The Twilight Saga

ok so this takes place during new moon when edward leaves bella he finds someone eles but bella doesnt know, she does go cliff diving but alice sees her come back up and seth imprints on her and victoria comes back theres a twist with bella aswell lol
should i write this ??
chapter one

its been two months 4 days 3 hours 4 mintutes and 10 seconds since the love of my life left me ive been like a robot the enitre time just eating enough to stay alive for charlie and jake . My dailt routine has been the same school home cry sleep and so on.that is until jake managed to get me out again hes my best friend and did i mention hes a werewolf yeah ive moved on form one mythical creature to the next.Jake has helped me patch up my heart hes like glue.
"hey bells you coming?" iheard from downstairs "yeah two minutes" me and jake are going cliff diving today im scared stiff but jakes excited so i'll go for it. the drive to la push only took 30 minites and i stayed snuggled up to jacobs side with one of his arms wrapped aarond my waist. this was the usual for us." come on bells or are you going to wait until the grass grows" he said with a goffy smile on his face that i loved "very funny im coming" i got out the car and walked to the edge of the cliff where he was standing. i had stopped imagining edwards presecnce awhile ago. i took his had and we jumped.....

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this is good plz plz post more soon

sounds awesome update soon

Looking forward to Chapter 2.

What is going to happen when they hit the water?

give it a whirl sounds like it could turn into a great story to read

post more soon

post more soon 

i can't wait for more


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