The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1
Wow, my life sucks. It wasn’t always this bad, it used to be really good. Jake, Leah, Embry, Quil, and I, our own little pack, with Jake as our alpha. It started a year or so, when my dad died, that was horrible. Then last week my mom left us, forever. I didn’t blame Carlisle, he did everything he could. I didn’t blame Leah either, she just got so upset that she couldn’t control herself, Leah didn’t hurt her, but she gave her a heart attack, literally. I rushed to the hospital as Leah ran away to calm down, but by the time I got her there it was too late.
I blamed myself, I had gotten Leah mad, not on purpose, we were just having a sibling quarrel and Leah wasn’t under control. Leah blamed herself, she was so mad at what she had done that she pulled a Jake and ran away right after the funeral.
In my head I was alone in the world, sure I had Jake and everyone in La Push, and I had the Cullen’s, but I still felt alone. So I couldn’t stay in my house it brought the awful memories of my parents death back. So I went to Jake for help, he was just about to leave for the Cullen’s when I saw him.
“Hey Seth, how you holdin’ up?” Jake asked, clearly concerned about leaving me alone in La Push. Over the months we were in a pack together we had grown closer, he was one of my best friends, but he’d imprinted on Nessie’s, Bella and Edward’s girl, and they were moving to Alaska, so he was going with them.
I shrugged, “I’ve been better, you going over to Cullen’s place?”
“Yeah,” he answered, “Want to tag along? As long as you don’t mind the smell.” He laughed.
I thought about it, I hadn’t seen Edward since the funeral, so I figured what the hell? “Sure, thanks.”
“So when you leaving for Alaska?” I asked during the car ride to the Cullen’s.
“Three days,” he replied, “You’ll be okay here, won’t you? I mean, I know Leah’s gone and you don’t have an imprint, and you’ve grown on me twerp,” he added and he punched my shoulder playfully, “I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.”
“Yeah I’ll be fine, Leah’ll come back sooner or later.” I hope.
We arrived at the Cullen’s house to find Edward waiting on the porch.
“Hey Jake, Seth,” he greeted us, “How’ve you been?” he asked me.
I shrugged, if only I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that question . . .
Edward laughed and motioned for us to follow him inside. Bella was the next one to greet us.
“Hey Jake,” she greeted then looked to me, “Hey Seth you look better how’ve you been?”
Two dollars so far, I thought, Edward let out a chuckle, “Fine.”
“Where’s Nessie?” Jake asked no one in particular.
“Hey Jake!” Nessie yelled from the top of the staircase, she ran down into his waiting arms and pecked him on the check. I was happy for Jake that they finally got past the friendship phase, Jake had to wait so long. Edward rolled his eyes, I still hadn’t gotten used to him and we’d been friends for over a year.
“Seth,” Nessie greeted me with a surprising hug, “It’s so good to see you, I’ve missed you. Someone hasn’t taken me down to La Push in a while,” she elbowed Jake playfully.
“Well you never asked,” He retorted, “I’m not the mind reader.”
Nessie laughed and Jacob and I joined in. The three of us spent the afternoon in the woods, hunting or racing, whatever we felt like. When we returned to the Cullen’s house they whole family was there, and I mean everyone, Carlisle with Esme by his side stood in the middle of the room waiting to greet us, Emmett and Jasper were playing chess, while Alice was designing clothes with Rosalie behind her directing the cut and color of them, and then Edward and Bella were by the piano Edward was playing Bella’s lullaby.
“Seth,” Carlisle started, “We’re very sorry about you mother and Leah, we hope she will return soon, but Jake has told us she doesn’t seem like she wants to come back. I know that you know we’re moving to Alaska in a few days and everyone, besides Esme and myself, are enrolled in the high school, and the house we bought has an extra room and we’d like you to come with us.”
I started at them for a few seconds registering what he was saying. “You want me to come and live with you in Alaska?” I asked.
“Yes, if you’d like to come,” Carlisle answered.
I thought about it for a few minutes, I didn’t have anything strong holding me to La Push, maybe it could cheer me up, going to a new place where everyone isn’t asking me ‘how I’m doing?’
“Well,” I started, “I better go pack.”
Esme smiled rejoiced, she was the mother of this coven, even though I wasn’t one of her own, she cared that I had a place to stay where I would be happy. It felt good, to have someone care about you. She could never replace my protecting mom, but she could be a good step mom. Edward stopped playing to look up and smiled at me, from my thought about Esme I assumed. He nodded and went back to playing so I knew I was right.
