The Twilight Saga

She was my sun. She made my world complete, she was the center of it. I loved her. But what I didn't know was that the girl I love the most was still haunted by shadows of the past...


(*Imprint's point of view*)

My scary past, still the elements of my nightmares.

“I will look for you, and you will never escape me again.” Red eyes full of love for me…that I never returned. My vampire stalker.

I got rid of him and found my true love. I was always in warm, strong arms.

Will my haunted past ruin my the perfect life I’ve been living now?

Perfect life…or it seems.

When I discovered the boy I loved was part of the mythical world himself…and somewhere out there my vampire stalker, determined to find me again...

Author's Note:

Please tell me what you think. 

I will post chapter 1 as soon as I get feedbacks...


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aawesomeful!!! loved it
iihtsz ghud plz post more soon
i like it continue!!
This is great!!
You have to post more really soon!!
vryyy nice !! plz post asap !!
update real soon please


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