Did you really forget."

    "yeah i guess so"

    "huh, wow I'm going to be 18"

    "Two more days, Alice is surprising you with a party."

    "well she was until someone opened their mouth." I giggled

    "My bad" he said

I laid my head on his stomach and drifted off into sleep.


love it!!!
thank you
Chapter 8

Unexpected guest: Seth's P.O.V

    It was the day before Ashley's Birthday. I Rolled over in our bed and watched as
she slept. I had to go see my mom later tonight and tell her, and ill
have to talk to her dad tonight.

Ashley stirred and then finally sighed Seth. I kissed her cheek. She sighed again and curled next to my
chest more. I can't believe that this amazing creature is mine.

She rolled over and peeked through her little eyes, her big green eyes finally found mine. I smiled and kissed her lips softly.

    "Good morning beautiful."

    "Morning" She squeaked.

I brushed away the hair that was in her face. Her eyes closed as our skin made contact.

    "I love you" she whispered
    "I love you too"

She got out of bed and shook her hair out, Curls and tangles and straight
hair flew all around her face. She walked into the bathroom, and i got
dressed and headed down stairs.

    "pshhh" I heard Sam whisper


    "Come here"

I walked carefully over to her room.

    "Are you asking her tomorrow night." She looked at me intense


she screamed a little, embry walked over to her,He had no shirt on and only
boxers, she was in a robe. I knew what they were doing.

    "First off, can you keep her busy for about half an hour and second of
Whoa, im just gonna go down to the kitchen now." i turned.

I headed down stairs, her dad was in the kitchen , i sat at the counter.
He didnt notice i had sat down.Her two brothers came in and sat down and
her little sister was on the floor playing with her newest time.

    "Look Seth is blushing" Erick nudged Kevin. Kevin looked at me , he
knew what was coming , Leah must have told him ,he looked angry and
happy all in one.

    "Mr. Withers?"

    "Yes Seth"

    "I was wondering if i could talk to you for a moment." He must have
heard the seriousness in my voice cuz he turned around and looked at me
with a firey hate.

    "yes what can i do for you Seth"

    "Ok, i might as well get this out and in the open before Ashley makes
her way down here, Me and your daughter have been dating for almost a
year now, and we are going to be graduating soon,

and leaving off to college, and i would like nothing more than to have your permission
to ask her hand in marriage, I love her with all my heart, and by some
Miracle your daughter loves me and i promise i will never ever ever hurt
her and .. " I was beginning to ramble

    " You have my permission"

    " Come on Mr. Withers you don't have to yell at me "

    "Wait did you just say yes"

Erik and Kevin were laughing to each other, Erik was the only besides her dad and baby sister that were out of the loop.

    "Thank you mister withers"

    "When are you proposing to her son."

    "Tomorrow night"

    " Thats probably best , her mom is coming into town the day after, i
haven't told them yet, and she cares so much about you that it will
probably be great new to her."

    "I'm so glad your OK with this sir."

    "What is my dad OK with" We all turned and looked at Ashley who was standing in the door way.

    "Hes OK with you and i going to college in the fall together."

    "Oh , i knew that" she said smug. She grabbed her favorite cereal and made her a bowl.

Mr. Withers left the room signaling for me to follow. She was so busy in her food that i was able to escape.

    " Another thing Seth, I notice that you have been staying the night."

    "I wanted to know , y'all haven't"

    "No sir, i promise nothing like that" My head started to sweat and that was hard to do to a werewolf.

    "Good, you're a good man Seth and its hard for me to say yes to let you marry her but i know that you will keep her safe."

    "Thank you sir, and thank you for letting me stay here as much as i know it bothers you."

    "You'd be surprised by the things i know and the things i let just
happen there wolf boy" That on the other hand shocked me, Wolf boy.

    "I know your father son, and Ive lived around her for a long time, i
also know Jacob pretty well too, and im sure my daughter hasn't old you
but shes part Indian her self, Cherokee Indian and our tribe has its
legends too ."