Chapter 2
I came to the Cullen’s house early with Jake on the day we were leaving for Alaska. It felt good to leave, I would miss Forks and La Push, but I needed a fresh start, a clean slate. The flight to Alaska wasn’t too long. I noticed though that on the airplanes we all got quite a few stares from the passengers, I knew they thought the Cullen’s were beautiful, but I didn’t understand why they would stare at me, I was nothing special.
I heard Edward whisper my thoughts to Esme to fast for human ears. She looked at me and frowned. “Seth dear,” she started, “You don’t see yourself very clearly, you are a tall and handsome young man, and that’s why they’re staying at you too because of your beauty.” She sounded so sincere like she really meant it, and maybe she did, but it didn’t matter because I would’ve believed her any way.
After the plane landed we arrived at the new house less than an hour later, not because it was close, but because Edward drove over a hundred miles an hour. The house was large, even though it really only needed to sleep three, but I guess they needed to keep up their charade as humans so that the humans wouldn’t get suspicious.
I began to unpack when I started to think about Leah. Was she okay? Did she get hurt? Where was she? Was she okay? I decided I needed to find out. I headed out of the house to phase when I heard Jake call my name.
“Yeah?” I answered.
“Mind if I run with you?”
“Knock yourself out,” I said and we both phased.
Can I ask you something Seth? Jake thought
Sure, I thought back
Tomorrow on the first day of school, if you are in any classes with Nessie that I’m not in, could you keep an eye on her, she means a lot to me and I don’t want anyone to hurt her, her finished waiting for my response.
Uhh, sure Jake, I thought
Thanks Seth, it may not seem like a lot but it’ll help me get through the day when I’m not with her, Jake thought back
Awww, how touching, Leah thought suddenly in her wolf form, I thought I felt her phase but I wasn’t sure.
Leah! I yelled in my head, Are you alright? Where are you? What are you doing? When are you going to come visit me?
Whoa there Seth, calm down, Leah thought with a giggle, I’m fine, I’m back in La Push. Where are you?
I’m in Alaska, with the Cullen’s I’m going to the high school up here with Jake, and Nessie, and Edward, and Bella, and Alice –
Okay I get it, you’re going with the whole Cullen clan, Leah thought, Besides I might head up there, I’m not staying in La Push, I just needed a new pair of clothes and some money to buy food, so I don’t have to eat in my wolf form.
Seth, I think I hear Edward calling us, Jake thought.
Well I guess we better go, I thought not really wanting to go, I hadn’t heard from Leah in a while.
Don’t worry little brother I’ll be around, I might even come and visit. Well, see ya boys, and then Leah was gone.
Jake and I ran back to the Cullen’s new house and then phased as we walked in the doors. “What’s up, Edward?” Jake asked, “We heard you call.”
“We wanted to go over the plan for tomorrow, and if anyone asks, how all eleven of us are related.”
“Okay,” Jake and I responded at the same time.
“Well, we’ll start with you two, Jake, you, Seth, and Bella, are the Black family, you are cousin’s with the Hales, which are Rosalie and Jasper, they were adopted into Carlisle family which has me, Nessie, Alice, and Emmett as actual sibling Carlisle and Emse adopted, when we were young kids. Carlisle and Esme also adopted you, Seth, and Bella, after your parents died in a car crash.”
“They lost me,” I said to Jake.
“Well in simpler terms, you, me, and Bella are siblings, and cousins with the blonde bloodsuckers, who were adopted into a family with everyone else, along with us.”
“Now it makes sense,” I replied.
“Nice job with detail, dog,” Rosalie said to Jake.
“Thanks Blondie,” he replied with a grin. I laughed Jake had said he liked to bother Rosalie, apparently it was a habit of his. Edward let out a small laugh, and then I joined him.
“This is really screwing up my visions,” Alice complained from the far end of the room, “First Nessie, then Jake, and now Seth. Don’t get me wrong Seth I don’t mind your company, I just hate what you’re doing to my visions.”
I laughed along with Jake, maybe things were finally turning up.
