The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1
Wow, my life sucks. It wasn’t always this bad, it used to be really good. Jake, Leah, Embry, Quil, and I, our own little pack, with Jake as our alpha. It started a year or so, when my dad died, that was horrible. Then last week my mom left us, forever. I didn’t blame Carlisle, he did everything he could. I didn’t blame Leah either, she just got so upset that she couldn’t control herself, Leah didn’t hurt her, but she gave her a heart attack, literally. I rushed to the hospital as Leah ran away to calm down, but by the time I got her there it was too late.
I blamed myself, I had gotten Leah mad, not on purpose, we were just having a sibling quarrel and Leah wasn’t under control. Leah blamed herself, she was so mad at what she had done that she pulled a Jake and ran away right after the funeral.
In my head I was alone in the world, sure I had Jake and everyone in La Push, and I had the Cullen’s, but I still felt alone. So I couldn’t stay in my house it brought the awful memories of my parents death back. So I went to Jake for help, he was just about to leave for the Cullen’s when I saw him.
“Hey Seth, how you holdin’ up?” Jake asked, clearly concerned about leaving me alone in La Push. Over the months we were in a pack together we had grown closer, he was one of my best friends, but he’d imprinted on Nessie’s, Bella and Edward’s girl, and they were moving to Alaska, so he was going with them.
I shrugged, “I’ve been better, you going over to Cullen’s place?”
“Yeah,” he answered, “Want to tag along? As long as you don’t mind the smell.” He laughed.
I thought about it, I hadn’t seen Edward since the funeral, so I figured what the hell? “Sure, thanks.”
“So when you leaving for Alaska?” I asked during the car ride to the Cullen’s.
“Three days,” he replied, “You’ll be okay here, won’t you? I mean, I know Leah’s gone and you don’t have an imprint, and you’ve grown on me twerp,” he added and he punched my shoulder playfully, “I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.”
“Yeah I’ll be fine, Leah’ll come back sooner or later.” I hope.
We arrived at the Cullen’s house to find Edward waiting on the porch.
“Hey Jake, Seth,” he greeted us, “How’ve you been?” he asked me.
I shrugged, if only I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that question . . .
Edward laughed and motioned for us to follow him inside. Bella was the next one to greet us.
“Hey Jake,” she greeted then looked to me, “Hey Seth you look better how’ve you been?”
Two dollars so far, I thought, Edward let out a chuckle, “Fine.”
“Where’s Nessie?” Jake asked no one in particular.
“Hey Jake!” Nessie yelled from the top of the staircase, she ran down into his waiting arms and pecked him on the check. I was happy for Jake that they finally got past the friendship phase, Jake had to wait so long. Edward rolled his eyes, I still hadn’t gotten used to him and we’d been friends for over a year.
“Seth,” Nessie greeted me with a surprising hug, “It’s so good to see you, I’ve missed you. Someone hasn’t taken me down to La Push in a while,” she elbowed Jake playfully.
“Well you never asked,” He retorted, “I’m not the mind reader.”
Nessie laughed and Jacob and I joined in. The three of us spent the afternoon in the woods, hunting or racing, whatever we felt like. When we returned to the Cullen’s house they whole family was there, and I mean everyone, Carlisle with Esme by his side stood in the middle of the room waiting to greet us, Emmett and Jasper were playing chess, while Alice was designing clothes with Rosalie behind her directing the cut and color of them, and then Edward and Bella were by the piano Edward was playing Bella’s lullaby.
“Seth,” Carlisle started, “We’re very sorry about you mother and Leah, we hope she will return soon, but Jake has told us she doesn’t seem like she wants to come back. I know that you know we’re moving to Alaska in a few days and everyone, besides Esme and myself, are enrolled in the high school, and the house we bought has an extra room and we’d like you to come with us.”
I started at them for a few seconds registering what he was saying. “You want me to come and live with you in Alaska?” I asked.
“Yes, if you’d like to come,” Carlisle answered.
I thought about it for a few minutes, I didn’t have anything strong holding me to La Push, maybe it could cheer me up, going to a new place where everyone isn’t asking me ‘how I’m doing?’
“Well,” I started, “I better go pack.”
Esme smiled rejoiced, she was the mother of this coven, even though I wasn’t one of her own, she cared that I had a place to stay where I would be happy. It felt good, to have someone care about you. She could never replace my protecting mom, but she could be a good step mom. Edward stopped playing to look up and smiled at me, from my thought about Esme I assumed. He nodded and went back to playing so I knew I was right.
Chapter 2
I came to the Cullen’s house early with Jake on the day we were leaving for Alaska. It felt good to leave, I would miss Forks and La Push, but I needed a fresh start, a clean slate. The flight to Alaska wasn’t too long. I noticed though that on the airplanes we all got quite a few stares from the passengers, I knew they thought the Cullen’s were beautiful, but I didn’t understand why they would stare at me, I was nothing special.
I heard Edward whisper my thoughts to Esme to fast for human ears. She looked at me and frowned. “Seth dear,” she started, “You don’t see yourself very clearly, you are a tall and handsome young man, and that’s why they’re staying at you too because of your beauty.” She sounded so sincere like she really meant it, and maybe she did, but it didn’t matter because I would’ve believed her any way.
After the plane landed we arrived at the new house less than an hour later, not because it was close, but because Edward drove over a hundred miles an hour. The house was large, even though it really only needed to sleep three, but I guess they needed to keep up their charade as humans so that the humans wouldn’t get suspicious.
I began to unpack when I started to think about Leah. Was she okay? Did she get hurt? Where was she? Was she okay? I decided I needed to find out. I headed out of the house to phase when I heard Jake call my name.
“Yeah?” I answered.
“Mind if I run with you?”
“Knock yourself out,” I said and we both phased.
Can I ask you something Seth? Jake thought
Sure, I thought back
Tomorrow on the first day of school, if you are in any classes with Nessie that I’m not in, could you keep an eye on her, she means a lot to me and I don’t want anyone to hurt her, her finished waiting for my response.
Uhh, sure Jake, I thought
Thanks Seth, it may not seem like a lot but it’ll help me get through the day when I’m not with her, Jake thought back
Awww, how touching, Leah thought suddenly in her wolf form, I thought I felt her phase but I wasn’t sure.
Leah! I yelled in my head, Are you alright? Where are you? What are you doing? When are you going to come visit me?
Whoa there Seth, calm down, Leah thought with a giggle, I’m fine, I’m back in La Push. Where are you?
I’m in Alaska, with the Cullen’s I’m going to the high school up here with Jake, and Nessie, and Edward, and Bella, and Alice –
Okay I get it, you’re going with the whole Cullen clan, Leah thought, Besides I might head up there, I’m not staying in La Push, I just needed a new pair of clothes and some money to buy food, so I don’t have to eat in my wolf form.
Seth, I think I hear Edward calling us, Jake thought.
Well I guess we better go, I thought not really wanting to go, I hadn’t heard from Leah in a while.
Don’t worry little brother I’ll be around, I might even come and visit. Well, see ya boys, and then Leah was gone.
Jake and I ran back to the Cullen’s new house and then phased as we walked in the doors. “What’s up, Edward?” Jake asked, “We heard you call.”
“We wanted to go over the plan for tomorrow, and if anyone asks, how all eleven of us are related.”
“Okay,” Jake and I responded at the same time.
“Well, we’ll start with you two, Jake, you, Seth, and Bella, are the Black family, you are cousin’s with the Hales, which are Rosalie and Jasper, they were adopted into Carlisle family which has me, Nessie, Alice, and Emmett as actual sibling Carlisle and Emse adopted, when we were young kids. Carlisle and Esme also adopted you, Seth, and Bella, after your parents died in a car crash.”
“They lost me,” I said to Jake.
“Well in simpler terms, you, me, and Bella are siblings, and cousins with the blonde bloodsuckers, who were adopted into a family with everyone else, along with us.”
“Now it makes sense,” I replied.
“Nice job with detail, dog,” Rosalie said to Jake.
“Thanks Blondie,” he replied with a grin. I laughed Jake had said he liked to bother Rosalie, apparently it was a habit of his. Edward let out a small laugh, and then I joined him.
“This is really screwing up my visions,” Alice complained from the far end of the room, “First Nessie, then Jake, and now Seth. Don’t get me wrong Seth I don’t mind your company, I just hate what you’re doing to my visions.”
I laughed along with Jake, maybe things were finally turning up.
The next day I got into the back of Jake’s car, him, me, and Bella went together to further our story of being a family, I realized Jake was driving notably faster, I guessed he was either trying to keep up with Edward in front of us or he really wanted to see Nessie, even though he wasn’t away from him for more than five minutes. I couldn’t say, because I didn’t have an imprint. Come to think of it Leah and I were the only ones out of all the wolves in La Push who hadn’t imprinted. Odds are that Leah wasn’t going to imprint, the legends never said a girl wolf could imprint, but then again, I don’t think the legends said there could be a girl wolf, but who knows.
Maybe the universe just hated us, the Clearwater family, or maybe just me, taking my mom, dad, and sister away from me. No I needed to get those thoughts out of my head. I had a new start, I wasn’t a Clearwater on the outside anymore, I was a Black, the only sister I had was Bella, and my parents were now Carlisle and Esme, not Harry and Sue. It pained me to think those thoughts.
The school wasn’t that big, just like the one in La Push, it reminded me of home. We walked towards the front office to get our schedules. Heads turned everywhere we looked, even the secretary was taken off by our appearances.
Edward greeted the secretary, and explained our situation. It took her a moment to register what he had said, and then she turned to the computer and began typing. Then something came out of the printer, our schedules I figured.
“Well, here we are,” she said looking at the papers, “Renesmee Cullen, Jacob Black, and Seth Black, freshmen. Edward Cullen, Alice Cullen, and Bella Black, sophomores. And Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Hale, and Jasper Hale, juniors. I think that’s it, I hope you all have a wonderful, just come back here if you have any problems.” She ended with a smile.
We all walked out of the office and waited as Edward handed out our schedules.
“I guess we’ll split up now, we’ll meet up at lunch time,” Edward said that and headed toward the sophomore wing with his arm around Bella, Alice stood on his other side babbling on about something. Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper headed to the juniors wing, the only good bye was exchanged between Nessie and Rosalie.
“Shall we?” Jake asked motioning toward the freshmen wing.
“I guess,” I shrugged glancing down at my schedule, “What do you have first hour Jake?”
“Uhh,” he responded looking at his schedule, “English, you?”
“English, dude!” I answered giving Jake a high five.
“Me too,” Nessie yelled from behind Jake.
Jake smiled at her and pulled her in a tight hug and kissed her cheek. “Well if you two love birds are ready,” I said jabbing Jake with my elbow, “Let’s head to English.” Jake laughed and kept his arm around Nessie’s waist.
We walked into the classroom and told the teacher we were new students. “Ahh,” he said when we told him who we were, “They told me you’d be here, well, Jacob and Renesmee why don’t you two sit over there,” he motioned to two desks in the third row, “And Seth you can sit next to Lily over there,” he motioned to an open seat next to a short blonde haired girl who was turned around in her seat talking to her friends. I was in the third along with Jake and Nessie, so at least I got to sit near them.
We took our seat while the teacher, Mr. Sands, began his class. I wasn’t paying much attention to this stuff, I had already learned it. I heard my name mentioned behind me, but I didn’t turn around I knew they were talking about me, I figured it was just cause I’m new.
“Seth is that his name?” the one on the left asked.
“Yeah, I think so, that’s what he said to Mr. Sands,” the other one answered.
“He’s really tall,” was all the other girl could respond.
I covered my mouth to hide my laugh, of course I was tall, I was nearly six-foot six-inches now. At least I wasn’t the shortest anymore that was Leah, but I’m sure she didn’t mind. I used my werewolf hearing to listen in on what they were saying, to see if they were still talking about me. They were.
“He’s really cute,” the one on the left said, “In a different sort of way too, he’s not like any of the other boys around here.”
“Yeah,” the other one agreed, “he’s sort of rustic and Indian,” she paused, “And hot!”
They girls giggled, the teacher scolded them they laughed out an apology. They didn’t say anything else after that. I also noticed that the girl to my left was peeking over at me every few minutes, I didn’t glance at her, not wanting to give her the wrong idea. I didn’t really feel like dating unless I found someone really important, like, I don’t know, say my imprint! This was really getting annoying, I was the only one in the whole freakin’ pack, who hadn’t imprinted.
Chapter 3
The rest of the period was a blur, I didn’t really pay attention, I thought about my family, how we all used to go to the pond together. My dad would fish with Charlie and sometimes Billy, Leah and I would swim and play in the pond, and my mom would take pictures and set up our lunches. Most of the time though she would just sit next to my dad one the dock. He’d put is arm around her and they’d hold the fishing pole together. They really were in love, I knew how much it pained her when my dad died.
It pained us all, almost everyone in the Rez came, plus some people from Forks. My dad was the greatest. I’m sure everyone said that about their dad, but mime was really the best. When we came home from the hospital after we go the horrible news I locked myself in my room and cried for days. I couldn’t believe he was gone, and I wasn’t far.
I was snapped out of my thoughts by the bell, the hour was over. Ha, saved by the bell, I probably would’ve started to tear up in the middle of the class if I thought about it anymore.
“What do you got next Seth?” Jake asked suddenly beside my desk with Nessie beside him.
“History,” I answered with a groan. I knew history would be boring, and that would give me time to think. Time to think about my dad, and mom, and Leah, and everything bad in my life. No! I wasn’t going to think . I wasn’t going to focus on the negatives, I’d done that for enough time. I was going to focus on the positives from now on, or at least till the end of the day.
“I have history next too!” Nessie exclaimed excited. She really did seem happy to have me there, she told me once that I was her second favorite wolf, Jake was obviously her favorite. She didn’t need to tell me that.
“Damn,” Jake said, “I’ve got Biology, well I guess I’ll see you guys, whenever. Oh, and Seth?” He asked, “Remember what I asked you when we were wolves.”
I thought back to when we were wolves last. Could you keep and eye on her, she means a lot to me and I don’t want anyone to hurt her. Jake had asked.
“Don’t worry,” I replied, “I’m all over it.”
“Thanks dude,” Jake said, “See ya Seth, bye Nessie hun,” He said and leaned down to give Nessie a hug along with a kiss. He smiled, then left.
“Ready to go?” I asked Nessie.
“Yup, let’s go,” Nessie answered. We were in the hallway on our way to history, and then Nessie said, “I’m really glad you decided to come here with us Seth. I’ve been worried about you since what happened . . .” She didn’t need to finish, I knew what she meant, and I knew she knew too.
I didn’t say anything for the rest of the walk there. We walked into the history class, and told the teacher the same thing we told the English teacher. Then we took two open seat in the back of the room.
Then I saw a boy walk back towards our table, his eyes locked on Nessie.
“Hey,” he greeted only her, not me, “I’m Ryan, you must be the new girl, Renesmee.”
“Yeah,” she replied, “And this is my friend Seth.” I gave him a slight nod, nothing else. He raised an eyebrow in return.
“Anyway,” Ryan turned his attention back to Nessie, “Welcome to the school, would you like to have lunch with me and some of my friends?”
I growled at him before she could answer. She stepped on my foot under the table. She knew it wouldn’t hurt me, I guess it was just to show she was annoyed. “I’m actually eating with my family today,” she answered, “I’m sorry.”
“It’s alright, maybe next time,” he said with a wink, “See you later Renesmee.” I glared at him as he walked toward his seat.
“Care to explain Seth?” Nessie asked me.
“No, I didn’t do anything.” She rolled her eyes. “Hey,” I defended myself, “Better me than Jake, he would’ve started quivering.”
“True,” she shrugged it off.
History was long and boring, just like English. To keep my mind off of my family I thought about that boy who came up to Nessie. I debated whether or not to tell Jake. I thought about it and figured I better not. He’d get really mad and probably hunt him down. I laughed to myself thinking of the kids face as he saw Jake phase into a wolf.
When the period was over Ryan came back over to Nessie, still not defeated I assumed.
“Renesmee, can I walk you to your next class?” he asked her, ignoring me again.
“Sorry, but no she doesn’t need two people to walk her to her next class,” I answered before Nessie could.
“Oh, okay,” he glared at me, “I’ll see you around Renesmee.”
“Yup,” she replied. She turned to me once he was out of the room, “What the heck Seth? You’re stopping me from making any friends.”
“Oh, I think he had more than friendship on his mind.” She stormed away from me annoyed, but she was stopped be a wall like person at the door.
Her anger was suddenly gone. “Jake!” She smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist.
“Hi Nessie,” he whispered into her ear inhaling her scent, “I missed you. Where do you go next?”
“Art,” she answered.
“Me too,” he said with a smile, “What about you Seth?”
I looked at my schedule, “Gym.”
“Aww man, well I guess we’ll meet you at lunch,” Jake said, “ See ya man.”
“Bye Seth,” Nessie said after him. I gave them a wave and headed to the gym.
I walked in and found Edward leaning against the wall, as if were waiting for me.
“I was,” he answered my thoughts, “I heard you think that you had gym next.”
“Cool.” I loved gym.
“Not here you don’t,” he replied answering my thoughts again.
Why? I asked in my head.
“Because,” he started, “We have to down play all of our strengths. We can’t be as fast as we are, or as strong, we have to be average, utterly average.”
Great, and here I thought I was going to like this class.
Edward gave a chuckle. Then paused to look at the girl I had to sit next to in English. “Huh,” was all he said.
“What?” I asked turning to look at her.
“She’s been think about us a lot,” he started.
“Probably has a crush on you,” I said.
“Wrong, she actually likes you.”
Ha. Yeah right. Edward gave me a surprised look.
“I’m not surprised, I figured you’d get a sort of love life here,” he said.
“Well if I’m going to date,” I replied, “It’s only gonna be with my imprint.” She had to be out there, I just know it, I don’t think that it’s a rare legend everyone but me and Leah has imprinted.
“Who knows Seth,” Edward said, “You may find her here.”
“Yeah,” I replied. I can see the head lines now Local Girl Falls in Love With Werewolf Living with Vampires.
Edward chuckled. “Come on, let’s get ready for gym.”
Chapter 4
I followed him. On our way to the locker room, the girl ‘Lily’ walked by us. I looked at here and she blushed. Poor girl, she really didn’t want to get involved with me. She should date a human, not a freakin’ werewolf. Edward laughed.
“You didn’t see her mind,” he said.
I dropped the subject not wanting to talk about it anymore. We got changed for gym and went to sit on the bleachers like every other student. I hoped that Lily would just move on, but I was wrong. She came and sat right next to me.
“Hi,” she said. I turned to look at her. I heard someone sit next to me and from the way she smelled I knew it was her. “I’m Lily, you must be new here.”
I gave her a nod, then turned back to Edward, who was trying hard not to smile.
