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Hey, Twilight Buddies!
I have written a new fan fiction called Shattered Dreams and it's about Seth and his life seven years post breaking dawn.
When Seth’s life is turned into turmoil, he is forced to chose between wrong and right, love and hate, friend or foe.

All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer except for the few that come along later.

Surrounded by devoted lovers, it’s hard not to feel a bit unloved. With a rush of passion, so strong it’s almost hypnotic flying through the air getting everyone but you, makes you wonder why—one by one—your friends were finding their soul mates, but you had not.
But I was in no hurry, I knew that the moment I set eyes on her—the woman of my dreams, I would feel content. The one who I would—quite happily—spend the rest of my life with. Like Sam and Emily. The person that would be your oasis in the piecing, arid desert. Your light in the darkness. Two halves of one whole. Your imprint.
So when it is taken from you, you feel like you are the one to blame. Like you could have done more to keep it from danger. The pain running through your veins like a blazing fire feels weak and feeble compared to the guilt hanging on your head. So when it is gone, what is there for you to do? You could beg for it back. You every last ounce of energy to demand it’s safe return. But when there is nothing more that can be done, then what? How do you live on?

“No,” I sobbed uncontrollably, “please don’t leave.”
Her hand raised and wiped away the tears freely running down my cheek and then dropped to her side and clutched her stomach.
“Stay! For me! Please!” I pleaded with her again.
With her last breath she whispered, “I love you Seth.” With that she closed her eyes and drifted away.
I searched for her pulse, but found none. I held her hand tightly, whispering into her hair.
“I love you too. More than you could possibly understand.”
I shook her body violently, trying to get a response.
I wasn’t aware if anyone was around me in that moment. The only thing that mattered was that the girl, that had been laughing five minutes ago, was now lying—stone cold and white—in my arms…