The next day I got into the back of Jake’s car, him, me, and Bella went together to further our story of being a family, I realized Jake was driving notably faster, I guessed he was either trying to keep up with Edward in front of us or he really wanted to see Nessie, even though he wasn’t away from him for more than five minutes. I couldn’t say, because I didn’t have an imprint. Come to think of it Leah and I were the only ones out of all the wolves in La Push who hadn’t imprinted. Odds are that Leah wasn’t going to imprint, the legends never said a girl wolf could imprint, but then again, I don’t think the legends said there could be a girl wolf, but who knows.
Maybe the universe just hated us, the Clearwater family, or maybe just me, taking my mom, dad, and sister away from me. No I needed to get those thoughts out of my head. I had a new start, I wasn’t a Clearwater on the outside anymore, I was a Black, the only sister I had was Bella, and my parents were now Carlisle and Esme, not Harry and Sue. It pained me to think those thoughts.
The school wasn’t that big, just like the one in La Push, it reminded me of home. We walked towards the front office to get our schedules. Heads turned everywhere we looked, even the secretary was taken off by our appearances.
Edward greeted the secretary, and explained our situation. It took her a moment to register what he had said, and then she turned to the computer and began typing. Then something came out of the printer, our schedules I figured.
“Well, here we are,” she said looking at the papers, “Renesmee Cullen, Jacob Black, and Seth Black, freshmen. Edward Cullen, Alice Cullen, and Bella Black, sophomores. And Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Hale, and Jasper Hale, juniors. I think that’s it, I hope you all have a wonderful, just come back here if you have any problems.” She ended with a smile.
We all walked out of the office and waited as Edward handed out our schedules.
“I guess we’ll split up now, we’ll meet up at lunch time,” Edward said that and headed toward the sophomore wing with his arm around Bella, Alice stood on his other side babbling on about something. Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper headed to the juniors wing, the only good bye was exchanged between Nessie and Rosalie.
“Shall we?” Jake asked motioning toward the freshmen wing.
“I guess,” I shrugged glancing down at my schedule, “What do you have first hour Jake?”
“Uhh,” he responded looking at his schedule, “English, you?”
“English, dude!” I answered giving Jake a high five.
“Me too,” Nessie yelled from behind Jake.
Jake smiled at her and pulled her in a tight hug and kissed her cheek. “Well if you two love birds are ready,” I said jabbing Jake with my elbow, “Let’s head to English.” Jake laughed and kept his arm around Nessie’s waist.
We walked into the classroom and told the teacher we were new students. “Ahh,” he said when we told him who we were, “They told me you’d be here, well, Jacob and Renesmee why don’t you two sit over there,” he motioned to two desks in the third row, “And Seth you can sit next to Lily over there,” he motioned to an open seat next to a short blonde haired girl who was turned around in her seat talking to her friends. I was in the third along with Jake and Nessie, so at least I got to sit near them.
We took our seat while the teacher, Mr. Sands, began his class. I wasn’t paying much attention to this stuff, I had already learned it. I heard my name mentioned behind me, but I didn’t turn around I knew they were talking about me, I figured it was just cause I’m new.
“Seth is that his name?” the one on the left asked.
“Yeah, I think so, that’s what he said to Mr. Sands,” the other one answered.
“He’s really tall,” was all the other girl could respond.
I covered my mouth to hide my laugh, of course I was tall, I was nearly six-foot six-inches now. At least I wasn’t the shortest anymore that was Leah, but I’m sure she didn’t mind. I used my werewolf hearing to listen in on what they were saying, to see if they were still talking about me. They were.
“He’s really cute,” the one on the left said, “In a different sort of way too, he’s not like any of the other boys around here.”
“Yeah,” the other one agreed, “he’s sort of rustic and Indian,” she paused, “And hot!”
They girls giggled, the teacher scolded them they laughed out an apology. They didn’t say anything else after that. I also noticed that the girl to my left was peeking over at me every few minutes, I didn’t glance at her, not wanting to give her the wrong idea. I didn’t really feel like dating unless I found someone really important, like, I don’t know, say my imprint! This was really getting annoying, I was the only one in the whole freakin’ pack, who hadn’t imprinted.
Chapter 3
The rest of the period was a blur, I didn’t really pay attention, I thought about my family, how we all used to go to the pond together. My dad would fish with Charlie and sometimes Billy, Leah and I would swim and play in the pond, and my mom would take pictures and set up our lunches. Most of the time though she would just sit next to my dad one the dock. He’d put is arm around her and they’d hold the fishing pole together. They really were in love, I knew how much it pained her when my dad died.