    "No she hasn't" I was looking at his daughter who was still munching on her cereal she looked at me and her dad, she
has a pucker go between her eyes as if she was worried on what he was
saying to me.

    "Well Seth my boy welcome to the family , lets just hope you last long, oh by the way tell my daughter her aunt Cathy
is coming into town , that will lighten her day some more."

"when is she coming?"

" tomorrow for her birthday party."    

    "Ok thank you sir." I gave him a hand shack and he gave me an awkward hug, then i walked into the kitchen.

    "What was that all about" she asked eyes wide.

    "Just taking guy, talk, by the way you guys..." everyone looked at me.

    "You aunt Cathy is coming"

A Shirl came from Ash's lips.

    "Omg I cant wait." She said as she was dragging me out the door.

    "You will love my aunt Cathy, she knows all about werewolf's and vampires and Fairies." I Chuckled at that

    "What" She asked a little baffled

    "Faries aren't Real" She gave me an angry look.

    "What" i asked

    "they are too, and my aunt is a witch." I thought maybe she was talking
about the kind that say their witches and then end up being just

We were headed to the Cullen's to see Renesmee, and Alice. Alice had to get Ash's Dress ready and Renesmee and i had to go
pick out the ring for Ash.

    "Seth man, guess what, i beat Leah at a race" Johnny said to me as we got out of the car.

    "No way, that had to be a mistake."

    "I was distracted bro, he took me fair and square." Kevin was laughing as he held on to my sister.

I was glad that my sister had finally found someone, she was actually cool again. She even hangs out at the Cullen.

    "Ash" Nessie screamed

    "Nessie" she screamed back.

Jake looked at Ash weird, i wonder what was bothering him about her. I
grunted, in a casual way, he looked over at me, i gave him a questioning

    "Later" he whispered.

I let it go, While Alice took Ash shopping for the perfect dress i took, Nessie and Jake shopping for a ring.

    "OK its later spill." I said as we entered the jewelers

    "Its nothing, I'm just worried about how her turning into a vampire will affect you."
    "I don't know man but , we don't even know if she is going to turn into
one remember, Alice said this morning that her vision became very

    "I know man, just stupid worries." He stared at nessie.

    "OMG , THIS ONE" Nessies Face lit up. Little did she know that jake was also picking out hers.

    "Do you like this one?" I asked her

    "Well i wouldnt want this one for me but this is so ashley, that is the
one that i would want someone to put on my fingure one day." she looked
over to a beautiful Diamond ring.

When we got back to the house Ashley was waiting in the living room playing chess with jasper, and she was winning.

    "check mate" she said

    "I've never lost to a human before." You could tell he didn't like losing to a human girl.

She came and sat on my lap. tomorrow she would be one step closer to being Ashley Clear water. I sighed and hugged her closer.

She laid her head on my shoulder.

    "Whoa, did you guys see that." We all looked puzzled, we had better
hearing and sight than her, and she saw something we didn't.

    "What was it."

    " I don't know but it just ran right passed the window" she said this as she was walking closer to the window.

I was one step behind her, Suddenly Ash was in pain, she dropped to the floor in an instant.

    "Ash what is it?" I picked her up and laid her on the couch.

    "Oh stop the burning." she screamed.

Suddenly Jane was on the back porch.

    "Don't humans know how to keep their mouths shut about whose wondering out side your house."

Bella was standing in front of Ash now and she was burning anymore.

    "Jane why have you come here to start trouble."    

    "Aro told me to come check up on her." She looked at renesmee

    "What do you eat child"

    "First off im not a child and second off, i drink animal blood and some human food."

    "Still not venomous" she asked


    "Can you prove it?"

She looked over at Ashley. Renesmees face went from shocked to composed.

    "Yes i could, but as you know i only drink animal blood and im not going to taste human blood."

    "Hm mm about on  the wolf."

    "Will it make you go away faster" Jake asked . our mouthed dropped as he asked her this.


