The Twilight Saga

this is my story about me and seths relationship. Ill add knew stuff a lot in diary form so here is my first entry.

okay so my mom had jacob baby sit me. im a 13 year old girl and im all for hanging with jacob but the cullens need an ump and if i show up smelling like werewolf. So i hang out, we wach cartoons i mean i love jacob but if im not there alice is going to blow her top because she cant see me right now. thank goodness im free before the game starts and i go and play ( well wach ) the game was good, edward's team won and emmett was pissed. After the game we were going to go back to the house and hang out but then we saw some people coming in the bushes. it was jacob's pack. although the black were a close family friend I had never met jacob's pack. one of the members in perticular stood out to me. I thought he looked the youngest and something about him was like a magnet pulling me toward him. gosh he was cute to. the look in his eyes was like a puppy. they came up and said hi. the wolfs were pretty comfortable around the cullens now. the young cute one came right up tp me and said "hi im seth" he was so cute and i reckignized the name and i knew it was from jakes funniest stories.
"im anne jakes told me alot about you." he hadnt really told me alot about him but enough that i knew i liked him
" aaaa.... so do you wnat to take a walk" I agreed of course and we laughed the whole time. i was so captivated by him and his charm. jake definitly told me about imprinting and i dindt think that that was the case but it felt like it you know. so the next day he called me and started explaining what had happened. i stopped him early and told him i already knew what it was and totally amazed that it had happened to me. i never thought it would. i was just about certain that i would die married to a human but this changes everything and it is to cool. i dont know what is to come of this relationship but i know that it can only lead to good things. and personally i think hes lucky that he didnt meet me when i was 2.

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hey guys i know my grammar and spelling and stuff isnt perfect. can you please focus on the story and not the grammar. thanks
oh my god this is sop friking cool!
please continue and i will post in my story for people to read yours!
U got 2 keep writing and tell me when u write more!!!!
haha love it please continue


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