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Preface: I didn't think my life would end like this but when I think back on it now it wasn't much of a life till I met him. Till I walked in and saw his eyes on that first
day. So If I had to redo everything again I would do it exactly the
same because in this one instance I knew that we would be together no
mater what happen to me, he was my life now and for always.





Chapter one Ashley’s P.O.V. (welcome to forks Washington)



The thunder crackled from above as we rushed into a cab as we left the airport. This was what I was being forced to do, Live in a melancholy town where it rains almost every
single day. I put my purse in my lap and stared out the window to my
new home of forks,Washington. We wouldn't even be here if it weren't
for the fact that my mom and dad got a divorce. My two older brothers
Eric and Kevin were in the back talking about weather or not there
would be any hot girls at this new school. I just ignored them for
the most part. My little sister Catherine was sitting in my dads lap
waiting for the cab to hurry so she could play with her new toys.
Everyone was being paid off somehow and someway. She got new toys and
my brothers got cash. I got a car but I refuse to drive it at the
moment, I was personally against this whole divorce, but as it is I’m
going to have to drive it to school now that my mom can't take me
now. My Older sister samantha was in the very front seat, acting
depressed because she would miss her stupid ex -boyfriend. The cab
started to leave after the cab driver got all the luggage in.


After a hour drive we pulled up to a big white house. I sighed.


“Cheer up ash” Eric said to me


“Yea cheer” I murmured


“It may not be much but at lease you'll have your own room.” my dad commented.


I rolled my eyes, he wanted us to love this house so much that he would have bought NASA if he could. I carried my stuff up to my room. When I opened the door that said
Ashley I dropped my bags and my mouth. My room was amazing. I had the
largest bed I could ever imagine. It was dark blue with glow in the
dark stars, A Desk with a new laptop and a hammock just in case I
made friends and one stayed the night. I ran down stairs and hugged
my dad.


“Saw your room huh?”


“Yes thank you so much daddy”


“No problem baby girl.”


I got up stairs and started unpacking, I turned my new radio on. A upbeat song came on, called pocket full of sunshine. I heard my dad talking out side and it sounded like
other men too. I looked out my window I saw a police officer and a
couple of dark skinned Indian men. I went to grab the last of my
luggage off the porch.


“Ashley!” my dad said I turned to face him.


“yes dad?” I asked curiously


“I want you to meet chief swan and some of the Quilute kids from the reservation.”


“HI I'm Ashley.” I shook each of there hands


“ HI I’m Sam..” the oldest started to talk.


“ ...and this is Embry , Colin , Quil and Jared.”


“nice to meet all of you.” My sister was on the top balcony , I watched as Embry stared at her as if he had been love struck.


“Have you met her yet?” I asked


“no” He looked at me as if I noticed too much.


“Would you like too?” I smiled.


“Yes” he smiled back We walked into the house.


We reached the very top step when she came around the corner.


“Sammy this is Embry” I stated. I don't think I ever saw her blush so many shades before.


“Hey” was all that could come out of her mouth.


“Hi” He relied


“Um I'm feeling more and more like a third party so I’ll leave y’all to those one syllables.”


I got down stairs and my brothers were wrestling. It was getting late and so I decided I was going to go to bed, I had school tomorrow any ways and I didn’t want to go tired
and a hot mess.