It pained us all, almost everyone in the Rez came, plus some people from Forks. My dad was the greatest. I’m sure everyone said that about their dad, but mime was really the best. When we came home from the hospital after we go the horrible news I locked myself in my room and cried for days. I couldn’t believe he was gone, and I wasn’t far.
I was snapped out of my thoughts by the bell, the hour was over. Ha, saved by the bell, I probably would’ve started to tear up in the middle of the class if I thought about it anymore.
“What do you got next Seth?” Jake asked suddenly beside my desk with Nessie beside him.
“History,” I answered with a groan. I knew history would be boring, and that would give me time to think. Time to think about my dad, and mom, and Leah, and everything bad in my life. No! I wasn’t going to think . I wasn’t going to focus on the negatives, I’d done that for enough time. I was going to focus on the positives from now on, or at least till the end of the day.
“I have history next too!” Nessie exclaimed excited. She really did seem happy to have me there, she told me once that I was her second favorite wolf, Jake was obviously her favorite. She didn’t need to tell me that.
“Damn,” Jake said, “I’ve got Biology, well I guess I’ll see you guys, whenever. Oh, and Seth?” He asked, “Remember what I asked you when we were wolves.”
I thought back to when we were wolves last. Could you keep and eye on her, she means a lot to me and I don’t want anyone to hurt her. Jake had asked.
“Don’t worry,” I replied, “I’m all over it.”
“Thanks dude,” Jake said, “See ya Seth, bye Nessie hun,” He said and leaned down to give Nessie a hug along with a kiss. He smiled, then left.
“Ready to go?” I asked Nessie.
“Yup, let’s go,” Nessie answered. We were in the hallway on our way to history, and then Nessie said, “I’m really glad you decided to come here with us Seth. I’ve been worried about you since what happened . . .” She didn’t need to finish, I knew what she meant, and I knew she knew too.
I didn’t say anything for the rest of the walk there. We walked into the history class, and told the teacher the same thing we told the English teacher. Then we took two open seat in the back of the room.
Then I saw a boy walk back towards our table, his eyes locked on Nessie.
“Hey,” he greeted only her, not me, “I’m Ryan, you must be the new girl, Renesmee.”
“Yeah,” she replied, “And this is my friend Seth.” I gave him a slight nod, nothing else. He raised an eyebrow in return.
“Anyway,” Ryan turned his attention back to Nessie, “Welcome to the school, would you like to have lunch with me and some of my friends?”
I growled at him before she could answer. She stepped on my foot under the table. She knew it wouldn’t hurt me, I guess it was just to show she was annoyed. “I’m actually eating with my family today,” she answered, “I’m sorry.”
“It’s alright, maybe next time,” he said with a wink, “See you later Renesmee.” I glared at him as he walked toward his seat.
“Care to explain Seth?” Nessie asked me.
“No, I didn’t do anything.” She rolled her eyes. “Hey,” I defended myself, “Better me than Jake, he would’ve started quivering.”
“True,” she shrugged it off.
History was long and boring, just like English. To keep my mind off of my family I thought about that boy who came up to Nessie. I debated whether or not to tell Jake. I thought about it and figured I better not. He’d get really mad and probably hunt him down. I laughed to myself thinking of the kids face as he saw Jake phase into a wolf.
When the period was over Ryan came back over to Nessie, still not defeated I assumed.
“Renesmee, can I walk you to your next class?” he asked her, ignoring me again.
“Sorry, but no she doesn’t need two people to walk her to her next class,” I answered before Nessie could.
“Oh, okay,” he glared at me, “I’ll see you around Renesmee.”
“Yup,” she replied. She turned to me once he was out of the room, “What the heck Seth? You’re stopping me from making any friends.”
“Oh, I think he had more than friendship on his mind.” She stormed away from me annoyed, but she was stopped be a wall like person at the door.
Her anger was suddenly gone. “Jake!” She smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist.
“Hi Nessie,” he whispered into her ear inhaling her scent, “I missed you. Where do you go next?”
“Art,” she answered.
“Me too,” he said with a smile, “What about you Seth?”
I looked at my schedule, “Gym.”
“Aww man, well I guess we’ll meet you at lunch,” Jake said, “ See ya man.”
“Bye Seth,” Nessie said after him. I gave them a wave and headed to the gym.
