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Preface: I didn't think my life would end like this but when I think back on it now it wasn't much of a life till I met him. Till I walked in and saw his eyes on that first
day. So If I had to redo everything again I would do it exactly the
same because in this one instance I knew that we would be together no
mater what happen to me, he was my life now and for always.





Chapter one Ashley’s P.O.V. (welcome to forks Washington)



The thunder crackled from above as we rushed into a cab as we left the airport. This was what I was being forced to do, Live in a melancholy town where it rains almost every
single day. I put my purse in my lap and stared out the window to my
new home of forks,Washington. We wouldn't even be here if it weren't
for the fact that my mom and dad got a divorce. My two older brothers
Eric and Kevin were in the back talking about weather or not there
would be any hot girls at this new school. I just ignored them for
the most part. My little sister Catherine was sitting in my dads lap
waiting for the cab to hurry so she could play with her new toys.
Everyone was being paid off somehow and someway. She got new toys and
my brothers got cash. I got a car but I refuse to drive it at the
moment, I was personally against this whole divorce, but as it is I’m
going to have to drive it to school now that my mom can't take me
now. My Older sister samantha was in the very front seat, acting
depressed because she would miss her stupid ex -boyfriend. The cab
started to leave after the cab driver got all the luggage in.


After a hour drive we pulled up to a big white house. I sighed.


“Cheer up ash” Eric said to me


“Yea cheer” I murmured


“It may not be much but at lease you'll have your own room.” my dad commented.


I rolled my eyes, he wanted us to love this house so much that he would have bought NASA if he could. I carried my stuff up to my room. When I opened the door that said
Ashley I dropped my bags and my mouth. My room was amazing. I had the
largest bed I could ever imagine. It was dark blue with glow in the
dark stars, A Desk with a new laptop and a hammock just in case I
made friends and one stayed the night. I ran down stairs and hugged
my dad.


“Saw your room huh?”


“Yes thank you so much daddy”


“No problem baby girl.”


I got up stairs and started unpacking, I turned my new radio on. A upbeat song came on, called pocket full of sunshine. I heard my dad talking out side and it sounded like
other men too. I looked out my window I saw a police officer and a
couple of dark skinned Indian men. I went to grab the last of my
luggage off the porch.


“Ashley!” my dad said I turned to face him.


“yes dad?” I asked curiously


“I want you to meet chief swan and some of the Quilute kids from the reservation.”


“HI I'm Ashley.” I shook each of there hands


“ HI I’m Sam..” the oldest started to talk.


“ ...and this is Embry , Colin , Quil and Jared.”


“nice to meet all of you.” My sister was on the top balcony , I watched as Embry stared at her as if he had been love struck.


“Have you met her yet?” I asked


“no” He looked at me as if I noticed too much.


“Would you like too?” I smiled.


“Yes” he smiled back We walked into the house.


We reached the very top step when she came around the corner.


“Sammy this is Embry” I stated. I don't think I ever saw her blush so many shades before.


“Hey” was all that could come out of her mouth.


“Hi” He relied


“Um I'm feeling more and more like a third party so I’ll leave y’all to those one syllables.”


I got down stairs and my brothers were wrestling. It was getting late and so I decided I was going to go to bed, I had school tomorrow any ways and I didn’t want to go tired
and a hot mess.





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love it!! =]

                                                                  Chapter 13 Bells are in the air
                                                                          Narrators P.O.V

    Ashely slept in bed peacefully, with renesmee sleeping at her side. Jacob and Seth had been out all night with the pack and the Cullen guys for their bachelor party.
    "Nessie, Ashely" Alice called as she crept into Renesmees room.
    "WAKE UP" Rosalie yelled
    "What , what , im awake" Renesmee said, Ashely never budged.
    "Wow, kids a hard sleeper."
    "Embry" Rose called, Embry came in and put his hot hands over Ashes Face. Suddenly she jumped right up.
    "I'm awake" she said looking around. Renesmee,Embry,Alice, and rose laughed
    "Good morning little brides" Alice said
    "Morning"They said together
    "Esme has food ready for you guys" Renesmee and Ashely raced down the stairs to the kitchen to find a table full of Bacon and Pancakes and Eggs.
    'Yum, this looks great Mrs.Cullen thank you"
    'Please dear after all this time, call me Esme" she said smiling.
    "Thank you Esme"

                                                                             Ashely's P.O.V

    After eating a ton of breakfast, Alice soon had us in the Bathroom of her bed room working on both of our hairs and makeup.
    "You two will look beautiful" Alice said Finishing up my hair.
    "they already do look beautiful Alice" Renesmees mom said. She walked over and started messing with Renesmees hair.
    "I cant believe my favorite girls are getting married" Renesmees dad said from the doorway.
    "hey" rose said from the closet
    "Love you rose" she sighed
    "Love you too" She came out of the closet bringing our dresses in each hand.
    "Alright girls lets get you in your dresses" Renesmee and I stood up as Alice slid Renesmees on and Rose slid mine on. The dresses were beautiful.The wedding was While and Blue based. We walked down to the big doors after we were considered perfect and ready.
    "Wow ash" My dad said , i looked up.
    "I could say the same about you dad"
    "My little girl is growing up isn't she" Renesmees dad said
    "Yes daddy time for me to have my own life" He smiled at her and kissed her head.
    "Ready Ash"
    "When ever you are Nessie"

    Renesmee gave me a hug , I was following behind her with my father. The music started and renesmee went through the door and walked down the long white and blue aisle. Her dad at her side, all the guest smiling .Gasps as they see how pretty she is.I knew my beauty couldn't compare to hers, and im sure i wont get the same response. I noticed my mom and her new husband sitting in the front row. The music morphed into the second set , it was my turn. My dad took my arm.
    "Ready baby"
    'Ready daddy" , and with that we walked down the aisle, i got the same reaction as renesmee did, my mom was crying. So was my brothers. I wanted to laugh, but then i looked at Seth. He looked perfect, more perfect than usual. When i reached Seth, my dad lifted my vial and kissed my cheek. and handed my hand onto his hand.Then the ceremony began.