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Part 2

We reached the Cullen house there was lights that canvased the entire yard, it looked like it should be in a bridal magazine.
    "Ash" renesmee yelled from the other side of the room.
    "Nessie" I ran to her and hugged her. Jake looked uncomfortable.
    "Whats wrong?"
    "Vamps" He murmured.
    "Oh" I let it go after he said that.
Alice turned the music up, the music turned into a slow dance and seth spun me on the dance floor. Suddenly i was surrounded by presents.
    "Time to open presents" Alice yelled.
Seth sat me on the couch to get ready. For some reason i wasn't aloud to open the present my self for fear of a paper cut , what ever that meant.
    The first present was from Emmett and rose.Seth handed me the box and i shook it , it raddled for a mere second then i flipped it open and saw and endless amount of febreze
    "Um thanks" I said
    "Its not that you stink dear" Renesmees dad said
    "Its the your boyfriend, to us he smells well, like a dog." I sniffed seth. I shrugged
    "He smells good to me."
    "Hey and me too jacob and seth smell fine" renesmee defended us. Emmett chuckled at how much it bothered us. I picked up the next bag and took the tissue
paper out and looked in side and there was 3 new pairs of jeans and a couple pairs of shirts. I looked at who it was from tho i didnt have to ask
    "Thank you alice"
    "No problem, they wouldnt let me give you a new closet." Everyone laughed , The next back had a wolf on the out side of it so i guessed it was from seth.
When i opened it tho, there was a card that said from Nessie and Jake, Whelp i was wrong. I looked in the bag and saw four candles a CD  and bath bubbles.
    "Thank you" I gave her and jake a hug. I finally opened everyone presents when i noticed that seth didnt get me one, Not that being the perfect boyfriend was the best present ever wasn't enough.
    "My present is out side." Seth said to me before i could tell everyone thank you.
    "Stand up" I stood up He took both of my hands in his.
    "Alice" he said
    "Got it" Suddenly there was a blind fold over my eyes. Oh great my present is i get to be blind for a night. Someone chuckled at my thought.
    I only heard seths foot steps with me , although i heard other peoples breathing. After about 5 minutes we reached my present im guessing. Seth unfolded the blind fold. I looked around and
there was no one but us. we were standing in the middle of a lighted circle in the middle of the woods. A little clearing. I looked around taking in everything when i finally returned my eyes seth was on one knee.
One knee in front of me, was he about to do what i think he was about to do. I covered my mouth with my hands. He smiled , and took my left hand in his.
    "Ashely Withers , I have loved you since the day i looked into your eyes , since the moment i felt the strings from my body unlock. you make me happy when your happy and you make my world go round,
and i cant Imagine my world without you now that i have found you, I will spend our entire life trying to make you happy, Ashely withers will you marry me?" 
I didn't know what to do or say i was in shock, A tear ran down my cheek and all i could squeak out was.
    "Yes" slid the ring on my finger and picked me up and spun me around.
Suddenly we were surrounded with congratulations and thank goodness and wolf whistles. My dad appeared between us and gave me a hug.    
    "you knew" I asked
    "who do you think gave him my blessings" he joked. I laughed.
The party continued people from school danced and mingled. Seth sneaked me out of the party.    
    "What are we doing"
    "We are going to go to the beach" we got in his car and he drove fast to the reservation.
When we got to the reservation we passed some very tiny houses that look really cozy if it was a two person home. I think i would want to live near the ocean. Seth parked and opened the door for me, We started to walk on the beach.
    "Did i surprise you?"    
    "You sure did"
    "Good" I laughed.
I sat on the sand yanking him down with me.
    " I love you" I said to him
    " I Love you too"
    "what are you thinking about" Seth asked me
    "Where we are gonna live?"
    "Do you want a house near your dads?"
    "No i want one on this beach" He looked at me strange.    
    "Nothing i just didn't know you love this beach that much."
    "Well i do"

Seths Pov

After laying on the beach for a couple of hours we decided to head back to her house. No one was home when we reached the house. We got out of the car leaving her presents in the car for us to take in later, I picked her up and started to take her in the house. She set her
keys on the table next to the front door. She grabbed my chin and pulled my face down to hers and pressed her soft cool lips to mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck , i started to carry her up the stairs. I laid her on her bed Slowly taking off her clothes and her taking off mine, we both knew it was going to have
to stop and wait till the honeymoon. We spent the next hour Making out. The front door down stairs slam shut and you could her her sister yelling at someone. I was in my boxers laying on her bed waiting for ash to get out of her bathroom. She came out in a boy shorts and a bra with her new ring on her finger,diamond earrings , and a blue belly ring.
She smiled at me, that smiled disappeared when i heard something smash down stairs. She opened her door and looked down from the railing that looked down to the front door. Her sister threw another vase at a women that was standing there , she looked exactly like ash except with a distorted features not as beautiful as ashes.
she ran back in her room to get a robe on she ran down stairs and held her sister back, i ran with her. stepping in front of them both.
    "what is going on here" Ash asked frustrated
    "why are you here" she asked again angry now.
    "she wants us to leave , leave with her." Sammy shook ash off and ran up stairs.
    "Samantha you are coming with me weather you like it or not."
    "No shes not, she 18 and so am i we are not leaving with you, you left us , this is no longer your choice, and im marrying Seth, so no offense mom but go try and ruin your own life instead of ours for once." she ran up the stairs. I looked at her mom who looked me up and down and then looked back at the stair case.
    "your not marrying her." her mom murmured
    "No offense lady but you cant stop me."
I ran back up stairs for my Ashely, when i got to her room she was on the bed, i locked the door and joined her in bed, she laid her head against my chest and drifted into a deep sleep.