I walked in and found Edward leaning against the wall, as if were waiting for me.
“I was,” he answered my thoughts, “I heard you think that you had gym next.”
“Cool.” I loved gym.
“Not here you don’t,” he replied answering my thoughts again.
Why? I asked in my head.
“Because,” he started, “We have to down play all of our strengths. We can’t be as fast as we are, or as strong, we have to be average, utterly average.”
Great, and here I thought I was going to like this class.
Edward gave a chuckle. Then paused to look at the girl I had to sit next to in English. “Huh,” was all he said.
“What?” I asked turning to look at her.
“She’s been think about us a lot,” he started.
“Probably has a crush on you,” I said.
“Wrong, she actually likes you.”
Ha. Yeah right. Edward gave me a surprised look.
“I’m not surprised, I figured you’d get a sort of love life here,” he said.
“Well if I’m going to date,” I replied, “It’s only gonna be with my imprint.” She had to be out there, I just know it, I don’t think that it’s a rare legend everyone but me and Leah has imprinted.
“Who knows Seth,” Edward said, “You may find her here.”
“Yeah,” I replied. I can see the head lines now Local Girl Falls in Love With Werewolf Living with Vampires.
Edward chuckled. “Come on, let’s get ready for gym.”
Chapter 4
I followed him. On our way to the locker room, the girl ‘Lily’ walked by us. I looked at here and she blushed. Poor girl, she really didn’t want to get involved with me. She should date a human, not a freakin’ werewolf. Edward laughed.
“You didn’t see her mind,” he said.
I dropped the subject not wanting to talk about it anymore. We got changed for gym and went to sit on the bleachers like every other student. I hoped that Lily would just move on, but I was wrong. She came and sat right next to me.
“Hi,” she said. I turned to look at her. I heard someone sit next to me and from the way she smelled I knew it was her. “I’m Lily, you must be new here.”
I gave her a nod, then turned back to Edward, who was trying hard not to smile.
“So what’s your name?” she asked.
I sighed quietly, there was no getting around this. “Seth,” I answered.
She smiled. “So how do you like the school so far?”
I shrugged, wishing she’d leave me alone. I looked over at Edward who was still trying not to smile.
“Do you need help finding your way around? I could help you if you’d like,” she asked me this shyly.
I figured I should finally should give her an answer longer than one word. “Let’s alright,” I answered, her face fell slightly. For some reason I began to feel bad. “I came here with a bunch of family members so I have them if I need any help.”
“Well aren’t they new here too?” she question.
“Yeah,” I said. “But we’re quick learners.”
“Oh,” she sighed, “Well if you need anything, just ask, I mean I sit next to you in English, so you can ask me there, or where ever really.”
“Sure,” I replied ending the conversation, “Thanks.”
She was still sitting next to me while the teacher was talking. Edward on my other side kept trying to hide his laughter. “What?” I asked him.
“I’ll tell you later,” was all he answered.
I rolled my eyes. Stupid mind reader. He shook with laughter again.
The gym class was just as Edward said it would be. We were being taught how to catch and throw a football. Yay. I couldn’t believe they still taught that shouldn’t kids know by now? But whatever. Edward and I were partners when we were sent t go practice. I had to throw it as if I were an egg. We had to be gentle and slow. It was so boring, I was beginning to understand why Emmett was complaining when he found out that he had gym this morning.
The gym teacher came by and saw my throw, to him, it probably looked pretty good, but to me, it was nothing.
“You got a nice arm kid,” he said slapping me on the back. I almost laughed He probably hurt his hand. I thought to Edward and he began to laugh to. “You should go out for the football team, tryouts are tomorrow, I better see you there.”
I shrugged. Yeah right, like I was going to tryout for some stupid football tea, for a school I just came to.
Gym ended, finally. Edward and I changed and headed to the cafeteria together. When we got there Rosalie and Jasper were already sitting at a table.
“Hey wolf,” Rosalie greeted me.
“Hey vamp,” I greeted back. She rolled her eyes. Jake, Nessie, and Emmett came next. Then Bella and Alice showed up later.
“Hunger Seth?” Jake asked.
“When am I not?” I asked him with a laugh. Jake, Nessie, and I headed to the lunch line for some food. Jake and I had trays covered with food whereas Nessie just had an apple. She preferred blood to human food.