“So what’s your name?” she asked.
I sighed quietly, there was no getting around this. “Seth,” I answered.
She smiled. “So how do you like the school so far?”
I shrugged, wishing she’d leave me alone. I looked over at Edward who was still trying not to smile.
“Do you need help finding your way around? I could help you if you’d like,” she asked me this shyly.
I figured I should finally should give her an answer longer than one word. “Let’s alright,” I answered, her face fell slightly. For some reason I began to feel bad. “I came here with a bunch of family members so I have them if I need any help.”
“Well aren’t they new here too?” she question.
“Yeah,” I said. “But we’re quick learners.”
“Oh,” she sighed, “Well if you need anything, just ask, I mean I sit next to you in English, so you can ask me there, or where ever really.”
“Sure,” I replied ending the conversation, “Thanks.”
She was still sitting next to me while the teacher was talking. Edward on my other side kept trying to hide his laughter. “What?” I asked him.
“I’ll tell you later,” was all he answered.
I rolled my eyes. Stupid mind reader. He shook with laughter again.
The gym class was just as Edward said it would be. We were being taught how to catch and throw a football. Yay. I couldn’t believe they still taught that shouldn’t kids know by now? But whatever. Edward and I were partners when we were sent t go practice. I had to throw it as if I were an egg. We had to be gentle and slow. It was so boring, I was beginning to understand why Emmett was complaining when he found out that he had gym this morning.
The gym teacher came by and saw my throw, to him, it probably looked pretty good, but to me, it was nothing.
“You got a nice arm kid,” he said slapping me on the back. I almost laughed He probably hurt his hand. I thought to Edward and he began to laugh to. “You should go out for the football team, tryouts are tomorrow, I better see you there.”
I shrugged. Yeah right, like I was going to tryout for some stupid football tea, for a school I just came to.
Gym ended, finally. Edward and I changed and headed to the cafeteria together. When we got there Rosalie and Jasper were already sitting at a table.
“Hey wolf,” Rosalie greeted me.
“Hey vamp,” I greeted back. She rolled her eyes. Jake, Nessie, and Emmett came next. Then Bella and Alice showed up later.
“Hunger Seth?” Jake asked.
“When am I not?” I asked him with a laugh. Jake, Nessie, and I headed to the lunch line for some food. Jake and I had trays covered with food whereas Nessie just had an apple. She preferred blood to human food.
We came back to the table and Jake and I began to eat, the rest just looked at it in disgust. “How can you eat that stuff, it’s just gross,” Rosalie looked away in disgust snuggling into Emmett who had put his arm around her.
“Yeah,” Jake replied, “’Cause drinking blood isn’t revolting.” We laughed and Rosalie just rolled her eyes.
“Nessie,” Edward said, “You’re friend is heading over here.”
Nessie looked around Jake’s arm, “Oh, Ryan,” she said and moved back into Jake’s embrace.
“He’s coming over to ask if you want to eat lunch with him,” Edward told us all in a tone to low for human ears.
“Again?” I asked.
“Again?!” Jake asked, clear upset, I noticed his hands clench into fists.
“Yeah,” I started quickly to calm him down, “He asked Nessie during the second hour, but don’t worry, I scared him away.”
He raised and eyebrow at me, “How?” he asked.
Nessie answered before me, “Seth growled at him and gave him a death glare.”
Everyone laughed, even I did. “Well done Seth!” Jake smiled.
“Is everyone against me having friends?” Nessie asked annoyed.
“Shhh, human alert,” Alice shushed us all, Ryan was closing the space between us. Nessie was still annoyed it made we wonder what she would say to him . . .
“Hey Renesmee” Ryan greeted her, staring at Jake’s arms around Nessie, I nearly laughed. “I just came over here to offer you again, if you wanted to sit with me?”
Nessie looked at the clock, figuring there was only about 10 minutes left in lunch. She looked at Jake stuck out her tongue. Then turned back to Ryan and said, “I’d love to.” Ryan smile grew to his ears.
She tried to get up from Jake’s embrace, but his arms tighten around her waist. She giggled. “Jake let go.” She fought with his arms a little, but soon enough she gave up and sat back down into arms Jake‘s arms. “I’m sorry, Ryan, I can’t seem to make it over there,” she glanced back at Jake. Ryan’s face fell. “But tomorrow through.” She looked back at Jake again after she said this.
“Okay,” He smiled. Then he turned around and headed back to his table.
“Don’t think I’ll let you sit with him,” he told Nessie kissing her cheek.
“Well there’s nothing you can do to stop me,” she told him.
“Trust me,” he retorted, “There is, and if you try and sit with him you’ll see.”
Alice was the next one to speak. “I see Nessie trying, but then it goes blank, so my guess is Jake stops her.”
“I win,” he whispered in her ear, kissing her cheek, again.
Emmett made a gaging sound. I laughed with him. Lunch was nearly over we all throw our trays out and continued on with our boring day. Although I’m sure I’m the only one who found it boring, everyone else had their sole mates to spend it with.
Chapter 5
At the end of the day I stood against Jake’s car, I was the first one of any of the Cullen’s or Jake to get to our cars.
I heard someone approach me from behind, then her scent hit me. I sighed, Lily.
“Hey Seth,” she greeted me.
“Waiting for someone?” She asked leaning against the car with me.
“Yeah,” I answered, “My brother and sister.”
“Mind if I wait with you?” she asked.
I shrugged, for about the hundredth time since I’ve met her. “You waiting for someone?” I figured I’d make small talk if she was going to wait with me.
“Yup,” she answered, “My brother, Harry.” I flinched. She noticed. “He’s a senior, and my ride to school.”
I bit my lip and nodded. “So what’s the story with your family?” She asked.
I took a breath trying to remember the whole story. “I have two blood related siblings, Bella and Jacob - “
“The other tall boy and the brunette?”
“Yeah,” I answered, “Then my cousins are Rosalie and Jasper, they’re twins, the blondes. Then they were adopted by Carlisle and Esme, their foster parents, who had already adopted Edward, Emmett, Nessie, and Alice, who are all blood related siblings.”
“So why do you guys live with them?”
“Well my parents died a few months ago, and Carlisle and Esme took me and my siblings in as their own.”
“Oh,” she replied, “I’m sorry about your parents.”
“It’s okay,” I said as I spotted Jake, “Well there’s my brother, so . .”
“Okay, well I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said just as Jake and Nessie were at the car, “Bye Seth.”
I waved to her. “Seth has a girlfriends,” Nessie chanted.
I rolled my ears, “I barely even know her.” Nessie let it go.
We got home, and I needed a run. “Jake I’m going for a run, you wanna come?”
He looked at Nessie debating, “Uhh, sure dude, lets go. Be right back.” he yelled to the household.
“Don’t care,” Rosalie yelled from upstairs. Jake laughed as we headed outsides.
We phased quickly and began running, then Jake could see all the pain I was in.
Oh, Seth man, I had no idea what you were going through, he thought, you know it’s not your fault Seth.
You think it’s your fault Seth!?! Leah thought outraged, how could you not know it’s my fault. I’m the stupid one who lost control and phased in front of Mom.
Because I got you mad, I thought, I knew if I were human I’d be crying, It’s my fault Leah, our family is torn apart and IT’S ALL MY FAULT!
Seth, Leah started, I never knew what me running away had done to you. I’m so sorry.
I didn’t respond.
Huh, Jake thought, who knew Leah could be nice
I laughed.
Good to see you too Jake, she was back to her old self. If only I could go back to my old self.
Don’t worry, Jake told me, It’ll come soon, even today at lunch, when we were laughing, you were like the old Seth, happy go lucky.
I thought about it, maybe I was acting more like myself, my life might actually be going back to normal.
As normal as it can get when you’re a werewolf, Jake added with a wolfy laugh.
I laughed with him.
So Leah, who’s your boyfriends I see in your mind? Jake asked sifting through her thoughts
None of your business Jake, She snapped.
C’mon Leah, I thought, What’s his name? Don’t get mad, it’s been a long time since you’ve been close to someone. I’m happy for you.
Ugh, Max, okay, his name is Max, and he’s more than just a boyfriend, Leah slipped and we saw everything.
You IMPRINTED!?! I asked in rage.
Wow Seth, thanks. I thought my own brother would be happy for me, I phasing to human now, she thought.
No Leah wait, Jake thought, Seth’s just upset that he’s the only one who hasn’t imprinted yet.
Upset?!, I thought, Try totally pissed off. I cant believe I’m the last one.
Look, I’m sorry Seth, Leah began, I knew you’d be upset, so I tried to stay in wolf form so I wouldn’t see anybody to imprint on. I was just trying to make things easier for you, but I needed to eat like a human, then I ran into him and that was it.
It’s okay Leah, I apologized, So when do I get to meet him?
Not for a long time, we’re going out tonight, and I’m gonna tell him about us, as in like wolves, I want him to settle down before he sees you to monsters, Leah answered, Like seriously Jake are you still growing?
Who knows, Jake thought. He was distracted. I could tell he really wanted to go see Nessie considering we couldn’t stop thinking about her.
Wanna phase back Jake? I asked already knowing the answer.
Jake smiled, Thanks. See ya Leah.
Bye Jake. Bye Seth, she thought, waiting for Jake to phase to say something else. If you anything, just call and I’ll come right up in a heartbeat.
Thanks Leah, love you, I said good-bye and was about to phase.
Love you too, Leah thought, and then she was gone.
Chapter 6
When we got home we found food waiting for us. Jake and I wasted no time digging in. It took little time to do our homework for today, considering Edward offered to do since it took him all of five minutes.
“So Seth,” Edward started, “You trying out for football tomorrow?”
“Oh yeah,” I answered sarcastically.
“ I think you should,” Edward said, “I know Nessie would enjoy cheerleading and all the friends she’d make. Esme has always wanted a child involved in sport, even though she never had a child who could. It would also help our human act, if we went to school events -”
“Okay okay. I’ll try out, who knows could be fun to be the best.” I said with a smile.
“you just have to make sure you don’t use your full strength and be sure to stay calm, but we’ll have Jasper there just incase.”
“Sure, sounds easy enough.”
We got to school the next and received the usual stares from the other students. We separated again, all going towards our different classes. I sat in my seat in English waiting for the torture to begin.
“Morning Seth,” Lily greeted me.
“Hey,” I replied.
“So are you trying out for the football team?”
My first reaction was to say no, then I realized I’d told Edward I would. “Yup.”
“Cool,” she started, diving into the topic, “I’m trying out for cheerleading today too. I hope I make it.”
“Good luck.”
“Thanks, you too Seth,” she whispered as Mr. Sands was about to start the class.
“Thanks,” I whispered back. She smiled.
The class ended and I headed with Nessie to history. Ryan came up to Nessie as we sat down.
“Wanna sit next to me today Nessie?” He asked ignoring me yet again.
Nessie looked around him to where his seat was. “Looks like there’s no room for me,” she said with a little laugh. Ryan turned around to find someone in the open seat he’d saved.
He sighed. “Oh sorry about that,” he said clearly embarrassed. I laughed at him, but Nessie stopped me by stepping on my foot. “Well I’ll be sure no one sits in your seat at my lunch table.”
“Okay,” she said as he turned back to his seat.
“Jake’s not going to let you sit with him,” I said, stating the obvious.
“He’s not going to stop me.” She replied.
“Why are doing this to him?” I asked. “He loves you and it pains him to be away from you for too long. And we’ll all have to suffer during lunch if he sees you sitting with another boy.”
“Yeah, right,” she laughed, “He won’t be in pain.”
“Yes he will be,” I assured her.
She sighed. “Well I don’t know how I’m going to let Ryan down, again,” she laughed, “Oh well, he couldn’t actually think I’d date him. I mean, had he ever seen me with Jake.”
“Well this boy must be an idiot then,” I laughed.
She laughed with me, “Probably.”
We met up Jake at the end of the hour, and I headed toward the gym to met Edward.
Hey, I thought to him.
“Hey,” he greeted back.
“What are we doing today in hell?” I asked. He knew I was referring to gym.
“Football again, same as yesterday, throwing,” he answered.
Great, I thought with fake excitement.
“The coach was pleased to see your name on the football team sign up,” Edward told me, “He’s coming over wish you good luck.”
Sure enough the coach came up to us a few seconds later. “Black,” he greeted me by Jake’s last name, but it took a few second to realize that here my last name was Black not Clearwater. “I saw your name on the tryout sheet for football.”
“Yup,” I replied.
“Good luck out there.”
“Thanks,” I said. Then Edward and I walked to the locker room to get changed.
When we came out the teacher just sent us with our partners to pass for the rest of the class. As usual Edward and I were bored out of our minds. I noticed the coach glancing at me ever so often to check out my throw. I laughed, humans were so easily amazed. I heard Edward laugh from across the gym.
I also noticed some of the other freshmen boys who were trying out check out my throw as well. Edward laughed with me about this one. The looks on their facial expression was priceless, it was a mix between fear, intimidation, and amazement.
When gym finally ended we headed to the cafeteria to eat lunch. Well I was going t be eating, he wasn’t. We were the last ones t arrive so Jake and Nessie already had their food.
“Thanks for waiting guys,” I joked.
“Well I was starving,” Jake complained, he had his arm firmly around Nessie just in case Ryan had a death wish and came to ask Nessie to sit with him again. I figured he wouldn’t, Jake probably scared him.
“Alright, well I’m going to get something,” I replied leaving the table.
I got in line and Lily came up behind. “Hey Seth.” It seemed like every time she saw me she got happier.
“Hi Lily,” I heard her heart flutter when I said her name.
“You wanna eat lunch with me today?” she asked.
Crap. “I would, but I’m eating with my family, and it’d be rude if I just ditched them.”
“Oh, well maybe another day,” she said as she paid her lunch and went back to her table.
I got back to table and Edward said, “You could’ve sat with her if you wanted.”
“Oh,” I replied, “I didn’t really want to either.” I’d only want to sit with my imprint.
“Just be patient, she’ll come,” Edward replied to my thought.
“What?” Alice asked.
“Nothing,” Edward replied.
“I hate when you keep me out of the loop Edward,” she said upset. Jasper took her hand she seemed to immediately calm down. I figured he’d used his gift to calm him down. “So how did you stop Nessie from sitting with that boy today?”
“She didn’t even try,” Jake answered. Nessie looked at me and winked. “I guess I’m just to good to be away from.”
“I wouldn’t say that,” Nessie teased him.
“I wouldn’t even think it,” Rosalie said, “You can ask Edward.”
The end of the day came along with football tryouts. I had no reason to be nervous, not only because Jasper was near by but because I was bigger, stronger, and fastest than everyone else.
“Don’t be so modest,” Edward said as I crossed the field to where all the other boys trying out were.
I once I walked over I saw every helmet covered head turn, all with the same looks on their faces that the boys in gym had. I laughed again, and they all turned back to their conversations, some I heard were about me.
“Do you see that guy? He’s huge. He’ll make the team no doubt,” one boy said.
“But he’s only a freshman,” the other protested.
“So coach said he doesn’t care what grade were in, all that counts is the skill.”
“I hate him already.”

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Chapter 7
Football had to have been the easiest thing I’ve even done. Tryouts was running first, I won every race, then we played a scrimmage. Naturally the coach had me play quarterback because of my throw. I was never taken down. I heard some of the other boys say stuff about my strength.
“He’s a rock, dude. You can’t take him down.”
“He must be able to bench press like 300 pounds.”
“I swear I have a bruise from just trying to tackle him.”
I laughed on the inside. Humans were so weak, and amusing. I noticed some of the seniors, coming back to the team looking for the spot as first string quarterback, watching my throws with amazement. They probably couldn’t throw that far, accurate, and hard in a million years.
The coach approached me at the end. “Good job out there today kid,” he slapped me on the back, probably bruising his hand.
Everyone gathered in the middle of the field to listen to the coach talk. “Okay,” he started, “The team list will be posted tomorrow at lunch, so everybody look, then the first practice is next week. Good job today and I’ll see you all tomorrow.”
I got up and walked over to Nessie. Her cheerleading tryouts had just ended.
“How’d you do?” I asked her. She touched my hand and showed me the tryout. I saw her doing flips and jumps and dances far more advanced than the other girls. “Nice.”
“How about you?” She replied.
“Well, you know,” I shrugged, “How many [i]humans[i/] do you know of who can take out a werewolf.” She laughed as we reached the car where Jake was waiting. As soon as Nessie was close enough he pulled her into his arms in a tight hug.
“Hi to you too Jake,” She giggled against his chest. I just rolled my eyes. Love birds. I got in the back seat followed by Jake and Nessie and we drove back to the house. Nessie babbled on about some story about tryouts. I tuned her out not wanting to listen.
Once we reached the house I got out and recognized a familiar scent. I ran into the house to see if they were really there. “LEAH!” I shouted running up to her. I locked her in a tight hug.
“Hey Seth!” she greeted me. She actually seemed excited, maybe her imprint had changed her. I didn’t think about that for long all I cared about was that she was here.
“God. It’s so good to see you.” I said releasing her, “What brings you up here?”
“Well I told Max everything. And he wanted to meet my werewolf brother.” I looked around her to see a tall, not as tall as me, black haired man looking at me with a smile, everything must’ve gone well.
“You must be Seth,” he greeted me shaking my hand, “I’ve heard a lot about you.”
“It better be all good,” I nudged Leah. She smiled. “So,” I began curiously, “How’d you take it? You know, werewolves and all?”
He hesitated. “I was shocked at first, but she makes up for it,” he answered, wrapping his arm around Leah.
“Where is everybody?” Jake asked looking around the room. He zeroed in on Max. He smiled. “You must be the imprint.”
“Jake leave him alone,” Leah whined.
He ignored her. “I’m Jacob,” He greeted taking Max’s hand, “So I heard it went over well learning about werewolves, but what about the vampires?”
“Vampires?” Max asked confused.
“Jake!” Leah yelled beginning to shake. Max placed a hand on her shoulder and she immediately calmed down, “This is why I wanted to wait before he met you. Not so much you Seth, but I knew Jake would screw this up.”
“Leah, Leah, it’s okay,” Max told her, facing her now, “I don’t care if you hang out with vampires, I love you.”
She smiled, “Well,” she began,” I don’t really like to hang out with vampires, cause they smell bad with my senses, but they live with them,” she gestured to us, “And when they caught my scent they all went hunting to make it easier for Max.”
“Does mean this mean I’m the first vampire he’s gonna meet?” Nessie asked, stepping out from behind Jake.
“Well you’re not really a vampire, but yeah, I guess.” She turned to Max. “ Max, this is Renesmee, Nessie for short, she’s half-vampire half-human, and she’s Jake’s imprint.”
“Nice to meet you Nessie.”
“Nice to meet you too Max.”