great job can't wait for more


Chapter 9 Ash pov  Part 1.
    The next morning i had waken up on seths chest. He was already awake. I looked up into his eyes. He smiled.
I Pulled my self up to his lips and kissed him, he intertwined his fingers in my hair hold me to him. When he pulled back to smiled at me , he had a look of happiness in his eyes.
    "Is she still here" I asked him.
    "Yes she is down stairs talking to your brothers Kevin and Eric" i sighed
    "Poor Eric"
    "Yeah, he doesnt have a leah but he doesnt want to leave here, you can tell" I smiled
    "Seth, why do you have a scar right here" i poked his side, he laughed. There wasnt really a scar i just wanted to tickle him. He tickled me back, knowing exactly were to tickle.
    "Ok, ok you win" i said between breathes. He was above me now he was looking deep into my eyes.
    "I love you , soon to be mrs.Clearwater." I Giggled at my soon to be name.
    "I love you too" He leaned down and pecked me on the lips. There was a knock at my door. Seth covered up and laid next to me.
    "Who is it."
    "Dad, duh" i laughed
    "Come in" he smiled as he came in.
    "Hey love birds, Breakfast down stairs in ten" he said.
    "thanks dad" he smiled and closed the door after me. I got out of bed to put on a tank top and shorts Seth turned my face to him and kissed me.
    "Alot can be done in Ten minutes" I blushed
    "Oh really" He got real close to my lips.
    "Beat you down stairs." he said close to my lips.
    "Tease" I said running after him. I slid on the tile floor, cause of my socks. I skidded to a stop as i saw my mom at the table talking to Kevin and Erik, The table was set, My Sister Sammy was sitting next to Embry, and Catherine was sitting on my dads lap. Leah was sitting next to Erik hand in hand. My mom looked mad.
    Seth was sitting next to Embry, i sat down and filled my plate up. My Aunt walked in and sat next to me, her and my mother never got along, my mom thought the stories of being a witch were silly, my aunt knew she was stupid tho. I smiled at my aunt.
    "Ready for your lesson today" she asked me
    "Sure am, at 10:00pm right"
    "Yup" she buttered her toast, trying not to say anything to my mom.
    "what are you teacher her" my mom asked rudely
    "Piano" she said , which wasnt true, she was teaching my my first lesson in magic.
    "So Seth" my mom said his name with discust, she and my dad had fought this morning apparently about me being engaged.
    "How old are you"
    "19 " he said a little uncomfortable, you could feel the tension at the table.Sammy keep her eyes on her plate or on Embry.
    "Do you have a job"
    "Yes, i work for a friend" He said with a smirk, Embry ,sammy, Leah,Kevin and i held back a laugh at his inside joke.
    "Are you in school?"
    "yes i will be graduating with Sammy and Ashley" he said answering her rude Questions.
    "Sammy are you going to come to Dallas for College " she asked , picking the weak one out of the bunch.
    "Im going to the university of Washington state mom" she said uncomfortable. My dad ate in scilence he said what he had to say earlier. There was a knock at the front door, and Renesmee and Jacob came walking into the kitchen.
    "Hey everyone" she said
    "Hey renesmee"we said except my mom, she Groaned.
    "What is with you having so many people in your house" she said to my father.
    "Enough" i yelled, everyone looked at me shocked even my dad, i normally didnt act this way but i was tired of her acting like this it was really getting old. Jacob Held renesmee, i guess my moms comment bothered her.
    "What did you say to me" she asked annoyed
    "Look mom, i love you and so does Kevin ,Erik,Sammy, but you being here isnt working out.None of us are leaving with you ok, You left dad for someone that was completely not healthy for this family, and if your going to come in our home and be rude to our guest because you dont like it well tough, your a terrible mother and you dont deserve what you have that is right in front of you." She looked shocked.
    "You can leave tonight, dont bother staying for the rest of the week, you make everyone around feel uncomfortable, and it would be best not to see you any longer than we have to, When you feel like coming back and being an adult instead of a child then you are welcome too" i was rambling now. I took seths hand.
    "Now if you will excuse us, some of us have a Beach party to attended" Everyone stood up even Erik , he was coming to lapush alot more, he met some girl Named Alli and was taking her to the party.
    "Goodbye mom" i said and we left. We exited the house and then the hollering began.
    "WHOAAAAAAAAA , what was that" Embry yelled I laughed
    "she just makes me so mad." We were walking to the cars. I stoped at my mustange handing seth the keys, he loved driving my car.
    "Thank you Ash" Sammy said and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I smiled
    "No prob sis"

