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What if Bella hadn't reached Edward in time in Volterra, and he carried out his plan and killed himself? This is my 2nd FanFic, and I am going to write a small Preface and see what you guys think; tell me if I should continue.

**DISCLAIMER** I DO NOT IN ANY WAY OWN THESE CHARACTERS. (Except the ones I may make up.) They all belong to Stephenie Meyer.

Preface: Too late


Bella is dead. I will never see her beautiful and radiant face ever again; only in my memories will I be able to cherish her. I will never be able to hear her pulse thunder against her ribs; feel the warm touch of her soft lips against mine as our lips used to whisper in sync. Never again will her voice whisper my name in her sleep, and never again will I see her cheeks flush that beautiful shade of crimson that tempts me so...

It's all your fault. Just do it, you monster.

The weight of the six letters to my family suddenly were heavy in my pocket; how much this would hurt them.... But it must be done.

I love you, Bella. I thought before stepping into the direct noon sunlight that shone upon Volterra.

So... tell me what you think, and I'll continue if you would like;)

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I loved it! It is so great :D
In the morning, Jake came. I was sitting at the coffee table, soft tears slowly trailing down my cheeks, and looking at the headlines of the newspaper.

"The son of renowned and greatly respected Dr. Carlisle Cullen died yesterday in an automobile accident. Edward, the third child of five, lost control of his car Saturday night and plummeted over the guardrail and down a steep mountain side. Authorities do not suspect foul-play, and assume Edward was driving too fast; a common culprit of many teenage deaths. His father is performing the autopsy, and decided not to comment on this issue.

Before I could read anymore, I ripped the article in half and thrust it across the kitchen, tears exploding out of my eyes. My breathing altered, and I began to hyperventilate.
"Bells," Charlie whispered from behind me as he rubbed my back. "Breath, hon."
"Please, Dad, just leave me." I managed to choke out between sobs. He obeyed, and disappeared out the back door.

Five minutes later, the door bell rang. I originally wasn't going to answer, but Jake called out that it was him.
"Jake," I growled to myself as my mood jumped from depressed to livid. Adrenalin coursed through my veins as I swiftly walked to the door and threw it open. "You!" I roared, barreling into him. "It's your fault he's gone! If you wouldn't have answered the damn phone, he would still be here!" I yelled hysterically, hammering my fists against his chest.

And then, my legs gave out beneath me, and I felt myself slipping down his frame before his strong hands gripped underneath my armpits, and hoisted me up.
"Bella," he murmured into my hair, "I'm so sorry. I know that he wasn't my favorite person in the world, but I.... I didn't mean for this to happen. I'm so sorry.
"You killed him!" I wailed, burying my face in my hands.
"Bella, I'm sorry! This wasn't supposed to happen! I didn't even know it was him, I swear!"
"It's too late for apologies, Jake. He's gone." I whispered.

He then carried me inside and set me on the couch. I couldn't look at him; I know it was an accident, but does that mean it wasn't his fault? Yes, yes it does. It's my fault. I'm the idiot who decided to jump off the cliff; I jumped knowing that Alice had visions. I selfishly jumped for my own gain; to hear his voice again.

Now, that definitely was never going to happen, and now his family too will suffer the consequences of my actions. I began to sob again. Jake then turned and left me to grieve on my own.

I don't know if that last part was good or not... tell me what you think. I promise the story won't get any sadder than this--things will start to get better gradually. I really hope you enjoy it:)
PLEASE LET EDWARD LIKE COME BACK FROM THE DEAD OR SOMETHING! I really don't want him to die! This is a pretty sad story! I really hope something good happens from here on out! Very good chapter!
This chapter was amazing!
I don't think it could've been better
Three months later

These past three months have been hell—not only for me and the pack, but for Bella, Charlie, and all the Cullens. The pack continually complained about my thoughts; Sam especially. They all thought I should have been rejoicing over the death of the leech, but the thought made me want to hurl.