The night seemed to go by to quickly. Leah and Max were only staying for the day, they had a flight that night. So we went out to dinner before she had to leave. Jake and I chuckled as Max watched Jake and I practically eat the restaurant.
The goodbyes were quick, but said, I didn’t want her to leave. But I knew I could always talk to her in wolf form. “Remember,” she said before she got in the cab, “Call if you need anything.” I nodded and she kissed my check. Then she in the cab, and was gone.
I slept horribly that night. I kept having dreams of my mom. She was standing far away from. I ran and ran but I never got any closer. She just kept getting farther away. I called her name, but she wouldn’t run toward me. Then I was too far away to see her and she was gone. I opened my eyes, ending the dream, I was actually sweating and felt hot for once. I looked at the clock. I’d have to get up for school soon, so I got in the shower and started to get ready.
I tried not to think about the dream as I ate my breakfast, because I knew Edward would tell Esme, and she’d be concerned.
“I won’t say a thing,” he vowed to my thoughts. I nodded a thank you.
We got in the car and headed off to school, I rode with Bella and Jake again cause they were my ‘family.’
“So Seth,” Bella began, I turned to the front of the car where she was sitting, Jake was driving. “When is the football list up?”
“Lunch,” I answered.
“Do you think you made it?”
“Well, I could throw farther than anyone else and I was never taken down. So I guess I’m a shoe-in.”
She laughed and Jake stopped the car. We here at hell, or should I say school.
I walked into English, and Lily was sitting in her seat. Of course she would be. I wasn’t in the mood for her peppy-ness. But I knew there was no way to avoid it.
“Morning Seth, how was tryouts yesterday?”
“Fine,” I answered.
“Cheerleading was good too. Renesmee is really good,” she went on, “Did she cheer before?”
I shrugged.
“Oh,” she replied catching my mood. She didn’t say anything else for the rest of the period. I felt bad for hurting her feelings, but she was getting on my nerves.
The period was a blur as usually, all I heard was that there was a test next week. I’d fail, so what. When the period was over I walked to my next class alone. Jake could tell I wasn’t in the mood so he probably just walked Nessie there himself, cause she smelt like him when she sat down next to me.
“Seth?” Nessie said, “What’s wrong?”
“I’m not stupid Seth, I know something’s wrong now tell me. Are you worried about the football list?”
I laughed, “Cause that’s at the top of my priority list.”
“Really Seth?,” She frowned, “Tell me.”
I sighed, “I miss my mom.” That sounded stupid, that was something a little kid would say, not a teenager.
“Aw, Seth,” she hugged me, “I’m really sorry, you are the last person this should happen to, you’re too good hearted to be faced with this.”
I didn’t say anything.
“I’m sorry Seth,” she repeated.
“It’s okay,” I said harshly, I had to readjust my voice, “It was my fault anyway.”
“No it wasn’t Seth,” she yelled whispered at me.
“Yes it was,” I argued back, “If I hadn’t started the fight with Leah, she never would’ve phased and my mom would’ve never had a heart attack.”
“Seth,” she began calmly, “It’s not your fault, and it’s not Leah’s either, so stop blaming yourself for something you didn’t do.”
I looked at the teacher and pretended to listen to what he was saying.
“It wasn’t your fault and you know it,” Nessie added, punching my arm.
I cracked a smile and she knew I wasn’t mad.
Chapter 8
We walked out of the room at the end of the period to find Jake waiting for us. Nessie ran into his open arms, they fit together perfectly, like two puzzle pieces.
Jake looked up at me with his arms still around Nessie, “Have fun in gym dude,” He laughed.
“Ha ha ha,” I fake laughed, “See you at lunch.”
I walked into the locker room to find Edward waiting for me, he hadn’t changed yet. “What’s up?”
He shrugged, “No need to change, we’re watching a movie about the ruled of football today.”
I groaned. Would the torture never end?
Edward laughed, “No probably not.”
We walked out to the gym and sat on the bleachers away from the other students, as they tended not to sit near us. Except for one brave little girl. Lily.
“Hey Seth,” she said looking at Edward, “I’m sorry, I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Lily.”
“Edward,” he replied.
“Is he your cousin?” Crap. Was he?
“No, our families aren’t related, he’s cousins with my adopted brother and sister,” Edward answered flawlessly.
“Oh,” she replied taking it in, “Your family is confusing.” She laughed.
No one said anything else so she made her way toward her friends in the front of the bleacher.
“Poor girl,” Edward said in a hushed tone, “She is very fond of you.”
“She’ll live. I did, and look at the hell I’ve been through,” I thought of my parents deaths.
He flinched at the images. “I’m truly sorry Seth.”
“I know, but it wasn’t your fault you helped Carlisle in any way you could.”
He didn’t say anything else and I thanked him in my mind for what he did that day. I replayed that day in my head.
I called the Cullen house hoping for Carlisle, Edward answered. “Seth what’s wrong?”
“My mom just had a heart attack, I think, I don’t know what to do,” I answered frantically, “Edward? Edward? Are you there?”
The door flew open and Edward and Carlisle were in the kitchen in a flash. Carlisle began examining my mother. “Heart attack, we need t get her to the hospital.”
I went to pick her up, Edward beat me to it, “I’ll take her Seth, I’m faster than you and Carlisle. Phase s you can get to the hospital quicker.”
I nodded running out of the house, I slipped my shorts down and let myself lose control, I ran toward the hospital, faster than I had ever run in my life. Jake, Quil, and Leah were wolves to, but Leah wouldn’t talk to me. Jake and Quil saw everything.
Seth, Jake began, We’re so sorry.
Really man, Quil added, We hope she’s okay.
Thanks guys, I had replied and pushed myself faster toward the hospital.
I got there, phased back and ran into the hospital. Alice was waiting in the lobby to take me to my mother.
We went quickly, not saying anything, then we finally got to the ER. My mother was laying on a bed with tubes and needles in her. Her heart beat was faint and slow. I heard Alice gasp beside me.
“What?” I asked.
“She’s going to open her eyes,” she answered, “But only for a small amount of time, I think, I can’t see, because you’re here.”
I looked at my mom, her eyes slowly began to open.
“Mom,” I smiled and was at her side in a flash.
“Seth,” she panted, “I love you so much. Please stay strong for Leah. Tell her I love her too. Take care of each other.”
“Okay mom,” Tears were coming down my cheeks, “I love you too. Please don’t go.”
“I love you Seth, remember that, I will always love you no matter what.”
“I love you too mom. Just don’t go,” I begged, “Please.”
“Seth,” was her last word. And her heart beat stopped.
“Mom,” I yelled, “Mom, Mom!”
I was crying, Carlisle examined her quickly then stopped as his stethoscope, reached her heart.
He looked at me. “Seth, I am so sorry. We’ll leave you two alone.”
I touched her face. “I promise mom. I’ll take care of myself and Leah. I love you so much.” I hugged her and began full out sobbing.
I finished the memory and saw Edward hanging his head. He looked at me, “If I could cry Seth,” he said, “I would be.”
I nodded and tried to concentrate on not crying myself. I didn’t even try to pay attention to the movie, my mind was preoccupied, thinking of that hell of a day.
Why me? What did I ever do? Why Leah? Poor Leah, first Sam leaves her, then Dad dies, then she’s a werewolf, then Mom dies. I should stop pitying myself.
But she had Max now, so she was okay now.
I was pulled back to reality when Edward nudged me. “Time for lunch.”
I nodded and followed him. We walked into the cafeteria, Emmett and Rosalie were already ta our table.
“Wolf,” she nodded to us, “Edward.”
“Vamp,” I nodded back. Edward sat down. “I’m gonna go get food.”
“Okay,” someone replied, I didn’t turn around to see who it was.
I came back to the table with a tray full of food. Alice, Jasper, and Bella were there when I got back. I sat down and began to eat. “Where are Jake and Nessie?” I asked.
“Checking the cheerleading and football list,” Bella answered. I nodded.
Nessie ran up to the table excitedly, “Guess what?” she asked us all.
“What?” Alice replies.
“I made the squad!” She jumped up and down clapping.
“I knew you would,” Jake said to her sitting down, “Seth, dude, you gotta go look at that list.”
“But I don’t really care,” I replied. I was suddenly very excited. Jasper? I guess. Edward laughed and nodded.
I sighed and got up from the table and headed over to the list. I wasn’t expecting much. I was a freshman, so I figured I’d be third string, second if I was lucky.
I reached the list and my mouth fell open. I was first freakin’ string quarter back!?! There had to be a mistake. I checked again. I looked at my name, then followed the line connected to it. It lead right to first string quarter back. I couldn’t help but laugh.
I turned around and looked at a table full of football players glaring at me, I guessed they were all upperclassmen, I laughed even harder at this. I had beat them out of the position they wanted without even trying.
I got back to the table still laughing. “How much do they hate me?” I asked Edward motioning to the table of football players.
Edward looked at them and laughed. “They absolutely loath you.”
I found this funny for the rest of the day.
Chapter 9
I walked out of the school at the end of the day. I was the first one to the cars, again. I headed over to Jake’s car when I head someone approaching me. I caught her sent. Lily. I walked faster toward the car. I heard her running now.
I sighed and stopped as I reached the car.
“Hey Seth,” she panted, “Congratulations about the football team. I think you’re the first freshmen quarterback ever.”
“Thanks,” I figured I’d be nice, “Did you make the cheerleading team?”
“Yes,” she answered excitedly, “I’m so excited for the first game. Aren’t you?”
“Yeah I guess.”
“You guess? C’mon Seth, you’re the quarterback. You have to be excited,” she said.
“Okay, okay, I am,” I laughed.
“Oh well there’s my ride, so I’ll see you on Monday.”
“Yup, bye.”
I waited by Jake’s car for what felt like and forever. I had to keep myself distracted. To not think about my parents. There were a lot of students walking by, I didn’t want to start crying in front of them.
I sighed thinking of the day. Tomorrow was Saturday. That was the day my family would go fishing. The Saturday after my father died we were going to use our new fishing rods. I never really fished with my dad, Charlie, and Billy. This would be one of my first times, and my dad was going to show me how to use the new fishing rod.
Then there was that Friday night, the night my father died. They worst night of my life. I stopped myself from replaying that night. I didn’t feel like crying, and Jake was almost to the car.
“Hey quarterback,” Jake greeted me.
I laughed, “Hey.”
We got in the car and waited for Bella. “Wanna go for a run today?” I asked.
“Yeah, once we get home,” he answered.
“Well duh, could you imagine their faces,” I said motioning to the other students.
He laughed, “Now that would be a sight to see.”
Bella got in the back seat. “What’s so funny?” She asked.
“Nothing,” Jake answered.
She signed annoyed. Jake started the car and we sped home. We were the first ones there.
“We’re going for a run Bella,” Jake told her.
“Okay,” she replied and went inside.
We walked toward the edge of the woods, slipped our pants down and phased.
Crap, we forgot to take our shirts off, I said looking at the ripped cloth.
Who cares? Jake thought.
I laughed a wolfy laugh and we set off running. Jake slowed down his run to stay even with me. He was pretty fast, but not as fast as Leah.
Not yet at least, he thought, She won’t always be the fastest.
I felt someone phase.
Seth! Jake! What’s up? Quil thought.
Hey guys, Embry then thought.
Yo, how’s La Push? Jake asked.
Good, Quil answered, Claire just turned 13. She’s a teenager.
Cool, how’s my dad doing?, Jake thought.
He’s good, he sends his love, Embry thought, Seth, we heard about Leah’s imprint. Don’t worry, Quil and I’ll rip him apart if he hurts her.
Thanks, I laughed.
Suddenly Sam was in our conversation. Hi Seth, Jake, he began, Quil, Embry, we’re having a meeting at my house Emily’s cooking. See you in five. He phased.
Yes, Quil thought, Emily’s cooking, we better go before Paul eats everything.
Yeah, Embry agreed, Bye Jake, Seth.
Later, Quil thought.
Bye, Jake and I thought together. Then they were gone.
First football game next week, Jake said.
Yeah, I said with fake enthusiasm.
Jake laughed. You seem better now, it’s good to have you back.
It’s good to be back. I joked, but Jake saw the hidden emotion behind my words.
Edward told me that you showed him that day when your m- well yeah.
Yeah I did, I sighed, I stopped running, Jake did too. He sat down next to me. I made her a promise, and I’m gonna keep it.
Good, he thought, I know how you feel, I was crushed when my mom died. I wanted to hunt down that drunk driver and kill him. But I knew that wouldn’t make anything better. So I just stayed with my dad, and people I loved.
I took in what he said, Ready to go back?
Yup, he replied and we ran home.
Jake and I got back to the house to find everyone in the living room, looking like someone just told them bad news.
“Well, someone did Seth,” Edward answered my thoughts, “Alice had a vision and it’s not good.”
“What is it?” Jake asked wrapping his arms around Nessie protectively.
“The Volturi,” was his answered.
Chapter 10
I remember them, it was a few years back. I remember the almost fight because they thought Nessie was dangerous. We got them to understand though. So I figured that’d be the last of them.
“We all did Seth, but apparently it’s not.” Edward said, his face looked more hurt than I’ve ever seen it.
“Why are they coming?” Jake growled starting to vibrate.
“Jasper?” Edward said, suddenly I felt very calm and I figured Jasper was using his power on us. “They want Nessie. Well Aro does, he thinks her power is remarkable, and since she’s half vampire half human, he’d like her to live with them in Volterra.”
“No,” Jake growled, “They aren’t taking her away from me.”
“I can’t see very well, because you and Seth,” Alice started, with her eyes closed. “But I don’t think he’s going to get her, but he’s bringing a group incase we give him trouble.”
“Who?” I asked.
Edward answered this time. “Aro is bringing, Marcus and Caius, of course. From the guard he’s bringing Jane, Alec, Felix, Demetri, and Renata for his shield.
“We can take them,” Jake sounded extremely confident.
“I’m up for the fight,” Emmett added. Of course he was, he always was.
“I don’t believe there will be a fight,” Carlisle replied, “At least I really hope there isn’t, but I will fight for my granddaughter if it comes down to that.”
“Thanks you,” Nessie replied. Everyone else agreed, except me. I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t go there and die. Leah would have no one. Then again she has her imprint, so she probably doesn’t car for me anymore.
“Of course she does Seth,” Edward said, “And you don’t have to come with us.”
“I know, I know,” I said, “But I’m going to.”
“When are they coming?” Jake asked.
“Sunday,” Alice answered.
“Are we rounding up the vampires like last time?” Emmett joked.
“No,” it was Carlisle who answered, “I don’t think it would be right to put our friends in danger again. We will leave them out of this. And I don’t think most of them could make it here in time.”
“Plus,” Emmett started, “It’d be eight vs. eleven, and since we’ve got two werewolves, Bella, Edward, Alice and Jasper’s powers to help, it’ll be so easy it won’t be fun.”
“That’s true,” Edward began to think, “If Bella can keep up her shield like last time, then Jane and Alec are no harm to us.”
“They’re no match for us anyway,” Emmett said, clearly excited about the idea of a worthy opponent to fight.
“So there is chance for us to leave?” Esme asked worried. I figured it was for her children.
“Not with Demetri with them,” Edward answered, “He’ll track us down.”
Esme frowned upset with the answer.
The next day went by quickly, we trained, and ate (or drank), to get our strength to it’s highest. We did training with Jasper like we did before Victoria came. Fighting was definitely his area of expertise.
I called Leah the night before that night. I didn’t phase to talk to her, otherwise she would know everything and would run up here to help. I couldn’t let her. I had to keep her in La Push with Max, to keep her safe. She isn’t going to die trying to protect me.
“Hey Seth,” Leah answered, she seemed so much happier now that she had an imprint. “What’s up? Why didn’t you just phase?’
“Well I just wanted to here your voice,” I answered.
“Oh, okay so how’s Alaska?”
“It’s alright, I made the football team. First string quarterback.”
“Congratulations, when’s your first game? I wanna come see it,” she said.
“I’m not sure yet,” I answered.
“Oh, well are you okay Seth? You sound a little funny. Do you want me to come up there?”
“No!” I nearly shouted, “I mean no I’m fine,” I said adjusting my voice.
“Leah,” I began, “The night that mom died I promised that I’d take care of you, and tell you that she loved you. Promise me that no matter what happens you’ll keep yourself safe.”
“Uh, okay Seth, I promise,” she said. I sighed in relief.
“I love you Leah,” I said, my voice began to crack.
“I love you too, Seth,” Leah replied, “Call me when you know when your first game is.”
“Sure,” I said.
“Bye,” she said and the line went dead.
I stayed in my room, holding back my tears. But soon enough there was nothing I could do. I cried myself to sleep knowing I needed to rest for tomorrow. It would be a big day.
My eyes hurt in the morning from crying too much. I walked downstairs, I was the last one awake.
I noticed Jake first. Him and Nessie were on the couch. Jake had both of his arms wrapped around Nessie. He held her tightly to him. I figured just in case it was his last time alone with her.
“It’s not going to be Seth,” Edward said, “She’s staying here.”
“No matter who I have to kill, she’s going to stay here,” Jake said.
Nessie smiled at him. “You won’t have t kill anyone because I’m going to stay right here with you. I love you.”
Jake seemed to relax at her words. I headed to the kitchen to find something to eat. Alice was there sitting at the kitchen table.
“Morning,” she greeted me. She wasn’t as happy as usual.
“What’s wrong?” I asked her.
She sighed, “I don’t think today will go so well. But what d I know I can’t see with you and Jake in the clearing.”
“Does Aro still want you in his ‘collection?’”
“Sadly yes,” she answered, “But I will never join him after what he almost did to Nessie. I’m also afraid for Jasper. He broke rules the Volturi made.”
“Oh I see,” I replied, “But won’t he want Jasper’s power?”
“Probably,” she said, “Aro likes rare powers, and I don’t think he’s come across someone who can do as much with emotions as Jasper can.”
“This family sure is full of rare powers,” I stated.
“Yes,” she sighed, “I know.”
I began eating. Alice announced to everyone that they’d be here in a few hours.
We all got ready to leave. Alice saw hem arriving in a clearing. Just like last time. Jake and I phased and we all set off running. Except Nessie, she rode on Jake’s back.
Jake’s thought were all about Nessie.
She’s going t be fine Jake, I tried to reassure him.
I can’t stand to lose her Seth, he thought, I just can’t.
I remained silent for the rest of the run. We got to the clearly minutes before the Volturi did.
Aro seemed surprised to see us there. Then his eyes were fixed on Alice. “Ah, Alice, I see you knew we were coming.”
“Yes Aro,” she replied.
He turned to Carlisle. “Carlisle, my good friend, it is so good to see you again.”
“Same to you Aro.”
The guard settled behind him in a pyramid shape, his two brothers at his sides.