He took Nessie face in his hands,

    "Go ahead love, yes it hurts like hell, but its not like its going to
kill me." The hurt like hell made her wince. She took his wrist into her
hand and so slightly kissed his wrist before biting , then she released
in an instant she heard him gasp a little.

    "Lovely." Jane retorted

Jane walked around the room.

    "Such a lovely home you have here charlies."

    "Thank you" He replied watching her warily

    "Have you stopped growing" She asked Nessie

    "Almost completely"

    "Can you bear children"

    "Um i don't know, i don't have any yet"

She pondered this for a moment.

    "Who is the humans." she asked looking at Kevin with Leah in his arms and Ash in mine.

    "They are part of the wolfs life's you have no need to assess them Jane."

    "Well if the wolfs are going around telling their secret to just anyone than how can we trust them."

    "Its their imprints Jane, they aren't just telling anyone."

    "Ive seen you before." Ash suddenly said , Jane's eyes narrowed at her.

    "What ever could you mean, im thousands of years older than you and i hardly ever leave my masters care."

    "No, i meant, I've seen you in a photo," We all looked at ash as if she was going loopy.

Ash stood up and walked around Jane Assessing her.

    "I remember when i was a kid my Aunt would let me look through all her
old photos, and i think i remember clear as day seeing a picture of

    "Who's your aunt?" she asked a little curious. I had my hand wrapped around her wrist. I yanked her a little to come closer
to me and she did she sat back down on my lap and placed one hand on my
cheek. I wasnt shaking anymore.

    "Cathy Withers" Jane's Face looked horrified now.

    "No way" Edward said from the other side of the room.

    "what" i asked

    " Here aunt's blood line is part of the witches from the Salem witch trials." We all looked at her

    "I thought you smelled funny" Rose said

    "Stop it rose" I sneered

    "So your saying , im a witch?" she looked at all of us.

    "Yes" Jane said intrigued, I've never seen her look friendly.

    "Your aunt and i use to be best friends until i became a vampire."

    "I'm surprise she hasn't mentioned me to you."

    "Well i dot really see her much." She replied.

    "Any who, it was nice to see all of you again" Jane looked  at Nessie

    "Good to see Aro's worries are not needed my dear."

    "Thank you Jane, and you must come see us again soon, for a more pleasant visit."

    "Thank you see said" She gave Bella an uneasy look as she exited.

I decided i was going to take Ashley home, She went and sat in the car while i talk to Esme.

    "Yes Seth, i would be glad to do that for you."
    "thank you Esme, We will see you again tomorrow"

    "Ok dear" she gave me a hug and blew Ash a kiss.

I got in the car and we headed home. She laid her head on my shoulder.
    "Read for bed sleepy" I asked her

    "Yes" she yawned

We reached her house and i picked her up in a bridal hug and Carried her
up to bed, her dad looked at me and chuckled at our inside joke, the
fact that not long from now , i would be doing this because she will be
my wife.
I smiled at that though as i took her shoes off and took my shirt off and laid in bed with her.

    "Love you Seth" she yawned again

    "Love you too Ash"
love it! 9

Party with a twist : Ashleys Pov :PART 1

I woke up to the sound of snoring  in my ear. I rolled over and looked at the sleeping seth. I was just glad he was here. Glad that this would be the best birthday ever just for the fact that he was here.

Last nights dream was so real that i wanted it to be real.

    * Dream Flash back*

Seth and i on the beach , when suddenly he gets on his knee, i was about to cry, when he uttered the following words

    "Ashley will you marry me. " I thought it was so beautiful.

    "yes" was all i could chock out.

He spun me around and when he set me down it was a whole new scene , our wedding, alice and renesmee were my bridesmaids and jacob and edward were his grooms men.

The dream proceeded with the ceramony. Then We said our "dos" and we were spining on the dance floor, at the reception as the spins completed it turned into out honey moon , and then our own house and kids.

the dream was truley perfect.