We got to the beach to find tons of kids already there.I put our stuff down. Sam,jacob and Seth had went to grab some wood to start a fire. Me and renesmee were sitting across from Embry and sammy who were making out. We started talking boys.
    "So how did you and Jacob meet?" i asked her, i never really got the whole story on jacob.
    "He imprinted on me since birth" she smiled
    "Oh wow"
    "Yeah, love of my life" she said
    "Has he asked you to marry him yet." She smiled    
    "yes" she showed me her hand, i laughed it was so beautiful.
    "congrates" i said
    "Thanks" she smiled
    "When are you and seth getting married ?"
    "Some time after graduation" She smiled , the guys came back talking and laughing. The party began, and me and renesmee were dancing together, to the song Tiao Cruz -Dynamite. Jacob and Seth were watching us. I was having a great time for once in a long time. I loved my new founded family. Jacob cut in and so did seth, The song changed to bruno mars, i think i wanna marry you. Seth started to sing it to me as we slow danced under the night sky. Erik had passed out and Kevin and leah , made a mermaid carving out of him. A sea shell bra and a tail. I laughed at that, Seth was going to do patrol while i was doing my magic lesson. I was enjoying the time i had left with him. I looked at my watch reliezing what time it was and i had about 10 minutes to get home. Seth drove me home. when i got there my moms car was gone. I smiled, i had gotten rid of the women.  My aunt was waiting upstairs for me. I kissed Seth goodbye.
    "Hold out your hand" He held his hand out to me, i dropped a key in his hand    
    "whats this?"he asked
    "So you dont have to keep climbing through my window" he smiled
    "Now you can come and go as you please."
    "thank you baby" he kissed me softly.
    "see you when you come home" he laughed
    "see you then, good luck" He got in the car and drove away.
I touched my heart when you said wrote the song, I Think I Wanna Marry You from Bruno Mars. That song really touched it. My hands flew up when it said that Seth was singing it to her. Awww, I wanna cry! *Starts to cry*.
i love it!!!! update soon plss!!

Part 2

I Entered the room, My aunt was sitting in a rocking chair. I smiled, she was so young, tho i only relieze yesterday that She knew Jane which meant she is never going to dye. I sat on my bed.
    "Are you sure you want to practice this" she asked concerned.
    "Yes"I said knowing.
    "Because once you are stuck with the power there is only one way to get rid of it, and that is illegal in our Covenant"
    "You have to will it to someone, and say the following sentence" she handed me her book of spells. I looked down at it. I will you everything, i said in my head. Wow.
    "Oh, why is it illegal and covenant, how many are there of us"
    "Thousands, tho most of us died off, because we didnt use our powers properly" I looked at her, this was serious business.
    "So how do you "use" Properly"
    "Never will to anyone, never use for bad things like bringing back the dead, or sending a deathling to someone, there is a long list of bad thing but for the most part being a witch is fun, no we dont fly on  brooms any more but we can." I smiled
    "Cool, so no bad , just be good, oh yeah i almost forgot, guess who i met"
    "who" she asked with curiosity
    "Jane" Her face went blank.
    "I havent seen her in years, how is she"
    "Still young like in your picture"
    "Why did yall stop talking"
    "Well, when she became a vampire she was no longer a witch, well she was but she was a vampire with power and she didnt want to use her powers for good anymore" I looked at her i know what power she was talking about.
    "Ok lets get started" she lite some candles and put stuff in a bowl
    "Repeat after me"
"Candle, herb, rock, water, salt,
Hear me as my song is sung,
Age is not my heart's desire,
It is youth to which I aspire,
Candle, herb, rock, water, salt" i said this seven times as i said this my hands started to glow blue.
    "whats happening " i asked
    "The spell has triggered your powers, so not only are you now always will be youthful, you have your power" I smiled , i would spend the rest of my life with Seth. The rest of my lesson went by in a blur, my aunt was a great teacher, she tought me how to use magic just using my mind with out saying any spells, my brain hurt from so much magic learning. After my lesson, my aunt said that she had to go for a week or so and that she was leaving the magic book with me and never let anyone have it and to keep it in my closet with a protection spell over it. So i was able to keep my lessons going and i would be ready for her when she came back. I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I started to get undressed, When seth walked through the door. He walked straight up to me and picked me up . I hugged him really tight. He lifted my chin and kissed him softly on the lips.
    "I missed you" he said
    "I missed you too" i replied. He threw me on the bed and hopped next to me.
    "Guess what"i asked him excitedly
    "Im going to live forever" He looked at me shocked
    "Yeah, my aunt said it comes with the power" I smiled
    "Thats great"
We laid there talking and kissing, just being with eachother. I fell asleep to him humming a song.


Sorry its so short but im working on the next chapter right now

Dude, never say sorry for it being , at least you wrote it!