“Edward, it’s good to see you as well,” Aro greeted him. He stuck his hand out almost eagerly to read his mind. Their hands met and Aro had a confused look on his face.
Jake laughed next to me and Edward cracked a smile also.
What? I asked Jake.
Bella’s shielding Edward, Jake answered.
I laughed with him.
Then Aro realized why we were laughing. “Bella,” he smiled, “I aslmost forgot how powerful you were.”
She just nodded.
“Perhaps you could take your daughters place in Volturi,” Aro suggested.
Edward was instantly be her side with his arm around her, “Never,” he growled.
“I’m sorry,” Aro said, “We’d like to make this quick. So Nessie, if you’d just come with us no one will get hurt.”
“I’m sorry Aro, but I will have to deny you invitation,” she smiled sweetly.
“I am sorry too,” he replied, “Because it wasn’t an invitation, it was a demand.”
“Aro, sadly you have no power over me,” she said, still smiling.
He looked at Jane, the waited. Nothing happened. Then he looked at Alec and nothing happened again.
“Bella, you are making this much harder than it needs to be,” Aro said, “Now Jasper,” he said looking at him, “You are the one who can control emotions. Am I correct?”
“Yes,” Jasper answered.
“Then would you please leave mine alone,” Aro growled.
“I’m sorry, but I’m not doing anything,” Jasper replied with a smirk, “And you have no way to prove that I am.”
Emmett laughed.
“Aro,” Carlisle began, “We would like to keep our family whole. We have done nothing wrong. And you do not have the power to come in here and rip us apart. I’m sorry, but we would very much appreciate it if you left.”
“Carlisle, I only wish to make my family bigger and-”
“By tearing ours apart?” Edward growled, “Leave now before someone gets hurt.”
“I’m not worried about someone getting on my side,” Aro said, “We are well protected, and you will be the ones losing someone.”
“Aro you’re bluffing, I can hear it in your thoughts, you know you won’t win this fight,” Edward replied.
“I don’t see Nessie going with you Aro,” Alice said confidently, “So you mind as well leave.”
“Alice would you reconsider joining us,” Aro offered.
“Sorry, but no,” she answered.
Aro sighed in defeat, “Well I guess we should go then, unless anyone would reconsider our offer.”
“No,” Edward answered.
They all disappeared into the woods in a flash. The Jake phased, and I did too.
“Oh Nessie,” he said pulling her into a tight bear hug, “I love you so much.”
She laughed in his arms, “I love you too Jake.” He lifted her up to plant a kiss on her lips.
“I told you Seth,” Edward said to me, “Nothing happened.”
I laughed, “You always seem to be right, don’t you?”
“Usually,” he laughed.
Jake and I phased back and we all ran home, glad to have this day behind us. The eleven of us ran home and found someone else already there.
Chapter 11
Edward ran into the house first, seeing who its was. He came back with a smile on his face. “You have a guest, Seth.”
I phased, “Me?”
“Yeah you, little brother,” Leah said stepping out the front door, “I don’t know how you stand this smell, it’s gross. No offense.”
“Leah,” I ran up and hugged her, “What are you doing here?”
“You sounded weird on the phone, so Max and I rushed up here.”
“How long are you gonna stay?” I asked.
“Well when’s your first football game?” she asked me.
“Friday,” Nessie answered, “I’m cheering at it. I made the squad.”
“Great,” Leah said, “So where were you guys before this?” she asked. She sniffed the air, “You smell like, like, the Volturi. Were you just with them?”
“Well yes,” I noticed her quivering, “They wanted Nessie, but they left before they caused a fight.”
She breathed in and out trying to calm herself. “As long as you weren’t hurt its okay. Oh, and vamp’s, I’d like you to meet my imprint, Max.” She took his hand and pulled him toward her. He was a little scared.
“Don’t worry, we don’t bite,” Edward said the continued, “Humans.” We all laughed, except Max.
“Don’t worry,” Carlisle said, “You are safe here with us, there is nothing to worry about.”
He nodded, “Leah told me about your powered, you must be the mind reader,” Max said to Edward.
“Yes, I’m Edward, and this is Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, and you met Nessie, Jake, and of course Seth,” Edward motioned to everyone.
“Nice to meet you all,” Max greeted.
That night we went out to dinner, just Max, Leah, and I.
“Seth,” Max began we were alone, Leah was in the bathroom, “Leah told me everything, and I want you to know that I’ll take care of her, and I promise not to hurt her.”
“Thanks,” I replied, “That means a lot.”
He nodded and Leah returned to the table. I slept well that night. Knowing that Leah was near by. The next week of school went by quickly. Leah stayed and was going to leave Friday night after my game.
Friday came all to quickly, I wasn’t nervous about the game so much, I was just nervous about Leah watching me. Would she think I was good? A showoff? Bad? She was the only one I wanted to impress.
Nessie was beyond excited it was almost annoying. She practiced her cheers and dances and flips in the house 24/7. She was so happy, game night had finally come.
“Okay boys,” the coach began, “We’re gonna go out there and give it all we’ve got. We have this game. Wolves on three. One, two, three -”
“Wolves!” the team shouted altogether. The team had know idea how ironic it was that we were the wolves. Mostly because there was an actual wolf on the team.
We ran out of the locker room cheering. I spotted Nessie as I ran onto the field. She was cheering happily. I rolled my eyes. She got excited so easily.
The game began and we were off. It was only too easy. Except for the fact that my team wasn’t exactly the best. Well in fact, it was the worst. No matter what I did nobody could catch a single ball I through.
So I finally decided to run it. And ended up scoring a touchdown. I was actually excited. I never played sports, so these were the first points I’d ever scored.
I looked out to the crowd and saw Leah cheering for me. That was the greatest part of the game for me. For the rest of the team it was my touch down, it was the only one in the game. I’d won it for the team. Without even trying, that’s what made it funny to me.
The team ran back to the locker room at the end of the game. The team was fired up about the win.
“And the game ball goes to,” the coached paused, “Seth.”
The whole team cheered, they actually liked me now, probably because I had won the game fr them. But I didn’t care I accepted the game ball with a smile.
I walked out of the locker room and found the family waiting for my. Leah ran up and hugged me.
“You did so great out there Seth,” Leah told me, “Congratulations.”
“Thanks,” I said, “I’m glad that you were here.”
“Me too,” she looked back at Max, “I’d love to stay and hang out Seth, but our flight leaves soon, and we don’t want to miss it.”
“Oh, okay,” I replied, “I love you.” I pulled her into another hug.
“I love you too Seth,” she said when she pulled away. “And thank you everyone for letting us stay at your house this week.”
“You’re welcome Leah,” Carlisle said, “And you are always welcome here. Even though you don’t like the smell.”
She laughed then headed toward the parking lot to drive to the airport.
Edward gave me a hug next, “Good job Seth,” he said releasing me, “It was great to watch these games and actually know someone playing. We all really enjoyed it.”
“Thanks,” I replied.
We all headed toward the cars to drive home.
“Dude, you owned out there,” Jake said as we drove home, “Nobody could touch you.”
“Uh, thanks,” I said, “And nobody could touch me cause I’m like ten times stronger than all of them.”
“Power to the werewolves,” Jake said. We both started laughing.
“Yeah,” I said through my laughs.
“Hey,” Nessie said from the back of the car, “Don’t ignore my, I’m in here too.”
“Oh,” Jake said turning around, “I could never ignore you Nessie.”
She giggled, “I know.”
“How did you do Nessie?” I asked, “I didn’t really have time to look over to the cheerleaders.”
“Well,” she started, “I don’t mean to brag, but I was the best one out there. And Lily wouldn’t stop talking and cheering for you.”
“Seth’s got a girlfriend,” Jake began chanting.
“Shut-up,” I punched Jake in the arm.
“Okay, okay,” he stopped.
“Why don’t you date her Seth?” Nessie asked.
“I only want to date my imprint,” I replied.
“Well then break up with her when you see your imprint,” Jake said, “Simple as that.”
“Yeah, it’s real simple,” I said, “Look how that had turned out for Leah.” That shut everyone up. “I don’t want to get involved and then really like her and then see my imprint.”
“I get,” Nessie said, “That’s very sweet of you Seth. I can’t wait to meet your imprint.”
“Me too,” I muttered.
“I wonder what her name will be,” Jake thought.
“Me too,” Nessie said, “Let’s guess.”
“No, no way,” I said but they ignored me.
“Um, maybe Julia,” Jake guessed.
“No, it has to be something like Amanda or Stephanie,” Nessie said.
“Stop guessing,” I nearly shouted, “I don’t even know what her name’s going to be.”
“Okay,” Nessie said, “We’ll guess at home,” she whispered.
I sighed. They could guess all they wanted. I just wanted to meet her. I need to.
When we got home I went straight the kitchen. I was starving. When I walked in Edward was already there cooking food. I stared at him in confusion.
He pointer to himself, “Mind-reader.”
“Oh, right,” I said, “I forgot.”
He made me eggs. That was about the only thing he could make.
“For now,” Edward said, “I’m still learning.”
I chuckled and began to eat. Jake was in the kitchen seconds later.
“I thought I smelt eggs,” he sat down next to me and began eating.
“Seth,” Edward began, “I want you to know that you really were great out there. And Esme was very proud when you scored.”
“Thanks,” replied after swallowing my food.
“Aw,” Jake said, “How sweet, I think I’m gonna cry.”
I shoved off his chair. “Thanks for the eggs Jake,” I eat a mouthful off his plate, “Later Edward.”
I ran out of the kitchen and straight up to my room. I was beat, I actually had to put an effort in today to win. Go figure. I settled into my bed, thinking of the imprint I might someday meet.
Chapter 12
The weekend came and went all to quickly. I woke up Monday morning wishing the clock would just turn back a few hours. But of course I wasn’t the one with powers in the house, but no one could turn time back in this family.
I got out of bed sleepily and headed to the bathroom. I turned the shower on, ice cold, it was the only thing that felt good against my burning skin. When I finished I headed downstairs following the scent of fresh pancakes.
When I got into the kitchen there was a huge stack in the middle of the table. There must’ve been 50 pancakes there.
“Give or take a few,” Edward said.
“Well I’m digging before Jake comes down,” I took a seat and pulled six pancakes on my plate when Jake came in.
“Yes,” Jake said, “I thought I smelled pancakes.” He sat down next to me and pulled the huge stack toward him.
“Jake, dude, you can’t eat them all,” I said as he began eating.
“They cook at like the speed of light,” he said between bites, “They’ll have more out in like three minutes.”
I rolled my eyes and grabbed ten from the top and began eating them. Nessie came in minutes later.
“Morning everyone,” she said as she sat on Jake’s lap. He wrapped one of his arms around her.
“Morning Ness,” Jake said kissing her cheek.
“Morning,” I greeted her.
After about 300 pancakes Jake and I were finally full and we headed off to school. Emse said goodbye to us and we were off.
“Does this day seem good to anyone else besides me?” I asked Bella and Jake in the car.
“Uh, sure I guess,” Jake said confused, “Speaking of guessing, Nessie and I decided on the name of your imprint.”
“Jake you don’t even know who she is, and if she even existed, so how could you know her name?” I questioned.
“Well it’s just a name that sounds good with your,” Jake defended.
“Fine,” I said, “What is it?”
“Jenny,” Jake replied.
“Jenny?” Bella asked before I could, “Seth and Jenny? Seriously?”
“You have something better?” Jake challenged.
“Well anything is better than Jenny,” Bella said.
“Okay, okay,” I interrupted before I fight started, “Why are you trying to guess the name of a girl who might not even be real.”
“Well, Seth, we know this isn’t a rare legend I mean everyone but you has-” Bella cut him off.
“She exists Seth,” Bella said, “I just know it.”
I didn’t say anything for the rest of the car ride. We arrived at school first, and took our usual parking spot. When I stepped out of the car I was greeted by some of the other freshman football players on the varsity team.
“There he is,” a boy Brian said, “Mr. MVP.”
I smiled, I guess I wasn’t hated anymore. It felt good to be friends with them, to be a part of something.
“Seth, you were awesome Friday,” Andy said next.
“Thanks guys,” I replied, “You guys did great too,” I lied, but at least they tried.
After that they headed toward the school, they offered me to go with them, but I decided to wait for Jake and Nessie.
“I guess you’re mister popular now,” Jake said when we were at our lockers.
I laughed, “You score one touchdown, and all of the sudden you’re a hero.”
“It’s probably the only touch down they’ve ever scored,” Jake laughed under his breath.
“Probably,” I laughed with him.
We closed our lockers and looked over to see if Nessie was done yet. She was, but the jerk Ryan was blocking her way. I stepped in front of Jake.
“Jake, Jake it’s okay,” I tried to calm him down, “She’s fine, she’ll be here in a second.”
He calmed down at this. Then we both looked over at them and saw Ryan put a lock of Nessie’s hair behind her ear. Crap! Jake began to quiver.
“Jake calm down,” I said, “She can handle it.” I hoped, “Don’t make a scene.”
I turned to look at Nessie, she was running over to Jake. She had her arms around him in a second. His body stopped quivering, and his arms wrapped around her.
“Jake,” she said against his chest, “Don’t be so over protective. I handled it. Look,” she pointed to Ryan. He was hopping around n one foot, holding his other shin.
“You kicked him?” I asked.
“Hard,” she answered.
“That’s my girl,” Jake said into her hair.
“Okay, you guys ready to go to our first class,” I said nudging them down the hall. They came out of their hug, but still held hands.
We walked in to the class, Lily was sitting there with a smile. I tried not to make a face, but I think a small one appeared.
“Great job in the game Seth,” She said as I sat down.
“Thanks,” I replied.
“Um, Seth,” she started, I turned my head to look her in the eye. I hadn’t noticed it before, but she was kind of pretty. She had short blond hair and blue eyes.
“Yeah?” I asked.
“This Friday is the ladies choice dance. And, um, I was, um, wondering if you’d like to go with me?” she asked.
“Oh,” I said, not knowing what to say. I look forward to see Jake and Nessie turn around. I’m sure they heard the conversation. Nessie shook her head quickly. I sighed, what could it hurt. “Okay, Lily, sure.”
She smiled widely, “Cool, I’ll meet you outside the gym around 7.”
“Sure,” I replied mad that I’d let Nessie decide for me.
I sulked for the next of the period. When it was over I walked out with Nessie and we said goodbye to Jake.
“I can’t believe I said yes,” I said.
“Why?” she asked, “It was nice, and now you get to come with us and actually have a date.”
“I probably wouldn’t have gone anyway,” I told her, “So you didn’t have to worry about me ruining your night.”
“I wasn’t worried about that,” she said as we sat down in our seat, “I wanted you to be happy.”
“Thanks, but I would’ve been fine just not going,” I replied.
“Well now you have to,” she said smugly with a smile.
“Fine,” I whispered. Then the teacher looked at us, giving us a stern look. We burst out in hushed laughter when he looked away. “I hate school,” I whispered.
“Me too,” she replied back, “It’s so boring.”
“Well this is still your first time through school,” I said, “This is my second time.”
“True,” she said, “But I was home schooled before this.”
“That’s still different though,” I whispered. The teacher looked at us again.
“Do you care to share what you two are talking about?” He asked.
“No,” we answered before we started laughing again. Then we stayed quiet for the rest of the class.
When we walked out Jake wasn’t there as usual. So we waited outside the classroom for him to come.
“What took you so long?” Nessie asked when Jake finally showed up.
“I had to take care of someone,” Jake answered. I knew exactly who he meant. Ryan.
“What did you do to him Jake?” I asked hoping he didn’t phase in front of him.
“I just gave him a very, very stern talking to,” he answered.
“Did you hurt him?” Nessie asked realizing what we were talking about.
“I didn’t ‘hurt’ him,” Jake said, “I just said that he wouldn’t have two hands if he ever touched you again.”
I laughed, “Good one Jake,” I said giving him a high five.
“Thanks,” he replied.
“Ugh,” Nessie sighed, “You are so over protective.”
“But you love me?” Jake asked.
“Of course I love you Jake,” she answered, “You are as over protective as my dad though.”
“As long as you love me,” Jake said.
“Well, love bird,” I said, “I have to go to the torture chamber.”
“Where?” Nessie asked.
“Gym,” I replied.
Jake laughed, “Good luck man.” Then he and Nessie headed off in the other direction.
“Thanks.” I turned around and bumped into a girl, “Oh sorry,” I said leaning down to help pick up her books, “I didn’t see you there.”
“Yeah, thanks,” she replied.
I looked up to hand her the book I pick up and I got lost in her beautiful green eyes. I didn’t see anything else except her. It felt like she was holding me to the Earth.
Chapter 13
She was the most beautiful person I had even seen. Her vibrant green stayed locked with mine. Then she looked away and I studied her, she had shoulder length curly black hair. She noticed he staring had hide half of her face in her curls.
We both stood up, both still holding her book. I let go so she could put it in her bag.
“I’m Seth, by the way,” I said sticking my hand out.
“I’m Terilyn,” she said shaking my hand. An electric shock of pleasure went down my side at her touch, “Most people call me Teri though. You’re new here right?”
“Uh, yeah, I came with my family,” I managed to say.
“Cool, I just came back from vacation, so that’s probably why we haven’t met,” she said, dropping her hand, “Are you a junior?”
“Oh, no,” I answered figuring she was, “I’m a freshman.”
“Me too,” she said with a smile, I mirrored her smile on my face. Except mine was probably much larger, “I just figured you were older cause you’re so tall.”
“Oh,” I laughed, “Ye--,” I was cut off.
“Hey, Babe,” a boy called from behind her.
She turned around and saw a boy waving to her. He came up and put his arm around her shoulders. I froze and couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I felt like I could’ve just ripped his arm off. But the look on her face made me calm down a bit. She seem a little annoyed as she tried to wiggle out of his arm, but he tighten his grip.
“Oh, hey,” the boy said looking at me. I realized he was on the football team and had just talked to me this morning. Brian, “I see you’ve met our football superstar. Seth,” he said to Teri.
“Uh, yeah,” she said attempting to wiggle out of his arm again, but failed.
“Well we better go,” Brian said, “Before we’re late.”
“Sure,” she answered, “It was really nice meeting you Seth.”
“You too,” you have no idea.
“Later bro,” Brian said as they walked away.
Bro? I thought in my head. Yeah right. I hated him, I felt like I could kill him if I ever saw him touch her again. I shook my head trying to calm down as I headed to the gym.
I walked in and was the last one to get there. The whole class watched as I walked up the bleachers. The coach just gave me a slight nod, like he didn’t care I was late. I was like famous here because I scored a touchdown. I didn’t go through a period without someone mentioning it.
I sat down next to Edward. My thoughts swam with thoughts of Teri’s face.
“I told you you’d find her,” Edward whispered to me. As the coach explained the movie we were gonna watch.