We came back to the table and Jake and I began to eat, the rest just looked at it in disgust. “How can you eat that stuff, it’s just gross,” Rosalie looked away in disgust snuggling into Emmett who had put his arm around her.
“Yeah,” Jake replied, “’Cause drinking blood isn’t revolting.” We laughed and Rosalie just rolled her eyes.
“Nessie,” Edward said, “You’re friend is heading over here.”
Nessie looked around Jake’s arm, “Oh, Ryan,” she said and moved back into Jake’s embrace.
“He’s coming over to ask if you want to eat lunch with him,” Edward told us all in a tone to low for human ears.
“Again?” I asked.
“Again?!” Jake asked, clear upset, I noticed his hands clench into fists.
“Yeah,” I started quickly to calm him down, “He asked Nessie during the second hour, but don’t worry, I scared him away.”
He raised and eyebrow at me, “How?” he asked.
Nessie answered before me, “Seth growled at him and gave him a death glare.”
Everyone laughed, even I did. “Well done Seth!” Jake smiled.
“Is everyone against me having friends?” Nessie asked annoyed.
“Shhh, human alert,” Alice shushed us all, Ryan was closing the space between us. Nessie was still annoyed it made we wonder what she would say to him . . .
“Hey Renesmee” Ryan greeted her, staring at Jake’s arms around Nessie, I nearly laughed. “I just came over here to offer you again, if you wanted to sit with me?”
Nessie looked at the clock, figuring there was only about 10 minutes left in lunch. She looked at Jake stuck out her tongue. Then turned back to Ryan and said, “I’d love to.” Ryan smile grew to his ears.
She tried to get up from Jake’s embrace, but his arms tighten around her waist. She giggled. “Jake let go.” She fought with his arms a little, but soon enough she gave up and sat back down into arms Jake‘s arms. “I’m sorry, Ryan, I can’t seem to make it over there,” she glanced back at Jake. Ryan’s face fell. “But tomorrow through.” She looked back at Jake again after she said this.
“Okay,” He smiled. Then he turned around and headed back to his table.
“Don’t think I’ll let you sit with him,” he told Nessie kissing her cheek.
“Well there’s nothing you can do to stop me,” she told him.
“Trust me,” he retorted, “There is, and if you try and sit with him you’ll see.”
Alice was the next one to speak. “I see Nessie trying, but then it goes blank, so my guess is Jake stops her.”
“I win,” he whispered in her ear, kissing her cheek, again.
Emmett made a gaging sound. I laughed with him. Lunch was nearly over we all throw our trays out and continued on with our boring day. Although I’m sure I’m the only one who found it boring, everyone else had their sole mates to spend it with.
Chapter 5
At the end of the day I stood against Jake’s car, I was the first one of any of the Cullen’s or Jake to get to our cars.
I heard someone approach me from behind, then her scent hit me. I sighed, Lily.
“Hey Seth,” she greeted me.
“Waiting for someone?” She asked leaning against the car with me.
“Yeah,” I answered, “My brother and sister.”
“Mind if I wait with you?” she asked.
I shrugged, for about the hundredth time since I’ve met her. “You waiting for someone?” I figured I’d make small talk if she was going to wait with me.
“Yup,” she answered, “My brother, Harry.” I flinched. She noticed. “He’s a senior, and my ride to school.”
I bit my lip and nodded. “So what’s the story with your family?” She asked.
I took a breath trying to remember the whole story. “I have two blood related siblings, Bella and Jacob - “
“The other tall boy and the brunette?”
“Yeah,” I answered, “Then my cousins are Rosalie and Jasper, they’re twins, the blondes. Then they were adopted by Carlisle and Esme, their foster parents, who had already adopted Edward, Emmett, Nessie, and Alice, who are all blood related siblings.”
“So why do you guys live with them?”
“Well my parents died a few months ago, and Carlisle and Esme took me and my siblings in as their own.”
“Oh,” she replied, “I’m sorry about your parents.”
“It’s okay,” I said as I spotted Jake, “Well there’s my brother, so . .”
“Okay, well I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said just as Jake and Nessie were at the car, “Bye Seth.”
I waved to her. “Seth has a girlfriends,” Nessie chanted.
I rolled my ears, “I barely even know her.” Nessie let it go.
We got home, and I needed a run. “Jake I’m going for a run, you wanna come?”
He looked at Nessie debating, “Uhh, sure dude, lets go. Be right back.” he yelled to the household.