Chapter 10 Power

    There was a knocking on my door. I got out of bed slowly trying not to wake seth up. Sammy was standing there crying. I hugged her and shut my bedroom door and we walked to her room.
    "Whats wrong" i asked, I noticed her room was empty meaning No Embry! Wow that was odd they were almost always together.
    " go..t... innnnaa fffff.fight" she mumbled in between words.
    "Oh my gosh ,why" i asked
    "He said that he didnt want me to meet him mom yet, and i asked why, and he just said its not time and i asked when was the right time and he said he didnt know and i asked if i was ever going to meet anyone of his family and we just got into a big argueement" I hugged her
    "It will be okay i promise, your his imprint, Hes going to see how much of a jerk he is"
    "Thank you" she mumbled between crying and breathing. She went back into her bed room to lay down and cry. I was sitting on the couch thinking about how it was even possible to be mad at seth, i dont think i could ever be mad at seth, he made me so happy.I was feeling angry now, now that my sister was upstairs hurting because her imprint was being a giant jerk. Suddenly i felt warm arms around me , i jumped alittle.
    "whats up" he asked
    "Sorry, its just i was deep in thought"
    "Oh, about what"
    "Did you know that Embry and Sammy got in a fight this morning?"
    "No i didnt" He said with a frown on his face. He was telling the truth, i could tell.The front door opened and Embry came in.
    "How could you" i screamed at him, he was shaking, i knew it wasnt good to be to close to him while he was shaking, Seth had me around the waist holding me back.
    "I..I" was all he could say. I was furious.
    "You what, you broke her heart, wripped her in two" i screamed he was convolsing now.My hands were Bright blue with fury, i was new at this i couldnt control my feelings of the power that was inside me. My aunts was red tho im not sure if color really ment anything. I heard a noise from the stair case.
    "Samantha" embry breathed, his face crumpled. Her face was red from crying...A tear rolled down her cheek.
    "" she cried He ran up to her and cupped her face.
    "It was my fault, ill take you to see her tomorrow i promise
    "No you dont have too" she said, He kissed her lips.
    "I want you to meet her" he said. She smiled. I was settling down.
    "Wow Ash , nice hands" seth joked
    "Thanks" i said laughing .
Suddenly Johnny Sam and Emilys son came running through the house , he was only 16 and he had already turned wolf.
    "The cullens need you Hurry" He ran out side. We ran after him, me and Sammy got in the car and drove as fast as we could. As soon as we got there, me and sammy stopped , there were tons of wolfs, Johnny was out of breath, his mom was patting the side of his neck. Seth and embry were already wolf when we got their.
    "The Volturi are coming" Edward said to us.
    "Why" I whispered.
    "We dont know, thats whats bothering us." Bella looked tense i guess she was using her powers to protect us. The Volturi soon appeared infront of us.
    "Welcome" Edward said , The dark haird man that they told me was aro looked mad.
    "you have betrayed our trust, we told you what would happen if she were to ever tell a human what she was" There was someone in the guard that wasnt in all the pictures or the memories ive seen.
    "She hasnt told anyone" Jacob said.They pointed a fingure at Sammy and then they pointed to me that was a wrong move, Seth ran into the wood be hind us and then came out human and stood infront of me. The rest of the pack stayed still. My hands shook.
    "She didnt tell them anything, they found out on there own, you come to make your own judgement to make assumtions."
    "Assumtions?" aro said stunned, tho you could tell it was an acted. Suddenly like a scene from a movie, aros fingers on his hand gave the signal, Jane and Felix Ran towards Ness I jumped for the Chance , everyone was frozen at the sight, My hands Glowed with power I gripped Janes Throat and slammed her down, as she burned, My hand print was on her throat, I threw Felix Back. Seth was shaking, Embry stood in front of him trying to make sure he wouldnt phase infront of them.Jane Screamed from the burn.
    "Master she screeched" Aros eyes widened. I was human but in a way were i would live for ever, so no fear ran through me. Though it should. Aro ran after me now, hands Flamed brighter, Everyone stared in astonishment. He Grabbed my neck and Bit down, i screamed, with out thinking I cursed him with a spell and he Lite on fire Burning him down, the volturi guard Gasped.
    "Aro" Jane whimpered.
    "Its time that you leave here" I said between gasping at my neck. They looked at me in fear, and with that they left. I crumpled to the ground. My neck was burning, why would anyone want this life it hurt so freaking bad, i groaned. My vision was getting blurry, i saw renesmee kneel down to me, the last thing i remember was feeling something at my neck.
thank you
oh my plz keep me posted this is so good


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