“Yeah but she has a boyfriend,” I said as I thought of Brian with his arm around Teri.
“From the looks of her face it does seem like she likes him that much,” Edward replied.
“Yeah, well I guess there’s hope,” I said.
“There’s always hope, and I doubt she’ll turn you down,” He said, “Did you see the way she looked at you.” I figured he was talking about something I showed him.
“No, why?” I asked.
“It seem pretty clear that she showed interest in you,” Edward answered.
“Really,” I asked excited.
He nodded and looked around me to my other side. I followed his glance. Lily had moved from her seat to sit by me. I was pretty sure it was her. I couldn’t concentrate on her face, because it just got blocked with images of Teri.
“Hi Seth,” she smiled.
I nodded, remembering that I had agreed to go to the dance with her on Friday. Maybe I should tell I changed my mind and that I d--. Edward stopped my thoughts my elbowing me. I turned to him. He shook his head.
Should I just go along with it? I thought to him.
“For now,” he answered.
I sighed and turned back to Lily.
“Why were you late today?” she asked.
“Traffic jam,” I answered. She giggled.
“Oh, well I saved a seat for you up there,” she motioned to where she had came from, “But I guess you did see me wave you over when you came in.”
I shock my head.
“Oh,” Lily replied.
We watched another movie today. Throughout it Lily tried to make small talk, but I ignored it with a shrug, or nod. I knew I wasn’t being nice, but I couldn’t help it. I just couldn’t stop thinking about Teri.
The period ended and I got up quickly and walked down the bleachers, stopping any attempt Lily had to invite me to eat lunch with her. Even if she wasn’t going to I had to get away from her to see Teri.
Edward was close behind me, was I practically ran to the cafeteria. I walked and saw Teri getting in line for lunch. She was alone. I hurried to get behind her.
“Hey Teri,” I said as I came up behind her.
She turned and a smile came across her face when she saw me, “Hey Seth,” I thought I was going to burst with happiness at the way my name sounded in her voice.
“What’s your schedule?” I asked eager to see if we had any classes together.
She babbled on about her classes. I listened carefully to hear what they were. I smiled, we had three classes together. It was better than nothing.
“I have History, Art, and Geometry with you,” I said excited.
“That’s so cool,” she said with almost the same excitement.
We both purchased our food and were about to head back to our different tables. I didn’t want to say goodbye to her I hadn’t had enough time with her. “Well, I’ll see you next hour for Art,” she said as she began to walk away.
“I’ll wait for you out side the cafeteria so we can walk together,” I called to her.
She turned with a smile, “Okay.”
I returned to the table with a smile on my face. Everyone was there.
“Someone’s happy,” Jake noted as I sat down.
“You didn’t tell them?” I said to Edward.
“I figured you want to,” he said.
“Tell us what?” Nessie asked.
“Nothing,” I answered, “I just me someone.”
“Someone?” Nessie asked again, “Someone who? Someone imprint?”
“I guess,” I answered.
“You guess?” Nessie asked annoyed.
“Well I don’t know what it fells like to imprint,” I answered.
“I’ve seen Jakes mind,” Edward cut in, “And I’m pretty sure you imprinted.”
“Yay!” Nessie cheered.
“So how is it?” Emmett asked.
“Terilyn,” I answered, “She has green eyes, and black curly hair, and a beautif-”
“I don’t know her,” Emmett replied.
“Well she just got back from vacation, so that’s why I only saw her today,” I said.
“Congrats, man,” Jake said slapping my back.
“There’s only one problem,” I said starting to get upset, but my mood lifted right away. Jasper. “She has a boyfriends.”
“Are you positive Seth?” Jake asked.
“Yeah, he called her ‘Babe’ and had his arm around her shoulders,” I answered.
“Well, they could just be really close friends,” Nessie said.
“I don’t think they’ll last very long Seth,” Bella said.
“How?” I asked.
“I can just tell that she’ll fall for you,” Bella replied.
“And her thoughts are almost completely about you,” Edward added.
“Really?” I asked. I turned around to look at her. I caught her staring and she looked down embarrassed. I smiled at this.
“I guess that answers your question,” Edward replied.
Lunch finally ended and I went outside to wait for Teri. I couldn’t wait to have this time alone with her.
She came out and my heart lifted, but then I fell and Brian walked out with her.
“Alright Babe, I’ll see you later,” she said giving her a hug. I stiffened. He pulled away and attempted to kiss her. I was about to pounce on him, but she turned her head so that he only kissed her cheek. I relaxed, barely.
“Ready to go?” she asked, as Brian walked away.
“Yup,” I answered. Our walk was silent at first. I took he time to familiarize my self with her scent. She smelt beautiful. Better than anything I had every smelt in my life.
“So where did you move here from?” she asked.
“La Push, Washington,” I replied.
“Really?” she asked.
“I used to live there,” she said, “But I moved up here when I was in seventh grade.”
“Huh,” I replied, “That’s funny.” I guess I realized why I hadn’t imprinted yet. Sam had said that it would be someone who lived close to the Rez. And she moved away before I became a wolf, so even if I saw her before it turned fifteen it wouldn’t have mattered.
“That’s weird though,” she replied, “I can’t believe I never saw you before.”
“Well there are to schools in La Push,” I stated.
“True,” she said, “I guess we went to different ones. Wow, I miss it there. Right on the beach, I loved it there.”
“Why’d you move away?” I asked.
“My dad’s work transferred him,” she answered, “So it was goodbye beach, hello snow.”
I laughed.
“Why’d you move up here?” she asked.
“My parents died,” my voice faltered, “So me, sister, and my brother moved up here with my cousins and their adopted parents and siblings.”
“Oh,” She replied, “So hoe many of there are you living in one house?”
“Eleven,” I answered.
“Wow, I have two brothers and I can barely stand them,” she replied.
I laughed, and she joined in. Her laugh was such a beautiful sound, she was perfect. Perfect sound, smell, look, and feel, even though I only felt her hand, it gave me a great shiver of pleasure.
We walked into Art, I usually didn’t like this class because I didn’t have anyone I knew in it. But today I loved it because I had Teri with me. We took the two seats in the back. The were just stools behind a blank canvas.
“So,” I began. I had to ask of it would eat away at me all day. “Are you and Brian like,” I swallowed, “dating?”
I waited for her answer, she shrugged. I relaxed, barely. “He thinks we’re pretty serious. But sometime’s I feel like I’m being taken for granted. Like all he sees me as is the cheerleader to go along with him as a football player.”
I nodded, urging her to continue.
“We used to go out like a normal couple. But I’m just like an object to him, the prize he won. He doesn’t really care about some stuff I do. He just says, ‘oh that’s nice.’ And then expects me to just like make-out with him.”
I tensed.
“But I’m done with him. All he wanted is to be physical with someone. He doesn’t care about my personality at all,” she finished.
“Then dump him,” I replied simply, hoping that she would.
“It’s not that simple,” she said.
“How come?”
“Well, Brian just brushes it off and goes about his daily routine like I never said anything,” she took a deep breath before continuing, “One time I really thought it was over. It was last year at lunch, I told him very clearly and several times that it was over. He looked at me stunned and then I left. He didn’t come near me for the rest of the day. I was so happy, but then when I was standing out side waiting for my bus at the end of the day. He came up behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist and began kissing my cheek.”
“What I jerk,” I said.
“I know, we just like won’t leave me alone,” she replied with a sigh, “Thanks for understanding Seth, usually people agree with him,” as she said that she placed her hand on my shoulder and gave me a smile.
I felt so overjoyed that I could’ve kissed her. The yearning became unbearable, but I fought against it, not wanting to break her trust. So I settled for her hand against my shoulder. And enjoyed the electric shock that ran through me.
Chapter 14
I studied her features, beautiful green eyes, small button nose, black bouncy curls, my gaze was cut off.
“What are you staring at?” she asked self-consciously. Then she looked down, blocking my view by hiding her face in her curls.
“Oh, nothing, nothing,” I replied looking out the window.
“So I hear you’re the big football star,” she said.
I groaned.
“What?” she asked confused.
“I’ve just been hearing that all day,” I replied.
“Oh, I’m sorry Seth,” she said. I exploded with happiness on the inside when she said my name.
“Don’t apologize,” I said, “It’s not your fault.”
She smiled at me. Sending another explosion of happiness off inside of me.
“Okay class,” the teacher began, taking Teri’s attention off of me, “Today we are painting, I’m sure you guessed that. You can paint what ever you want. Actually no, I want you to paint the most beautiful thing you’ve even seen.”
There was only one thing beautiful to be now, and that was Teri. I guess I’d paint her I figured.
She looked to me as the class buzzed on about painting. “What are you gonna paint Seth?” she asked, “What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?”
You, I thought in my head, “I’m not telling,” I teased, “You’ll have to wait and see.”
She huffed in frustration. “Fine,” she replied, “Then I’m not going to tell you.”
I smiled at her and picked up my paint brush. She peeked over to see what I was painting, but I pulled my canvas away. “No peeking,” I said.
“Why not?” she pleaded.
“It’s a surprise,” I replied.
“Then you can’t see mine,” she turned her canvas away from me and we were sitting across from each other. Now facing one another. I gave me a better view of her face to paint.
“Seth?” she began.
“If you don’t mind me asking,” she started, “How did your parents die?”
I paused for a moment, took a deep breath and said, “Heart attacks, both of them,” I said, “My mom in this past year, and my dad a few years ago.”
“I’m so sorry Seth. I know how it feels to lose someone close to,” she trailed off.
“Can I ask who?” I asked.
“My little sister,” she replied, “She died when she was six. Skin cancer.”
“I am so sorry, I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my sister,” I was thinking of Leah, but I hadn’t realized that in this world she wasn’t my sister.
“It’s okay,” she said turning away, hiding her tears.
I held my arms open for her. Hoping she excepted my hug. She looked up at them and walked right into them. She wrapped her arms around my waist, as I held her tightly to me.
She fit perfectly and I never wanted to let go. I could keep her there forever if I wanted to, but I couldn’t if I made her unhappy. I felt her pull begin to pull away. I frowned slightly and released her.
“Thanks Seth,” she said whipping away a tear that got out, “You are such a good friend. I feel like I’ve known you forever when I just met you.”
“I know how you feel,” I replied.
We talked about each others lives while we finished painting.
“Okay class,” the teacher said at the end of the period, “Hand I whatever you have to me up here.”
“Can I see know?” she asked frustrated again.
I shrugged, “I guess,” I handed her the canvas.
Her mouth fell open when she saw it, I figured she hated it, “Seth, is this me?” she asked.
“Uh, yeah,” I replied looking down.
“Wow, it’s beautiful,” she said with her eyes still on the painting, “Thank you, but you were supposed to paint the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.”
“I did,” I replied staring into her eyes.
She looked down embarrassed. “This is really nice Seth.”
“Thanks,” I said, “C’mon, we’re gonna be late for Geometry.” I handed the canvas in and lead her out the door. As I did I placed my hand lightly on her back. Giving my self a shiver of pleasure.
“I hate geometry,” she groaned.
“Me too,” I sighed, but I like it now cause you’re here, I added in my head.
“Uh, Seth can we go the other way?” she asked stopping in the middle of the hallway.
“Sure, why?” I asked confused.
“Cause I see Brian, and he’ll insist on walking me to class and make you leave. He doesn’t like that I wanted to walk with you,” she explained as she turned around.
“Oh okay, then lets hurry,” I replied, but it was to late.
“Teri, babe,” Brian yelled down the hallway. We pretended we didn’t hear him and kept going. We tried to out walk him, but he ran up behind us and grabbed Teri’s shoulder turning her around with harshness that probably gave her a bruise.
She rubbed her shoulder, “Yeah?” she asked. I liked how she added an attitude to her voice.
“Let’s walk together,” he answered looking at me.
“I’m already walking with Seth,” she answered.
“Oh, hey dude,” he said. I nodded. “Mind if I walk with you?” He put his arm around Teri’s waist pulling her toward him.
“Uhh,” I said.
“Great,” he said before I could finish, “Let’s go.”
Teri looked at me and mouthed ‘sorry.’ ‘It’s fine,’ I mouthed back. Even though I hated the fact that he was here.
I figured I tackle him extra hard at practice today. I smiled at the thought of pinning him to the ground with all may strength.
We finally reached the geometry room and I sighed a sigh of relief.
“Later babe,” Brian said.
“Her name is Teri,” I mumbled under my breath. No on heard me.
“Bye,” Teri replied, pretending not to notice him trying to hug her, and walked into the room. I laughed and followed her in.
“You really don’t like him, do you?” I asked as we sat down.
She laughed her lovely laugh, “Is it that obvious?”
“Kinda,” I replied, “Maybe you should try breaking up with him again.”
She shrugged, “What’s the use if he won’t listen?”
“Tell him you like someone else,” I tried.
She looked up, thinking I imagined, “I’ll try it, maybe it will work.”
I smiled, hoping she would like someone else, and that someone else would be me. I looked out the window and sighed. I knew she would never like me that way. At least not for a while, we just met.
I turned back to her. She was studying me, her eyes were gazing over my whole body. When she saw me watching her she looked down embarrassed. I smiled, maybe she did like me in that way.
I liked it, I liked having her look at me with eyes of amazement. I watched as the blush filled her face as she looked up and saw me staring at her like she had been just doing to me.
“I’m definitely breaking it off with Brian today,” Teri said finally.
I smiled, “Good,” I replied, “Take control. I know you can do anything you put your mind to.”
She smiled, “Why are you so nice to me Seth?” she asked, “We just met this morning.”
Was it really this morning, it felt like it was so long ago.
“I just feel a connection with you,” I replied.
“I feel it too,” she said looking down.
“Really?” I asked trying to hide my excitement.
“Yeah, I feel,” she started deep in thought, “Like we’re just like meant to be of something. That there’s a strong connection between us.” She started laughing, “Sorry that seems all like ‘fortune teller’ I shouldn’t have said anything. It was stupid.”
“No, no it wasn’t, I always want to know what you’re thinking,” I replied staring deep into her eyes.
“Okay,” the teacher began starting class. She turned toward them breaking my lock on her eyes.
I watched her the whole class. Just marveling at how beautiful she was. She glanced at me a few times, and I smiled when she did, while she looked away in embarrassment. The period ended and I couldn’t wait to start talking to her again.
“Yes,” she sighed stretching, “School’s finally over.”
I smiled, event though I wasn’t that happy. It meant I wouldn’t see her till tomorrow, an I had to go to football practice.
“Now I have to go break up with Brian,” she smile, “For good.”
I returned a smile on my face.
“Then I have cheerleading practice,” she groaned.
“You’re on the cheerleading team?” I asked in disbelief.
“Yeah,” she smiled.
“My sister, well my adopted sister, is on it too,” I said.
“What’s her name?” she asked.
“Renesmee Cullen, Nessie for short,” I answered.
“I heard about her,” she said, “my best friend Lily told me all about her.”
“You’re best friends with Lily?” I asked.
“Yeah, is that a problem?” she asked confused.
“Oh, no not at all,” I answered. Actually it was a huge problem, extremely huge. I was going on a date with my imprints best friend. This is going to end badly.
I can already tell.
Chapter 15
“Seth. Seth. Anybody home?” Teri said waving her hand in front of my eyes.
“Oh, sorry,” I replied, coming back down to Earth, “I guess I just spaced out.”
She laughed, “I hate when that happens,” she said.
“Me too,” I tried to grin, but I knew it didn’t turn out like one.
I couldn’t smile when I’m stuck in this mess. I’m going to the dance with my imprint’s best friend, who has a huge crush on me. And I didn’t want to go with, and now I want to go with Teri. My dates best friend. Ugh. Can’t my life ever just be easy?”
“Seth?” Teri shoved my shoulder with her small delicate hand. I turned to her, “You need to stop spacing out, or we’ll both be late to practice.”
“Oh, right practice,” I groaned, “Yay,” I said with fake enthusiasm.
She laughed, “I’m guessing your practice is a lot harder than ours.”
I’d be willing to disagree, but I laughed along with her, “I guess it is.”
“C’mon,” she said again, “If I’m late I’ll get kicked off the squad, but you probably won’t though, cause you’re the big football sta-” she paused catching herself, “Sorry, I forgot you don’t like people to mention that you’re the football tea-”
I gave her a look.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she said I forgot.
“Don’t worry about it,” I said to her.
“So let’s go this way, so I don’t run into you know who, and we get to practice on time,” she replied.
“Sounds like a plan to me,” I said.
We walked out the back door, Teri turned and looked behind us. She took my hand and pulled me quickly out the door.
“What?’ I asked confused still holding her hand.
“I saw Brian,” she replied.
“Check if he’s coming out his door,” I turned an looked through the window on the door. He was walking toward us with a group other football players.
“He’s coming this way,” I said.
She tightened her hand around mine and pulled me as she ran. “C’mon,” she yelled, “Hurry.” I ran with her enjoying, the feel of her hand in mine. Wrapping myself in her glorious scent.
We ran all the way to the field house, where we changed before practices instead of having to go from the gym locker rooms all the way out side to the fields.
We leaned against it out of breath, well she was, I pretended to be.
“That was close,” she said between gasps for air.
“Yeah,” I replied. Our hands were still intertwined. And I loved the way it felt.
“I better get changed,” she said, releasing my hand.
“Uh, yeah, me too,” I said, “Bye,” I called over my shoulder heading to the boys part of the field house.
I walked straight to my locker when I got inside and changed quickly. Hoping to see Teri outside when she was done changing too. Though I figured it would probably take her longer to change.
I imagined the outfit she’d wear, probably short shorts and a baggy t-shirt. Her long legs would look longer and leaner in her shorts. I snapped out of it as I leaned against the outside of the field house. Brian came up minutes later.
“Seth,” he called my name, I groaned slightly, “Where were you and Teri I looked for you outside your class?”
“Oh, we went a different way out,” I replied simply.
“Look,” he said, suddenly serious, “Stay away from her and I won’t hurt you.”
I laughed, “I’d like to see you try.”
He seemed deep in thought then he said, “Fine, stay away from her, and I won’t hurt her.” This scared me.
“You wouldn’t dare,” I replied.
“Watch me,” he said, “Besides it’s not like she even like you so stop wasting your time.”
I clenched my hands into fists trying to calm myself down, “It’s not like she even like you,” I retorted.
“Yeah, right she’s been in, like, love with me since the days she moved up here,” he replied.
“Yeah, then how come she’s broken up with you a number of times and you just don’t listen,” I said with a slight smirk.
“Who told you that?” he asked outraged.
“Who do you think?” he replied.
“I’m going to kill her,” he said through his teeth. I began to shake at his words, but then smelt her scent and knew she would be coming out soon.
“I’d stop you easily,” I said.
“We’ll see about that,” he replied walking into the field house.