Maybe it was because Bella was completely distraught and torn apart by it—she obviously thought it was her fault—and maybe that is the reason , but nevertheless, it didn’t feel right to me. That decision alone made the pack uneasy around me. My thoughts constantly swirled with Bella and her well being, and that drove them insane. Jared and Paul constantly were screaming at me to shut up about it, but I know that they would be doing the same thing if the roles were reversed.

Sam offered for me to take some “time off”, but I was not going to do that. I needed to man up to my responsibilities, and not let emotional things get in the way of me doing my job.

Jake, seriously, man. Take a load off—Bella’s driving all of us insane. Not just you. I can’t take another day of you constantly thinking and worrying about her. That’s all I see… all day… her face. Her face twisted and withering in pain, and I can’t take it. Just go. Sam’s voice echoed in my head.

No, Sam, I’ve told you before, and I’m just going to sound like a broken record—I’m not leaving my post. I have a responsibility to the pack and to La Push, and I’m not throwing in the towel when my life gets a little rocky. I just need some time…

Jake, it’s been THREE MONTHS. I think that’s a hell of a lot of time. I have three words for you: Get over it. If you can’t do that, then we’re going to have to force you out until you can clear your mind. I’m sorry.
Give me two days.
Two days, I repeated before phasing back before he could argue. I was going to Bella’s, now, and I’m going to fix this problem. I know she’s in grieving, but I’m going to change that, now. Dr. Carlisle has moved on, and so has the rest of his family. It’s her turn.

It’s my turn.

Author's note: This is Edward's POV while he's in Heaven. It was made by request, and I will try to add little snippets of his POV when it is necessary in the story. I hope it fits in well:)

Bella is ALIVE?! When did this happen? I killed myself for nothing?! BULL HONKEY! And Jacob… that dog… I can see him riding to her house, now—probably in an attempt to brainwash her with his devious thoughts…
Oh Esme… poor, poor Esme. I knew this decision was going to come back and bite me… little did I know that it would be this way…. How unfair.
I’m perched on my own personal cloud, lying on my stomach and peering over the fluff—Bella’s house in perfect view. At least now I could truly be with her twenty-four-seven… I just hope that I won’t have to wait long before I can hold her in my arms again.
Mom and Dad are head-over-heels about seeing me, finally. They’re a bit baffled as to why I still look the same… I suppose I could: A.) tell them the truth, or B.) convince them that when I died, I got to choose which age I would remain in heaven. I don’t think I’m persuasive enough, though. After all, not many people live over ninety… I was well over one hundred and fifty…
The sound of a cutting engine brought my attention back to Bella’s house. Jake was there, in her driveway. Did he not know to leave her alone? She’s in obvious pain! It’s only been a few days…. He could have at least respected that she was my girlfriend…. Then again, the key word is was. I cringed as it rang in my ears.
I can see her now; she’s sleeping soundly with her head burrowed into her pillow. She cried herself to sleep—again.—I feel truly awful that I’ve caused her this much pain…
Wait, what’s that date say? I squinted my eyes to get a better view of her calendar. I died in… July? OCTOBER 7TH!? I’ve been dead for three months already! Months fly when you’re in heaven…
Hm, never heard that saying before… I am such a genius! Making up my own sayings; Oh, Edward, you rascal… I crack myself up.
Back on track; so if you’re saying heaven days are human months, then I only need to wait 12 days before it will be a year. This shouldn’t take long…
Ah, well, I better get back to watching over Bella… that dog better touch a hair on her head; she’s got the most vicious and jealous guardian angel you could ever imagine.

Sorry it's short; I will post something twice+ as long next time! Tell me what you think a bout EPOV, and I hope it doesn't sound corny:) Thanks for reading! ♥
wow i love how the story is going please make jacob imprints on bella and write soon and keep me updated
really good plz post more
really good plz post more
really good plz post more
Oh so good :D
Write more!
So aweosme! and thanks for putting Edwards perspective in there! It makes me feel so much more complete! he he he! Update soon!
Very very good! I love this story so much! But I feel bad for Eddie!


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