“Don’t care,” Rosalie yelled from upstairs. Jake laughed as we headed outsides.
We phased quickly and began running, then Jake could see all the pain I was in.
Oh, Seth man, I had no idea what you were going through, he thought, you know it’s not your fault Seth.
You think it’s your fault Seth!?! Leah thought outraged, how could you not know it’s my fault. I’m the stupid one who lost control and phased in front of Mom.
Because I got you mad, I thought, I knew if I were human I’d be crying, It’s my fault Leah, our family is torn apart and IT’S ALL MY FAULT!
Seth, Leah started, I never knew what me running away had done to you. I’m so sorry.
I didn’t respond.
Huh, Jake thought, who knew Leah could be nice
I laughed.
Good to see you too Jake, she was back to her old self. If only I could go back to my old self.
Don’t worry, Jake told me, It’ll come soon, even today at lunch, when we were laughing, you were like the old Seth, happy go lucky.
I thought about it, maybe I was acting more like myself, my life might actually be going back to normal.
As normal as it can get when you’re a werewolf, Jake added with a wolfy laugh.
I laughed with him.
So Leah, who’s your boyfriends I see in your mind? Jake asked sifting through her thoughts
None of your business Jake, She snapped.
C’mon Leah, I thought, What’s his name? Don’t get mad, it’s been a long time since you’ve been close to someone. I’m happy for you.
Ugh, Max, okay, his name is Max, and he’s more than just a boyfriend, Leah slipped and we saw everything.
You IMPRINTED!?! I asked in rage.
Wow Seth, thanks. I thought my own brother would be happy for me, I phasing to human now, she thought.
No Leah wait, Jake thought, Seth’s just upset that he’s the only one who hasn’t imprinted yet.
Upset?!, I thought, Try totally pissed off. I cant believe I’m the last one.
Look, I’m sorry Seth, Leah began, I knew you’d be upset, so I tried to stay in wolf form so I wouldn’t see anybody to imprint on. I was just trying to make things easier for you, but I needed to eat like a human, then I ran into him and that was it.
It’s okay Leah, I apologized, So when do I get to meet him?
Not for a long time, we’re going out tonight, and I’m gonna tell him about us, as in like wolves, I want him to settle down before he sees you to monsters, Leah answered, Like seriously Jake are you still growing?
Who knows, Jake thought. He was distracted. I could tell he really wanted to go see Nessie considering we couldn’t stop thinking about her.
Wanna phase back Jake? I asked already knowing the answer.
Jake smiled, Thanks. See ya Leah.
Bye Jake. Bye Seth, she thought, waiting for Jake to phase to say something else. If you anything, just call and I’ll come right up in a heartbeat.
Thanks Leah, love you, I said good-bye and was about to phase.
Love you too, Leah thought, and then she was gone.
Chapter 6
When we got home we found food waiting for us. Jake and I wasted no time digging in. It took little time to do our homework for today, considering Edward offered to do since it took him all of five minutes.
“So Seth,” Edward started, “You trying out for football tomorrow?”
“Oh yeah,” I answered sarcastically.
“ I think you should,” Edward said, “I know Nessie would enjoy cheerleading and all the friends she’d make. Esme has always wanted a child involved in sport, even though she never had a child who could. It would also help our human act, if we went to school events -”
“Okay okay. I’ll try out, who knows could be fun to be the best.” I said with a smile.
“you just have to make sure you don’t use your full strength and be sure to stay calm, but we’ll have Jasper there just incase.”
“Sure, sounds easy enough.”
We got to school the next and received the usual stares from the other students. We separated again, all going towards our different classes. I sat in my seat in English waiting for the torture to begin.
“Morning Seth,” Lily greeted me.
“Hey,” I replied.
“So are you trying out for the football team?”
My first reaction was to say no, then I realized I’d told Edward I would. “Yup.”
“Cool,” she started, diving into the topic, “I’m trying out for cheerleading today too. I hope I make it.”
“Good luck.”
“Thanks, you too Seth,” she whispered as Mr. Sands was about to start the class.
“Thanks,” I whispered back. She smiled.
The class ended and I headed with Nessie to history. Ryan came up to Nessie as we sat down.
“Wanna sit next to me today Nessie?” He asked ignoring me yet again.
Nessie looked around him to where his seat was. “Looks like there’s no room for me,” she said with a little laugh. Ryan turned around to find someone in the open seat he’d saved.