Teri walked out moments later, “Hi Seth,” she smiled.
“Hey,” I looked over her, she looked better than I imagined, her longs look amazing in the shorts and her hair was piled up in a bun at the top of her head. God, she was so beautiful.
“Have you seen Brian yet?” she asked.
“Yeah actually,” I replied, “I just had a little run in with him.”
“What did you say?” she asked.
I ran through the whole conversation with her.
“What a jerk,” she replied, “He thinks he can make me do what ever he wants by threatening me again.”
“Again?” I asked outraged.
“Yeah, last year he threatened to hurt me if I didn’t go to the end of the year dance with him,” she replied simply.
“What did you do?” I asked anxious to know the answer.
“I told him that if he ever talked to me like that again, I’d call the cops on him and send him to jail,” she replied putting her hands on her hips.
I smiled, “Good job.”
“Thanks,” she replied back with a smile, “Well I better head over to practice, I’ll talk to you later and let you know how the breakup went.”
“Cool,” I replied thinking of how mad Brian is gonna get after I pound him today in practice. I smile at that thought as I headed over to the field for practice. I noticed a familiar scent in the air as I walked on the field.
“Emmett?” I asked in disbelief.
“Hey Seth,” he replied, “Meet your new team mate.”
“What?” I asked again.
“Yeah, I figured I could bust a few people out here,” he said with an evil smile, “Who knows, it could be fun.”
I laughed at him.
“Which one is she?” he asked looking over to the cheerleaders.
“The one with the black hair and blue t-shirt on,” I replied pointing her out.
“Oh, she’s cute Seth, congrats,” he said after spotting her.
“Thanks,” I replied.
We stood where we were and waited for practice to start. I saw Brian come out of the field house with the same pissed off look on his face. I laughed.
“What?” Emmett asked following my eyes to see what I was looking at.
“Wanna do me a favor?” I asked.
“That depends.”
“You see that boy I was staring at?”
“Yeah,” Emmett replied.
“Help me pound him down real hard today,” I said with a smile.
Emmett smiled too, “Gladly,” he replied.
The coach clapped his hands calling us to attention. “Okay today we’re going to work on out set plays.” He split us up into offense and defense. Emmett and I were on defense against Brain who was the quarterback.
“This’ll be fun,” Emmett whispered to me too fast and low for human ears.
I smiled, “Oh, yeah.”
We set up right across from Brian ready to take him down. Brain called hike and Emmet and I went after him. We pinned him to the ground before he even had a chance to look for a pass.
Coach blew the whistle, Emmett and I got off of Brian shaking with laughter. “Good work defense,” Coach complimented us, “Brian, you need to see that attack coming and try to pass the ball before you get pinned.”
Emmett and I laughed a little louder. Coach looked at us and we stopped.
“You tow,” he said to us, “Are genius, that was amazing out there. Keep up the good work.”
We smiled, “Thanks coach,” I replied.
The practice continued like this to the end. When it was over Brian got so made he through the Gatorade tub to the ground spilling it all over.
“Brian!” Coach yelled.
“What?” he asked still pissed off.
“Calm down or you’re off the team,” he yelled again.
“Sorry Coach,” he mumbled heading back to the field house.
Emmett and I were on laugh away from rolling over on the ground. We followed everyone else to the field house to get changed.
“Dude that was so much fun,” Emmett said as he got changed.
“Yeah,” I replied finishing getting changed, “I’m going to meet Teri outside and watch the breakup.”
Emmett laughed his booming laugh, “Have fun.”
I walked outside and Emmett followed. Brain was already there talking to Teri. She was talking to him with her hands on her hips. Perfect timing. Then Brian lifted his hand and smacked it across her face.
My vision became red. Emmett hand picked me up and forced me toward the woods by the field. He shoved me in and the fire ran through me.
It took great strength to hold myself to hold myself to the forest floor and not lunge at Brian to rip him a part. I slipped a few times, but Emmett was there to knock me back in. he stayed with my until I calmed down enough to phase back. He ran to the field house to grab and extra pair of pants for me.
“Thanks man,” I said to Emmett as we walked back to the car.
“No problem,” he replied.
He sat in the car and Emmett drove away.
I knew one thing, Brian will regret ever hurting Teri forever.
Chapter 16
I was thinking of ways to hurt Brian on the way home, it entertained me for most of the time. So I’d laugh ever so often and Emmett would look at me like I was crazy.
“Okay,” Emmett finally said, “What’s so funny?”
“I’m thinking of ways to hurt Brian for slapping Teri,” I replied.
“Don’t go too overboard,” he said.
“Why?” I asked, “He hurt her.”
“Well yeah, but you don’t want to hurt him too bad so that Teri hates you,” he answered.
I thought about what he said, who knew Emmet could be sensitive. “I guess you’re right,” I finally said.
“But that doesn’t mean we can’t go a pin him a little harder at practice,” I smile and Emmett’s words.
“I can’t wait for our next practice,” I replied.
“Me too,” Emmett grinned, “Cause I get to help.”
We pulled into the garage and stepped out of the car. Jake was standing in the garage.
“Edward said you might want to go for a run,” he replied to my confused look.
“Right, mind-reader,” I said.
“Let’s go,” Jake said heading toward the forest.
We phased quickly and set off running.
How was practice today? Jake thought.
I’ll show you, I thought back to my memories of today.
Good thing Emmett was there, that could’ve been close, Jake said about me phasing in the field.
Yeah, I thought back, I don’t know what happened to me, I was just so overcome with anger that he had the nerve to hurt her.
I’d be surprised if you didn’t react like that, Jake thought, I was a nervous wreck when the Volturi came a while ago when Nessie was still a little girl. You remember how close it came to a fight? And you remember what it was like in my head.
Yeah I remember, I thought.
My vision was read during the whole thing until Alice came.
My vision turned red too, as soon as his hand hit contact with her face, I thought.
When are you going tot tell her Seth? Jake asked.
I knew exactly what he was talking about, I don’t know. I want to, but I need to get through this whole Brian problem, and then once I get close enough to her, I’ll tell her.
That seems smart, he thought, If you need any help with this Brian kid you know I’m here for you.
Thanks, Emmett and I are already beating him done at practice, but I need to think of something to hurt his in more ways than one.
Just don’t go overboard, Jake thought.
I won’t I wouldn’t want Teri to get mad at me, I thought.
Who’s Teri?
Leah! I thought, I imprinted!
Congratulations, she’s really pretty, she thought looking through my thoughts of her, I’m really happy for you.
Thanks, I thought.
But you see the problem with that jerk kid Brian, Jake thought.
Yeah, but I know Seth will fix it, Leah thought.
So how’s Max? Jake asked obnoxiously.
He’s fine Jake, Leah snapped.
Jake laughed a wolfy laugh and we stopped running and sat by a small river.
Just asking, Jake defended.
Sure Jake, sure, Leah replied, So how did she take it Seth?
Take what? I asked.
You know, wolves, she thought.
I haven’t told her yet, I replied for the second time.
Why not?
Cause I’m not that close to her yet. We only met today.
Fine, she replied, But when you tell her I want to know the details.
Sure, sure, he’ll tell you everything, Jake thought for me, Could we go back now? I’m starving.
Always hunger, huh Jake? Leah laughed.
Whatever, Jake thought running back.
Wait, how many times do I have to tell you my legs aren’t as long as yours, I complained. Jake slowed down, Later Leah, I’ll keep you updated.
Bye boys, she phased as we reached the house.
We walked into the house and went straight to the kitchen. Of course.
“Wow, Jake’s hungry,” Rosalie said as we walking into the kitchen, “Surprise, surprise.”
“If a blonde and a brunette fell off the building, who would hit the ground first?” Jake asked.
“Get some new jokes wolf,” Rosalie replied.
“Who?” I asked.
“The brunette, the blonde would have to stop for directions,” Jake laughed and I joined in.
Rosalie rolled her eyes and continued to brush her hair.
“What a dumb blonde,” Jake muttered.
“What a stupid dog,” she muttered back.
Jake went over to the fridge and pulled out two foot long subs. “Did you want something?” he asked.
“Give me that,” I said grabbing one of the subs and taking a huge bite of the sub.
“Jerk,” Jake joked, taking a bit of his sub.
We finished them quickly, as usual. We headed into the family room. Everyone was gong about their normal activities.
Edward was playing for Bella at the piano. Emmet and Jasper were playing their game of chess with multiple boards. Rosalie and Alice were designing fashions. Carlisle was at work and Esme was working on house designs.
Nessie was the only was not there, but I figured that would change in a few minutes since Jake was her. Sure enough she ran down that stairs and into Jake’s open arms.
I rolled my eyes. Love birds. I just wished I could hug their that way and that she’d hug me back.
“Just be patience,” Edward said to my thoughts.
I’ve been patience long enough. I groaned.
Edward laughed, “Just wait a little bit longer.”
I needed something to do. Anything, just so I wasn’t so bored. I walked into my room and picked up a small piece of wood and a knife.
Jake taught me how to carve wood after Billy taught him. I wasn’t that good, but I was still learning.
I walked down stairs and sat on the couch and began carving. I didn’t really know what I was carving, I just let the knife do all the work.
As I got further I could tell what it was. Teri, of course. Just from her head to her shoulders. Her faces was smiling. I carved a hole in it and hug it from a string.
I put the string around my neck and then held it in my hand. I’d always have her with me. I made sure it hung just under the neckline of a shirt so that no one could see it.
And only I could fell it, close to my heart, which was hers forever. I just hoped that she wanted it.
Chapter 17
I couldn’t wait for the next day of school so I could see Teri again. I was the first one in the car when we were about to leave.
“Someone wants to see their imprint,” Jake joked.
“Not all of us get to live with theirs,” I said back. Wishing he’d start the car faster. I should’ve gone with Edward. He drives the fastest.
We got to school, finally.
“Why did you drive so slow Jake?” I asked getting out of the car.
“I went the speed limit,” he defended.
I rolled my eyes and headed inside with him. I saw Teri. I waved, but once she saw my she looked down, and then toward her friends.
That was strange. Why didn’t she say hi to me? I looked for Edward, but he was out of sight. I shrugged I off and walked into my first class.
I groaned as I walked in. I still had another problem to deal with. Lily. She smile, as always when she saw me come into the room. Of course she had to be Teri’s best friend. Because nothing in the world could ever be easy for me.
“Morning Seth,” she said with a little too much enthusiasm.
I nodded, as I always did.
“I got my dress for tomorrow night,” she said with her same peppy-ness.
“Tomorrow?” I asked confused.
“The dance. Tomorrow night there’s a ladies choice dance. I asked you yesterday and you said yes,” she answered.
“Oh.” Crap, I’d forgot about that. Well that just makes my life so much easier. What was I going to tell her. I’d ask Edward in gym. Edward? If you here me, think of how I can let her down easily. I felt stupid thinking to him when he wasn’t within eye sight. As I always did when I’d talk to him like that from far away.
“Did you forget?” she asked concerned.
“No, it just slipped my mind. I was thinking of something else when I came in,” I replied.
“Oh, okay,” she said back to her normal happiness. A happiness I was, for some reason, not allowed to have.
Too bad I’d be the one to ruin her happiness we I dumped her today. I felt bad, but I didn’t even see her anymore, all I saw was Teri, and her beautiful face.
I wished I could hold her in my arms, swaying to the music of the dance. She’d have on a beautiful dress that would make her figure look even better. Her eyes would look wonderful under the dimmed lights at the dance. She-
“What are you gonna wear tomorrow?” Lily asked cutting off my train of thought.
I shrugged. I really didn’t think about it, cause I hadn’t actually planned on going, until Nessie practically made me say yes.
“Wanna know what color my dress is?” Lily asked still excited for some reason.
“Sure,” I replied, I didn’t really care though.
“It’s green, a beautiful shade of green,” she said. Green, perfect, the color of Teri’s eyes, just perfect.
“Cool,” I replied in a flat tone.
“Are you okay Seth? You seem kind of out of it. You haven’t looked at me since you came in,” she said quietly.
“Can I ask you something?” I asked her, forcing my self to look into her eyes that held no interest to me.
“Why did you want me to go to the dance with me?” I asked.
“Oh, um,” she blushed, “I don’t know.”
“Can you tell me?”
“Well, you’re nice, and funny, and sweet,” she replied looking down at her hands.
“But how do you know that. We’ve only known each other for like a week or two,” I replied.
“I don’t know,” she said. I could tell there was a real reason behind it.
“Tell me,” I said.
“Okay,” she replied, “This is going to sound really bad, but I was just kinda using you to get this guy I like jealous. But he’s in an on and off relationship.”
“Brian, you know him, from the football team. But I think he’s going out with Teri,” she answered.
“I could help,” I said.
“Really?” she asked excited.
“Yeah, I could try to get Teri to brake up with Brian,” I answered.
“Wow, thanks Seth,” she said with a smile.
“No problem,” it really wasn’t, since I wanted them broken up too.
The classes went on and couldn’t wait to see Teri in the cafeteria. I walked in and went straight to the lunch line where Teri, it was just like yesterday.
“Hey Teri,” I said with a smile.
She looked over her shoulder at me and nodded.
“What?” I asked confused.
She shrugged and moved up inline.
“Did I do something wrong?” I asked scared now.
“Can we talk in art class, I’m kinda in a rush,” she said quickly, just looking over her shoulder at me like she’d done before.
“Um, sure I guess,” I replied confused.
“Thanks,” she breathed with a smile.
I walked back to the table, I sat in a seat where I could easily see Teri.
I watched her until Jake cut off my view.
“Hey guys,” he said, “Nessie and I are gonna go get some food.”
“Yeah, yeah, sure,” I said trying to look around him at Teri.
Jake turned and followed my gaze, he laughed, “Just 30 more minutes till art Seth.”
“Just,” I joked as he and Nessie went to the lunch line.
I tensed when Brian throw his arm around her and pulled her close to him. I calmed down, and sent a look at Jasper, he smiled. I turned back to Teri and noticed she was uncomfortable. I relaxed on my own this time.
What’s she thinking? I asked Edward in my head.
“She has to tell you something,” he answered.
What? I asked again.
“I think you should wait, because she needs to tell you. Not me,” he said.
I huffed and slumped down in my seat. Jake and Nessie returned. Jake sat down cutting off my view again.
“Do you mind?” I asked annoyed.
“It’s for your own good. You shouldn’t be-” I cut him off.
“But I want to,” I said, “Could you just more over Jake?”
He slid his chair so that I had full view of my beautiful Teri. “Thanks.”
He just rolled his eyes.
I stared at the clock counting down the remaining minutes to art class. The bell finally rang, and I stood up first. Looking over the crowd for Teri. She was still trapped under Brian’s arm as they headed out of the cafeteria.
Not wanting to get close enough to Brian, and the arm I so badly wanted to rip off, I tagged behind them and waited for him to drop her off in art. She walked in and he headed off down the hallway.
I went in and saw Teri sitting in the same seat as yesterday. So I took my same seat next to her.
“So,” I began, “What was up with you today in the lunch line?”
She looked around, almost to see that no one was looking. “I can’t talk to you anymore Seth.” My heart stopped.
“I tried to break-up with Brian yesterday by saying I liked someone else, and he slapped, and said that I was being ridiculous because there was no one better than him. And then I told him who I liked. And he hit me again -”
“Who did you say?” I asked.
“You,” she said shyly, “And then he said I couldn’t talk to you anymore. And that quote ‘we’ll be watching.’”
“Who’s ‘we?’” I asked.
She looked around again, “Like all of his friends. And there’s at least one in each of my classes.” She nodded her head over to the door, Andy, another freshman on the team came in and glared at me, and the Teri.
‘Sorry’ she mouthed.
‘I’ll fix it,’ I mouthed back.
‘Thank you,’ she said.
I’d do whatever I could to fix it. I hated Brian, I hated him so much I could kill him.
Hmmm, maybe that would fix things . . .
Chapter 18
The more I thought about it the more it appealed to me. It would be long, and pain full I’d-
No! No, no, no. I wouldn’t kill him. I couldn’t. I wasn’t a murderer.
Luckily Andy sat in front of us, so he couldn’t see us passing notes.
‘How are you going to fix this?’ Teri wrote.
‘I don’t know. But why can’t you just stay with me. I’ll protect you.’ I wrote back.
‘It’s not that simple,’ she wrote.
‘How?’ I asked.
‘Brian has ways of getting what he wants,’ she wrote back.
‘Well, if my family helps, I don’t think he’ll stand a chance,’ I wrote.
‘But Brian could hurt someone in your family,’ she wrote.
I laughed under my breath as the teacher started a video, ‘I highly doubt that.’
‘How?’ she asked.
‘You don’t know my family,’ I wrote back.
‘Can I meet them?’ she asked.
I took a deep breath before writing, ‘Only if you go on a date with me.’
She looked at me and smiled, then she nodded her head. I exploded with happiness. She liked me, she had feelings other than friendship toward me. And she had said yes to me.
‘Pick you up at 7 tonight,’ I wrote.
‘Perfect,’ she wrote. And then the lights went off, and the movie began.
I was so happy I couldn’t even describe it. I was going out with the girl of my dreams and she wanted to be there with me.
I just had to think of a place to go. Maybe to dinner, but I ate more than the average human, considering I’m not even human, so that could gross her out. We could so to the movies, but movie theaters were cold so she’d notice my unusually hot skin and think I was sick.
I could take her on a picnic. On a boat. Yeah that’s it. I’m sure the Cullen’s could get a boat by 7 tonight. Then we’d be isolated alone. And I might even tell her about me, and everyone else in the family.
It would be perfect, then again, anywhere with her would be perfect. I just wish she felt that strongly for me.
But we only did meet yesterday, so I had to give her some time.
The movie ended and we both stood up. Andy appeared by Teri’s side.
“Ready to go?” he asked, glaring at me.
“Where?” she asked.
“Your next class. I’m gonna walk you there,” he answered.
“I can walk myself, thank you,” she glared at him.
“I don’t think you can,” he said to her, “Now let’s go,” he took her arm and pulled her toward the doorway. She struggled but was no match for him. She looked at me her eyes asking for help.
I put a firm hand on Andy shoulder stopping him immediately. “She said she didn’t need your help,” I said in a firm voice. Trying to keep my vision clear.
Andy tried to wiggle out of my grip but I didn’t let him. I just look his other arm and pulled it off of Teri.
“Now let’s go Teri,” I said releasing him.
“Sure” she said and headed out of the room, I followed her.
I turned back to look at Andy before I walked out, he was examining his arm. I chuckled I probably gave him a bruise or two.
“Thanks,” she said once we were both in the hallway, “Brian is really such a jerk.”
“Yeah,” I said keeping my senses sharp so I could sense if he was near.
“So what are we going to do tonight?” she asked.
“Oh,” I replied, “It’s a secret.”