1 The Birthday Surprise
“Happy birthday!” Tahlia came bundling into my room and hugged me tightly.
It had been four months since I had imprinted on Tahlia but already it seemed like a lifetime. Everything about her was perfect, even the things she hated about herself. Her smile made me weak in the knees. I adored her. I constantly longed to hold her close to me and feel her comfort when she was in my arms. We had wasted no time in buying our own house; the noise bothered my mother and Charlie too much. Soon, very soon actually, I was going to ask her to be my wife. There was nothing else I wanted more in life than her.
I returned the gesture with a passionate kiss. She pulled away giggling.
“If we spend all day kissing, how are you going to get to open your presents?”
“Ummm…” I replied gently sending kisses up and down her neck. “Staying with you is more than enough. You spoil me too much.”
She wasn’t haven’t this. She bent down and picked up a small box from under the bed.
“You hid my present under the bed!” I said with false anger.
“Shut up and open it,” she answered back with a smile on her face. I loved it when she grew impatient. I carefully undid the bow and lifted the lid off the box. Inside was an item I knew well. I could, quite easily, tell you every last detail. I had seen it since I was little worn on the wrist of my father. My throat closed up and my eyes threatened to tear up as I relived the memories.
“My…father’s…” I couldn’t even finish my sentence. I just stared at the watch, dumbfounded. The smile on Tahlia’s face grew and I couldn’t help but smile back.
“How did you get this?” I questioned, still staring open mouthed at my present.
“Your mum gave it to me. She said that it was time that you inherited it. It belonged to your grandfather. She said that your father wanted to give it to you on your 21st, but I guess I’ll have to do. She’s proud of you, you know. We both are.” I couldn’t hide the ecstasy in my face as she placed the watch around my wrist. This was a moment I would never forget. Memories of my father roamed through my head but with Tahlia by my side the pain was replaced with comfort. My life was perfect and I was truly happy.
Tahlia began to get up off the bed and I tugged childishly on her arm.
“Stay with me,” I pleaded.
“You need to get ready, there’s another surprise waiting for you!”
I laughed. “Do you mean my surprise party?”
Shock spread across her face. “How do you know about that? Embry told you, didn’t he,” she demanded.
“It’s not his fault, he’s not very good at controlling his thoughts,” I said with a smug grin on my face. I had known about this party for weeks now. “Don’t be upset, I’ll still look surprised.”
“Fine then. I guess it was pointless trying to hide anything from you. I’m glad I didn’t tell Embry what else I’ve got planned.”
I was curious now. “What more could you have possibly gotten me?”
”You’ll have to wait,” She replied teasingly and I looked down admirably at my watch. Her gaze followed mine and she gasped as she saw something that angered her.
“Have you seen the time!” she screamed. When it came to organisation, she was worse than Alice. “The Cullens are on their way down; they’ll be here any minute. You’re not even dressed!”
The Cullens had moved away from Forks 6 years ago. They had joined their ‘family’ in Alaska and due to Jacob’s imprinting on Renesmee, he had gone with them. Jake was only able to come on weekends so me and Leah had re-joined Sam’s pack. I missed Jake terribly but I understood what it felt like to love someone so dearly that it caused physical pain to leave then; even for the shortest of times.
Begrudgingly, I got up and head for the bathroom. My outfit was already laid out neatly by my wardrobe already washed and ironed.
Luckily for me, Tahlia couldn’t hear her mates’ thoughts. So she didn’t know the big proposal that I was planning for her. She was too busy planning my party to realise that my secret phone calls and whispered conversations were all for her. My life was devoted to making her happy. If having to stop phasing meant I could grow old with Tahlia, it seemed a small price to pay.
I stepped out of the shower with my towel wrapped around my waist.
“That’s better!” Tahlia said, satisfied. “I thought you were never going to get off your arse. You take even longer than me to get ready!”
I looked at her carefully. She was wearing a sleek black dress that perfectly enunciated her curves. It slid down her shoulders, the neck line low cut complimenting her russet skin. Her silky chocolate brown hair flowing freely down her back
“Of course you wouldn’t take long,” I said back, “You can’t improve on perfection!”
I beamed at her choice of clothing but changed the subject. “So…are you looking forward to today?” I asked as I put my clothes on.
She gave me a confused look “Yeah, I guess. I seem more eager than you, though. Do you even want to celebrate your 21st?”
“Of course darling. I’m just looking forward to after the party.” I smiled.
Her eyebrows furrowed in bewilderment “Seth Clearwater, you will never cease to puzzle me.”