He sighed. “Oh sorry about that,” he said clearly embarrassed. I laughed at him, but Nessie stopped me by stepping on my foot. “Well I’ll be sure no one sits in your seat at my lunch table.”
“Okay,” she said as he turned back to his seat.
“Jake’s not going to let you sit with him,” I said, stating the obvious.
“He’s not going to stop me.” She replied.
“Why are doing this to him?” I asked. “He loves you and it pains him to be away from you for too long. And we’ll all have to suffer during lunch if he sees you sitting with another boy.”
“Yeah, right,” she laughed, “He won’t be in pain.”
“Yes he will be,” I assured her.
She sighed. “Well I don’t know how I’m going to let Ryan down, again,” she laughed, “Oh well, he couldn’t actually think I’d date him. I mean, had he ever seen me with Jake.”
“Well this boy must be an idiot then,” I laughed.
She laughed with me, “Probably.”
We met up Jake at the end of the hour, and I headed toward the gym to met Edward.
Hey, I thought to him.
“Hey,” he greeted back.
“What are we doing today in hell?” I asked. He knew I was referring to gym.
“Football again, same as yesterday, throwing,” he answered.
Great, I thought with fake excitement.
“The coach was pleased to see your name on the football team sign up,” Edward told me, “He’s coming over wish you good luck.”
Sure enough the coach came up to us a few seconds later. “Black,” he greeted me by Jake’s last name, but it took a few second to realize that here my last name was Black not Clearwater. “I saw your name on the tryout sheet for football.”
“Yup,” I replied.
“Good luck out there.”
“Thanks,” I said. Then Edward and I walked to the locker room to get changed.
When we came out the teacher just sent us with our partners to pass for the rest of the class. As usual Edward and I were bored out of our minds. I noticed the coach glancing at me ever so often to check out my throw. I laughed, humans were so easily amazed. I heard Edward laugh from across the gym.
I also noticed some of the other freshmen boys who were trying out check out my throw as well. Edward laughed with me about this one. The looks on their facial expression was priceless, it was a mix between fear, intimidation, and amazement.
When gym finally ended we headed to the cafeteria to eat lunch. Well I was going t be eating, he wasn’t. We were the last ones t arrive so Jake and Nessie already had their food.
“Thanks for waiting guys,” I joked.
“Well I was starving,” Jake complained, he had his arm firmly around Nessie just in case Ryan had a death wish and came to ask Nessie to sit with him again. I figured he wouldn’t, Jake probably scared him.
“Alright, well I’m going to get something,” I replied leaving the table.
I got in line and Lily came up behind. “Hey Seth.” It seemed like every time she saw me she got happier.
“Hi Lily,” I heard her heart flutter when I said her name.
“You wanna eat lunch with me today?” she asked.
Crap. “I would, but I’m eating with my family, and it’d be rude if I just ditched them.”
“Oh, well maybe another day,” she said as she paid her lunch and went back to her table.
I got back to table and Edward said, “You could’ve sat with her if you wanted.”
“Oh,” I replied, “I didn’t really want to either.” I’d only want to sit with my imprint.
“Just be patient, she’ll come,” Edward replied to my thought.
“What?” Alice asked.
“Nothing,” Edward replied.
“I hate when you keep me out of the loop Edward,” she said upset. Jasper took her hand she seemed to immediately calm down. I figured he’d used his gift to calm him down. “So how did you stop Nessie from sitting with that boy today?”
“She didn’t even try,” Jake answered. Nessie looked at me and winked. “I guess I’m just to good to be away from.”
“I wouldn’t say that,” Nessie teased him.
“I wouldn’t even think it,” Rosalie said, “You can ask Edward.”
The end of the day came along with football tryouts. I had no reason to be nervous, not only because Jasper was near by but because I was bigger, stronger, and fastest than everyone else.
“Don’t be so modest,” Edward said as I crossed the field to where all the other boys trying out were.
I once I walked over I saw every helmet covered head turn, all with the same looks on their faces that the boys in gym had. I laughed again, and they all turned back to their conversations, some I heard were about me.
“Do you see that guy? He’s huge. He’ll make the team no doubt,” one boy said.
“But he’s only a freshman,” the other protested.
“So coach said he doesn’t care what grade were in, all that counts is the skill.”
“I hate him already.”

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