    *Back to my room*

    "Morning ash" he said rolling over and kissed my hand.

    "Happy birthday"

    "Thank you" I looked down my cheeks were on fire.

He jumped up and picked me up, my arms were about his neck and my legs around his waist. He lightly kissed my lips, i twisted my fingers in his shaggy hair.

Our kiss became more passionate, he started to carry me to the closet so we could get dressed but the whole way there we kissed.

He left the room while i got dressed, so he could go down stairs he said he had to get something.

    When I got down stairs everyone screamed Happy Birthday.I was so supprised , i couldnt help but scream when i sau who was standing in the corner i ran over to my Aunt and gave her a big hug.
    "Hey there sweet heart ,congrats your 18 today."
    "Thank you, im so glad your here."
    "Me too your boyfriend here, told me you meet an old friend of mine."
    "Jane, yes"
    "So there is much we must talk about." se said with old ancient eyes
She grabbed my hand and took me to my patio where there were many plants i kept there.
    "Aunt cathy are you really a witch" I asked her
    "yes dear, and so are you."
    "But i cant do magic."
    "Sure you can my dear, you just never knew what to really do."
    "Can you teach me?"
    "I will be able to teach you a few things while im here and in the summer you and seth can come visit me in Olympia to learn the rest."
    "Oh thank you thank you thank you" this was so cool,seth wasnt the only supernatural thing now. Hmmm i thought, A werewolf and a witch boyfriend and girl friend and a vampire as best friend.
    "we will start tomorrow my dear with your lessons."
    "sounds great to me"
    "in the mean time enjoy your birthday,turning 18 has many surprises" She took a flower of my plant and closed it in her hand, a blue light surrounded her hand an when she uncovered the flower it was replaced with a silver comb with a flower design.
    "Oh my" She smiled and placed it in my hands."
    "Time for you to grow up just like the flower" I gave her a hug with all the love in the world.
    "thank you"
I went into the other room and put the flower clip on my jewlrey box.I looked in the box and saw the neckalce my mom sent me a couple of weeks ago, i never really looked at it.
It was a locket, and it said dorever in my heart. Ph yeah right like shes not enjoying her new fmaily. Suddenly there were warm arms around me.
    "want to go out for lunch" Seth asked
He grabbed my hand and lead me out to the car. We started heading into town, the sun roof down and the windows down letting the cool air flow through the car. I looked at seth, he looked ovr at me and smiled, i couldnt help but smile.
He stopped at a small resturant. It was an italian resturant.
 We got inside and the waiter sat us down.
    "How is your birthday so far" Seth asked
    "Couldnt be better." I replied
The waitress came to our table and gave seth her full attention.    
    "Can i take your order sir?" He looked up at her then looked at me.
    "Are you ready to order babe?" i smiled.
    "yup"After ordering our food seth and i talked about the party tonight.
    "How long is your aunt in town?"
    "A couple of weeks i think"
After eating lunch and just talking to no end, seth stood up and walked me to the car. We went to the beach before i had to get ready for my party.
I turned and watched the ocean turn a beautiful sunset color. I let the cold water hit my feet, the contrast between seths hand in mine and the water hitting my toes was a huge diffrence.
    "I wish this moment could last forever" I murmered to him.
    "Me too." I thought about the fact that i am only human and that i would die when i was old and wrinkly. I sighed.
    "Whats wrong?" seth asked
    "Its nothing , just cant wait for the party." He chuckled .
    "Its going to be a night to remember." I wonder what he ment by that
We started heading back to my house to get ready alice picked out an outfit for me and seth. Seth went into sammys room to get dressed. I took my time makeing sure my make up was perfect and that my dress looked good on me.
when i came out of my room seth was leaning against the wall. his eyes bugged out of his head.
    "Seth" He didnt move
    "EARTH TO SETH" i yelled
    "Oh sorry ash, its just you look amazing." I blushed. He took my hand and we headed to the party. 

i love it keep writing

can't wait for more


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