“C’mon,” she pleaded, “Please, I really wanna know.”
“Nope,” I shook my head, “You’ll have to wait and see.”
A cute, delicate huff came out of her mouth in frustration. “Fine, you win this one,” she said, as we walked into geometry, “But you won’t win next time.”
“We’ll see about that,” I laughed. She laughed with me and I was surrounded by her wonderfulness again. Her scent and sound. I couldn’t believe she could be all mine.
Even if she didn’t pick me, she’d be close to my heart. I held the necklace I made for a second then returned it under my shirt.
We sat down at a table in geometry.
“I wonder who our spy will be in this class,” I said to Teri.
She looked around the room, “Him,” she nodded over to a boy on the other side of the room, with his back facing us.
“Who do you know?” I asked.
“That’s Evan, Brian’s twin.”
“Oh,” I replied.
“He’s a lot nicer than Brian. When I first came here I like Evan, not Brian. But Brian convinced me that Evan didn’t like me and then got me to go out with him. Later on I found out that Evan had liked me. That was the first time I tried to break up with Brian. But Evan doesn’t like his brother so he probably won‘t care if we talk.”
I nodded, “So he’s not a jerk like his brother.”
“No, he’s really sweet. When Brian threatened me with a knife, it wasn’t just because I wouldn’t go with him, it was because I was going with Evan. He made me dump Evan to go with him. I felt so bad.”
“Wow,” I replied, “Brian is such a jerk. How does he have any friends?”
“He’s mister popular here,” she said with disgust, “Varsity football player, gets any girl he wants. But wont leave me alone. I don’t get why he can have any girl and picks me.”
“Well, you are beautiful, and sweet, and kind, and selfless, and wonderful,” I stated the truth. She looked down and blushed.
“You’re just saying that,” she said still looking down.
“No, everything I just said was the truth,” I replied.
“You are the nicest person I’ve ever met. I’m so glad I ran into you yesterday,” she said with a smile.
“So am I,” she had no idea.
The teacher started class. I glanced over to her every so often. It made me happy when she did too. When the teacher finished the lesson he handed out packets and had us work on them in pairs.
Teri and I worked together.
“If only I knew of someone who like Brian, then I could tell him, and he couldn’t resist,” Teri said, “He has a huge ego, and when he finds out that someone like hi, he cheats on me like the jerk he is.”
A light bulb went off in my head, “I know someone who likes Brian.”
“Who?” she asked.
“Lily,” I answered.
“Lily?” she asked, “My best friend Lily?”
“Yeah she told me this morning,” I answered.
“Why didn’t she tell me?’ she asked.
“Maybe she’d think you’d be mad if you knew she had a crush on your boyfriend,” I answered.
“Maybe. This is perfect. I just have to get Lily to tell Brian, and it will all work out,” she smiled.
“I hope so,” I said, “What if he doesn’t like Lily?”
“Oh he will, cause he’s cheated on me with her before,” she replied simply.
“Your boy friend cheated on you with your best friends?” I asked in disbelief.
She nodded.
“And you stayed friends with her?”
“Forgive and forget,” she answered.
“That’s nice,” I replied.
She shrugged, “We better get started on this packet.”
We finished the packet with minutes to spare. We chatted all through the period while we worked.
I learned Teri’s dreams and hopes. She wanted to be a chef. She loved to cook, and make creations out of food.
That worked, I was always hungry. I laughed to myself.
The period ended, so school was over too. I didn’t have practice today. To bad I was looking forward to beating Brian to the ground today. And I’m sure Emmett was too.
We walked outside together. I noticed Jake standing by the car waiting for me. He smiled when he saw I was with Teri.
“Seth,” Teri began.
“I had a really good time today with you. I thought it would be horrible, because I wasn’t allowed to talk to you, but it all worked out.”
“Yeah I’m really happy too,” I replied, “I’ll see you tonight. Seven o’clock.”
“Seven o’clock,” she agreed, then she did something unexpected. She looked around to make sure no one was looking then wrapped her arms around my waist. I hugged her back, keeping her there for as long as I could. “Bye,” she said and ran off.
“Bye,” I called after her and head over to Jake.
“Someone’s happy,” he commented.
I rolled my eyes, “Why wouldn’t I be?” I asked.
He shrugged and got in the car. Bella was already there waiting. The drive home was quick for me, I was thinking about my night with Teri and how I would tell her about me.
Then it dawned on me. I don’t have a boat. I worried about this until I got home and found a brand new boat in the garage.
Edward came over and pointed to himself. “Mind-reader.”
“Right, thanks man,” I said.
“My pleasure, I’ll drop it off my the Bay so it’ll be there when you two arrive.”
He nodded and headed inside with his arm around Bella.
“Jake, can you come on a run with me before I ran to get ready?” I asked him.
“Sure, lets go,” he answered.
We walked over to the forest, phased and were off running.
Chapter 19
Excited for tonight? Jake asked.
You have no idea, I answered.
What’s tonight? Quil suddenly asked.
Nothing just a date, I answered.
A date with his imprint, Jake thought.
You imprint? Embry thought, Congratulations.
Yeah congrats, dude, Quil thought.
Thanks guys, I thought.
She’s pretty, Embry thought.
What’s her name? Quil asked.
Teri, Jake answered for me.
Would you mind if I describe my own imprint, I asked Jake.
Sorry, he defended.
When are you going to tell her? Embry asked.
I don’t know. Maybe tonight. I’ll see how things go, I answered.
Well you better tell us how she takes is, Quil thought.
I will, I will, I’ll tell everyone, I thought.
Good, Embry thought.
How’s La Push? Jake asked, Any new wolves?
Yeah, Quil answered, One.
Who is it? I asked.
Tom, Embry answered, You know Sam’s cousin.
Oh, okay, Jake said.
Yeah, and he’s in Sam’s pack so we didn’t have to go through the whole ‘training’ process, Quil thought.
That’s good, I thought.
Yeah, so where are you going on this date? Quil asked.
I showed them my thought of the Bay, picnic, and boat. What do you think? I asked.
I think she’ll love it, Leah thought.
Leah! When did you get here? Jake asked.
Uh, like now, she answered.
Hi, I said to Leah.
Hi Seth, excited for your date today? she asked.
What do you think? I asked back.
My guess is that you nearly phased from happiness when she said yes, Leah guess.
She was close, Maybe.
Oh, I got to go, my mom will see that I’m gone soon, Embry said, Bye guys. he phased.
I better go too then, tell us what happens Seth, Later, Quil said and phased too.
What is everyone leaving because I’m suddenly here? Leah asked.
Pretty much, yeah, Jake answered.
Nice to see you too Jake, Leah thought.
Actually, I think we should go, because I have to get ready for tonight, I thought to Leah.
Okay bye, she phased as Jake and I ran home.
We phased back and walked into the house. I went upstairs, took a shower, and got ready for tonight.
I walked downstairs, “You look nice,” Edward commented, “I just got back from dropping your boat off, the picnic basket is in there too, so you’re all set.”
“Thanks man,” I said, “Okay everyone, I’m leaving.”
A chorus of ‘good lucks’ and ‘have funs’ followed me out the door.
I got into Jake’s car and started it up. I drove to Teri’s house at the speed limit, I didn’t want to be early. I wanted to be right on time.
I arrived at her house at 7:03 p.m. I shut the car off and was about to get out to go get her, but she was already outside.
“Wow,” I breathed, “You look beautiful.”
“Thanks,” she blushed.
She had on a blue fitting tank top, with a small white jacket over it, with tight fitting skinning jeans. Her hair looked bouncier and curlier and her eyes, were even more piercing that it made me weak in the knees.
I opened the door for her and she got in. I walked around and got in the other side. The car immediately began to smell like her. I was pleased she smelled beautiful. So beautiful I couldn’t even describe it.
“Can you tell me where you’re going now?” she asked.
I smiled, “No.”
“Why not?”
“I wasn’t it to be a surprise,” I answered.
She huffed in frustration, “That’s not fair.”
I shrugged, “Life’s not fair,” I said.
“Original,” she laughed.
“Thanks,” I said.
I drove to the Bay quickly. It wasn’t that far from her house. The boat was there, just as Edward said it would be there.
“That,” I pointed to the boat, “Is where we’re eating.”
She covered her mouth with her hand in disbelief, “Wow.”
I laughed, “Is that all you can say?”
“This is beautiful,” she said as I took her hand and lead her to the boat, “This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.”
I gripped her waist and lifted her on to the boat. Then I unhooked it from the dock, and bushed us off into the Bay. I drove us to the middle, where I dropped the anchor and went to sit with her in the back of the boat.
“Hungry?” I asked.
She nodded.
I opened the picnic basket and found a meal of pasta for two. Still warm. I handed her a plate and we began eating.
“Seth this is delicious,” she said between bites, “Did you make this?”
I shock my head. “I can’t really cook. My adopted mother Esme did.”
“Tell her this is amazing,” she said.
I nodded.
“When can I met her? And everyone else, official?” she asked.
“Maybe later tonight, if you want to,” I said.
She smiled.
“I’ll take that as a yes,” I said. And she smiled again.
We finished eating and were both staring out into the bay.
“What are you thinking about right now?” she asked me.
“I’m wondering how such a wonderful girl like you said yes to me,” I answered.
She blushed again, “You’re so nice to me,” she said.
I shrugged, “I just really like you.” Really, really, really like you.
“I really like you too,” she replied. Looking into my eyes. It was a good thing we were sitting, otherwise my legs would’ve collapsed from under me. The intensity of her stare was hypnotizing.
She leaded in slightly toward my head. I mimicked her movement. She put her hand on my arm and kept it there. I cupped the side of her face in my large hand. We just stared into each other eyes.
Then finally the suspense was killing me.
I leaned in a little more. She followed.
I stared into her eyes and she stared back into mine. Then I fluttered mine closed as we both moved in until our lips met.
Chapter 20
The kiss was perfect. I wrapped my other arm around he waist and pulled her tighter to my body. Her fingers locked in my hair pushing it toward her. Even though I was going to let go. Her lips moved in perfect movement with mine.
I open my mouth slightly as she did. Inviting me in. I breathed in her scent then traced her bottom lip with my tongue.
We both pulled away gasping for air. I still had one arm wrapped around her waist so I wrapped my other one there too. Holding her with me. So she could never leave.
She kept her arms wrapped around my neck. She caught her breath and said, “Wow.”
I laughed.
“That was amazing,” she said, “I felt such a connection. Like we’re meant to be together.”
I smiled. “I think we are.”
“What?” she asked.
“I need to tell you something,” I stared.
“I’m listening,” she said.
I took a deep breath.
“Okay, so have you ever heard any of the La Push legends?” I asked.
She nodded good. That would make things much easier.
“Well you know that the Quileutes are descended from wolves,” she nodded, “Well, some of us actually are wolves.”
“What do you mean?” she asked confused.
“I mean that some of us can transform into wolves,” I said.
“Oh,” she said taking in what I was implying, “Can you?”
I bit my lip and nodded.
She breathed, “So what are you exactly?”
“A werewolf,” I said looking down.
“Okay,” she said.
“Okay?” I asked, “That’s all you have to say?”
“Well yeah, I guess,” she said.
“You aren’t scared or disgusted or-” she cut me off my pushing her lips to mine.
“No, I remember the legends, and you didn’t choose this,” she said, “And you’re not dangerous. Even if the legend said you were I wouldn’t believe it, because you are the nicest person I’ve ever met.”
I just smiled and the pulled her into a tight bear hug. “I love you,” I said into her ear.
“Even though I just met you. I feel like I’ve known you forever. And you know what?” she said.
“What?” I asked.
“I love you too,” she whispered into my ear.
I smiled so widely I could tell it stretched for ear to ear. “Wanna see me phase?” I asked.
“Phase?” she said confused.
“That’s what its called when you change into a werewolf,” I said.
“Is it safe?” she asked.
“Yeah just go stand in the driver area and watch through the glass,” I said.
“Okay,” she said. I released her and moved the picnic basket out of the way.
I looked around to make sure no one else would see. We were to only ones on the bay. We were alone. Perfect.
I took a deep breath and let the fire burn through as I went from two legs to four. I watched her as I phased. She look amazed.
“Can I come out?” she asked.
I nodded my head. She came out and approached my slowly with her hand out. Her hand reached my head and I sighed a sigh of pleasure.
She smiled, “You are the prettiest wolf I’ve even seen.”
I gave her a wolfy grin the licked her face with my huge tongue. The laughed a wolfy laugh.
“Seth, that’s so gross,” she said laughing as she whipped some of the slobber off.
I phased back quickly and pulled my pants up, but my shirt was ripped apart.
She smiled and reached up on her toes and kissed me lightly on the lips. I wrapped my arms around her and held her there.
She pulled away and looked into my eyes. “I really do love you.”
“I love you too, more than you know. Let me explain,” I said sitting down, keeping her in my arms so she sat on my lap. “There’s thing that werewolves do.” I began.
“What?” she asked.
“It’s called imprinting. It’s sort of like love at first sight. Only much, much stronger. When you see her, it’s like she’d holding you to the Earth. You’ll do anything for her, just to see her happy.”
She stayed silent.
“And I imprinted on you,” I said, finally.
“You loved me as soon as you saw me?” she asked.
I nodded.
She smiled, “I’m flattered.” I pulled her into another tight hug.
“Let’s go,” I said.
“Can I meet your family now?” she asked.
“Then I have more to explain,” I sighed.
“I’m all ears,” she said.
“Okay, well there is another werewolf in the family, Jacob, but I’m sure you could’ve guessed that. And Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Bella, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie are, well, they’re, I mean they are-”
“Just spit it out Seth,” she said.
“Vampires,” I looked down, not wanting to see her face.
“Vampires? I thought that the legends said that you and them were enemies,” she said.
“Yeah, but the Cullen’s are, well they call themselves vegetarians, they only drink animal blood, so the are harmless to humans.”
“Well, I’m not scared if you’re here with me. But wait what about Nessie?” she asked.
“Nessie’s something else. She’s half vampire and half human. She’s a mix,” I answered.
She smiled, “You have some family Mr. Black.”
“Oh actually, my last name is Clearwater. Not Black, that’s my cover. And Jake and Bella aren’t my siblings. I have a sister Leah, she lives in La Push. Jake’s last name is Black, and Bella’s a Cullen.”
“Oh, confusing,” she replied.
“You have no idea,” I said, “Ready to go met them?”
“Promise I won’t get hurt,” she said.
“I promise, I won’t let anyone hurt you,” I vowed. Then I started the boat and headed back to shore.
I smiled as I drove. Tonight had gone perfect. I could almost feel the happiness radiating off me.
Her meeting the family would go perfect as well. I hoped.
Chapter 21
I figured I should just leave the boat there. So I did what I could to tie it tightly to the dock and take the keys. I took the phone out of my pocket as I headed for the car.
I dialed Edwards number. He picked up, “Hi Seth.”
“Hey, um, would it be okay if I brought Teri to meet everyone?” I asked.
“Of course Seth, everyone will be excited,” he answered.
“Okay,” I sighed, “See you then.” I hung up the phone.
I walked with Teri to the car. Hold my arm around her waist. Keeping her close to me. I opened the car door for her. She smiled, and got in. I walked around the other side of the door and got in.
“I’m really glad I finally told you everything,” I said as I started the car.
“There’s just one problem,” she said.
“What?” I asked.
“Brian,” she answered, “He still thinks I’m going out with him. And his ‘forbidding’ me to talk to you.”
“Well, I’ll just tell him,” I replied, “He can’t hurt me. He’d probably break his hand trying to punch me.” I laughed. “That’s what happened to Bell when she punched Jake.”
She laughed too, “But I thought Bella was a vampire,” she said it so calmly.
“She is, but this happened before she was changed,” I answered.
“Oh, why did she punch him?”
“Long story,” I replied.
“Will you tell me another time?” she asked.
“Well, seeing that I can’t say no to you . . .”
She smiled, she smoothed her face, “Who do you turn into a vampire?”
This was the question I hoped she wouldn’t ask, “I just know the fundamentals. They have to bit someone, so that the venom get’s into their system. Then it starts to change them. It takes three days, and I heard it’s very painful. Bella said it felt like she was on fire, for three whole days.”
“Wow,” she replied.
“You’re amazing,” I said, “You take everything so calming. Nessie throw a fit when she found out, and was really confused.”
She laughed, “Well I guess I’m just very excepting.”
“I love you,” I said again, glad to have her here with me in the car. Her hand interlocked with mine.
“I love you too,” she said with a smile.
“You have no idea how good it feels to hear you say that,” I said.
She smiled her beautiful smile as we pulled into the driveway. I parked the car and went to open her door for her. She took my hand as I helped her out. Then I let go of it and wrapped my arm around her waist.
“Ready?” I asked.
“Always,” she said.
I walked her up to the door and then opened it for both of us. We walked in and found everyone waiting for us. They stood in a semicircle around us.
“Teri,” I said, “This is Carlisle, and his wife Esme, Jasper and Alice, Emmett and Rosalie, Edward and his wife Bella, and you know Jake and Nessie.” I motioned to everyone, “And everyone, this it Teri.”
“Nice to meet you everyone,” Teri said.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Teri,” Carlisle said, “Welcome to the family.”
She smiled, and looked over everyone.
“It happens when we turn into vampires,” Edward said. Probably answering her thought. Crap! I forgot to explain that.
“How did you know I was thinking that?” Teri asked confused.
“Well you see,” I started, “I kind of forgot to explain that. Some vampire has special gifts. Edward can read minds. Bella is a shield so she can block people from other peoples powers. Alice can see the future, but her visions are subjective, she can see a person on that path a decision takes them to. Once they change their mind the vision changes. Jasper can control peoples emotions. And Nessie can show you her memories.”
“That’s amazing,” she said, “What other powers are there?”
“Maybe I should explain this,” Edward said, “Some people can give you illusions. Like an illusion of pain, of a place they want you to see. Others can to different thing, some can cut of your senses completely, others can control the elements, you know, water, fire, earth, and air.”
“This is amazing,” she breathed. I sighed, it was so great that she understood everything.
“Well some of us who don’t have powers are pretty amazing too,” Emmett said, “I’m stronger than anyone in this house.” she said proudly.
“You weren’t always,” Bella said with a laugh. Everyone joined in as Emmett growled slightly.
“What happened?” Teri asked.
“When I was a new born, I was stronger that anyone else, so I beat Emmett at arm wrestling, and I’ll never let him forget it,” Bella answered.
Teri laughed.
“Some of us have two talents,” Alice said.
“What?” Teri asked confused.
Edward rolled his eyes at Alice, “Other than seeing the future. Alice considers herself and amazing fashion designer.” Emmett laughed.
“Well I am,” she defended, “Want me to design clothes for you?” Alice asked Teri with enthusiasm.