The doorbell rang and she jumped.
“Oh! That’s them!” She fixed my collar and straightened down my shirt.
“Come on then princess, the jamboree awaits us.” I pulled her arm and threw her over my back. She squealed as we ran down the stairs. I put her down carefully and stared into her eyes.
“How do I look?” I asked.
“You look—”
“I’m sure you look fantastic Seth. Now open the door,” an impatient voice moaned from outside. I guessed this was Emmett. I turned the door knob to see the faces of eight people. My other family. Their delighted expressions warmed my heart.
“Happy birthday!” they sang simultaneously. Tahlia grabbed my hand and held it tightly.
Greetings were passed as I was hugged by the members of the Cullen family. Even Rosalie.
“Sorry, Carlisle had an emergency to go to. Esme decided to stay with him. He promised that he’d try to come later. It’s just us for now,” Bella told me.
“Hey, Seth!” Jasper exclaimed, pulling me into a man hug.
“Welcome to the world of the big boys,” Emmett said playfully, nudging me in the side.
I laughed, “Emmett, I’m older than you!” With that his smug expression faded.
Like a good hostess, Tahlia led everyone onto our lounge.
“So what’s the plan for today?” I questioned with feigned curiosity.
“Well, first we’re going to wait for the others to come. Then we’re going to your mum’s place for your surprise party. Though it’s not really a surprise anymore.”
Alice quickly picked up what she meant. “Ohhh!” she wined. “I was really looking forward to seeing your face when you saw what we had done for you! Don’t tell your mother, she’ll be devastated.”
I thought about this for a minute, “I’m sure I can put on a good poker face.” Alice’s expression relaxed. Her eyes shut and I could tell she was trying to see what would happen. Even though Alice couldn’t see werewolves, images were getting clearly in her head after being around them for so long.
“You haven’t opened from present from us. I feel hurt,” Edward laughed. He handed me a tiny box, the size of a matchbox.
I laughed. “Are you serious? I’m 21 and this was all you could get me.”
“Open it and see.” Alice was practically bouncing round in the chair.
I lifted the lid of the box to reveal two keys. As a man I recognised these keys straight away. It was a Mercedes Benz Z320. The immense performance potential was reflected in the exterior design, with AMG body styling set off by exclusive 19-inch 5-spoke alloy wheels.
“Wooh! Oh. My. God. How…..” I trailed off, bewildered.
Edward spoke, “Over the years Seth, you have been more than a friend to me—more of a brother—and when others didn’t help us; you were there. When others doubted us; you believed. Now it’s our chance to return the favour. I heard you were a fan of sports cars so we all agreed that a ‘Cullen’ car would be a great present. It’s waiting outside for you.”
I stared out the window, and, as if it had been there all along, the car waited silently outside the house.
“Is that for me?” I questioned stupidly.
“Unless there’s another Seth Clearwater that wants it…” Bella suggested.
“Thanks guys. I mean…this is amazing!”
“Come on wolfy, your car is waiting on you,” Emmett boomed. I got up at a non-human speed and walked to the door with the car keys clutched tightly in my hand. Waiting by the door were five abnormally sized men, each with a smug grim on their face.
“Hey man, was sup?” Paul pulled me into a tight bear hug. “Happy birthday, Sethy!”
I didn’t have time to be polite, my car was outside and these people were keeping me from it. They all followed my gaze.
“The Cullen’s bought another car then,” Jared guessed with a hint of jealously in his voice.
“Yeah, they did,” I answered proudly, “for me!”
In unison their jaws dropped. Sam was the first to speak, “Seth, you’ve got to let us drive this.”
This is followed by loud intakes of breath and gasps of amazement.
“What are you waiting for? Get in already!” Quil urged.
Everyone else was by the doorway, waiting impatiently for me to take a proper look at my new mode of transport. Luckily for me, I had taken a driving test a few years ago and—with help from Jake—passed with flying colours. I had never driven a sports car before and it seemed a shame if I never learned how to because I crashed one into a wall the first day I got it
“Hurry up Seth. If you’re going to get in it, be quick because your mum just called and she’s expecting us any minute,” Tahlia insisted.
“Seth, the suspense is killing us!” Edward said. “If you don’t like it then—”
“Of course I like it,” I amended, “I just want to see Paul explode from impatience.”
Though this wasn’t the whole reason why I refused to enter it, everyone relaxed and headed in the direction of my mother’s house. Since I could live forever, I had forever for my car. My car. I liked the sound of that.
Suddenly, Tahlia was by my side. I pulled her closer to me, wrapped my arm round her shoulders and kissed her cheek. And, since I could live forever, I had forever for Tahlia. My Tahlia. I loved the sound of that.

