The Twilight Saga

She was my sun. She made my world complete, she was the center of it. I loved her. But what I didn't know was that the girl I love the most was still haunted by shadows of the past...


(*Imprint's point of view*)

My scary past, still the elements of my nightmares.

“I will look for you, and you will never escape me again.” Red eyes full of love for me…that I never returned. My vampire stalker.

I got rid of him and found my true love. I was always in warm, strong arms.

Will my haunted past ruin my the perfect life I’ve been living now?

Perfect life…or it seems.

When I discovered the boy I loved was part of the mythical world himself…and somewhere out there my vampire stalker, determined to find me again...

Author's Note:

Please tell me what you think. 

I will post chapter 1 as soon as I get feedbacks...


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I love it please keep on writing it & please keep me posted :-)
Totally agree. Please update soon, and as always keep me posted!!! :-)
you should definitely post more.. ! can't wait for the next chapters!!!
wowwwwwwwwwwwww !! more more!!! come on !!! am bored and the only way of not getting bored is by readingggggggg so post asap !!! plz
This is so good!
Please post more soon!
Will you keep me updated, please?

Embry POV

I feel so alone.

But I hope you don’t think of me as an emo, I am not. Once you get to know me, That is the last classification of person you’ll put me in. I am a very happy person and I have positive outlooks in life. I always smile, laugh and joke.

But now, I am not smiling, definitely not laughing or goofing around. Instead, I stared into space.

When will she come?

My imprint. My other half.

According to my pack brothers, Looking into the eyes of your imprint for the first time is the most amazing thing, a very powerful feeling. I never doubted that, the way the pack looks at their imprints, it’s just…it hurts me to see the love in their eyes.

I envied them.

Damn it, I’m so impatient.

Then I fell asleep.

In my dream I only saw eyes. The most beautiful deep blue eyes I’ve ever seen. But it was just eyes that is visible to me. I cant see her face nor her hair. I reached out to her but she was gone. She turned around ran, ran too fast. Her long brown hair bouncing behind her.

I woke up. I was mad at myself for waking up. I wanted to be there in the dream with the blue-eyed beauty.

Could it be possibly my imprint?

My cousin told me that whatever is the last thing on your mind before you sleep, That’s what your dream will be about. And the last thing on my mind before I dozed off a while ago is my imprint.

Cassandra POV

No matter how far I ran, He was still there. He’ll always know where I am.

I can never run because when I turn around, he’s still there, smiling at me. His pale skin glistening, his red eyes full with longing…for me.

My obsessed vampire stalker. But never in a good way.

Fear enclosed my body like clothing.

I continued to run, not caring about the leaves and twigs in my brown hair, not caring that my shoes are full of mud from the dirty forest floor, not caring that I was a mess. I can see cars and lights ahead of me. The road was near, Safety was near.

Something cold grabbed my hand.

“Cassandra dear, you know you can’t run away from me.” He said in his breathtaking voice. Well everything about him was perfect his face, his body, his voice, his smell, his strength and speed…everything. He is handsome, no doubt about that. But I just don’t like him. He is a stalker. Yeah, his physical features may be perfect but his personality… I don’t think so. He loves killing, was never kind or compassionate and very pushy and shallow. He hates humans and loves to kill them, With one exception, me.

“Get off me, Jonathan. Why can’t you just accept the fact that I can’t return your feelings?” I hissed

“Because I love you.” He said. Ugh, I’m gonna barf.

“If you really love me, then just leave me alone. Jonathan, there are many of…your kind out there. Find a female vampire that will return your affections…maybe that’s what you need.” Managing to say it nicely. He seemed to think about it. He had been stalking me since last year when I turned fifteen, Im sixteen now. It’s been a year. And it was the creepiest thing I’ve ever experienced.

“I will try that. But if it doesn’t work for me, I will look for you. And you will never escape me again.” He said and he was gone. Those words haunted me forever. I was shaking with fear.

I ran again going to my house. I quickly went to my room. It was sunny here in California. That’s why Jonathan dragged me to the forest. I looked at the mirror. I really was a mess. My hair full of forest debris. My face sweaty. My eyes full of fear.

My blue eyes.

It was my one feature that I really liked. My brown hair was too common. It was pretty, but I didn’t like it so much.

I took a shower and felt refreshed. After that, I lied in my bed. I should run away. Away from here. Start fresh. I lived with my parents here. But I should try living with my other relatives. My parents and my brother don’t know about my stalker. So, I don’t how I will explain it. But I don’t care.

I have to get away from here.

Author's Note: So, tell me what you think!! Comment! :)
It's great!
Please post more soon!
P.S. First to comment on this chapter! =)
Really good
tell me when you update please :-)
this is awsome post more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is so good!! Please update me when you write more!

Post more soon!!


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