Teri smiled, “That’d be great.”
Alice smile grew wider, “Lets get your measurements and I’m off to work,” Alice ran up to Teri, picked her up and ran her upstairs before I could blink.
“She took everything very well,” Edward said.
“Yeah, I was really surprised and really happy,” I replied.
Alice flew down the stair moments later. “All done, you can come over when I’m done to try everything on.”
“Okay,” Teri smiled, “That was such a rush,” she said, “Moving at the speed of light.”
“Riding on a wolf is ever better,” Nessie said.
Teri looked at me and smiled. “Can I?” She asked.
“Sure,” I smiled, “Let’s go.”
We walked outside hand-in-hand.
“They like you,” I told her.
She smiled, “I like them too, they’re all really nice.”
I smiled and phased. Then I walked over to her and kneeled down so she could get on.
Jake came out before I ran off, “Make sure you hold on tight Teri,” he said just before I ran into the world with Teri clutching handfuls of my fur.
Chapter 22
I felt amazing during the whole run. It felt so right to have her riding on my back. Clutching to my fur.
I slowed down at a small river, then I came to a stop. I kneeled down so she could climb off. Then I began to walk behind a few trees to phase.
“Where are you going Seth?” she asked as I walked away.
“I had to phase,” I replied walking back to her.
“Oh,” she said, “There’s still some stuff I don’t get.”
“I’ll explain what ever you like,” I said sitting down on a rock. I opened my arms up for her to come sit with me. She walked over and sat on my lap. I wrapped my arms around her. Holding her close to me.
I sighed at the sweet smell of her hair. We sat like that for a few minutes. Then she started to pull away. I didn’t want to let go of her. So I tightened my arms so she couldn’t squirm an inch.
She laughed, “Seth,” she complained trying to break my grasp, but failing, “I’m not going to run anywhere. Even if I did you’d be able to catch me.”
I thought about it and realized she was right. I opened my arms so she could leave. It pained me to do so.
She walked over to the river and kneeled down. Letting her fingers run through the water. Then she turned to me with her hands still in the water.
She smiled, then cupped her hands in the river then throw that water at me. It splashed me right in the face.
“You’re dead,” I said walking over to her.
She stood up and started to run away. I chased after her. Wrapping my arms around her waist picking her up. She shock her legs and arms as I carried her back to the river. So complained the whole time.
I held her right over the water, “I’m gonna drop you in,” I threatened.
“No,” she protested laughing.
I pretended to drop her but caught her again. She screamed and laughed. Still wiggling away from the water.
“Please, Seth,” she begged laughing.
“Hmmm, I don’t know,” I said.
“Please,” she pleaded again, giving me pleading eyes. I soften. I pulled her back close to me holding her there.
“You’re my prisoner now,” I said against her hair, “I’m never letting go.”
“That’s fine with that,” she said, wrapping her arms around my neck hugging me back.
I smiled and held her there walking back to the house. We weren’t that far away, I ran in circles most of the time. Staying close to the house, but far enough so that no one could hear us.
When I got back I didn’t even bother walking inside. They could hear me. So instead it walked into the garage. I opened the car door a set Teri on the seat. Then I walked around and got in the drivers seat.
“Where are we going?” she asked.
“Where ever you want,” I said.
“Hmmm,” she said thinking, “I met your family, so you can come met mine.”
I tensed, “Um, are you sure?”
“Yeah,” she replied, “My dad’s a vet. He’d be so interested in what you are and -”
“Wait, you can’t tell him. You can’t tell anyone about me or Jake or Nessie of the rest of the Cullen’s,” I said a little to firmly.
She leaned away, “Why?”
“Because it has to stay a secret. If you told anyone I’d have to leave and go far away. Do you want that?” I asked, getting a little mad.
“No,” she said crossing her arms and looking out the window.
I took a deep breath starting the car. I drove out of the driveway, “I’m sorry,” I finally said, “You just need to keep it a secret or we have to leave, and we can’t come back.”
She unfolded her arms. I took one hand off the steering wheel offering it to her. She took it and my big hand wrapped around hers.
“I’m sorry too. I didn’t know, and I just think its really cool, and I’m sure other people would too,” she said, “And I promise that I won’t ever tell anyone.”
“Thank you,” I sighed.
She smiled as I pulled into her drive way. I did the opposite and I know she noticed.
“It’s going to be fine,” she said.
“If you say so,” I said getting out of the car. I walked to her door and helped her out. Keeping her hand in mine.
She lead us up to the front door. She opened it and pulled him in. I took a deep breath before stepping inside.
“Hello?” she called into the house, “Mom? Dad? Jerry?”
“Jerry?” I asked.
“My brother,” she said leading us to the kitchen, looking around. She found a note on the counter. It read:
Hope you had fun on your date, we went to run some
errands, be back soon.
Love you,
“No ones home,” she said turning back to me.
“What do you want to do?” I asked.
“I guess we could just wait in the family room,” she said, “They said they’d be back soon.”
I nodded, “Okay, lead the way,” I said.
She took us into the family, it was an average room. Just like mine in La Push. We took us to the couch and sat down.
I sat next to her an pulled me on to my lap. Wrapping my arms around her, she leaned her head on my shoulder.
I sighed, pulling her closer to me. “I love you so much,” I said into her hairs.
She smiled and said, “I know,” I smiled too. Then she turned on my lap to face me.
She pressed her lips lightly on mine. She pulled away and said, “I love you too.” She kissed me again and I kissed her back lightly. It grew more intense and the time went on. I opened my mouth breathing her in. She did the same inviting my in. I brushed my tongue across her top lip. Putting my hands on the small of her back and the back of her neck. Crushing her closer to me.
I’d keep her there forever if I could. She put her hands on the back of my neck, trying to pull me closer with the strength she had. I moved the hand from the back of her neck to her jacket. Slipping it off of her shoulders and dropping it on the ground.
She didn’t seem to mind, she seem to like it. Throwing herself into the kiss as much as I did. I rubbed my hand up and down her arm. I moved my hand toward the strap of her tank top. Beginning to slip it off her shoulder when-
“Teri?” a voice called. We both looked away to see who it was.
Teri’s eye bulged out of her head. She quickly got off my lap and pulled her jacket back on. “Oh. Hi dad,” she said.
Dad? I thought. Crap, I’m screwed.
“How was your date?” her dad asked not taking his eyes off of me.
“It was fun, we had a picnic on a boat in the bay. And then I met Seth’s family,” she said still a little tense.
He nodded, his jaw tense.
“Well dad, this is Seth,” she beckoned for me to come over to her. I stood up and walked next to her.
I stuck my hand out, “Nice to met you Sir.”
He grasped my hand firmly, “Same to you.” Then dropping it.
Teri’s mom and brother walked in. Her mom had a nicer expression on her face. I relaxed, a little.
“You must be Seth,” her mom said, she said shaking my hand, “It’s nice to finally met you.”
“It’s nice to met you too,” I said. I would’ve addressed her, but I didn’t know Teri’s last name. Way to be smart Seth, I thought to myself.
“And this is Jerry,” her mom said gesturing to the boy walking into the family room, “He’s just a year younger than you and Teri.”
He nodded to me, “Hey.”
“Hi,” I said back. Then I turned to Teri, “I better go.”
“Okay, I’ll walk you out,” Teri said.
“It was nice meeting you all,” I said over my shoulder.
Teri opened the door and walked me to the car.
“Your dad hates me,” I said turning her around to face me.
“He’s just protecting her little girl,” she said back.
“Well, I guess I’ll go, I’ll see you tomorrow at school,” I said.
“Wait, the dance tomorrow,” she started, “Wanna go with me?”
I smiled, “I wouldn’t want to go with anyone else.”
She smiled then reached on her toes to kiss my lightly on the lips, “See you tomorrow.”
“Wait,” I said as she started to walk back to the house, “What are you going to do about Brian?”
“He’ll just have to deal. I’ve found someone else,” she answered with smile.
“I love you,” I said opening the car door.
“I love you too,” she called opening the front door.
I started the car and began to drive home. ‘Well,’ I thought, ‘It could’ve gone worse.’
Chapter 23
I drove into the garage and called Jake. He came out in seconds.
“Yeah?” he asked.
“Wanna go for a quick run? I have to tell everyone how Teri took the news,” I asked.
“Sure, I wanna know too,” he said as he headed toward the forest to phase.
We didn’t run that fast. Mostly because I didn’t want to and Jake stayed with me. Embry, Quil, and Leah were already there.
Finally, Leah thought, I had to wait here with them for like an hour.
Thanks Leah. We feel the love, Embry thought.
Yeah, yeah, whatever, Leah thought, So how’d it go?
How’d she take it? Quil asked.
I replied the whole night so it seemed like they were there.
That’s it? Jake asked, She didn’t throw a fit?
Nope, she took everything so calmly, I answered proudly.
Nothing? Nothing crazy at all? Quil asked.
No, I was afraid she didn’t have like any reaction, she just accepted it, I thought.
Wow, Jake said to my memories, That’s, like, amazing.
Yeah, I said, I know she is. How did Max take it Leah?
I don’t know, he seemed calm, but I could tell he was freaking out on the inside, she answered.
I haven’t told Claire yet, Quil thought, She’s only thirteen. I’m waiting for her to be at least sixteen or seventeen.
How did your imprint take it? I asked Embry.
Allie got a little crazy, but when she figured out we weren’t dangerous, she accepted me, Embry answered.
That’s good, I commented.
Yeah, yeah, Jake thought, How’s my dad?
He’s good, I see him a lot, Quil said.
Yeah me too, Embry said.
Good, what about my sister and, Paul, he practically spat out his name.
She’s good, still with Paul, Embry said.
There was a little problem though, Quil said.
Quil, we weren’t gonna tell him, Embry said.
Tell me what? Jake asked, now getting mad.
Nothing it was just a misunderstanding, Quil said.
What? Jake asked.
She just had a little problem with some stuff and-
Everyone thought she was pregnant, Leah said, cutting Embry off.
Pregnant?! My sister and Paul?! Jake asked, getting really mad.
Yeah, but it was a misunderstanding, Quil tried to calm Jake down, She’s not pregnant. She’s fine.
I am gonna kill Paul, Jake said.
Why? For being in love with your sister? Leah asked, That’s like Emmett killing you.
Jake didn’t say anything else, he was too busy cursing off Paul in his head.
Maybe we should go back Jake, I said.
He didn’t reply.
Nessie, I tried again. This time he responded.
Okay let’s go, he thought, Bye everyone. He took off into the forest.
Later, I said running after him to the house.
We phased quickly then walked up the porch and into the house. Nothing unusual inside, or so we thought. Everyone was standing in the semi circle they stood when they met Teri.
“What’s going on everyone? Why is everyone so serious?” Jake asked walking over to Nessie.
“We just found out that we’re going to have some visitors soon,” Edward answered calmly.
“Who? Are they dangerous?” I asked confused.
“No,” Edward replied smoothly, “They were here before, when the whole Volturi came, when Nessie was born.”
“Who?” Jake asked through hid teeth.
“Just Zafrina from the Amazon, and she’s brining Nahual with her,” Edward answered.
Jake let out a sigh, “I thought it was someone dangerous, like the Volturi.”
I tensed, were they ‘vegetarians’ too? Would Teri be okay?
“Yes, they are. And they won’t hurt any humans here,” Edward said to my thoughts.
I sighed this time, “Good.”
“They kinda have to be since they’re going to school with us. Zafrina will pass as a junior with Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper. And Nahual will be a freshman with Jake, Seth, and Nessie,” Edward said.
I nodded, I didn’t really know them. I didn’t know any of the vampires who came back when Nessie was young. The smell was too strong for me, so I stayed away from the house. But I did remember Nahual, he was the one that saved us from a fight.
Even though they were outnumbered and it would’ve been fun, it was better that Alice brought Nahual.
“When are they coming?” Emmett asked.
“They should be here soon. That’s why we’re standing like this to welcome them,” Carlisle said.
Emmett nodded as we heard a car turn onto the long driveway. We knew it was them, even if we couldn’t hear Nahual’s heartbeat, but who else would turn onto this driveway?
Edward showed a tight smile, then wrapped his arm around Bella’s waist. I realized I was still standing in the middle of the semicircle, so I moved next to Jake and Nessie.
The entered moments later. Both beautiful, of course. Except they had more of an African beauty. But beautiful nonetheless.
Though they weren’t as beautiful as my Teri.
Zafrina smiled, “It’s so nice to see you all again.” Bella and Edward walked forward, each giving her a hug, then Nessie walked over, with Jake close by, the join them.
“It’s good to see you too,” Edward said.
Nahual walked around Zafrina giving Nessie a hug, then Edward and Bella too. “I love seeing old friends again,” he said.
Zafrina said their hellos to everyone else. While I stood off to the side.
“And who is this?” Zafrina asked looking at me.
“This is Seth, he’s a wolf like Jake, and he lives with us. He was here when the Volturi long ago,” Edward said.
“Well it’s nice to meet you Seth,” she said.
I nodded.
Once everyone stopped catching up everyone fell into their normal activities. Jasper and Emmet playing some elaborate game. Edward and Bella by the piano. Esme working on designs. Carlisle reading. Rosalie and Alice make clothes, and Zafrina jumped in with them. Jake, Nessie, and Nahual were watching television like they’d known each other forever.
Now where did I fit in?
Chapter 24
Edward gave me a look and I could tell it was in reaction to my thoughts. I shrugged looked away, walking over to the couch to sit next to Jake. I plopped down with a thud.
Jake looked up, “Thinking about Teri?”
“What else would I think about?” I asked back.
He smiled and laughed, “I guess that’s a yes.”
“Who is Teri?” Nahual asked.
“My imprint,” I answered.
“Imprint?” he asked confused, “I heard the term when we were here before, but I don’t remember the meaning.”
“Allow me,” Jake said, “It’s a werewolf thing. Like love at first sight only much stronger. Once you see her, she’s the only thing that keeps you going. The only thing you care about.”
Nahual nodded, “I see. And Teri is your imprint?”
“Yup,” I answered.
“And Nessie is yours?” he asked Jake.
Jake nodded and wrapped his arms around Nessie pulling her close to him.
Nahual nodded back then looked around, probably trying to think of a topic to talk about.
“Do you have a special power?” I asked Nahual.
Nahual looked back to us and smiled. Suddenly Jake and I both stood up, as if controlled by something. Then I reached over and pulled Jake’s shorts down. Nahual and Nessie laughed at Jake. And we snapped back to ourselves.
By then everyone was looking and laughing at Jake. I reached down and pulled his pants up quickly.
“What the hell was that?” Jake asked, clearly pissed off.
Nahual just continued to laugh, as did Edward, because I’m sure he knew what was going on.
“What happened?” Jake asked starting to get mad.
“My power,” Nahual answered simply.
“What kind of power is that?” Jake asked calming down as he slumped into the couch, wrapping his arm around Nessie and pulling her as close as she could get to the side of his body.
“Mind-control,” Nahual answered with a smile, “I can make everyone do almost everything. It’s quite fun, but I have to have eye contact with the person.”
“Wow!” I said, “Really?”
He nodded, “Zafrina blinds me or doesn’t look at me when I don’t get my way. Because it acts on it’s own sometimes, when I don’t get what I want.”
Jake nodded, “Never looking you in the eye.”
Nahaul laughed, “I’ll be waiting when you do.”
Nessie smiled, “That’ll funny to watch.” I laughed with her.
“Do some mind control on her Nahual,” Jake said.
Nessie closed her eye childishly. Nahual smile.
“I would never,” Nahual said, “Edward would kill me.”
Jake frowned, “Just mind control on him too.”
“He’d know I’d be thinking it and look away,” Nahual retorted.
Nessie smiled, “I win.”
“You always do,” Jake said hugging her for the hundredth time today. Nahual and I rolled our eyes in unison.
The phone rang and Edward walked over to answer it. “Hello?” he said. Then paused, “Sure. Here he is,” he walked over to me and handed me the phone. “It’s Teri.”
I smiled immediately taking the phone. “Hello,” I said walking up the stairs and into my room for privacy, even though I knew they could listen from downstairs if they wanted to.
“Hey Seth,” she greeted me cheerfully.
“What’s up?” I asked hoping nothing was wrong.
“Nothing, I just wanted to talk to you,” she said.
“Oh,” I smiled, “I always want to hear your voice.”
I could tell she was smiling on the other end, “What were you doing before I called?” she asked.
“Talking to Jake, Nessie and Nahual. He’s from the Amazon,” I answered.
“Is he like ‘you?’” she asked, I knew what she meant.
“No, he’s like Nessie. Half and half,” I answered.
“Oh, cool,” she replied.
“Yeah, he’s gonna be in school with us tomorrow,” I said.
“I can’t wait to meet him,” she said
“What were you doing?” I asked.
“Homework, such a bore. I hate it,” she answered.
“Who doesn’t?” I asked.
She laughed on the other end. The she paused, I heard someone talking to her on the other end. “Seth,” she said.
“Yeah,” I replied.
“I have to go. Dinner time,” she said.
“Okay,” I said a little disappointed.
“I love you,” she replied, that brightened my mood.
“I love you too,” I said.
“See you tomorrow,” she said, and the line went dead.
“Who was that?” Nahual asked as I walked downstairs.
“Teri,” I answered.
“Oh. The imprint?” He asked.
“Yeah,” I answered.
“I can’t wait to meet her,” he said making eye contact with me. I suddenly tripped over my own feet and went flying into the floor. Everyone in the room laughed.
“Funny Nahual, real funny,” I said getting up throwing a pillow at him. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
nahuals power is so kool, i laughed so hard when seth pulled jakes pants down and jake didn't know what was happenig
And seth and teri are so cute
please write more im hooked!!
please please please please please write more
please please please write more=D
This was an awesome story! I loved it! You need to write more!!!!
I love love love love love it! Please write some more, soon!
First off, GO TEAM SETH!!!

However, your story is giving me a headache. There is an abundance of grammar errors that your story becomes extremely difficult to read at times. Before you post, proofread, proofread, proofread. Use spellcheck, if you have it. Find a beta reader to help you with the proofreading. Your story is in desperate need of it, and you will only become a better writer in the end.

Mechanics aside, in my opinion, I felt that the whole scene where Seth imprints on Teri didn't have the importance it should've had. It was kinda like *bump* Oh! *imprint* Although Jacob's imprinting in Breaking Dawn was really short, it held a lot of power in it. And also, I know they have a "connection" but Teri's reaction to all of this is not realistic. Er, to me, I feel that she was waaay to quick to say "I love you." Yeah, I get that they are much more than soul mates, but I feel as though that phrase is being thrown around recklessly. Maybe if Seth conveyed a bit more emotion it wouldn't seem so contrived.

That's my two cents. Your story just needs tweaking, and it can only get better!
i loved it


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