(I Thought This Song Fit Perfectly. Enjoy!)

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That is awesome!! great song!!! Loved it Plz write more!!!!!!!!
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2 The Party
We walked at a human speed towards my mum’s house. She stood eagerly by her front door, her arms stretched out in an embrace.
“Seth, my baby’s all grown up.” Tears started rolling down her cheek. I stood in front of her, gazing into her eyes.
“Mum, don’t cry. I’ll always be your little Seth.” She smiled at the sound of this.
“Come in then, I don’t want you lot getting cold,” she sniffed.
Though mum had known about werewolves and vampires for a while now, she continued to forget the little things; like temperature. I turned around to see the others staring at me with cautious expressions. Mum waved her hand towards us in an inviting manner. I slowly entered the house, fully knowing what to expect, yet dreading it anyway. I stood by the door to the lounge and slowly twisted the door knob. The room was pitch black at first but then the lights switched on.
“SURPRISE!” A group of people exclaimed.
I gasped dramatically, a bit too over dramatically. I was glad no-one seemed to notice.
Then they broke into a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’. I cringed. This was all a bit primary school. The room was decorated in balloons and banners with ‘21 Today’ written across them. The table in the middle of the room was covered with confetti and about a hundred different types of food. There was a massive cake in the middle of the table in the shape of a wolf. I laughed at this. Every year since my mum had found out what I was, she had made me a wolf cake. The detail was immaculate. She had everything perfect right down to the tiny fine points on the hairs. There was so much done to the house so I could only have guessed that Alice had come earlier to help her.
“Wow! Thanks guys! I can’t believe that you did all this for me!”
They all laughed and came towards me, holding gifts.
In the corner of the room, Bella was having a reunion with her father. It had been a while since she had come back and seen him.
The music turned on and each person swayed their bodies to the beat. I was lost in an ocean of friends and family, all congratulating me and I was happy to see that the rest of the wolf pack could make it; despite the vampires. I scanned the room to find Tahlia and ask her if Carlisle had arrived yet. She was dancing with Emily, Rachel and Kim. I pushed my way through the field of people until I felt something hard land on my toe.
“Hey!” I said, looking up to see who the perpetrator was. I was shocked at first to see this person here. She had left me too, but for different reasons from Jake. She had left to discover happiness. From the smile on her face, I could see that she had found it.
“Leah!” I cried, “Oh Leah. I’m so glad that you could come.”
She hugged me closely and kissed my now wet cheek.
“Hey, Seth, I’m so sorry I haven’t been keeping in touch. I’ve been missing you like mad. I just wanted to see you now that you’re all grown up.” She let go of me gently, much to my disappointment.
“I’ve missed you too Leah. I’m just glad to see you happy.”
The smile on her face grew. “Oh, Seth. I am happy. This was the break I needed. A fresh start. Somewhere new.”
My face dropped, “So you’re not staying?”
“No, Seth. I’m going back tomorrow. I only came for a day.”
It was silent between us before I could get control of my emotions and speak again.
“So you’re leaving me again?” This was more of an accusation than a question.
She moved her hand towards my body but I backed away.
“Seth, I love you. But I’m happy where I am. I can’t be here with all the constant reminders.” Leah looked as if she was about to cry. “The wounds feel so fresh here,” she explained, unnecessarily. Then, unexpectedly tears gathered in the corners of her eyes. I stared at her, stunned. It had been years since Leah had shown any sign of any emotion other than anger. Maybe this place had changed her. The Leah standing in front of me was a different one, a better one, a happier one. I couldn’t possibly deny her leaving to go to this place that had changed her so dramatically, just because I was being selfish. My anger quickly faded into remorse.
“I’ll miss you—but if it’s what you really want, I won’t stop you.”
“Thanks Seth. It is what I want. I really appreciate your understanding.” I hugged her again but was disturbed by a loud noise.
“Seth! You’re missing all the fun,” Paul called towards me. I hoped no-one else noticed my long absence.
The dancing continued for a couple more hours. Then we opened my presents and ate. The food was gorgeous but, of course, the Cullen’s didn’t agree.
“Not eating again, Edward?” Charlie had questioned, suspiciously.
“Erm…this type of food doesn’t really appeal to me,” he replied, fighting a grin. His topaz eyes burned into Charlie’s face and I could have sworn I heard Bella say, “Stop dazzling him!”
The rest of his family laughed along and soon most of us were laughing too. Charlie sat there looking as if he had missed an impressive joke. If only he knew what appealed to them.
Everyone looked pleased to see Leah again; even Sam. And, to my surprise, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
We were all sat around the big table outside in my mum’s garden. There was not enough space in the house for all of us. Tahlia stood up and tapped her glass.
“I would like to make a toast to Seth. The heart and soul of our lives.” The guests shot their glasses in the air, tapping each others and echoing my name.
“Well, I guess the party has to end someday guys,” my mum said after the noise had settled. A moan erupted from the crowd. People started to arise from their seats, gradually leaving the house.
“Hey, Seth,” Tahlia called once the majority of the guests had left. “We’re all going to Club Disco in a couple of minutes.” This confused me. I had never heard anything about going to a club. Then I remembered her surprise for me.
“Wicked,” I replied.
“I managed to get 6 tickets for the opening night, and I couldn’t think of a better way for you to celebrate your birthday than waking up the next morning with a banging headache!”
“Thanks baby,” I laughed, “It’s nice to know you care.”
“Seth,” someone else called. I turned round. It was Edward.
“We’re leaving now. It was great to see you again. Carlisle sends his apologies. Hope you finally get a chance to enjoy the car!”
“We’re going clubbing in a minute. You can join us if you’d like,” I suggested.
“Maybe another time. We’ve really got to get going. Jacob and Nessie are staying though. They wouldn’t miss this for the world.” He grinned his movie star smile.
I was shocked to hear that Renesmee was staying, as in the seven years I had known her she had never left Edward or Bella’s side. Her growth had slowed down now and it was safer to allow her out in the presence of humans more.
“See you later then.” I kissed and hugged each Cullen goodbye before they disappeared into the murky night.
“When are we leaving then?” Jake questioned, eagerly.
“Now. Let’s go paint the town red!” I bellowed.
With that, Sam, Jake, Emily, Tahlia, Renesmee and I all left the house and headed back to my house to get Sam’s suburban. The darkness of the night and the fierceness of the wind frightened me unnecessarily. The people around me looked calm despite the gloom but there was a part of me—only a small part—that felt this was a sign that something was sure to happen.

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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love it!!!! i teared up a bit when leah came back!!!! love it love it oh and charlie doesnt kno
love you!!! write more!!!!


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