                                                                       Narrators P.O.V

"We are gathered together on this beautiful afternoon to share with Ashely and Seth and Renesmee and Jacob as they each exchange vows of their everlasting love.  Who gives these women to be married to these men?As Ashely and Seth take their vows today as well as Renesmee and Jacob, we are privileged to witness the joyous love of a two new families -- Families that will be nourished and nurtured through the devotion of two separate individuals growing together through the common bonds of love.
May their marriages bring them the peace, joy, comfort and contentment that is known in the hearts of all God's children. And may Jacob,Seth and Renesmee,Ashely both look forward to each new season of their marriage --- just as the world looks forward to each new season of the year. For all seasons bring with them their own special moments and memories.
An essential requirement of a good marriage is a strong bond of real friendship and trust. Renesmee,Jacob and Ashely,Seth your love for each other will grow deeper with every passing day, but it's important to remember that your love stands on a foundation of genuine, mutual affection and respect for each other. To truly LOVE another person is to be willing to accept both their strong points, and their weak points, with equal measures of understanding and respect.
The vows you are about to exchange, will serve as a verbal representation of the non-verbal emotions that are as real as any thing that can be seen, heard or touched.
For it is not the words that you will speak today that will bond you together as one --- but the strength of the love and commitment found deep within your souls.

((Let us pray . . .))
At this time, I’ll ask both Jacob and Renesmee, and you, Seth and Ashely, to face each other & take each others hands.
Jacob Seth, will you take Renesmee and Ashely to be your wife's, your partners in life and your one true loves? Will you cherish her friendship and love her today, tomorrow and forever? Will you trust and honor her, laugh with her and cry with her? Will you be faithful through good times and bad, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?
((Jacob answers: “I will”))
((Seth answers: "I will"))
Renesmee Ashely, will you take Jacob and Seth to be your husbands, your partners in life and your one true loves? Will you cherish his friendship and love him today, tomorrow and forever? Will you trust and honor him, laugh with him and cry with him? Will you be faithful through good times and bad, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?
((Renesmee answers: “I will”))
((Ashely Answers:"I do")) 

By the power vested in me by me, I now pronounce you Husbands and wife's. Gentlemen you may kiss the brides.

                                                                                   Ashely's P.O.V

    By the power vested in me by me , I now pronounce you husbands and wife's. Gentlemen you may kiss the brides.
Seth cupped my face and kissed me lightly on the lips. Cheers erupted from the crowd. We were soon greeted by everyone giving hugs and kisses through the crowed.
    "Oh Ash, I'm happy for you" I looked down at my moms stomach, it was huge.
    "Thank you mom, Whats the baby"
    "Boy and girl" She said
    "Twins" I asked
    "Yes" She said I smiled and placed my hand on her belly.
    "That's why i was so mean when i came to visit. I'm sorry, I've just been so moody and it felt like my babies were being taken away from me" she said.
    "Mom ,We will always be your kids but you have to let us grow up and leave the nest, even if we live with dad"
    "I know , Congrats baby, I'm glad your happy" She walked off with her husband to her table after giving me a hug.
    "Oh Ashely and renesmee, my dears, how wonderful you look" Tanya said , i smiled,
    "you two Tanya" We said together, When they left i groaned
    "I dont like her" Renesmees mom laughed
    "what" I asked
    "I;m just glad im not the only one,i think she wants to steal my husband sometimes"
    "She cant steal whats yours love" Her husband replied.I laughed. Seth Pulled me towards the dance floor and we twirled next to renesmee and Jacob as the Cameras Flashed. We all laughed as Renesmee and I shoved Cake in Jacob and Seth;s Face. Emily and and the girls looked beautiful.
    "Renesmee , im going to miss you" I said
    "Ill miss you too, but its not goodbye for long."
    "I know" She kissed my cheek and hugged me.

Renesmee and Jacob were the first to leave. The big limo that said Just been Hitched with Expensive shoes tied to the back of the car. People tossed Rose petals into the air. Red ones, The smell filled the area. After They were out of sight, we said our good byes to everyone. I kissed my mom and dad goodbye and hugged my siblings,Seth and I ran to our Limo with white rose petals falling on our heads and at our feet. I waved as we drove away.
    "I love you Mrs.Clearwater"
    "I love you too Mr.Clearwater" He kissed me as we made our way to our honeymoon.

Renesmees Wedding Dress and Hair

Ashely's Dress and Hair Style

Aww, that was a very nice wedding! I love the dresses and the hair styles by the way!
thank you
awww , i realy liked the wedding , love the dressses and hairstyles , anyway love the chapter , can't wait for the next update :)))

'I don't like her '  :DD lool

nicee wedding and i love the dresses :)


I love the dresses for the girls and that was a cute chapter(:
eeeeep cant wait to read more!
love it!!!!!!!!!!! Keep me posted!!!!

Just found this story.. can't wait to read more

omg!! amazing!!

plz post more soon!!!!!!!!!


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